My Sisters Sleepwalking Friend- Chapter Six

Saturday night turned out to be more of a problem than I had anticipated, since the last anal sex with Sue had really torn up my cock. I guess I was too immature to realize that you can’t keep fucking continuously without doing some kind of serious damage. The girls agreed that we had to let my cock heal, so there would be no sex, but we could always cuddle and kiss. I also reminded them that there was nothing wrong with my tongue and I would be quite happy pleasing them with my mouth.

One memorable session from that night involved the girls doing sixty nine, while I took turns with each of their pussies and asses. It seemed that they came pretty fast, with their pussy being lapped at by the other girl, while I rimmed their ass with my tongue. The girls felt like I had to receive some pleasure in return, so they took turns sucking my balls and licking my asshole. My cock hurt when it got hard, because of the tear in my foreskin, but I overcame the pain, because of the pleasure the girls were giving me.

Having your balls sucked by one girl while the other tongues your asshole is one of life’s great pleasures. Well, maybe having a third girl to suck your cock while the other two worked your balls and asshole would be the ultimate, but this was pretty awesome.

One unpleasant thing did happen and it really dampened our moods. Kim’s father called and asked if she could come home, because he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to be alone. We all knew that he probably just wanted her back home for sex, but Kim felt like she had no choice and told him to come pick her up. Kim also didn’t want to piss him off, since he may not take her to the museum Monday night, and that would screw up our plans for the hidden video installation. Sue suggested that she go with her, and she could protect her if she started to sleepwalk, but that really worried me. What if he ended up doing both of them? There was no camera there now to record anything that might happen. Kim felt better about Sue being with her, so I reluctantly agreed that she should go.

After the girls were at Kim’s house, we kept in contact on the phone, but any real danger was going to be after everyone was in bed. I told Sue to keep her phone on, and under her pillow, so she could call if there was a problem.

The next day when Sue came back home, she told me that she had woke up twice during the night and both times, Kim’s dad was in their doorway jerking off. She coughed and turned over each time so it would scare him away. It worked, because he never got anywhere with either girl, although Sue said that Kim’s father tried to get them to talk about their love life, probably hoping that it would lead to sex. Sue saw that Kim’s father had an erection while discussing their love life, but that’s as far as it went.

It was now Monday evening and since Kim had called to say that they were on their way to the museum, Sue and I made our way to their house. Kim had stashed a key for us, so getting inside was no problem, but finding the perfect location for the camera was a little more difficult. We had to find a spot that could capture everything, but be obscure enough that her father wouldn’t notice something amiss. I had found a good spot for the DVR in Kim’s room, and was certain that it wouldn’t be noticed.

As we wrestled for the perfect location for the camera, we constantly watched the clock, since we only had about an hour left, before they were expected back. Finally we agreed on a spot at the base of a wall hanging. The camera was the same color as the frame of the wall hanging and it was virtually impossible to detect. After we got out of there and arrived home, Kim called to say that she was home, so we filled her in on our mission. We all agreed that we would get together at our house next Saturday night, and Kim would bring the DVR so we could review the video. Kim also agreed that she would retrieve the hidden camera, so I could return it to the spy store.

By the time Friday night rolled around we were all hyped up about what was to come next, so we decided to get together at our house to let off a little steam. My cock had healed up nicely and the girls seemed to be in the mood for a good time. My parents were out at dinner and a movie, so we had the house to ourselves for three hours or so and I planned on getting a double dose of pussy, to make up for the last week of celibacy.

We wasted no time, and as soon as Kim arrived we got naked and spread out on the mattresses that we lined up in my room. As my erect cock stood up for all to see, I asked the girls who wanted to be first, but they had other plans. The girls wanted to 69 and I could take turns ramming the girl on top, either in her pussy or ass. They would switch positions after I came, so the other girl had her turn at being rammed. It wasn’t my first choice, since I would have to perform twice, but I was horny and agreed that I would try and stay hard for both of them.

This idea turned out to be more interesting than I had imagined. As I lined up Kim’s pussy, I realized that my balls would be hanging down in Sue’s face, while I was thrusting and with any luck she would divert her attention to my balls. As my cock head eased into Kim, who was sopping wet from Sue’s tongue, I felt my balls dangling on Sue’s nose. She moved her mouth from Kim’s pussy and sucked my balls into her mouth and when I felt her tongue swirling at them; it spurred me on to more intense humping. I tried to keep my strokes short so my balls didn’t slip out of Sue’s mouth, but I was really feeling the heat inside Kim’s tunnel, so I hammered that pussy hard and my balls plopped out of Sue’s mouth.

I didn’t want to cum just yet though, so I pulled out and moved around quickly, and had the girls switch positions. I placed my cock head at the entrance to Sue’s asshole, and rubbed my cock in circles to lube her up. My cock began sliding into her rectum and my balls dangled near Kim’s mouth. She got the hint and sucked on them, as I began stroking in and out of Sue’s ass. I had to be careful that I didn’t get carried away and have my cock slip out of Sue’s ass and into her pussy. She has made it clear that her pussy is off limits due to her fears over pregnancy.

While I was hammering away at Sue’s ass and having my balls sucked by Kim, I knew that I would blow soon, so I had to decide who was going to take my cum shot first tonight. Hell, I was right there in a tight asshole, and the tingling in my balls had started, so I might as well shoot where I am. As I started to jack hammer Sue’s ass, I realized that I couldn’t take long strokes because of Kim sucking on my balls, so I eased them out of her mouth and began pumping hard. Now my balls were slapping off of Sue’s ass cheeks and the sounds made me even hornier. The surge of cum started up my shaft, and with one last deep thrust, I was showering Sue’s rectum with stream after stream of my cum. After all, it had been almost a week, and I had built up a huge reserve of cum, so the streams seemed never ending.

When I finally withdrew my cock from Sue’s ass, a huge cum stream followed my withdrawal and poured down on Kim’s face. She never objected to swallowing my cum before, but because my load was draining from an asshole, she wasn’t prepared to take it, and quickly changed positions. I flopped down on the mattress and watched as the two girls sucked and hummed on each other’s clits, until they both came and collapsed. The sweet smell of pussy nectar permeated the room and brought my wilting cock back to full erection.

My gaze focused on Kim’s slobbered up pussy, and since it gaped invitingly open after her orgasm, I couldn’t resist. I placed her legs over my shoulders and mounted her like a stallion in heat. There was nothing gentle about this missionary mount, and as soon as my cock hit bottom in her pussy, I began hammering away and slapped my balls off of her ass. Both of us were moaning and sweating and acted like crazed animals as we climaxed together. I continued pumping into Kim even after I ejaculated and heard those sensuous squishing sounds of my cum being churned inside her pussy.

The three of us lay lifeless for the longest time, and the silence was only broken by the phone ringing. It was Kim’s father and he was coming to pick her up, since he needed her home. After Kim left, Sue and I discussed the obvious, which was that Kim’s father was going to fuck her again tonight. We had no energy left for any more sex, so we decided to chill and then head to bed earlier than usual. After all, we would be getting together tomorrow night for Kim’s sleepover, and we needed some energy in reserve for then.

It was about 3AM when my parents woke me up, and said that a Doctor was calling from the hospital on behalf of Kim and he needed to talk to Sue and me. I was half asleep when I was listening, but I figured out in a hurry that we needed to get to the ER to see how Kim was doing. Details were sketchy, but it seemed as if Kim had been sleepwalking and fell down the stairs, and done some serious damage to herself. Our parents drove us there and gave us taxi money to get home later, and when we got in to the trauma unit, we saw that Kim was really messed up. She had a sprained neck, broken jaw, multiple fractures in both legs and several broken ribs. Kim’s father was in with her and told us that Kim had taken a bad fall downstairs when she was sleepwalking. Something smelled about all this and Sue looked at me in disbelief, as I did the same to her. The worst part was that we couldn’t even hug Kim. All we could do was be there to cry with her and hold her hand.

I sensed that the hidden camera might give us a more accurate picture of what happened at Kim’s house, because I just didn’t believe her father. When he went out to get a coffee, I whispered to Sue that I needed to get that camera and DVR from Kim’s house. She knew exactly what I was thinking, so she found Kim’s purse and took her house key and passed it to me. I got a taxi to take me to Kim’s house to get the camera & DVR and then home, and I hooked up the equipment right away. After I fast forwarded the video to the end, I rewound it to get tonight’s portion of the video. I sat in shock and disbelief, and when I had seen enough, I took the equipment with me and went to a pay phone down the street. I did this quietly since I didn’t want my parents woken up and involved just yet. They would have to be told at some point, but I just didn’t have time to explain everything right now.

I called the police from the pay phone and told them that I needed a detective to review evidence of a crime that involved rape, abuse, and attempted murder. I had a hard time convincing the cop on the phone that this wasn’t a prank, but he finally agreed to pick me up and take me in talk to a detective. I probably looked like a burglar standing there in the middle of the night, carrying electronic equipment, and they pretty much treated me like that, until we got to police headquarters.

I sat in an interrogation room for about twenty minutes, while they called in a detective, and when she walked in, I was relieved. A female detective would be much better since they could relate better to the victim. As I told the story, I made sure that I explained that I hadn’t broken any laws in obtaining the evidence since it was done with the consent of Kim. After about an hour of questioning, one of their Tech’s had hooked up the equipment and we started to watch. I told them that they could watch the entire video later, but they needed to view tonight’s portion, so the Tech forwarded the video to around 11 o’clock tonight.

This equipment had recorded everything in very high quality and the sound was crystal clear. It showed Kim’s father bringing her to his bedroom, and it was very clear on the video that he was erect. He put her in his bed and took off her clothes, and then placed her between his legs to suck his cock. When she finished sucking, he pulled her up on top of him straddling his cock. Then all of a sudden he pushed her off and opened her legs to examine her. I knew what was going on, but I wasn’t going to tell the police. Obviously Kim’s father had found her pussy full of my cum and he was in a rage. He was screaming at her calling her a whore and slapping her face, and tossing her around, and then dragged her out of his bedroom. Although they were out of camera range, you could clearly hear him telling her to die, and then you could hear a punch and then the sounds of Kim falling down twenty two steps. Even the snapping of bones was detectable on the audio.

The detective and her partner drove to the hospital and took me with them, and it was all the female detective could do to hold her partner back. He wanted to take Kim’s father out behind the hospital and kick the shit out of him. They read him his rights and then led him out in handcuffs, and Sue and I knew right then that we had done the right thing. It was going to be a tough time for Kim over the next few weeks and months, but at least she wasn’t going to be abused. When my parents were brought to the police station, they were told that their two children were heroes and that they should be very proud of how we had rescued Kim from abuse. Sue had remained with Kim in the Trauma unit, and because of the circumstances, the nurses had wheeled in a cot so Sue could sleep beside Kim. I went home with my parents and couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Kim now that her father would spend the rest of his life in prison.

To be continued……………………..

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