Sleeping Cocksucker

My younger sister Judy is such a pain in the ass, and she seems to be always finding ways of getting under my skin. If there was any way I could get even with her for all of the aggravation, she would get it good, but since I am 14 and she is twelve, my parents are very protective of her. There is just the two of us, and our parents both work, so I am stuck with her usually every day until 7PM when my parents get home from work.

Just last year, I discovered masturbation and ejaculation, and I beat off regularly using an old penthouse magazine that I found in Dad’s storage bin in the garage. He had a lot of kinky things in that bin, and when I first discovered it, I didn’t know what most of the stuff was for. I recently figured out one of the things was an artificial vibrating mouth, and although I was anxious to try it out, I was afraid of getting caught.

The more I thought of that vibrating mouth, the more I jerked off, until one day I couldn’t resist any longer, and took it to my bedroom. It was 5PM so I knew that I had lots of time before my parents got home, so I checked on Judy who was watching TV downstairs, and then I dropped my pants and hooked up the mouth. Not only did it have a vibrator attached to it, but it also had a suction bulb attached, and when I began squeezing the bulb, my cum was sucked out within 60 seconds. I couldn’t believe how much better this felt than just jerking off, and I became forever hooked on having my cock sucked.

Every day, I used that mouth and cleaned out my cum from its reservoir, and put it back in Dad’s bin; however, on this day when I went to find the mouth, it wasn’t there. I sneaked into my parent’s bedroom and looked for it, but it was nowhere to be found.

“Looking for this Brad”?

I went into panic mode when I turned to see Judy standing in the doorway holding the mouth.

“What the hell are you doing with that”?

“I have been watching you take it and put it back for days now, and I am curious what you do with it”.

“If you ever tell our parents Judy, I will make you pay in ways that you can’t even imagine. I’m talking serious pain”.

“I’m not going to tell on you, but I want to know what you do with it”.

“You are too young to understand, so just give it to me and you will figure it out when you’re older”.

“No way. Either you tell me or I will ask mom what it is for”.

I was caught in a no-win situation and had no idea how to get out of it, so I just ran to my room and slammed my door. The little bitch wouldn’t quit, and she knocked at my door until I finally blew my cool and opened my door and let her have it.

“Look you, I’m going to knock you on your ass if you don’t leave me alone; so get lost”.

Judy walked away sulking and looking like she was going to start crying, and I began to feel badly for taking it out on her, when it was my doing, not hers.

“Hold on Judy. I’m sorry that I screamed at you, but this situation is very embarrassing, and I don’t know how to handle it. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, and I’m sorry”.

“It’s okay Brad. I let my curiosity get the best of me and I shouldn’t have kept bugging you”.

Judy was still sniffling and upset, so I put my arm around her and asked her to sit with me, and I would try and explain things as best I could. I asked her how much she knew about sex, and she said that her friends had told her lots of things and once she even caught mom and dad fooling around.

“What do you mean by fooling around Judy”?

“They thought I was outside playing one Saturday and when I walked by their room, dad was on his back on the bed and mom had his penis in her mouth and he was moaning, so it must have felt pretty good. I watched until he said that he was going to blow, and he grabbed mom’s ears and held on while she gulped something down. I told my friends that my dad had peed in my mom’s mouth, but they said it was cum, whatever that is supposed to be”.

Holy shit; she has seen the old man getting a blowjob, I thought to myself, as my cock started to enlarge and throb. I didn’t even think about whether my erection was in plain view, but when I looked at Judy, she was staring at the tent in my pants, and had a look of amazement on her face.

“You have a boner, don’t you? The girls at school told me that is what it’s called when your penis gets excited”.

“Sorry Judy. It wasn’t meant for someone your age to see”.

“Why not”?

“Let me explain something to you and maybe you will understand. When you reach a certain age, your body needs sex so that you can feel good and don’t get frustrated all the time. When I get a boner, it means that I need sex, or that I have gotten excited over something. When you told me that you saw mom giving dad a blowjob, it got me excited, and my cock got erect”.

“Sometimes I get a tingly feeling between my legs and it even gets wet. Does that mean that I need sex, or just that I must be excited”?

“You are pretty young to need sex, so it must have been something that excited you. Can you remember what happened the last time you got tingly and wet”?

“Yes but if I tell you, it might make you angry with me”.

“Tell me. I promise not to get angry Judy”.

“I listened at your door when you had the mouth thing in your room, and I heard things that sounded like the same things I heard from mom and dad that time”.

“You’re right. The sounds were the same, since that mouth thing is for giving yourself an artificial blowjob and helping release frustration”.

“I would so like to see that Brad. It would be so cool to watch. Would you ever let me watch you use that mouth”?

By now my cock was out of control and throbbing wildly in my pants. I could feel my pre-cum leaking into my underwear, so I said that I would let her watch if she swore never to tell anyone.

“I promise I will never tell Brad. Can you do it now, because I am feelingly tingly and wet”?

I dropped my pants and when my erect cock sprang out, Judy gasped and stared in amazement as I put the mouth on my cock and turned on the vibration. I also squeezed the suction bulb, and sat back waiting for the inevitable explosion. I happened to notice that Judy was sitting with her hands clasped between her thighs, and it almost looked like she was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

“Will your cock blow some cum into the mouth”?

“Yah, and it’s going to be soon. Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend that I am getting a real blowjob from a girl, and I shoot my cum really fast”.

“Do you know how girls shoot cum when they want to get rid of frustration”?

“Girls don’t shoot cum Judy. They get their frustrations out by rubbing their pussies, just like you are doing right now”.

“I didn’t realize that you saw me. I’m sorry if I am embarrassing you Brad, but I wanted to feel good too”.

“It’s okay Judy. Just take off your pants and underwear and do it properly”.

“I’m not sure that I know how. Can you show me”?

“Sure, just get your clothes off and I’ll show you”.

I hadn’t shot my cum yet, but when I saw Judy’s beautiful bare pussy, I shot stream after stream into that artificial mouth. I was amazed at how sexy her body looked. She had only small tits, but the rest of her was magnificent. She had all the curves in the right places, and her pussy was bare and beautiful. I could tell that she had pussy hairs just starting to sprout, but I had a full view of her outer pussy lips, and I saw just a hint of gleaming moisture. When my cock had stopped shooting, I told Judy to lie down on my bed and I would show her how to make her pussy feel good. As Judy spread her legs, I took her hand and moved it to her pussy, and showed her how to rub her little button. She said that it felt okay but didn’t seem to be working as well as the mouth did on me.

I was about to cross a line that might cause both of us to face serious consequences, if we were ever discovered. I began moving my mouth towards her pussy and as I grabbed both of her ass cheeks, I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and began licking and sucking her love button. Judy immediately grabbed my ears and started moaning that it felt awesome. This pussy tasted so sweet and caused my cock to get fully erect and throb uncontrollably. The only thing better than this, that I could imagine, would be having my cock in a real mouth, while I sucked on Judy’s pussy. I was out of control now, and I started to move my body around so that my cock was near her face. Before I got into position, Judy shook, shuddered and screamed, and I knew that she must have cum.

I could feel and smell her juices flowing onto my tongue and lips, and it was like a magic elixir that made my cock even harder. I kept moving and tried to get my cock near Judy’s mouth, but she closed her legs and sat up. She gave me a hug and said that she loved how I made her feel, and she asked if we could do it again sometime.

As I watched her leave my room, I felt frustrated and angry because I didn’t get my cock into her mouth. I already began planning how I would be able to take care of that, and soon.

To be continued……………………………..

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В этом что-то есть. Большое спасибо за информацию, теперь я буду знать . Unable to resist her sftpiire charm, he got on his knees and began licking the inside of her hips wedging his head [ .

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excuse Not BAiley , Quigley.

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I am sure Bailey knows that girls shoot. However the kid in the story might not have and that fits. As kids do not know everything.

Good story he should be very nice to his little sister.

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