Sometimes...size doesn't matter.
"I'm babysitting Torry today," I said to my friend Jamie over the phone as if it was a bad thing, "So, I won't be able to go out with you for the weekend." We had to go through this many times, but it really never got to me because I have always had fun (WINK WINK) with Torry, and all of the other kids I sat for.

My cousin dropped him off at six, and I was ready to greet him at the front door. I was wearing the usual pink shorts, a white tank-top, white socks, and Nike sandals. My cousin rang the doorbell, and I ran to answer it. He handed me a few change of clothing for Torry in a Safeway plastic bag and I took it and waved my cousin off goodbye. "Come here, Torry." I said happily. I gave him a great big hug because he's just so cute. Torry almost resemble a male version of Shirley Temple...curls and all. "Did you miss me, Baby?" I asked him. He nods yes, and hugs me even tighter. "What would you like to do, Tor-Tor?" I felt stupid calling him that. "TREE!" He yelled out real loud.

We had a tree in the backyard that was perfect for climbing...and Torry loved to climb it every chance he got. The branches were very close to the ground which made it easy to climb. I watch at a short distance as Torry happily climbed the tree. "Be careful, Torry Baby." I said, "Ok, Aunt Casie, I wi..." Before He could finish his sentence, his foot slipped and Torry fell...not hard, but fast...and he hit his nut-sack on one of the branches that stuck out. He cried out in pain and I rushed as fast as I could to aid him. "What Torry...Are you ok? What did you hit?" He points to his private area as he sobs softly. I put my hand on his crotch area, and gently rubbed. His crying stopped, and he started to stand on his hind legs. "OH MY FUCKIN' GOD!!!" I said to myself as I realized what I was doing. I rubbed his balls gently as I softly kissed him on the cheek. "Does that feel better?" He nods YES, but I take him inside of the house to get a better look at it.

Once inside, I stood him by the sofa, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and laid him down. I made him spread his legs a little bit so I can get a good look at his balls, which were probably no bigger than a walnut. I rubbed the bottom of his balls gently as I noticed his little dick was getting hard. I touch his little dick-head and it throbbed under my touch. I moved my head closer to his private area, stuck my tongue out, and licked his balls as I jacked him off with my thumb and fore-finger. His hips moved up and down as I did what I could to take his mind off of the pain I know he felt...and I felt myself getting horny. "You little devil you," I said to him jokingly as I continued to fondle his dick. Torry laughs at my remark, "You like this, don't you?" I said smiling. "Yeah...go up and down." I was amazed that Torry could be so explicit...I mean...I taught him everything. "Ok, whatever you want, Torry." I took his little dick into my hot, wet mouth and I sucked him hard as my head bobbed up and down on his little dick. His legs were stretched out now as I sucked and flicked his little cock-head (which was red and larger than usual) with my tongue. I looked up at him, and the way he was looking at me was making my cunt drip and drip and drip. He never took his eyes off of me as I sucked him, and best of all, he really enjoyed it.

I stood up, undid the buttons to my pink shorts, and pulled them down...along with my panties. I laid on the floor and spread my legs. Torry sat with a wide smile on his face...dick still standing up. I opened my pussy lips and told Torry to walk over to me. He did. I sat up and felt his balls for a second, "Does it still hurt, Tor-Tor? I said in a babyish voice, "No." He said quietly. I pulled his pants completely off, then pulled mine off too.

I positioned him between my spread legs and inserted his little dick into my tight hole. I had to lift my hips a bit so he wouldn't slip out. He rocked his hips the way I showed him and I felt his body stiffen as he fucked me. Just the look on his face was enough to throw me overboard into an orgasm because he was feeling SO good...and I was making him feel that way.

My pussy was so wet and tender now that I could actually feel his little dick inside of me as he ground his hips with mine. "Suck my nipple, Baby." I commanded softly, and he did. he sucked it the way babies suck bottles, and it felt so good as my nipple grew erect in his mouth. This is so much better than least I thought. His little dick felt so good inside of me, and he was bringing me closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

I lay him on his back and I started to grind my pussy into him vigorously. I felt it building up in my stomach as I started to moan LOUD. "FUCK ME, TORRY! FUCK ME!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! YEAH AHHH!!! LIKE THAT, BABY!!!" Just then I squirted my pussy-juice all over his stomach and dick. I rolled over as I breathed heavily. Torry's little cute dick was still hard and throbbing. I didn't wanna leave him like I took his little penis into my mouth, tasting my cum and lisking it all off of him. I sucked his dick hard and fast as he rocked his hips to meet my hungry mouth. JUST THEN...something happened that I never would have expected for at least another year. As I sucked, he started to push my head away, but I was bobbing so fast, and sucking so hard, I overpowered him. He let out a loud cry, and before I knew it, my Tor-Tor was shooting CUM into my hungry mouth. I was drinking every drop of it. I opened my mouth and let some of the cum roll from my tongue, back onto his dick. I swirled it around his little cock-head and sucked it back up. He was trying to catch his breath as I continued to play with his cum. I looked up at him and smiled. I gave him a kiss on his mouth and he kissed me back. "I love you Tor-Tor." I said softly. "I love you, too, aunt Casie." He said with a laugh. "Look at you...You're all messy. You definitely need a bath." Torry laughed again and I gave him a big hug. "You take one with me, PLEASE?" Torry said with bright eyes. He was too cute to resist.

I did take a bath with Torry...but that's another story. Anyway, Me and Torry had so much fun all weekend that he did not want to leave. Now that I know he can squirt cum, I realize that I have been babysitting for him more often. He tastes so good...when I'm alone in my room, I rub my pussy and think about that little dick in my hole. I think next time, I'm gonna have him fuck my ass.

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good story needs a lil work

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loved it.


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reader 5-23-07: anybody can cum. it is semen no sperm.


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marry me


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I have read all your stores I think they are great.

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