this could be a serise if y'all want it to be
It was a beatiful summer day, and Jim was bored and was just chatting on the computer with his girlfriends and some of the other kids in the basketball team. Jim was the teams starting point guard who stood a tall 6'4''. He was tall not only standing up but also laying down, He had a surprising 8 inch penis that was still a virgin. He weighed a even 160 lbs of mostly muscle. Jim was slightly tan because of all the yardwork he had done last year. Jim was 17 and turned 18 in July.

Jim and his dad had just installed a pool that year and his older sister, Audrey had spent most of her summer tanning out by the pool. Jim had always had an eye for his older sister, late in the night or when he was home alone, he had often snuck into his sisters room and masterbaited to the taste and smell of his sisters tight leather thongs. Audrey was a 5'9'' brunette with a lustfull D cup and a butt that made her pants 3 sizes larger than they should be. She had beautiful cristle blue eyes that sparkled in the right light. She had beautifull light tan skin with plenty of frekles on her pretty face. She was now tanning on her back with her tight pink bikini unlaced in the back, Jim was stairing at her with pure lust in mind.

Jim had always wanted to make sweet love with his beautiful sister ever since he was 14 when she was talking a shower and he walked in the bathroom and saw her masterbaiting, he had recieced an erection instantly and he was shooed out by his sis. He has always thought of that moment when he had ever was horney. From that moment on, he had known his new life goal, to fuck Audrey.

Jim was concentrating on his 22 year old sister, and he had grown hard yet again. He snuck out to the pool and was wearing a pair of boxers, and just as he walked out, his sister looked at him in the most seductive way, Audrey said, "Hey Jim, whats up?. Why did you come out here?"

Jim responded with, "I just wanted to talk to you, sis" as he said that, his erection grew and he walked closer toward her. Jim didn't have a lot of luck with the girls at school, so as always he was feeling awkward. After he was half way there, Audrey had huge smile on her face. Jim was puzzled about this untill he realized his member was sticking out of the hole in his boxers.

Audrey had had somewhat of a crush on Jim, but never spoke of it. She had too fantasized about the day they could have hardcore pussy-ripping sex. She now had undone her lower bikini and said, "If you want me, take me with your giant pole."

At the second he saw his sisters downstairs, Jim had grown to 100% on his erection, he asked what she wanted and she had responded with a, "Eat me out until I cum, then it will be your turn."

Jim with a sly look walked over to her and started to eat out his sister. He was swirling his tounge around as if he were in a free candy shop. Jim was a virgin, and had never gave or recieved oral sex, so he was eating like there was no tomorrow. Jim had been swirling around and noticed his sisters cherry. Jim was dumfounded, he asked her why she had not had sex yet, she had had multiple boy(and a few girl)friends and was the most attractive girl he knew. Audrey said, "I was saving it for you."

Jim had took enough of this cocktease, he forcefully told her to get on all fours, she did. Jim shoved his now about 10 inch meat as hard as he could into his older sister. He pounded back and fourth and in an instant, Audrey yelled out a noise that you only hear in XXX movies as her cherry popped. He could feel her pussy throbbing and knew he was about to cum. And after a series of screems and grunts, they both came, and almost at the same time. Jim wasn't totally spent yet so he stuck his huge penis into her beautiful lips. Jim could tell she had given head before because it was sensational. there was a perfect suction and she took it in very deep. After about 3 minutes, Jim came into Audreys mouth. She enjoyed his taste, and she had been making a noise in pleasure. Jim loved the blowjob to the extreme. He kissed her, they batted tounges and Audrey said, "Why didn't you come out earlier? Mom and Dad could have got home any minute."

Jim responded with, "Danger adds to the pleasure, sis. We should cum out by the poolside more often."

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compelte waste of my time


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A little to smutty. I think this story could be a lot more smutter if you ask me.

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It was okay. A little to smutty and you lost me w/the 10" dick. keep it real. 5/10


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i fucked my brother and i loved it


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h ot

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