After 3 months of my new experience, it was time to up the ante. Joe arranged for some friends to join us. I wanted 3 or 4, but when I arrived, 8 guys including Joe were there. I wasn’t convinced I could handle this, but what the hell, I trusted Joe and I was game for it.

We all went to Joe’s room and turned on his porn DVD. Without prompting, Alan and Mike stripped to their shorts and I could see that they were ready to go. Alan got his cock out, not very big, but uncut like me. I went straight down on it and starting working it. As I was doing so, I felt a cock on my back, and a huge pair of balls resting behind it. Pre-cum was oozing form it as it rubbed on me. Another cock presented itself by my cheek and I grabbed it. Meanwhile Alan was getting close and I stroked his balls gently, I felt him tense, then he pulled out and shot a load into my hair, then another onto my nose, and a third my chin. I took him back in and squeezed the remainder out, swallowing every drop. It was only moments later that another cock was in my face and spraying cum like there was no tomorrow. This guy was a veritable fountain and I got as much into my mouth as I could. It was thick and hot, and I swallowed every drop I got. The rest shot into my face and hair. I was hard myself and wanted to cum too, but I knew that when I did some of the excitement of being everybody’s cum bath would lessen.

One of the guys told me to lay on my back. I happily obliged, and he pulled my legs apart and up. He had quite a small cock, but that was good for the fist to do me. He spat on his hand, rubbed it against my hole, and positioned his head at my entrance. The other guys were standing around me, some gently stroking their hard one, others attempting to regain their erections. Before I knew it, I was being penetrated, slowly. It was heavenly. My cock was leaking and leaving a long trail of pre-cum as I move my hips to meet the thrusts of this man. He began to quicken, as did I, and then suddenly there was a cock beside me wanting my mouth. I obliged and he began to face fuck me. Meantime, I could feel the cock inside me start to swell the man begin to make noises of glee. I wanted to see his face as he came and turned my head to look at him. Oh god, it felt so good as the first shot spurted inside. I felt so warm and it was exhilarating. I felt one more spurt, then he lay on me slowly moving as the last of his orgasm faded.

Off he got, then another of the strangers stood in front of me. He was enormous, 9 inches and quite thick. But I was nicely lubed now, with cum slipping out of my hole and down my crack to the sheets. I felt him start to force his way in. It hurt, and he rested for a moment whilst I became stretched and comfortable. Then he rammed it…… Hell, I thought he was going to enter my stomach. My face fucker had been patiently waiting to resume his enjoyment of my mouth and I obliged. Down below, the big fellow was now pounding my hole like there was no tomorrow and his huge balls were banging against my arse, a simply great feeling. I felt the guy in my mouth start to swell and then he was cumming, large globs that were too much to take and some started to ooze from my mouth. I swallowed what I could and he pulled out, dribbling more onto my face. No sooner had he done than another presented himself but he said he was ready and wanted to jizz me. Oh yes !!! I cupped his tightening balls as he shot one load straight into my face, then a second onto my chest, then a third onto my neck, and a fourth onto my face again. Oh beautiful. I wiped some off my face and tasted it. This guy was delicious. Really hot and spicy. Down below, those banging balls began to tighten and I felt the fist shot of cum go up so deep inside me I thought I’d be able to spit it out soon !!! then another shot, and another. This was too much and I wanted to release myself. As I grabbed my cock, someone else pushed my hand off and obliged me. Within seconds I was shooting a load like never before, onto my chin and chest. 4 good shots, and some leakage. To my surprise, my helper licked my final drops off my cock and then shoved his own cock into my now vacant but VERY wet hole.

The evening progressed superbly, with all the guys getting at least two loads off, some 3, any which way that they wanted. I was covered in cum, the sheets were soaked with love juice that leaked from my abused hole, and my own cock had enjoyed 2 orgasms also !!!

O got everybody to leave their phone number and we agreed we will make it a monthly ‘affair’. In between ‘bouts’, I’ll enjoy awesome wanks recalling those gorgeous cocks and the huge amount of cum they delivered. I cum within seconds when I stroke my cock, imagining the next session. I want to maybe try something differenet; maybe a golden shower or three, or even finding anther slut like me so we can make the party bigger.

There is simply nothing sexier than the incredible feeling of holding a large, thick, blue veined , leaking cock, cupping a pair of heavy balls, then stroking that cock to climax and watching strings of cum shoot high in the air from the hole, some running down your hand, to be savoured and swallowed. I can do it over and over.


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2012-10-03 12:29:55
was gang bang at a party last week, 6 guys use me. was very sore after, but happy

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was sucking my buddy and his friend was fucking my ass, both filled me full of cum. love it

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there is nothing better than having a hard cock up the bum except having one up the bum and one in the mouth and pussy

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great story you sure got alot of cum and cocks, would love to try and feel a hard cock up my tight ass

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