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Well that was the statement I was waiting for, in fact Joyce was now flushed red in the face, as she got all this out of her mouth, perhaps embarrassed having to explain things so particular in front of the other girls. I mean last time she had been in this position there were only three of us , which included her boyfriend, my brother, even at that time I remembered her being very shy about having to have shit so badly she did it right there on the spot. This time however we were not on the bike path, we were right out there on the street, there were not many opportune places to do her business in private.

I looked around, telling her that she had sort of chosen a bad time, as well as a difficult location to have to do her thing. I sort of suggested that she could go knock on a neighbour’s door and ask them if they would accommodate her urgency realizing of course that she was stark naked wearing a dog’s collar and leash. Then I suggested that we could walk a bit faster and get to our destination, where we might be able to find a suitable depository for her business. When she replied that there was no time for that, then I told her the only other option would be to squat over the sewer drain, located at the edge of the sidewalk right there and do her thing.

I guessed we had run out of time, as she stepped from the sidewalk into the street and squatted over the drain. No sooner than she had balanced herself, did we see a stream of piss flow from her body, followed by a large liquid mess of dark brown shit. Joyce let out a loud groan that was not related to anything sexual, but more so to the release of a tension that had built up inside her digestive system. I wanted to ensure that her embarrassment was complete, so I told Jen and Susan to provide her support by holding her arms, while I made certain that she held her knees wide open. For a good ten minutes perhaps fifteen, we watched as Joyce emptied her bowels in to the street sewer, we only saw one car pass, and the driver only gave us a curiosity glance much to my disappointment.

I had hoped to have a larger audience, something like we had last time, but things did not work out that way. Disappointed as I was, I had planned other games for the balance of the afternoon so decided that we might as well get going. I told Joyce that she had better make sure every was out as we were going to be moving along. The look on her face improved my humour, as it was almost exactly the same as last time, humiliated but concerned about the after matter. This time however I did not offer her baby wipes to clean up with. I waited knowing that she was hard pressed to ask, but that she could not help bringing the matter to my attention. She was very careful choosing her word, beginning with `Mistress may I speak` then she asked if there was any thing to clean herself with.

I tried to look noncommittal, and then asked any of the girls if they had any Kleenex tissues. Finding that none of us had any thing, I expressed my sympathy telling her that there might be one solution that would solve the problem. Waiting for her to ask what that might be, hoping to reel in my hook, I noticed that her natural colour was returning to her body, how every embarrassed or humiliated she had been squatting there emptying her bowels had dissipated. I have no idea what was going through her mind, but I wondered if she was thinking that I was going to offer to rinse her down using a neighbour’s hose, having her lie down on some one’s lawn and spread her legs in some obscene position.

Her voice crackled a bit as she asked almost in a whisper, what I had in mind. I told her that it would be quite simple, all she had to do was get down on the grass, on her hands and knees , reach back and spread her buns. I watched as Joyce straightened herself, and then moved trying her best to keep her legs from closing together and spreading any remnants in a larger area. Carefully she placed herself on the grass, to her benefit her ass facing out towards the street where we were standing. She then reached back delicately and spread her ass wide open. Her back hole pulled so that it opened in a star like manner, exposing the fact that there was a little bit of brown liquid covering her skin, nothing really too disgusting at all.

I instructed her to widen her stance, to move her knees further apart, trusting that she would provide a much better view of her young bald cunt and I was not disappointed. Now she was ready, I told her to look back at us. I saw a drastic change in her facial expression as I told Bev and Jen to advance the dogs towards her so that they could lick her arse clean. It was exhilarating I must say, I know that my nipples were poking out into the material of my blouse, I also heard Susan let out a low moan as we watched the dogs devour the drippings from her bare bottom. Here we were four of us standing there on the street corner watching the scene as it unfolded. A young naked girl set on her hands and knees being ravenously licked about the ass by two large dogs, on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was really something, watching the two dogs work together; they began sniffing at Joyce’s exposed rear end, then tentatively extending their wide tongues to lick at the sides of her legs. They caused Joyce to jerk her body forward, with the dogs following her movements.

They then set about licking towards the inside of her thighs, from the bend in her knees up to the folds of her pussy, at each contact of the dog made there you would see Joyce’s body jerk. The dogs then began to lap in earnest around her bung hole. You could see them pushing the tips of their tongues in towards her little hole, some times both tongues at one were hitting the mark. Joyce advance on her hands and knees, so much so that I had to tell her to hold her place and not to move forward any more or risk a punishment. Once it appeared they were satisfied there was no more liquid to be had at that location, they sought out a lower target area.

Lapping at the folds of her cunt caused her to moan, her body to vibrate. They were working like eager beavers, trying each to make certain he received his do. Their long flat tongues reaching out touching the front of her cunt and being drawn back over her folds back up to her bung hole. They were certainly not gentle; they were pushing at one another, pushing at Joyce’s body, each in his effort to be closest to her skin, to be first at the tap so to speak. Joyce must have begun to leak her own juices as the dogs became agitated. I noticed that their cocks had started to emerge from the sheaths as I heard Joyce moan, a long low moan, and a moan of sexual orientation. I had the dogs pulled off immediately, I did not want them to try and take things further, and I certainly did not want Joyce to think she was going to get herself off.

I had Bev and Jen pull the dogs back and yanked at Joyce’s leash telling her to get up she was as cleaned as well as she was going to be. I then directed the group along our route bringing us to the park where my next little event was to transpire. It was a bit later in the afternoon, perhaps closer to dinner time than I had planned as there were only a couple of fathers I could see watching their children. It was certainly not quite as occupied as it was last year when I had come with Joyce in tow. I forged ahead with my plans in any case trusting that things might get better as we set things rolling. I directed Susan and Jen to sit with our slut-slave on a bench near the walk way.

I instructed them to keep her legs spread wide, and to keep her excited, but not to let her orgasm. I then instructed Joyce to say to anyone who might ask what she thought she was doing “ I am a cum slut, I am waiting for some one to shoot their cum on to my tits ” – “ I will do anything required of me to arrive at this end ”. I had her repeat the statement in a loud distinct voice, to me twice. I then told Susan that she was to unbutton her blouse, leaving it open, exposing the clothes pins attached to her nipples as further punishment for her earlier digression.

I waited until they settled themselves on the bench, Joyce in the middle, her legs pulled open and held in place by the girls, Susan sitting her face flushed pink, her blouse wide open prominently displaying her elongated nipples with their blue clothes pin attachments.

The three of them were a fitting display of decadent young flesh. I was proud of my young submissive girls. Reflecting on the scene I mentioned to them that it was expected that they aid Joyce in obtaining her goal in any way it was required of them. Satisfied that they understood, I removed myself to sit with Bev and the dogs, a bit further away, waiting to see what happened, hoping that some of the men noticed the three girls.

It did not take long, before we saw one pulling his little boy along by the hand , walking in direct of the girls. Once however he got close enough to see that one of them was spread bare naked on the bench he stopped short, releasing his young charge who ran back to where they had come from. The man stood there, he was trying to watch his boy, yet he was desperately trying to look to see as much as he could of the three girls. He certainly found himself with a true dilemma , he could not drag his boy in front of three young girls one who he could see was naked, yet I am certain he wanted himself to cross in front of them to get a better look.

Finally we saw him give up and return to his son, he did however stop to talk with another father as he walked back to his son. Several minutes later, the two males were standing together, when one of them moseyed over onto the path that led in front of the girls. Bev and I watched as he nonchalantly passed us saying hello in the process . Seemingly pretending to be looking for something located beyond the three girls, he strolled very slowly passed them. He did not stop, but you could see his head turned in their direction, taking the scene all in . We could only imagine the treat he was looking at as we were a bit too far off to the side to really see.

The girls on their part did not attempt to cover up, we did see however both Susan and Jen reach out and pull at or at least touch the nipple clamps that Joyce was supporting on her bare nipples. Whether or not the man said anything we could not hear and it did not appear that the girls replied to any comment. The man continued along the path, turning his head back to look at the girls as long as he could, then disappeared passed where he could be seen by us. The next thing we knew he was back standing back with the other guy beside the children. We guessed they had made a pact, as this time the other father took a stroll down in front of the girls. This guy stopped however taking it all in, he must also have said some thing as we saw Joyce become animated, stretching her arms out towards him.

What every transpired must have startled him, as he turned immediately walking very quickly back to the where the children were playing, picked up his boy and left the park. It was not much longer when I saw an old acquaintance arriving, I had phoned him earlier in the day telling him that if he decided to take a stroll in the park, he might find it very interesting . I knew he liked taking pictures, a professional hobby of his; I had also posed for some of his more, suggestive, provocative, perverted photos. He stopped to talk with the one remaining father, you could see he had a camera apparatus slung over his shoulder, which he used to focus on the children, who were then hanging up side down on the monkey bars, the little girl’s skirt had fallen towards the ground and her white panties were very much in evidence. I doubted the father had thought what kind of photo that might make.

They carried on a conversation for a bit, then I watched John take up his camera once again, he aimed it towards Bev and I sitting with the dogs, then turned it in the direction of the three girls. I had no way of knowing if he was clicking and really taking photos, or if he was using his scope to visualize the opportunities for taking pictures, but he was most likely clicking away with the camera. I decided that if indeed he was taking pictures he would have a few good scenes to choose from. Unbeknown to Bev, I quickly undid my own blouse, pulled it open and leaned over to the dogs, offering them my open chest. It took but a second before I had a dog’s tongue lapping at my growing nipples, boy did that ever feel good.

I glanced sideways to see John had aimed his camera back our way so I sort of turned my open front in his direction. The dog’s tongue followed my movement so I hope that I had provided him with a pose that would suit him. One I was certain that both my tits supported elongated nipples; I sat up leaned towards Bev and embraced her in a French kiss, sticking my tongue far into her mouth, taking her by surprise. She was however quick enough to see the opportunity I had presented her and immediately pulled my blouse off my shoulders sending her soft warm hands on to my now heaving tits. My eyes closed, savouring the moment so I was not able to see that John had moved towards us.

Bev had not seen John at all, however once she did notice the closeness of his presences she pulled back from me and tried as best she could to cover my exposed naked torso. This sudden action of hers effectively cut off the feelings that my body had begun to build, bringing me back to reality quite quickly and sharply I must say. Perhaps I should have let Bev into my secret that of knowing exactly what John was there for, but as I had not, I got caught up in her panic.

John must have thought he had received the wrong signals as he approached our bench and found Bev redressing me as fast as she could. As I came out of the cloud that I had just begun to enter, I saw his facial expressions change; he had more of a questioning look on his face. I could not do much except shrug my shoulders, so I tried to direct his attention to our three girls on the next bench over, hoping that he would not think that all the opportunities had dried up.

Fortunately, he caught on right away and sauntered over towards them leaving Bev to finally compose herself and apologized to me for having pulled off my blouse and exposed me like that. I felt it then necessary to let her know that I knew John, and had called him telling him that he might find it to his amusement if he took a walk in the park that evening. I told her of his professional hobby and that I had had my portrait taking by him. I did not tell her that I had had other photos taken by him, thinking that perhaps she did not need that clarification.

I grabbed her hand to get her to accompany me a bit closer to where the girls were so we might have a good view of anything that might transpire. As we edged closer we could hear that John had involved the girls in conversation, but could not quite make out what anyone was saying. I had really hoped to hear Joyce’s reply to any of his questions as I had instructed her. I could imagine John’s delight, well I could imagine any man’s delight if they heard Joyce reply that she was a cum slut, was waiting for some to shoot their cum all over her naked body, and that she would do any thing required to attain that goal. Knowing John I had a much better idea of his delight if in fact she uttered those words.

Bev and I stopped as close as we could without giving the impression we were involved with what ever antics were going on. We were unable to sit, but there were some trees or bushes that provided cover and allowed us to lean back onto them for physical support. I settled in hoping to be able to see every thing clearly enough to enjoy the show, once again completely unbuttoning my own blouse. Fortunately the dogs were behaving themselves, laying down at our feet dozing .

Things were becoming very animated over on the girl’s bench. We could see both Jen and Susan had their heads situated over Joyce’s chest, I figured John had asked them perhaps to suck on Joyce’s clamped nipples. John had stepped back, his camera aimed at the trio as they went about their business, or his bidding, and was no doubt clicking away at his subjects. After several minutes, the girls changed positions, Jen stood behind the bench bracing Joyce who had lifted herself up onto the top of the back of the bench. As Jen reached forward to play with Joyce’s breasts and or nipples, we saw Susan take her blouse off and take up a position between Joyce’s legs, leaning her head forward on to Joyce’s sweet shaven cunt.

John had certainly placed them in a favourable photographic position, for he circled the bench clicking away from all angles. When he passed back in front we saw him tug at Susan’s skirt, not hard enough to pull it off, but certainly letting Susan know that he would like it moved. The girls reacted from what we heard appearing to be instructions from John. Susan removed herself from the center of Joyce’s world, stood and took off her mini shirt making her now as naked as Joyce. The girls changed positions with Susan sitting where Joyce had been, leaning back against Jen and Joyce taking a position between Susan’s legs. We watched as John took several whacks at Joyce’s bum, the sound of his connection skin on skin arrived at our ears in a very clear manner.

I also heard Bev sucking in her breath, indicating to me that the scene was also affecting her. As for myself I had begun to massage my own breasts, pulling at my nipples in a feeble attempt to satisfy a feeling that was slowly building with in my own soul. I took a moment to look over at Bev, as I wanted to see just how much she was being affected by the scene unfolding a few feet away. I was surprised to see Bev had pulled one of the dogs into a sitting position and had him licking the interior of her legs; it was evident that the dog was stretching his tongue as far as possible right up under her shorts.

Suddenly it became difficult to decide what I wanted to look at, the unfolding scene of the three girls and the cameraman John, or Bev and her friendly dog. I tried to divide my attention, looking at what John was having the girls do while he took more photos, then taking a quick glance at Bev to see how far she was going to take things. I had not planned to have so many interesting events transpiring at the same time, thinking that perhaps I had not been careful in my planning; I thought it best to watch the group of girls, as it was Joyce who was to be the center of the weekend’s activities. I did however think it was important that I had noticed Bev experimenting with a dog; this might prove beneficial later on.

As I turned my full attention to John and his groupies, I was treated with the scene of Joyce and Susan holding and stripping Jen of her covering garments. John now had three naked nymphets to act out his commands, however it was getting darker, and unless he had the intention of using a flash for his camera, things would be coming to a halt quickly. John was using the girls like they were gymnasts, he had them posing in all sorts of real provocative positions. They were on the bench up side down, almost inside out, their feet up, and their head down. I could see them with their fingers and mouths playing with every part of one another’s naked bodies.

Then John placed his camera apparatus on the ground, I saw him take out his cock which from past personal experience I knew to be long and beautiful. He had the girls sitting on the bench facing him. Susan and Jen were holding Joyce prone, stretching her wide, their legs draped over her thighs, their hands affixed to her upper arms. As John advanced, towards them I could see him making stroking movements, finally stopping between Joyce’s legs. It certainly looked like he was rubbing the legs of his slacks up against her cunt, then I saw him jerking his body, holding his cock directly over Joyce’s torso. My imagination played havoc with my mind, I thought I could see streams of his hot spunk shooting out his piss hole landing on Joyce’s chest, covering her perky clamped nipples, coating her heaving breasts, and running down her body, down towards her clean shaven cunt.

I pinched my exposed nipples, pulling at them in an attempt to join in the sensations that I felt were be realized over on the bench. I grabbed Bev’s hand and pulled her over towards our charges, hoping that we had not missed it all. Arriving we could see Joyce convulsing as she sat there covered in John’s cum; she certainly had been played in all the right ways. Susan and Jen were not far from attaining their own satisfaction; I could see an intense dreamy look in their eyes.

Immediately I told Bev to let the dogs at their cunts, trusting that would bring a grand finale to the happening. The dog’s wasted no time working their tongues into the two sopping wet cunts, licking and lapping at the love juices that were flowing freely. John was still standing dick in hand stroking the last of his sperm out onto Joyce’s body, letting it drip directly down onto her cunt. Joyce herself looked like she had lost it, she was certainly in a daze, she must have experienced several orgasms since I had left her alone with the two girls, her eyes were closed, her body heaving in spasmodic ripples.

I touched John to get his attention, letting him know that we were back. I told him from what I could see things had gotten off very well. He complimented me on my choice of girls and my ability to organize events in the most intriguing of ways. When he began to straighten himself up, I stopped him, telling him that we were not quite finished, and then I ordered our slut-slave to lick him clean. As Joyce polished off the last of his emissions, I explained to him that the evening events were going to continue, however as there was much less light, I did not think he would be able to take more pictures unless he used his flash.

John explained that he had not thought of extending his evening out at the park any longer than he had. In any case he was not quite ready to take the risk of taking pictures of naked young girls outside using a flash; it would be too dangerous for him. He went on to tell me that he was very very pleased that I had thought of him and had offered him this opportunity, he had enjoyed himself immensely. He expressed his sorrow that all good things must come to an end, but added that if ever I wanted to undertake a similar project, or if I wanted to experiment with other situations I should give him a call.


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