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I took Bev with me out into the yard, leaving our three naked bodies as they lay on the deck. I reconnoitred the landscape, looking for the best location for the next event. I had Bev stand , then squat in several places, while I walked around the yard, and finally out on to the street trying to visualize the scene that I was planning . Finally, Bev placed herself just right, if any one was walking down the street, the scene that was going to be set, could be easily viewed, without any difficulty, by anyone. If that person decided to stop and watch what was transpiring, he or she would not even appear to out of place even if they stopped for the duration of event I had hoped to have played out .

I returned to the spot at which Bev had stopped, and had her lie down so I could measure and make the arrangements that I needed. Having fixed all the equipment so that it would work the way I wanted, I suggested to Bev that we go get something to eat as it was now nearing 2 PM and there were still parts of my plan that I wanted to carry out. When we climbed back on the patio deck we told Susan and Jen that they should get dressed and come eat with us. As to Joyce our slut-slave, I told her that she was to go out into the back yard , there she would find the apparatus I had fixed up.

I explained that it was similar to one she was already familiar with , so she should be able to figure out how it worked. She was to prepare her body all by herself as it was partly automated and could be operated by one person. When we entered the house, I manoeuvred myself to have a direct view from the kitchen window so I could watch Joyce prepare herself for the next event. I am certain that once she had the contraption figured out she would know exactly or at least have a good idea of what might be going to happen to her next. I was delighted when she suddenly saw how exposed she was standing there in the backyard, quickly ducking down in a feeble attempt to hide her lovely teenaged naked body .

Joyce finally sat herself down and set about tying her ankles with the bindings I had laid out, this effectively spread her wide open . I watched as she took hold of the little bag, opened it carefully and made a face. It was a facial expression of either disgust or dejection, for in the sack were three clamps similar to those she had had placed on her body last time around, two for her nipples and one for her clit. There was also an object new to Joyce, something she had not been exposed to during our last adventure. I enjoyed her animation as she looked over this object, finally seeing the little tag that contained a diagram of how it was to be used.

Joyce brought it up to her face tentatively, placing the hard round plastic in her mouth as shown in the diagram, then she pulled it back out immediately directing her eyes towards the house as though she was looking at me, looking at her. I could almost see the daggers in her eyes as she stared in vain at the windows at the back of the house. I had not given her a time limit in which to function, so I could only wait and watch as she sat there staring, most likely wishing now that she had not accepted to play a second time.

I brought my attention back to the girls who were now enjoying a light lunch. I told them that it was important that the dogs be given something to drink, in fact it was very important that every one of us drank as much as we could, then I added we certainly did not want to be dehydrated later on in the afternoon. I took my time eating a few sandwiches , some sweet cakes and making certain that I filled my bladder as full as I could. Then I moved back to the window to see if Joyce had continued with the task I had given her.

True to form, Joyce must have given into the fact that she had indeed agreed to this second undertaking and was to suffer the consequences. She was laid out on her back, her legs spread wide, her arms placed up over her head and tied. I could make out the three clamps, as they were reflecting the sun’s rays, attached to her precious body parts. How tight they had been fixed well that was to be verified a bit later. It certainly looked like she had also attached the mouth apparatus properly from where I was standing. Every thing was now in order to proceed.

Anticipation and anxiety , I had found out , play an important roll in arriving at sexual pleasures . I wanted Joyce to be as anxious as possible in anticipation of what she thought was coming her way. I instructed the girls to clean the kitchen hoping that the time it took to do so, would increase the chances that they also would be prepared once things began. Satisfied that we could no longer stretch time as there were still other things that had to be done I ushered every one, including the dogs out on to the patio deck.

The comments the three of them made when they saw our slut-slave spread out on the grass were greatly appreciated by me as I had tried very hard to make things exciting , perhaps spectacular, in the hope that their participation would be just a bit more than a curious undertaking. I was hoping that scenarios like this might become something that all of them would like to experience on a more regular basis, after all we had the whole summer ahead of us , and I had not made any fixed plans as of yet.

Attaching the two dogs to the patio deck, I invited the girls over to where our slut-slave was lying . This of course brought all of us into a direct view from the street, where any passer-bys or any one gawking could look in upon us. I then verified the bindings that Joyce had made herself ensuring that they were indeed tight enough to limit any movement on her part. I checked and tightened the clamps a bit, not that Joyce had placed them too loose, but I wanted to increase the factor of pain. While she had indeed placed her bound hands above her head, I really wanted her spread in a more open manner, so I re-attached her arms to pegs that I had placed directly out to the side of her body.

I pulled at the mouth strap, finding it firmly fixed in place and for the first time told our slut-slave that she had done well. I physically manoeuvred Susan and Jen , standing one at each side of Joyce. The sun’s warm rays had provided an additional effect , it was very evident that her naked body was covered by a glistening film of perspiration . Then whispering to Bev that it might be best if she did as I was doing and take off her lower body garments . Suggesting that she might like to stand straddling our slut-slave’s head or even assuming a squatting position is she desired, I moved myself in between Joyce’s spread legs .

Joyce had her eyes wide open staring at us, well certainly staring up towards Bev’s pussy, which was showing a thick covering of deep red hair, a bit darker than the red hair of her head. I would imagine wondering if she intended to remain standing or actually squat down over her face . Once everyone was in place, I told them that it was now time to take care of business and with that I directed a stream of my own hot piss on to our slut-slave, trying best to hit her cunt with the full force of my release. Well the excited look on the young girls faces was well worth all the preparation I had made, they began giggling so much so they were having trouble directing their hot piss on to Joyce’s body.
I had hoped they would have been able to concentrate on sending their sweet piss down on to her tits, but that was not quite what happened.

Bev on the other hand was in her element she had her hands holding the sides of her pussy spread wide and was pissing like a boy would, swinging her hips, directing her spray where she wanted it to go. Bev was really a devil, she had figured out that the apparatus our slut-slave had installed in her own mouth was in fact a sieve, ready to receive any liquid being directed that way. I was pleased to be able to watch someone else having as much fun as I was, and Bev sure looked like she was enjoying herself, causing our slut-slave to gasp and sputter as her warm piss hit it’s mark.

Suddenly there was an added element of surprise as Susan announced that she needed to go inside, because she needed to do a number two, and it was urgent that she be allowed to leave. I was ecstatic with this news, it was great , just what I needed to top things off, to make good better, to allow me to really enjoy the little games we were playing. I told Susan in no uncertain terms was she going to finish her business in the house. We had a perfectly good receptacle right there tied up in front of her waiting for, no in fact wanting to receive her load.

I told her to straddle the slut-slave’s body facing me and to bend her bottom back over the slut-slave’s tits and to let go with all her force , to release all of her gooy goods. Both Susan and Jen cried out saying that this was gross, disgusting, humiliating, but Bev expressed a much different opinion. Bev told me that she was now really glad I had decided to call her and ask her to join our little escapade this weekend, things were really becoming intense just the way she liked them.

Susan hesitated however, jumping from one foot to the other telling me that she did not think she could comply with this awful suggestion. In a stern voice I told her that she had better do it or suffer the consequences and would most likely be very sorry if not very sore later on. Susan finally relented stepping over Joyce’s stretched out body and turned to look at me. I told Jen to strip the clothes off Susan as she needed to be reminded that I was in charge and she had agreed to obey my requests during this weekend together. Jen certainly wasted no time, she grabbed at Susan’s blouse so roughly that the buttons came flying off as she pulled if from her. The mini-skirt was lifted up and over Susan’s head as quickly, leaving her as naked as our slut-slave. Once she had been stripped I repeated that I wanted her to bend forward slightly and perform the task required of her or suffer the consequences.

Susan did as she was told, with no hesitation this time, she bent forward leaning into me grabbing at my arms for support, and let loose with her bowels. Our slut-slave, was splattered with a light brown mixture of solid and fluid, shit. Her tits were covered completely and it was easy to see that a large portion had splattered up onto her face, with no doubt some finding it way into the funnel that was fixed in her mouth. It was such an astonishing sight that I could not help myself and came hard, spilling much of my emotions out on to our slut-slave’s cunt, the rest dripping and dribbling down my legs, it was such a good cum that I almost collapsed. I did not think the situation could get better than this .

Once Susan, who’s face was flushed bright red, regained her natural color, she began to whimper once more, telling me that she needed to wipe herself, to clean her bottom as was usual when she finished her business and mentioned that fact that she was still standing naked there exposed in the backyard. I spoke with Bev telling her to fetch the dogs telling Susan to get down on all fours, beside our slut-slave. Right way Susan began pleading with me not to have the dogs take her, she would be a good girl, she did not want the dogs to fuck her there out in the back yard surmising I suppose that I was going to punish her for her earlier hesitation. She kept on telling me that she knew she had agreed to play the game this weekend and would not cause any more problems, she would behave and do as I requested, any thing but being fucked by the dogs.

I told Bev to hold the dogs firmly, but that I wanted to have them lick Susan’s bum clean of all remnants of her bowel movement. So Bev advanced enough to allow the dogs some leeway to do the clean up job. They may have taken a few liberties with Susan for it did not take long to get her moaning an groaning in a more sexual manner, perhaps forgetting about where she was and what it may have looked like from the street.. The dogs must have figured that since they were not to get to much more they might as well stop, and they did , moving back beside Bev.

This was not quite what I had planned so I told Bev to move closer to the slut-slave, I really wanted the dogs to get a whiff of the aroma of the different smells coming of Joyce’s body. As the sun was still beating down with its hot rays, the odour rising from her was quite pungent, perhaps a bit rancid. I told Bev that we might as well put our panties and shorts back on, hoping to buy a bit of time, I needed to stretch things out a little. Susan was told to remain as she was on her hands and knees until further notice.

Finally the dogs appeared to take a bit of interest in our slut-slave, sniffing at her body, licking as different points on her body, generally making her squirm as best she could given the binding that held her The more the dogs sniffed, the more agitated they appeared to become. I certainly did not want them biting Joyce , nor fighting over her, that was not in the plans, so I insisted that Bev release one dog to Jen so that they would be controlled a bit more firmly. Then I saw , I saw what I wanted, it was going to happen, so I squatted down again between Joyce’s legs and grabbed for the two stings that were attached to the ping-pong balls held firmly in her innards.

It was just wonderful both dogs lifted a hind leg at the same time and began pouring out their own hot doggie piss all over her body, they hit the body with such force that it splattered every where, both Bev and Jen had to step back to get away from the spray.
As the first of the hot liquid touched Joyce’s body I tugged hard on the two stings, ripping them right out of her holes in one swift movement. We heard an loud gasp issue from her open mouth, then a real gurgling sound as she took in what ever liquid that was accumulated or for that matter being newly sprayed all over her body. I watched in awe as Joyce squirted her love juice from her body, shooting it all over the grass. I was amazed that after all that had leaked from her so far today that she was able to have kept all this, I figured it was about enough to fill a cup or maybe two, she was really some special specimen.

The dogs lost interest in this female bitch, once they had finished releasing their piss and moved off pulling at both Bev and Jen , taking themselves over to a shaded area of tree lay down and began licking their cocks. Joyce collapsed her body inwards, perhaps blacking out, I do not know and then did not check as I was trying to get my own act together. I had never seen a scene such as that. By this time we all needed a bit of recuperation, so I allowed Susan to return to the house, telling her that she needed to find a blouse similar to the one Jen had ripped off her as we still had some wonderful activities to play out.

I told Bev and Jen to tie the dogs in the shaded area and suggested that they come up on to the deck with me and relax. I wanted to leave our slut-slave as she was for a bit, or until at least she revived herself then we could proceed with our day. I went to make a call to a gentleman friend of mine telling him where he might find us later that afternoon should he want to turn up with his equipment. I made us some lemonade and we four sat on the deck overlooking our slut-slave as she laid there tied and spent, stretched out in the middle of the backyard..

It was perhaps 20 or even 30 minutes later that we noticed movement coming from our slut-slave, who may not have realized where she was upon waking, for she was certainly pulling at her binding in an attempt to loosen herself. I told Jen and Susan to go release her, first however they were to hose her down, then take the constraints from her mouth nipples and clit. They were to undo the ankles and pull her legs up as far as they could and hose that lower potion of her body, before releasing her arms. Once they had helped the slut-slave stand, I called her over , taking the leash and collar off ,I told her she had half an hour to herself in which she was to bath herself, telling her that mouth wash, perfume and a tooth brush had be set out for her.

When Joyce came back down I was waiting in the kitchen, where I had prepared a light but hardy lunch for her, along with a pitcher of I told her fortified milk, I just not tell her fortified with what. It was now later in the afternoon, the sun was still shining, but was not sending unbearable heat down upon us. I had Susan and Jen sit at the edge of their chairs and told my slut-slave to pleasure them until I called a halt. Knowing the girls perhaps better than they knew themselves I called a halt to things at the right moment. A few minutes more of Joyce’s sucking, would have driven them over the edge and perhaps ruined the rest of my plans, As it was they were now pumped and primed ready to go off This is what I wanted , really what I needed to take things to the next level.

I announced that it was time to go for a walk, calling Joyce over so that I could once again place the collar around her neck. It was evident that she had become excited working the girl’s pussies as her nipples were protruding, not quite to their fullest, but none the less they stuck out. I took the opportunity to play with them intentionally bringing them out further from her areola, then I fixed the nipple clamps tightly, causing her to gasp just a bit. I called Susan over , telling her that for her misbehaviour she was going to be punished also, unfortunately I had not thought to bring an extra set of clamps, so I decided that she would have to suffer by wearing clothes pins attached to her nipples. I unbuttoned her blouse, then to draw her further into things I told her to play with her nipples and get them popping out as far as possible. Once she had achieved this I quickly and on purpose snapped the pins on to her elongated nipples causing a sharp pain I was certain, which to my delight was met with a loud cry from Susan.

Now that we were set, I took hold of Joyce’s leash, in one hand and Susan’s hand in the other I told Bev and Jen to take one dog each and follow us, allowing the dogs to stick their noses up both our slut-slave and Susan’s ass. We must have been a sight walking down the street that afternoon, five lovely ladies, one completely naked, two other dressed in very flimsy outfits, another with flaming red hair and myself not that bad looking either. Walking two very large dogs who appeared to have their noses constantly stuck in the bottom of two of the group.

We were walking slowly, there was no rush, in fact it was better that we took more time to get where I wanted to go rather than get there too soon. Several cars slowed down as the went by, the drivers perhaps not realizing that they were really looking at or if their eye sight was playing games on them, but none of them stopped to take a long look. Fortunately there were no police cars that passed either or we might have encountered a bigger problem. I sensed Joyce tightening up at each passing car, as I had her walking on the outside of the group exposed complete to any and all passing by. I figured that she was experiencing anxious moment indeed, but then she chose to speak, without permission, telling me that she was having difficulties keeping her bowels intact.

I asked her what she was trying to tell me, as I did not quite understand why she spoke without be addressed to do so as a good salve would do. I asked her if she was looking to be punished for speaking out of turn. She apologized profoundly, however she felt that things were coming to a head quickly and did not want a surprise to happen that would infuriate me. She went on to explain that her bowels were bulging , putting pressure on her insides to such an extent that she did not think she could walk much further with out having a nasty accident.

Still pretending that I did not quite understand what she was trying to say, I told her to be a bit more explicit, at the same time I kept walking knowing full well that Joyce was having problems holding her bowels intact. In fact I was very surprised that we had made it this far without her needing to have a bowel movement, as she had finished that whole pitcher of fortified milk , fortified with liquid Ex-lax . I doubted that I would have been able to hold off this long with having to go and go real bad. I wanted her to say the words however so I waited, playing out the time. Finally Joyce stopped in her tracks, pulling the leash tight in my grip, and said `Mistress I have to go , I have to have a bowel movement, I need to shit and I need to do it now!!!``

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