best to read Part one for intruduction
With all said and done, we parted ways leaving the five of us to continue with my plans. I told Bev to regain control of the dogs who had now gotten our two girls off for a second consecutive time. Once she had charge of them, I picked up the scattered clothing and told the girls that we had to move along. The look on Susan and Jen’s faces when it dawned on them that they were not getting their clothing back was awesome. I pulled on Joyce’s leash, taking the lead having the two newly denuded girls follow . I yelled back at Bev telling her to allow the dog’s enough loose so they could bother the girl’s behinds as we walked.

My intention was to arrive at the dog park during the normal dinner hour, that way I felt that we would avoid any large number of dogs and their owners, allowing me to control things to my taste. If however there were others already there, we would still be able to find a corner far enough out of the main traffic area that we could do pretty well what I wanted. The girls however had no idea of the time, nor of the situation were they going to find themselves in. Once we had passed through the public park and turned onto the path leading to the dog park all three girls sucked in their breath, it sounded almost like they had done it a same time, the sound of whooshing air.

I was perhaps as pleased as they were to see that no other dog lovers were there. Our reasons were certainly different however, as I directed the girls to a more lighted part of the park, stopping and turning both myself and Joyce around to face them. I jerked Joyce our slut-slave down on to her knees, telling her that she needed to be cleaned of all that sticky drying cum of John’s. I told Bev to release the dogs knowing that they were now familiar with Joyce kneeling before them so they could take care of her. While they licked and lapped the crap from the front of her body, I told Susan and Jen that I expected them to make sure that the dogs were both made ready. I wanted the dogs excited enough that it would not take but a few minutes before they were ready to fuck one of them.

Both girls cried out in horror telling me that they were not ready to have the dog fuck them; they did not want to have a dog fuck them. They continued telling me they thought I was being really awful to try and get them to agree to have a dog fuck them. I told them that I was a bit disappointed by both of them; I had thought they had agreed to play the game. Well this caused them to cease with their complaining, they both said that they had agreed to play the game, but had not known I would want them to be fucked by a dog. If I had started out with suggesting such an event for the weekend they would have declined to participate.

I of course knew all this, I was trying to see just how far they might be willing to go, I would have loved to have had them accept the offer, but they had not as Joyce had done agreed to my invitation unconditionally. I tried to sound very disappointed, that they were reneging; pretending that I had thought they were into all this domination submission stuff and liked to be made to do some really nasty stuff. Things that they would never even consider doing on their own, but curious enough that they would actually carry out with it if they were forced into it. There was a bit of humming and hawing on their part, them telling me that yes and no there were things they thought they wanted but were not sure and so on and so forth.

I mean here we were at six, perhaps six thirty Saturday evening, standing in the dog park, both the girls were stark naked, and we were certainly not standing in an area that was concealing enough to hide their state of dress from any one wanting to look. I do not know what happened, but perhaps the girls felt that I was going to get angry, and maybe walk away with their clothes leaving them alone in the park . Suddenly I heard them say that they would be willing to suck the dog’s cocks. They would suck them until they came if need be but they would not go further with the dogs, and then they sweetened the pot by telling me that I could punish them, I could use a whip on them if I so desired.

Well finally it was like music to my ears, all I had wanted them to do was suck the dogs off in the first place, I had another girl in mind who was going to be fucked by the dogs, not that she knew it yet, or perhaps she did, as she had been listening to the discussion while the dogs cleaned her up. I had Bev pull the dogs off our slut-slave and told Susan and Jen to get down to business; I wanted to see how quickly they could get the dogs ready. It was funny to watch, as the girls who, to my knowledge had never touched a cock up until that moment, gingerly sought out the dog’s sheath squeezing it every so carefully.

As the dogs had already a part of their cock protruding from the sheath it did not take much to have it expand, allowing the girls a chance to grab on to the real thing. Each in their turn stuck their tongue out and made contact with the ferocious looking male apparatus that was now throbbing and flexing beneath the dog’s belly. Susan was first to open her mouth, allowing the cock to slip in just ever so much. At first her eyes were closed, but when the dog began to hump, she opened her eyes wide, and grabbed on with two hands, in her attempt to better control his movements.

Finally both girls had given into the situation and were sucking cock, dog’s cock. While it did not look like they were enjoying it to the fullest I must give them credit, they looked like they were doing their best trying to bring the dogs to term. I saw that we were perhaps going to have things happen a bit sooner than planned so I yelled to the girls telling them to stop. Now this was really mean to the dogs, but my plans called for other things. So while the girls held on to their charges, who were in fact humping now at dry air trying to make contact with anything that would finish the job, I instructed Susan to lay her pouch down on the ground on his back.

Once she had him settled on his back, we could see his long almost red cock sticking straight up. I then told Joyce, that it was now her turn to act, for a change she was to fuck the dog and not the other way around. Joyce hesitated looking very confused, and then asked if she could speak, continuing on to say that she did not quite understand my request.

I told her it was very simple, I wanted her to straddle the dog and take his cock up her cunt. She was to control the action, fucking the dog at her rhythm, not his this time. I wanted to see her enjoying the fact that she was in control of the situation. I wanted to see her milk his cock for all that it was worth, I wanted her to satisfy herself, to bring herself to orgasm, then she was to allow the dog to ejaculate his seed in her hot pussy. Seeing the face she made as she heard my instructions was worth the time that I took to explain things. I then added that Susan would help and make sure that the dog’s cock was positioned properly to slip into her sluttish cunt.

Joyce turned red in the face as we watched her place her knees on either side of the dog, her bare cunt rubbing against his furry belly, her tits hanging down allowing him to slobber his wet tongue over them. Joyce looked back under her body, through her legs in an attempt to line up her cunt with the vibrating cock. Finally I had to break the spell by calling Susan’s name out loud so that she would stop looking and start doing. Finally she moved back between Joyce’s legs and reached for the dog’s cock holding it steady while Joyce flexed her body, moved back and took the first few inches in to her hole

There was a loud initial gasp that apparently came from all of us in unison, as though we had been all wound so tight and then released as Joyce lowered her body taking the whole length of the dog’s cock up her young cunt. Her engorged pussy lips were now rubbing against his sheath. I know I watched intensely as she began making little up and down movements, drawing his cock out then forcing herself back down upon it, grunting each and ever time. I saw Susan’s eyes were wide open looking as she sat there watching Joyce’s bottom do its thing. I could feel the heat of Bev’s body as she moved closer to me, her breathing raspy.

Once Joyce had settled in for the long haul, she arched her back a bit, effecting pushing her ass up into the night’s air. It was then that I signalled Jen, getting her undivided attention for a few moments. With my hands, not wanting to use words that would inadvertently let Joyce know what I had in mind I motioned to Jen to advance the dog towards the now very connected couple and to raise his body. My intention was to have our slut slave doubled buggered, right there in the open area of the park. Using my hands and fingers I directed Jen to get Susan’s help lifting and holding the second dog on his hind feet.

I had them advance carefully, then had Jen take and direct the dog’s cock to the entrance of Joyce’s little back bung hole. At first contact I do not think or at least it did not look like Joyce fully understood what was going on, she may also have been to far into what she was doing to notice the actions of the others. Once however I was certain that things had been lined up correctly, I indicated to Susan and Jen that they should pull the second dog forward quickly and sharply. This action effectively forced the long length of his slippery large veined cock right up Joyce’s, chocolate chute, causing her to cry out either in pain or in panic , I could not tell.

I do know that she yelled and yelled loudly, any one walking out side the dog park would certainly have been able to hear what she said very clearly. She could not break from her position as once the second dog had settled into her no doubt warm moist hole; he was released and allowed to put his weight on her back, squeezing her between himself and the first dog on the bottom. I had never taken a dog’s cock up my ass so I had no idea how Joyce felt, but once the second dog began to hump her hole, she did appear to regain a bit of her composure as I saw that she had begun to move her cunt down on to the first dog’s cock once again.

I was in such a state, that I dropped my blouse off my shoulders, pushed back into Bev and pulled her hands up onto to my tits. I continued to look at the three, by now I could say animals, humping, then closed my eyes resting my head on Bev’s shoulder, the sound of grunting, whimpering, panting and sloshing allowed my to visualize the scene unfolding in front of me very clearly.

There we were a group of young girls, some completely naked some half undressed, standing in a circle in the public dog park, watching one of us fucking a large dog laid out on his backside, while another large dogs fucked the living day light out of her ass. I was concentrating so hard on the sounds to make my visions clear, that I did not realize Bev had unzipped my shorts and allowed them to fall to the ground. It was only when I felt a finger slip in between the wet folds of my cunt and flick at my clit did I return to reality.

I opened my eyes just at the right moment as it was then that she dog humping at Joyce’s ass pushed forward sinking his knot in past her anus ring, drawing a shocking scream from her, causing her to press down hard on the first dog’s male apparatus and unfortunately for her suck in his knot. The pain must have been excruciating if we were to believe the sounds that she was making. I have no idea of how much time past before Joyce appeared to have clamed a bit and returned to her fucking motions, but I do know that I reacted, and permitted Bev to slip my panties down far enough to allow both her hands access to my leaking cunt.

There was not only participation on my part, Susan and Jen I could see were locked in and embrace their hands both busy rubbing at their own sexual part. It was not long before I was bucking as hard and as quickly as Joyce, for Bev was manipulating my private parts expertly. With one hand busy flicking my switch, she manoeuvred the other between our bodies and had managed to slip a part of her finger up my own ass hole. Her frigging did not allow me too much reprieve and I came intensely, my orgasm resounding throughout my body, causing me to shoot my liquid love juices in a solid stream soaking my panties, creating wet spot on my shorts.

Bev held me, weak kneed as I was, supporting me as we watched Joyce bring things to a wonderful conclusion. The Uh! Uh! Uhs! That she let flow from her throat let us know that she had finally reached orgasm and had rode the wagon over the hill as we saw her collapse on to the body of the dog lying beneath her, her body rippling with spasms. The second dog had remained still allowing us to believe that he also had shot his load and was now waiting for his knot to subside, so he could disengage.

Susan and Jen had fallen on to the grass and were lying limp, again evident that they also had achieved their peak. It was only poor Bev who had not had any real satisfaction, but I knew I would be able to fix that a bit later. By the time I had redressed, leaving off my wet panties, the dog that had been in Joyce bum was sufficiently relaxed to have his knot slip from her hole. Bev and I then took it upon us to rearrange the stature of the remaining dog and Joyce who had not yet moved from her collapsed positioned. We pulled her torso from the dog, but were unable to break the connection between his cock and her cunt apparently the knot was still to large to come out on its own, we would have to wait.

Time was of the essence now as I was expecting to see dog owners and their animals arriving at any moment for their nightly walk. Now it was not because I cared if they got a good look at us, or if they saw that Joyce was still connected to her dog partner, I did not want to run the risk of been caught up with the authorities. I did not think I was really ready to try and explain why we had three girls naked, with one of them knotted to a dog. As I kept looking out for visitors, I told Susan and Jen that since they had agreed to some things other than being fucked by the dogs, they would have a choice of wearing one piece of their clothing on the trip back to the house. The could either wear their blouse, or their skirt, but not both.

Bev had been busy petting the dog, trying to clam him enough so that the knot would come out and finally it did, bringing with it a large flow of liquid from Joyce‘s innards, she was once again a real mess. The dogs however appeared to be either too tired or disinterested, as they would not lick her clean no matter how we tried to entice them. I then had to adjust my plan a bit. I was not sure I wanted to allow our slut slave, to stay sticky and stinky. I got the brilliant idea of getting her washed down over by the animal’s drinking fountain.

I told Susan and Jen that before they could dress and take off for home then had to help our slut-slave over to the fountain and at least rinse her down. The fountain of course being located next to the entrance gate would provided maximum exposure should a dog owner arrive on the scene. Bev and I both laughed as we watch the two pulling Joyce as fast as they could, then dipping her into the fountain, splashing cold water all over her and rubbing her down. Just as they returned beside us, we saw the first visitor to the park, he seemed preoccupied with something, but as soon as he released his dog, it ran directly to us wagging it tail. I told all three girls to stand firm and spread their legs to allow this new animal to get a good whiff of their cunts. Each in turn shuddered as it licked each pussy, and then ran off back to its master, leaving us alone with our thoughts.

Before any others arrived I directed out little group from the park, allowed Susan and Jen to put on their chosen piece of clothing, both haven chose to wear the blouse and pushed us in the direction of home. It was much darker now as it was very close or even past 9 PM so the walk home was less exciting. There was however that one car of high school boys who passed by, then made a u-turn and came back for a better look. I imagine they would have become more aggressive, however when the saw the two dogs with us they slowed their car down and followed us for a few block hollering and shouting. They managed to embarrass the girls quite thoroughly as they attended the same school as the boys

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