A pair of sperm cells are passing through a woman’s body. One sperm turns to the other and says, “Oh man I’m tired. How far now to the fallopian tubes?”
“We’ve got quite a way to go,” replied the other sperm, “We’ve only just past the tonsils!”

See, there you go - talking sperm...

got to have 500 hundred characters or the won't post it....

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2014-04-18 22:16:55
+923157414123 sex me girls mob nbr

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2013-05-01 00:43:52
Its not bad, the people who call this stupid though just don't like having to use their brain when it comes to jokes.

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2012-12-04 21:46:45
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2012-03-04 02:07:08
This sucked. Stop writing I'm tired of having to swallow dumbass jokes :p

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2012-02-07 23:42:56
This isn't funny -.-

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