Young kids learn to do nasty things
JackassTales…Tale #53…Readers; DON’T READ THIS…if you dislike sex stories with preteen characters or incest. On the other hand, if you’re a big boy or girl who knows it really can happen, read on. This is not my usual style of written story so I’m uncertain of how it might work. I’m writing this in response to a challenge/contest. Per rules, I have used no names and minimal descriptions. I invite the reader in for participation.

P.S. This is written in sort of an exaggerated redneckish voice. I mean no disrespect to rednecks (of which I am one). Some sentences or paragraphs may be short and stilted. The idea for the story came partly from my own boyhood experience and a recent reminder when I saw a young schoolgirl daughter of a friend lying all over her cousin. Their flirtations led to this, my shortest story. So, as the kids say, ready or not, here it comes.

Naughty Little Kids Doing Nasty Things

Oh my goodness, won’t you look at that! Can’t you see what they’re doing? What’s the matter? Cat gotcha tongue? Why, I know for a fact that that there gal is only a 2nd grader! I believe that boy cousin of hers is way up yonder in the 6th grade. But hell, them two is too danged young to be fooling around like that! Don’t you think so, too? Well shit, ain’t you gonna gimme any help here atall?

Okay, be like that, but if you can’t help me figure out what to do, can’t you at least stay here and watch till I get it figured out? Pipe in if you got anything to say. Wonder whose bedroom this is. It ain’t boyish enough to be his nor girlie enough to be hers.

If you ask me, that little gal is the ringleader in this show. Look at the way she’s laying all over that boy and putting her hands on him. Now, them younguns are supposed to be watching a TV program. Of course, there’s not one thing wrong with them laying on the floor to do it. Way back when I was a kid, I loved to watch TV from down on the floor. I bet you did too, didn’t you?

At least them kids has got their clothes on. Well, I reckon mostly. Socks has been kicked off, and well, yeah that boy don’t have his shirt on neither. But ever stitch of that girl’s outfit is on! Although, as you can see with your own danged eyes, that skirt of the girl’s dress is riding up quite a bit too much on her legs. Why, from where I’m looking, I can almost see the bottom edge of her panties! Oops, there it is! For goodness sake, in my day, gals was taught better!

I reckon my ‘curious button’ has gotten pushed on now because I’m beginning to wonder just what that unpredictable little lady is gonna do next! Ain’t you? Oh goodness, there goes her hand. Oh that was quick, but didn’t you see it? Why, she goosed him right between his legs! That just ain’t right on so many levels. Is it? I’ll give that boy credit, he did behave in a more proper way by pushing her hand away and saying “Quit it.”

Come to think of it, that boy’s words were not said very forcefully and he didn’t put much authority behind them. Why, that gal might take it as if he didn’t really want her to “quit it”.

Wha’d I tell you? Look a yonder. That gal is goosing him again! And danged if I wasn’t right, he ain’t telling her to quit it this time! She is now sitting up just a little but she’s hovering over him close. That hand of hers is smacking his belly, but she ain’t smacking very hard. Ouch, why that little devil pinched one of his boy-nipples! Oh heck, she pinched the other!

You can’t blame him for getting her back. Can you? Quick as he could, he reached out to where he reckoned she had a nipple bump on her chest, and he pinched it. He pinched the other one, too. I was always a big believer in that old saying about turnabout being fair play. She gave pinched nipples, so she got pinched nipples in a turnabout way. Fair’s fair!

Wait a dang minute! That gal ain’t supposed to ‘like’ getting her nipples pinched! But there she is holding that boy’s hands against her chest and rubbing them around. I been hoping the boy wouldn’t really play along with her, but we menfolk ain’t got a blessed chance when a female gets to toying with us! Don’t you men at least agree?

Oh, looky there at what that sneaky little wench just done. While that boy is rubbing her chest, she’s run her hand down inside his pants. I can tell, plain as day that she’s doing quite a bit of rubbing down there also. Hey, what’s that beaming look coming into the boy’s eyes? If there’s a little girl’s hand wrapped around his wiener, why he ain’t got a chance in hell!

Now what? Her hand’s coming outta his pants, but she grabbed his hand again. Is she lifting that skirt of her dress? Oh lord-a-mercy, she’s showing him how to put his hands in her panties! Ha, ha, young lady, he can’t get them both in, can he! Oh, she had a fix for that, of course she did. Just as natural as pie, that little imp pulled her panties down below her ass. I didn’t see that one coming. Did you?

Now she’s done it. She’s laid herself down on her back and she’s taken that boy’s hands with her. By the way he’s playing, he’s having lots of fun. Well, I reckon it’s no damn wonder! Even with her panties keeping her from spreading her legs wide, can’t you see that pretty little pussy of hers? Don’t you reckon it was made up in heaven especially for this boy down here? Lucky little bastard, ain’t he?

Oh my goodness, now she undoing his pants and helping him to pull them down. What the hell am I supposed to do? Well, anybody got any bright answers? Speak now or forever…well, you know. Now, if I was the daddy of one of these two, I might go ahead and stop it right here. Truthfully though, if I was the daddy of the boy, I might let him go ahead and play. Come on now; don’t give me any grief over that ‘double standard’ crap. But I ain’t the daddy to either, yet I am an uncle to both. So, can someone please direct me to a book telling about the duties and responsibilities of an uncle in a situation like this? Anybody, atall?

I reckon I’m learning now. I wasn’t even a little bit surprised when that girl laid herself down atop the boy. It was kinda obvious it would happen. But don’t you think that these two are now getting in over their heads? I mean there was still a lot going on here. She was a wiggling all around from above and he was squirming underneath. But his little pecker wasn’t even sticking between her legs where it belonged! It for sure wasn’t any place where there was a hole. Oh how fitting was the saying, so near yet so far away!

Taking a different road, the girl stayed aboard the horse she was on, but she changed riding outfits. I was watching when she grabbed her dress, pulled it up over her shoulders, popped it over her head, and then threw it off. I supposed she decided that even panties were too much, so take them off she sure did. Without seeking consent, the girl child decided her companion in this sinful crime needed to be similarly dress, so she removed his clothing also.

Now here I am watching two naked kids playing around just like some peeping tom neighborhood child molester. I’m pretty damn sick ain’t I? Well, since you’re here, ain’t you a sicko, too? Wait a minute, the boy has got a hold of the girl’s pussy and he won’t let it alone! See that? She smacked his hand, but he just grabbed another hold with the other hand. Aha, a boy after my own heart; a boy who loves pussy! Go get it fella!

That’s a sharp little girl there, so maybe she is figuring this turnabout is fair play stuff goes both ways. She started grabbing hold of the boy’s little pecker and she soon had him back under control. Before long, they’re both doing a lot of grabbing and fondling. They seem to be having a good deal of fun. Now, we want them to have fun, don’t we? I mean the kind that’s sorta clean, healthy, we’re-going-to-do-it-anyway kinda fun.

Back on the floor they go. It seems like they’re going to give that laying on top of each other idea another go. First, he’s on top, then she’s on top, and there’s a whole lot of wiggling and squirming around. Hear that? I believe they’re saying, “That feels good”, time after time.

But nothing they do seems to be achieving a sought after goal. Wonder what they’re after. Whoa, that prissy little missy went and mentioned the ‘O’ word! Wherever in this world could she have heard it and what could she possibly know about what an orgasm was? Knowing schools these days, I wouldn’t be a danged bit surprised if she’d learned all about it there! Heck, if the teachers are going to teach about it, don’t you reckon they might as damn well teach the boys and girls about how to get them feelings called orgasms?

I imagine I can go ahead and tell something to you fellow perverts. I never admitted this to a soul, but I betcha you’ve done something similar to what I did your own self. When I was a boy, of about this boy’s age, I had got my hands inside a few pairs of panties myself. That’s how I just happen to know that little pussies are mighty fine things to play with. Lordy, they’s the best things in this whole wide world! And atop of that, them little gals just went crazy with playing with my young cockstick!

But here’s the god’s own truth; I never give a one of them gals an orgasm and they never give me one! I didn’t know how to and I reckon they didn’t know how to neither. Now, ain’t that the most sorrowful shame you ever heard of? Thinking back on it, I’m pissed off for sure. What a shitty waste!

Now, right there in front of my eyes, is another boy and girl suffering the same fate me and my gals did way back when. Hell, it ain’t no more fair now than it was then! Is it? Why, for two cents, or even one, I’d march right into that room and teach them younguns how to make each other feel really, really good! Anybody got two cents, or even a penny? What do you think, shouldn’t I go ahead and just do it?

Oh shit, we’ve been caught spying, at least, I have! Them kids had climbed up and laid on the bed to play and one of them caught me looking. That boy covered up his pecker with both hands. The girl covered her pussy with one hand and her other went to her chest even though she didn’t have anything there to hide. They both had blushes all over their faces and they tripped all over each other when they said, “Please don’t tell Mama, oh please, please don’t, Uncle…”

“Hush,” I quickly quieted them. “You don’t want to be fussing so much or your mamas will hear you yourselves!”

Mention of these two mamas brought up some fond memories. Yep, you guessed it. Both of their mothers were girls in whose panties my hands had played as a boy. And, each mama had wrapped her hand around my boyhood penis. A good time was had by all of us. But, like I said, not good as it could have been.

“Uncle…?” that little girl started then stopped. “Are you not gonna tell? Oh, thank you. I know we are being really bad, but…”

I’m going to ask, even though I know I shouldn’t, “But…what, honey?”

She’s a firecracker that one is for a fact. “But…so…if you’re not gonna tell…” she brazenly sparked. “Does that mean we don’t have to stop? It’s so much fun!”

See, what did I tell you? Ain’t she a corker? “Why baby girl, whatever suits you tickles me just fine!” I answered back.

Remember back when I told you I believed this girl was the ringleader here? Well, she proved so again. She took her hands off her ‘private’ parts and exposed her pussy and non-existent tits. The boy was more reluctant, so she pulled his hands away from his pecker and ordered him to leave them off. Hell, if I was him, I wouldn’t cross that girl, not if I wanted another piece of pussy from her!

So, back to ‘it’ the kids went while seemingly paying little attention to their old uncle who had taken a seat on a corner of the bed. Once again, there was lots of tussling and wrestling with one naked body on top for a few minutes then the other. There was also a great deal of grab-handy touching and fondling with some pulling and tugging thrown in.

While the boy undoubtedly loved the pussy he played with, that little girl child seemed to have an exorbitant fascination with the swollen pecker she had hold of. She tugged on it and pulled it every which away she could. Good golly, I reckon she’d a jerked it off and ate it, if she could have!

“Why don’t you kiss it, girl?” I suggested.

Hey you, don’t tell me you weren’t thinking she ought to do the very same damn thing!

The girl hesitated not. She kissed it. She kissed that hard penile pole with maybe a dozen or more soft gentle kisses.

“Why don’t you lick that horny, round tip and maybe even the shaft?” I followed up.

With no reluctance, the tip of her tiny tongue darted out time after time and licked the dry penis tip. The wetted penile head swelled with an inflow of blood. As she licked the shaft, veins popped out and racing blood ran through and around its length.

“Girlie, you might as well go ahead and suck on it all!” I directed.

As if she had been born for this reason, that little bitty girl started suckling on that boy’s pecker meat with the hunger of a carnivorous beast. Knowing no better, she chewed and she suckled with a merry mirth.

I do believe that the young fella was experiencing his own measure of mirth. His face was alit with a heavenly radiance. I’d betcha a danged dollar this was one boy who had never been within spitting distance of getting a blowjob before!

Now, as I mentioned before, I never had a kindly old uncle to tell any girl how to suck on me until I had an orgasm. But, since this one did, I believe he was fixin to have one just about any time now. And, since I never had any orgasms at this boy’s age, I didn’t know if he was old enough to shoot out liquid when he did. So, I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to warn the little girl. What do you think?

Oops, too late! I think the young fella is blowing right now! Yep, he’s a squirming around, he’s pulling the girl’s head into him, and he’s squinting his eyes real tight. Lordy, he’s cumming for sure! The girl is still eating his meat so he must not be shooting out much or else she’d be a gagging or spitting. No, I was wrong. She’s doing something I totally unexpected. Why, she’s swallowing! Did you ever see the like?

I reckon that boy didn’t squirt too long because the girl soon quit swallowing. She sucked a few more minutes then quit. I know one thing for goddamn sure, that gal might be a young one, but she’s a mighty fine little cocksucker! She looked at the smiling boy then she looked toward me with kind of a questioning look in her eyes.

“Can’t I get something like that done to me?” the curious gal finally blurted out.

Hot damn, now there’s a girl with some get up and go get it spunk! “Sure you can, Little Miss!” I replied. “Lay yourself down there on the bed flat on your back and spread your legs. Boy, get yourself down there and put your head between her legs. Yeah, like that. Now, kiss that sweet pussy. Ain’t that a nice one?”

The boy didn’t answer and I didn’t expect him to. Hell, if I was kissing on a sweet little pussy like that, I wouldn’t answer either. He was an awkward pussykisser, but he was an eager to learn pupil.

“Kiss them pussylips right along the center of their crack,” I instructed. “Lick on them, too. Now kiss down into that valley on the right side of that sweet little pussymound. Smells good and musky, I bet. Lick it while you’re there. Kiss it some more then switch over to the left side pussy valley and start it all over again. Oh, that’s fun, ain’t it?”

I tell you I’ve seen some fine porn pictures and movies in my day, but I ain’t seen nothing to match the erotic wonder of watching that boy discover the delights of his cousin’s pussy! But wait, the best is yet to come.

“Boy, I’m gonna tell you how to look at something that’ll get stuck in your memories forever,” I promised. “Spread them cracked pussylips and you will see a heart treasure worth more than diamonds or rubies. That’s it spread them wide. Oh god, see that tiny thingy pointing up there? That’s a ‘clit’. Flick it with your tongue and watch it bend over then spring back up. Yeah, now flick it the other way. That’s it, keep on flicking it and licking it then I want you to start sucking on it. Oh yeah, it’s sticking out far enough to get your lips hooked onto it so you can suck and tug on it. If it pops out of your mouth, just reach and get yourself another bite. Good boy!”

Goddamn lucky bastard! I wish the hell I was him! Don’t you? Course you do…I mean if you’re any kind of a man…or a certain kind of a woman. I’m going to let the boy have his clit fun for a while then I’ll let him know about a girl’s hole. Hell, would you believe it, I was already a teenager before a girl finally directed my tongue to her hole! Sheeit, I went plum cunt crazy then!

“Ouch, that’s too hard!” I heard. “Don’t push into my hole so hard! But, don’t stop.”

Ha, seems like I underestimated my young fella. Why, he found that girl’s tight little pussyhole all by himself! “Boy,” I say to him. “You can kiss and lick and eat your girl’s pussymound and pussylips and clit nearly as rough as you dare, but when it comes to that tender hole, you gotta be gentle. At least, till it’s broken in.”

That boy followed the girl’s orders and my advice. He got back to his pussyeating pleasures, yet he was very cautious to not only be careful with the hole but the whole danged vaginal shebang. His tongue made searches down into the pussy valleys a few more times and his lips kissed the musky flesh there. He got hold of that little clit several times, sucked it, and pulled on it like a milk-starved calf needing nourishment. Of course, his tongue spent quite a bit more time at the entrance to that unbroken pussyhole where he learned how to do kind of a twirly-licky movement that seemed to be driving the girl crazy.

That gal sure was a wiggling her little ass on the bed for sure. She was a moaning softly and whimpering like a whipped pup. But, she was sounding an awfully lot like she was sure enjoying herself. Then, all at once, she cries out and I know an orgasm has hit her. God, I’m glad I closed the damn door behind me! With her hands thrown over her mouth, that girlchild there getting her pussy eaten, cried out in delight several more times. I wasn’t even 100% sure girls her age could orgasm, but I was now 100% sure this one could!

Wow, that was sure good fun for me to watch! I bet it was pretty damn good for you too, huh? Ain’t you glad you stuck around to see? Now, don’t you damn dare pull that ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude with me! You’re as guilty here as I am.

I sat there beside the playing kids a little while longer. The overjoyed boy was almost through with the delighted girl. Taking one last look at her spread pussy, I thought that there just couldn’t be anything prettier than the pink of her orgasming pussyflesh. The kids finished up without further comment from me.

When they finally quit, I expected them to have that feeling called ‘the little death’, you know, the guilty-like feeling you get when it’s over. However, I saw no signs of it here. They didn’t rush to get their clothing on nor did they make any attempt to cover their nudity.

In fact, the boy sat up, stuck out his hand, and shook mine with a ‘thank you’ look in his eyes. The girl did him one better. She got up and knee-walked over to me then threw her arms around my neck. I held that naked little girl in my arms and hugged her with one hand on her back and one hand, god help me, on her sweet little ass. I blame the devil himself for my wickedness, but one of my fingers went between that girl’s legs from the back and ended up at the still wet entrance to her pussyhole. I twirled it around a time or two. Believe this or not, but strong pussymuscles were squeezing my fingertip in an invitation for it to come on in! Forbidden lusts made my finger twirl a few times more. Damn my soul, but I swear the girl’s little body shuddered with another mini-orgasm or two!

Finally, the sweet child kissed my cheek, pulled away, and I stood. As I headed for the door, I said in farewell, “Bye kids, have fun.” I opened the door, closed it, and then took a deep breath. God, I was hornier than a Longhorn bull in a corral full of in-heat heifers! I needed a piece of pussy really bad! When I turned down the hallway, who should I see coming my way but one of those kids’ mamas.

I strode toward the attractive woman, grabbed her arm, and pulled her aside. “Sis,” I whispered. “I need some hot, wet pussy to pound hard with my cock and I need it right now! Yours will do just fine!”

Finding an empty bedroom, I pulled the willing woman inside. She began throwing off clothing and kissing me passionately, then like a couple of naughty kids doing nasty things, we…

Sorry, this is far as you can come in. For now.

The end :) 



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