Sleeping Cocksucker- Chapter Two

All that evening, the only thing on my mind was getting my cock into Judy’s mouth, so I could hold her ears and blow my cum, just like dad had done to mom. Most of the night I had to conceal the tent in my pants, but Judy must have spotted it, because she moved from her spot on the sofa, and finished watching the movie while sitting in my lap. Mom and dad thought it was cute, but wouldn’t have been so amused if they knew that my erect cock was snuggled against my sister’s pussy. It felt really good, even though it was through clothing, but as she squirmed reacting to things in the movie, my cock lost control and shot my underwear full of cum.

During that hour or so with Judy on my lap, my cock stayed erect, even after I shot my cum. Her squirming was constant, and my cock had no time to soften, and I just couldn’t understand how my twelve year old sister had gone from hated to lusted after.

“Okay you two; it’s time for bed”.

Shit. How was I supposed to get up off the sofa in front of my parents, with my cock tenting out my pants? Judy must have figured out my reason for panicking, so when she got up, she stumbled on purpose and went sprawling across the floor. She faked some tears, so both mom and dad went to see if she was okay, while I made my escape upstairs unnoticed. Very impressive, I thought to myself as I gained new admiration for the little sister that I used to love to hate.

While my parents were still downstairs, I sneaked into Judy’s room, and thanked her for helping me escape unnoticed. I was only wearing underwear, but I had stuck my erection out through the front opening, hoping to get something started.

“You better get back to your room in case mom and dad come upstairs and catch you with your boner sticking out”.

“I was hoping that you could help me shoot, since I am pretty frustrated, after all of your squirming around on my cock tonight”.

“No way Brad. It’s too dangerous, and we could easily get caught”.

“Please Judy. Just let me put it in your mouth for a minute or two”?

“No. Now please get out Brad. I’m not doing it”.

I turned around and left, but was angry as hell now and even more determined to get back at her for teasing me all night. I would wait until everyone was asleep and then I would fix her good.

As I lay in my bed waiting for my chance, my cock was still erect and throbbing, in anticipation of my plan. It was now 1AM, and I was certain that everyone was asleep, so I quietly snuck into Judy’s room, and then closed her door behind me. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I approached her bed and saw that she was facing away from me. I began lightly tickling her feet, and as I hoped, she squirmed and then turned over facing towards me. As I released my erection from my underwear, it was soaked in pre-cum, and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to get it to blow.

I slowly and quietly moved my cock head towards her lips, and then started stroking. She hadn’t woke up, so I moved the cock head right against her lips as I felt my cum surging, and just as I shot, Judy opened her lips and my cum filled her mouth right up. I ran like hell, but just before leaving I thought I noticed Judy closing her mouth on the cum load. I guess I would find out in the morning how much trouble I was in, but at least I got to shoot my cum into a girls mouth.

Leaving my bedroom in the morning was very nerve racking, but I sucked it up and went downstairs to face the consequences. Mom and dad and Judy were already at the table, and they didn’t react like anything was wrong, so maybe I had got away with it after all.

“Mom this oatmeal is so tasty. Did you do something different with it”?

“No sweetie, it’s the same as every other morning”.

“I don’t know what it is, but the taste in my mouth is so different this morning”.

Judy looked right at me when she said that, and because she had a devilish grin on her face, I assumed that she knew what I had done. Obviously though, she hadn’t told my parents, or I would have already heard about it. Shit. My cock has started getting erect again, so I need to change my thinking, so I don’t get stranded at the table.

“Our school is planning a day trip to the museum tomorrow, and although I’m not terribly interested in going, I wanted to know what you thought”.

Lame, I know. It’s all I could think of to change my thoughts, but it worked. My dad started going on about his school’s trip to the museum many years ago and how much it helped him appreciate things. My erection was gone, so I headed out before it had a chance to spring up again.

That night after school, we had at least three hours before my parents were due home, and I was determined to get Judy to suck my cock. I tried to get things started by asking her if she wanted me to make her feel good again, and she said sure. I tried the maneuver again to get my cock in her mouth, but she didn’t seem interested. I came right out and asked her to suck my cock while I sucked her pussy, but she said that she didn’t want to. After she came, I left and stayed away from her the rest of the night, but I figured that maybe I could pull off the same plan as last night, after everyone turns in tonight.

At midnight, the coast was clear so I crept into her room, closed the door and prepared my cock for the attack on her mouth. When my eyes adjusted, I saw that she was facing towards me, and had her mouth open. She seemed sound asleep, so I jerked my cock a little and then moved it nearer to her lips. When I felt her breath on my cockhead, my cock began to leak pre-cum and I could see it glistening as it seeped onto her lips. I was out of control, so I moved my cock into her mouth and began to thrust in and out slowly and quietly. I thought I felt her tongue moving on my cock, but since she appeared to be asleep, I must be imagining it.

As my balls released a huge torrent of cum, I pulled back so that my cock head was just inside her lips, and I watched as the cum streamed into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat. Her lips closed tightly around my cock head, and since her eyes were still closed, I pumped in and out of her mouth to empty my load. What a feeling that was, shooting my cum into Judy’s mouth and down her throat, and it even seemed as if she had sucked, when her lips closed around my cock head. Nah, couldn’t be, I thought as I snuck back to my room.

The next morning I was nervous again as I approached the breakfast table, but all was well, and Judy grinned at me with that same devilish look. I guess she didn’t mind me shooting my cum down her throat after all, or maybe she thought it was a dream. I really didn’t care because I was getting away with it and it felt great.

Next night, I did exactly the same thing, except this time, I pumped longer in and out of her mouth, and while I was doing that I reached down to touch her pussy. Her legs parted and I had a finger rubbing her button, and another finger inserted in her pussy hole. Her eyes stayed closed, so I continued thrusting in and out of her mouth as I felt up her pussy. The time had arrived for my cum shoot, so I pumped her mouth harder and blew huge gobs of cum into her mouth. I felt her thighs close on my hand, so I withdrew my fingers, as I took my cock out of her mouth.

This same routine went on for two weeks, but something changed, and I couldn’t understand why. That night, as my eyes adjusted and I approached Judy’s bed, I saw that she was lying totally naked with her butt facing towards me. I could see the outline of her pussy, and because it looked so sexy and inviting, I pointed my cock head at it and began moving in. My cock was all slimy from my pre-cum, so it moved with ease through the outer folds of Judy’s pussy, but then came to a halt. Her pussy was small and if I tried penetrating her, she might scream out in pain. I left my cock inserted just slightly and waited for any reaction. After about a minute, Judy’s ass began to move towards me, forcing my erection deeper into her pussy. She seemed plenty wet, and with my pre-cum helping the cause, the pushing of her ass towards me, lodged me right up against her hymen.

Even though I wasn’t moving, the pressure of her ass pushing at me was causing my cock head to stretch her cherry to the limit. I was almost afraid to react, because if she screamed and I got caught busting her cherry, there would be dire consequences. As Judy gave one strong push backwards, my cock burst through her hymen, and began shooting streams of cum up inside her pussy. She was so small and tight, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any deeper inside her, but since I had already shot my load, I didn’t care. Judy hadn’t made any sounds, so I wanted to get out of there before she realized what had happened. When I reached my room, I saw my cock was covered in a mixture of cum and blood and it looked pretty ugly.

The following morning, as I approached the breakfast table, I wondered if this was going to be the day that I had to face the consequences of my actions. Nope. Breakfast was on the table, but Judy wasn’t there. Before I could ask where she was, mom said that she was staying home from school, since she wasn’t feeling well. Mom was concerned about missing work, so I suggested that I stay home from school to look after Judy, and she wouldn’t have to miss work.

As soon as their cars were out of the driveway, I went into Judy’s room to see how she was doing. She seemed to be sound asleep, and my cock sprang to attention, but the question became “should I dare”?
I went back to my room to think it over carefully, but that took all of about two minutes, so I got naked and headed back to Judy’s room. As my erect cock approached Judy’s bed, it was already dripping pre-cum, and as I parted her lips with my cock head, her mouth slowly opened. Easy does it, I thought as my cock head passed over her lips and onto her tongue.

When her mouth closed around my cock head, I began thrusting in and out until I felt my balls tighten, and then I felt the surge of cum fire out of my shaft and down Judy’s throat. Rope after rope of that hot cum shot into Judy’s throat, until I was completely drained. When I withdrew my cock from her mouth, she turned over with her ass facing towards me. When I peeled back the blanket, I saw that she was naked, so my cock sprang back to full erection and I began focusing on that beautiful pussy.

I slipped my cock between her pussy lips and waited again for a reaction. This time Judy pushed harder, and without a hymen to stop me, I began sinking into her pussy hole. I could almost feel heat emanating from within her pussy, as she pushed against me, so I began pumping and could feel my cock making its way deep inside her. When my balls came to rest on her ass, I knew I was fully inside her so I pumped in and out, and soon blew my load way up inside her pussy. I kept still after shooting, and almost sensed a sucking sensation on my cock, from within her pussy. That brought about a little more cum from my balls, but I was soon drained completely. When I began to withdraw my cock from Judy’s pussy, I thought I felt her try and keep me inside of her, so I stayed where I was, about half way inserted. I felt her ass moving towards me again, and before I knew it, I was balls deep in her pussy again.

It was time to stop the games, so I took hold of her hips and began slamming my cock into her pussy. The slapping sounds of my balls bouncing off of her ass should have woken her up, but since I couldn’t see her face, I really didn’t know for sure. I rolled Judy onto her stomach and then I crawled on top of her and got my cock back into her pussy. I pumped in and out of her pussy with so much force; it was a wonder that I didn’t break her bed. I felt Judy squeeze her buttocks tightly together and as my cum shot up inside her, I could feel that sucking sensation on my cock, inside her pussy. Judy must have cum with me, because she moaned while my cock shriveled inside her. My cock exited with a plop, and as I stood up and waited for her reaction, there wasn’t one. I went back to her room twice more that morning, and although my balls were empty of cum, I still managed to get hard and cum a little bit after humping her pussy.

I made lunch and took it up to Judy’s room, and when I shook her awake, there was no reaction from all the fucking.

“It’s lunch time. How do you feel Judy”?

“I’m a little weak and sore, but I don’t feel too bad”.

If this was a game, she was playing it very well, and my curiosity was getting ramped up to the extreme.

“Do you remember me trying to wake you up this morning”?

“No. I just remember you waking me up now for lunch”.

“Maybe if you eat and stay up for a while, you can get back to sleep later this afternoon”.

“That sounds good to me Brad, and thank you for making me lunch”.

I was downstairs watching TV when Judy finally came down to sit with me. After about an hour of watching TV, she decided to lie down on the sofa and rested her head in my lap. I asked her if she needed help getting back to bed, but she said that she would rather lie here with me. I saw that her eyes had closed, and because her face was lying directly on my cock, it began to grow. I was only wearing my underwear, so it didn’t take long for my cock head to works its way out the front opening and brush against Judy’s face. She didn’t flinch, and since I was now aroused, I slowly maneuvered the cock head to her lips.

As I lifted my hips slightly to get my cock deeper into her mouth, her lips parted and I slid right in until my balls rested on her chin. I felt Judy’s mouth close around my cock, and I was certain this time that she was sucking. I felt my balls tighten, and one thrust later I shot my load of cum, but it was barely a dribble, since I had been far too greedy this morning. Whatever cum was shot, Judy swallowed all of it and as my worn out cock slipped out of her mouth, it made a popping sound, since she was still sucking.

The only explanation I could come up with was that she was pretending to be asleep, so she couldn’t get in trouble, if it was ever discovered what we had been doing. I’ll find out later this afternoon, since I planned on fucking her hard missionary style and with my weight pounding down on her, it would be very difficult to fake sleeping. I carried Judy up into her bed and waited a couple of hours for my cock to recover, before returning for my missionary fuck.

The time had come to test my theory about Judy, so I got into her bed and began gently parting her legs. As I took her legs and hooked them over my arms, I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and prepared to hammer her good. I slid in fairly easily, since she was still full of my cum, and as my balls came to rest on her ass, I began the hammering. I looked intently at her face as I jack hammered at her pussy, and couldn’t notice any change in her expression. As the hammering continued, I knew that I was going to shoot, so I released her legs from my arms and moved myself into position to blow into her mouth. I stared at her face as my cum blew into her mouth and down her throat, and I felt her mouth sucking on my cock for any remaining cum.

As I withdrew my cock, I lay down beside her and decided to test my theory a little more. I pulled her knees up and reached under her legs and began rubbing my fingers through her soaking wet pussy lips. I then moved my fingers to her bum hole and rubbed the creamy liquid into her opening. I got back up on my knees and moved my semi hard cock towards her ass hole, but when I made first contact with that tiny hole, my cock enlarged to full erection.

I continued staring at Judy’s face as my cock head touched the hole and the creamy liquid, but there was still no reaction. I pushed on and even though it was very difficult, my cock head finally popped into the opening. I wasn’t totally certain, but I seemed to sense her hips rising off the bed. From my vantage point I couldn’t really tell, but with my continued pressure, my cock started to enter her bum opening.

Slowly but surely my cock made its way deep into her bum, and when my balls landed against her ass, I looked for a reaction. Nothing. I began thrusting in and out of her asshole, slowly at first, but then with more force until I was hammering at her ass. I banged that ass until I felt my balls tighten and when I released my load, there was still no reaction. I watched intently as my cock slowly shriveled and slid out of her ass, and when the head finally surfaced, Judy still didn’t react.

Before the day ended, there was one more thing I needed to do with Judy, since it had been bothering me for a while. I wanted to sixty nine with her and it will be interesting to see if I can finally manage it. As I approached Judy’s bed, my cock was throbbing at the prospect of finally getting to sixty nine with her. It had almost become an obsession, after she refused to consider it.

I decided to really test my theory with this action, and put Judy on top of me. If all this maneuvering didn’t wake her up, nothing would. I lay down on my back and then pulled Judy on top of me. Before diving into that tasty and beautiful pussy, I had to get my cock into her mouth, so I reached around and used my hands to get my cock between her lips and into her mouth. Now I could focus on that pussy in front of me. I licked at that beauty like a puppy lapping milk, and in no time, my tongue was buried deep into her tunnel.

My nose was rubbing against her button, and I was now convinced that I could feel her squirming. I also felt her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock shaft, so I began to buck my hips upwards to fuck her mouth. I could tell from the slurping sounds that she was sucking hard on my cock, and I felt my balls tingling and knew that I was going to blow soon. I returned my attention to her button, and sucked it between my lips, and then licked it furiously with my tongue. Her ass was gyrating on my face as she was about to cum, so I bucked faster so I could cum in her mouth at the same time.

I felt her mouth suck the cum out of my cock, as her pussy juices ran down my chin. She was gushing and I loved the taste and smell as it made my orgasm even stronger. My cum shots didn’t want to stop, and I wondered if Judy was going to gag, trying to swallow it all. When the cum stopped shooting, I rolled Judy off of me and looked at her face, only to discover her still sleeping, or at least pretending to be asleep. I needed this game to stop and right now. If it wasn’t a game, there was nobody home to hear her scream, so I was determined to finish what I had started.

As I crawled up beside her, I noticed some of my cum was still seeping from the corners of her mouth. Sweet Jesus, my cock is throbbing again, but I have to get this over with. I shook her continuously and called her name and told her to wake up, and finally her eyes opened, as I waited with my breath held, for a reaction.

“Is it suppertime already Brad”?

“No, it’s not suppertime. We just finished a sixty nine and you swallowed all of my cum. Check the corners of your mouth, because there is still cum seeping out of your mouth”.

As Judy’s fingers moved to her mouth, I lay frozen waiting for some kind of reaction, and finally I got my answer.

“Do you really believe that I could have slept through all of that incredible sex Brad”?

Judy explained that she started faking being asleep, since that was her way of not feeling like she was doing something very bad. She also said that if we were caught by our parents, she would seem less guilty, since she had been asleep.

“Fuck me. I don’t know whether to be mad at you for faking sleep or happy that you did everything willingly”.

“If I were you, I would be happy, so we can continue this forever”.

Now how’s a fella supposed to get mad after hearing something like that?

The End (maybe)

Author's Footnote:
I'm not sure if there is anywhere to take this story after this chapter, but if anyone has any ideas, leave them in the comments, and I'll consider them.

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How about she gets horny and sneeks into his room while he sleeps. And/or mom busting them and joining in.

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