Seventeen-year-old Becky wants to see Rob again. He wants to see her. What's going to happen?
Becky lay in bed, late one Friday night. It was about two weeks after she'd last met Rob, when they had gone to see Sarah. She thought about it as she lay there. It was fun. But she preferred it when it was just the two of them. When they could each take care of either themselves of the other. It had been a little confusing, being with two other people, even if it was fun. No, she wanted to play with Rob, on his own. She wanted him. She didn't know about having sex yet, but she wanted him, anyway.

Under the covers, she slipped her pyjamas off, and tossed them on the floor. She closed her eyes, despite there being no light at this time of the night, and started rubbing her breasts. She fantasized that it was Rob stroking her, and did it with only the lightest touch. She cupped her breasts loosely in her hands and rolled them in circles. After doing this for a minute, she trailed her hands down to her belly, and she ran her fingertips up and down, going from just below her navel to her breasts, and back again. Each time she trailed her fingers back down, she inched a little further down.

She teased herself like this for a few minutes, going ever closer to her pussy. When she finally touched herself there she felt a tingle, and started running the fingers of her right hand around in large circles, over her thighs, and brushing across her pussy. She carried on for several minutes, even though she desperately wanted to just push her fingers in: she wanted to tease herself, she wanted to make herself want it even more. Only when she was groaning from desperation to masturbate - about fifteen minutes - did she oblige herself: suddenly she violently pushed two fingers inside herself and started pounding them in and out. Only a minute after this, she started to orgasm, and had to bite her lip hard to keep herself from screaming.

When she began to orgasm, her legs stiffened, and she hooked her fingers inside herself and pulled them upward, putting pressur on her clit. Her lip was beginning to hurt, but the pain was almost completely drowned out by the pleasure she was feeling.

She finished. She felt relaxed and slightly more contented than before, and decided to sleep naked, so she leaned over and swept her pyjamas under the bed. Before the drifted into sleep, she decided: she was going to phone Rob tomorrow.

The next morning, the Saturday, she woke at about eleven o'clock. The sun was shining, though not as brightly as it would a week or two ago. She got out of bed and stood up, still naked, and stretched herself. Being careful not to make herself visible to the outside, she opened the curtains and quickly darted out of the room, to the bathroom. She knew she could have left the curtains closed until she'd got dressed, but it was a bit more of a thrill to think someone might see her naked through the window.

In the bathroom, she first locked the door, and then sat on the toilet. When she had done that, she had a shower. She stayed under the hot water for a long time, enjoying the feel of it against her skin. After showering, she cleaned her teeth, and went back into her bedroom, still naked.

She stood for a minute beside the window, rubbing herself dry with her towel before going to her wardrobe and picking some clothes out for herself to wear. She took out some jeans, a purple jumper, and a pair of sandals, and dressed without any underwear.

When she was dressed, she went downstairs to get herself breakfast. Her parents would probably still be in bed; they worked hard all week and so they slept in until around midday at weekends. In the kitchen, she poured a bowl of cereal, and boiled the kettle to make a cup of tea.

She sat in silence at the kitchen table eating her cereal when her mother appeared at the door.

'Morning Becky.'

'Morning mum, you alright?'

'Yeah thanks, love. You?'

'Yeah, thanks. I might go out today, if that's OK?'

'That's fine with me. Where are you going?'

'Just to see a friend I've not seen for ages.'

'OK. Enjoy yourself, Dad and I might go out to town later on, he wants to go and look at the computer shop.'


Becky's mother went and made herself and her father a cup of tea, and put them on the kitchen counter. Becky had finished her breakfast now, and she dropped her bowl and cup into the kitchen sink, and went up to her room to get her phone, keys, cigarettes and lighter from her other jeans.

She trotted down the stairs again, said 'see you later' to her parents, and went out of the front door. She walked quickly toward where Rob lived, and called him up on her phone.

'Hi Rob. What're you doing right now?'

'Hi Becky. Nothing, just got up.'

'Cool - can I come round?'

'Yeah. When?'

'I'm on my way, probably be there in half an hour, maybe three-quarters.'

'OK. I'll unlock the door and wait - unless you'd like me to pick you up?'

'Nah, that's alright thanks, I'm already walking.'

'Alright. See you in a bit.'

'See you.'

So she was going round. Suddenly she felt slightly nervous and cold. She was glad she'd put the jumper on.

She walked onward, going round corners and across roads, all the time feeling the rough texture of her jeans over her pussy, where her knickers would normally have been. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, but was definitely one she'd have to get used to.

After another half-hour's walking, Becky got to the road where Rob lived. She wasn't feeling as nervous now. Anyway, it wasn't as though she hadn't already seen him naked, or he her. But what if this time was different? No - she pushed those thoughts out of her mind. She wasn't going to let anything she didn't want happen. She was just going to have fun. That was all she wanted right now.

Finally, here was Rob's door. She pushed it open and walked in.

'Hi Rob, I'm here!'

Rob came out of the living room to meet her. He obviously had only just got out of the shower; his dark hair was wet and he generally looked damp.

'How are you?'

'I'm alright thanks, you?'


'Hope you don't mind me just coming round, but I was thinking of you last night, and...' Becky blushed. Even though she'd done it in front of him, it was still a little difficult telling him she'd masturbated while thinking of him.

'Funny you should say that. I was, too.' Rob smiled, looking Becky up and down. Wow, she was good-looking. Unbelievably so.

'So I came round. I wanted to play with you, have a little bit of fun, just you and me.'

'Yeah. I'm sorry about last time, by the way. I realized after that it was a little unfair of me to ask you to come round with another woman there.'

'Don't worry about it.'

They sat down in the living room, and got cigarettes out, and smoked them while talking. They talked about all kinds of things, for quite some time: each found that actually, the other was quite an interesting person. It turned out that Rob and Becky were rather similar; he liked to read, and was taking a couple of years off before going back to university to study mathematics, and she liked history and languages, and loved to read as well. All the while, Becky thought to herself how ideal Rob might be as a boyfriend.

Rob got up. 'Would you like something to drink?'

'Yes please.'


'That'd be nice. Thank you.'

Rob went out of the room, leaving Becky to her thoughts. She was torn between two thoughts: would it be worth seeing if Rob was interested in a real relationship, or would he back off if she brought it up? Well, she thought to herself, if there's a chance he might lose interest in me, let's have our fun first.

He appeared back in the room, holding two mugs. Handing a mug of steaming tea to Becky, he took his seat next to her again. They continued to talk as they drunk their tea.

When they finished. Rob stood up again. 'Might not be too good an idea if we do anything in the living room here during the day. D'you want to go upstairs, to my bedroom?'

'Yeah, okay.'

Becky got up as well, and followed Rob upstairs to his bedroom, and shut the door behind her. His room was very different from hers: there was just a bed and a wardrobe here, nothing else. He sat on the bed.

'What would you like to do?'

'Can't we just make it up as we go along?'

'Yeah, that should be fun.'

So Becky sat on the bed next to Rob and started stroking his crotch. He stroked her head briefly, and then pushed her hand away. He took her jumper off her, and removed his own shirt.

'Might as well be comfortable.' And he took his trousers off, while Becky removed her sandals, and then stood up slowly, and nervously began to pull her own jeans down.

'Yeah,' she said. 'It's getting a bit warm, anyway.'

Rob sat there with his socks and shorts on, which Becky stripped off him. Just then, Rob noticed...

'Forget to put your knickers on this morning?'

'I left them off, thought it'd be quicker.'

They lay down on top of the bed, looking at each other. Rob seemed to be glorying in this, but no more than Becky. They lay facing each other, looking into each other's eyes. Becky took hold of Rob's penis and started to play with it, and Rob started stroking her breasts. It didn't take Rob long, this time, to become erect. Within a couple of minutes, he was almost fully inflated, and ready for business. He stopped stroking Becky's breasts and pushed Becky's hand away from his penis, which he began to stoke slowly himself, while he pushed Becky onto her back and moved his head closer to where Becky's pussy was.

He looked at it for a moment. Not much hair, not that it was trimmed. It must have just grown that way. Her clit was just visible as a lump at the top of the gap between her lips, and between them the shiny pink surface was just visible. He licked it, bottom up, quickly. Becky gasped. He licked the insides of her thighs, slowly, trying to tease her. He brushed across her pussy a few times, but mainly concentrated, for the moment, on teasing her by not quite going there. He gave up stroking himself for the moment, because it wasn't really comfortable. Besides, he wanted to concentrate on Becky for the moment.

Becky started fondling her own breasts, and before long she was beginning to squirm. Only at that point did Rob start to pay direct attention to her pussy. He started to lightly lick up and down with the very tip of his tongue. She shuddered. He flicked his tongue on her, and felt her shudder again.

He shifted his weight onto his left arm, and moved his right arm so he could use his hand to finger Becky. Making sure to deposit as much saliva on his fingers first, he pushed a single finger inside her, and started licking up and down over her clit.

For Becky, this felt unbelievable. The warm feeling of Rob's tongue playing with her clit, and the feel of his finger inside her, were wonderful. It was like... well, nothing she'd ever experienced before. She wanted to feel this more often, and she hoped she would.

Rob carried on doing that for some time, eventually replacing one finger with two as Becky showed signs of increasing arousal and excitement. He was getting really excited now, too, and started humping against his bed, while he put more and more effort into pleasing Becky. She moved her hips forward and back with the same rhythm as Rob as he humped his bed, and was beginning to moan.

A few minutes more, and Becky was getting close. She was grinding her hips into Rob's face, and Rob was pushing three fingers into her, trying to give her as much pleasure as possible. She staved the moment off for as long as she could, but it came: with Rob still licking her and finger-fucking her, she started to orgasm. Rob sucked on her clit and flicked it with his tongue, at the same time fingering her with tremendous speed. Becky's legs started to shake slightly. She raised her feet into the air and allowed herself to buck against Rob's face. Her pussy pulsed rapidly and she moaned loudly and uncontrollably. Then, half a minute later, she calmed down.

'How was that?' Rob lifted his head but continued slowly and gently rubbing her with his fingertips. He had come close to orgasm, himself, from the excitement of Becky coming in his face and the feeling of his penis rubbing against his bed. He had stopped now, but was still feeling incredibly aroused.

'Unbelievable.' Becky sat up, and Rob stopped rubbing her and stood up off the bed. His penis was sticking out in front of him, poker-straight and red, with veins standing out that he had never even seen before. Becky looked at it and reached out...

'No! Too soon, give it a chance to calm down a bit!'

'OK... what shall we do until then?'

'Let me think.' And he sat next to her again, on her left, with his right arm around her. He kissed her neck, which was something Becky had never experienced before. She liked it, and bent her head round to expose more of it to him. As he did it, he gently stroked her arm, and slowly moved round under her arm, and then to her right breast. He stroked her breast with his right hand and the other side of her neck with his left, and stopped kissing her neck. She looked at him, and he went to kiss her on the lips, and she responded.

Before long she had her arms around him as well, and then she decided to risk touching his penis again. As she took hold of it, Rob groaned his pleasure into her mouth, and she started to work up and down, slowly.

They broke the kiss, and Becky pushed Rob onto his back.

'My turn to do you now, is it?' She licked her lips as she got off the bed, and bent down in front of him. She'd had his cock in her mouth before, but only when he was coming. Maybe doing the whole thing with her mouth would be more of a turn on. She started my kissing the end, while holding the shaft in her hand and slowly pumping, and then started licking the end. She wanted to tease him a bit like he had her, and she wanted it to be as long as possible before he came.

Rob seemed to be enjoying what she was doing, he was breathing deeply and looking down at her and stroking her hair. She slowly sucked the end of his penis into her mouth and let some saliva dribble down the shaft: now she could stroke him properly while she sucked the end of his cock and let her tongue caress it.

From Rob's point of view, this was the best feeling he had ever had. Even better than when Sarah had done it at the bus stop. Quite soon, he was miving his hips up and down, having moved his hands onto the edge of the bed to support himeslf, to fit her rhythm. He knew it was going to be soon, but he tried to push it away: the longer he could stave it off, the better it woulf feel.

Becky could feel Rob's cock swelling in her mouth. With her left hand, she started to play with his balls as she began to suck harder and move her head up and down. If he was going to come, it was going to be the best orgasm he had ever had. When it seemed like he was about to go over the edge, she pushed her head down as far as she dared, ignoring her gagging but keeping herself able to breathe. She was incredibly wet now, and even though she had came herself not more then ten minutes ago, she wanted to do so again so much, she might never have had an orgasm before.

Rob knew it was coming soon, and Becky suddenly bobbing her head up and down on him sent him over the edge. He started to thrust his hips at her face, and she sucked harder. As the first spurt of semen shot into Becky's throat, he carried on holding and holding, pulling back with his pelvic floor, to amplify the orgasm that had just started. Becky moved her head back up a couple of inches and sucked as hard as she could, moving his cock around in her mouth with her tongue as she went up and down as fast as she could.

Rob grunted from deep in his throat as spurt after spurt of hot semen shot rapidly into Becky's throat, and she began wondering what this would feel like inside her pussy. Then the spurting died down, and she pulled her head back and kept it still with just Rob's head in her mouth, sucking the last drops of his semen from him.

When Rob's orgasm had finished, he pulled his penis out of her mouth. She swallowed rather dramatically, and sighed. She stood and sat on Rob's knee, straddling one of his legs and hugging him tight with one arm.

As he was recovering, Becky humped his leg, hard and fast. She moved her hand under herself and fingered herself violently, as Rob hugged her back, holding her tightly to himself. He kissed her again, and she kissed back passionately. She fucked herself like this, rubbing her pussy against his leg, making him rock as she did, and rubbing her clit at the same time. Hardly any time passed before she started to orgasm. Rob felt incredibly horny as she came against his leg, and he showed it by moving his leg under her, rocking himself and her as she was, simulating the movement of sex.

Becky screamed in pleasure, and Rob thrust his tongue down her throat, almost as though if he could thrust hard enough her could stimulate her clit through her mouth. When her orgasm finished, Becky rolled off Rob and slumped onto the floor, panting and smiling.

They were both clearly spent, at least for now, and so as Becky calmed down, he stood slowly, his now flaccid penis flopping down, picked his clothes up, and started to put them on again. When Becky was fully recovered, she did the same.

They both went back downstairs and lit cigarettes.

'Would you like something to eat, while you're here?'

'Yes, please.'

'OK. What sort of stuff do you like?'

'Ooh... anything, really, I'll eat anything.'

'Right. I'll just be in the kitchen, then.' Rob got up again and went out of the room. Becky thought to herself mow much she would like to have sex with him now. If she hadn't thought she really wanted to do it before, she definitely did now. They seemed to fit together perfectly. She wondered if Rob wanted to do it as well. From the way Rob had humped back when she was humping her leg, she thought he just might. She wanted to do it properly. She wanted to be his girlfriend. For him to be her boyfriend.

Ten minutes later, Rob returned holding two trays, each with a knife, a fork, and a plate of scrambled eggs on toast.

'I might not be brilliant at cooking, but I can at least make a decent plate of scrambled eggs. I hope you enjoy it.' He handed her one of the trays, and sat down. They both ate in silence.

As Becky ate hers, she thought to herself how nicely the eggs were cooked. When they had both finished eating, she told him this and thanked him, and he said not to mention it. He put their empty plates and trays back into the kitchen, and when he came back into the living room he asked if Becky would like to go for a walk. She said yes, and stood up.

They both walked out of the house, and Rob locked the door. Rob walked them over to the beach, and they walked along the beach for some time. Becky thought maybe now would be a good time to talk to Rob about what she was feeling. The sun was approaching midday, though it wasn't as hot as it had been when Summer was at its height.

'Rob, I want to talk about something.


'I... I want to...'

Rob looked at her. He thought he knew what she was about to say. His heart began pounding in his chest, as hers had been for nearly half an hour.

'I want to... be your... girlfriend.' There, she had said it. Now it was up in the air, now that she had said it, it felt like an easier thought to cope with.

Rob thought. Not about whether he wanted to be her boyfriend, but about what to say. But then...

'So do I.' He just put it in as simple a way as he could. 'I want you to be my girlfriend.'

Becky's heart skipped. Had she heard right?

'You do?'


'OK. Does that mean we're a couple, now?' Becky could hardly believe what was happening.

'I suppose it does, yes.' Rob stopped walking and looked at her. 'D'you want to make it official?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, this.' And Rob grabbed hold of her and hugged her tight to himself. Catching on, Becky hugged back. This was unbelievable - a couple. A month ago, Becky wasn't aware that anyone in the world had liked her. Now... she was someone's girlfriend. She had a boyfriend, for the first time ever.

They continued walking, each with a spring in their step. After what must have been an hour, they decided to turn back. They stopped and looked out to sea for a moment, and each lit cigarettes. They looked at each other for a moment, and then turned round and began to walk back toward Rob's house. They talked as they walked, and learned more about each other then they ever had before.

After another hour, they arrived back at Rob's house, and went in. They stood in the living room again, and Rob asked her if she'd like another drink. She accepted, and joined him in the kitchen. He got two mugs down and dropped a teabag into each one, and two spoons of sugar. When the kettle boiled, he poured water into the cups, and turned to Becky.

'What would you like to do now, then? Do you want to go back upstairs for a bit?'

'Yeah, I'd like that. But let's drink our tea first, OK?'

Rob laughed. 'Of course when we've finished our tea, I didn't mean "let's hop upstairs right now!"'

They stood there in the kitchen and drank their tea. Becky was looking forward to going back upstairs, to seeing what might happen this time. She sort of hoped that Rob would want to have sex with her, but thinking about it more she realized that they were both virgins: he might be too nervous about it to begin with.

When they finished drinking their tea, Rob led the way back upstairs. They lay down on the bed side-by-side, and looked at each other. It looked to Becky like Rob couldn't decide whether to have sex or not either. She decided not to press the issue: after all, they had only just agreed to be a couple.

But Becky wanted to do something, so she pulled close to Rob. Maybe they could do something else, see if they could satisfy one another again as they had a couple of hours ago. She looked him in the eye and started pulling her jumper off, and then brought her feet up, one my one, and took off her sandals. Rob took his own shirt off and his trousers, and Becky helped him off with his shorts. Then Becky looked at Rob's penis, and took it in her hand again. It was half-way to being erect already, so she squeezed it in her hand and pumped a little bit. Rob unbuttoned and unzipped Becky's jeans, and put his hand between her legs. He kneaded her thighs inside her jeans, while she squeezed and pumped on his penis, trying to make it inflate fully.

Becky's jeans were beginning to rub Rob's hand sore, so he signalled to stop for a second, and got off the bed. His now-erect penis bounced as he landed on the floor, and he stood in front of Becky, her legs straight out in front of her, but open. Rob leaned over her and kissed her again, stroking her sides. He stroked up and down, lightly, with his fingertips, working his way down a little bit more each time. When he got to her jeans, he put his hands in them, and brought them back out.

'I know what you're thinking.' Rob looked into Becky's eyes and she looked back. 'But not right now. I think we'd better use protection, OK?'

'Yeah, I suppose you're right. But we can still have fun, right?'

'What else are we doing?' Rob smiled and pushed his fingers into Becky's belt loops, and slowly pulled down. She pulled her legs together so Rob could take her jeans off her, which he did. When they were off, he put them on the floor with the rest of their clothes. He took one of her feet in each hand, and rubbed, holding the top of each foot in his palm, and tracing circles on her soles with his thumbs. This was the kind of thing that Becky liked; her feet always were very sensitive, and the feel of them being bare, but something touching them, always made her feel more comfortable, and sometimes helped to stimulate her sexually.

Rob did this for a few minutes, and then started to move up Becky's legs, up her thighs, and back up towards her breasts. He rubbed her breasts around in opposing circles, just as Becky had fantasized last night. She started to masturbate herself with her right hand, and traced up and down the underside of Rob's penis, which was still erect and standing up straight, with the middle finger of her left hand.

He stopped rubbing her breasts and moved down again. He lay down next to her, and signalled her to lie on her side facing him. He moved onto his side, and with his free hand he started to rub her pussy again. She returned the gesture: first depositing some saliva onto her free hand, she started to stroke him.

The position was working, but wasn't really exciting to either of them. Then, Rob had an idea. He told her to raise her upper leg and drape it over his, which he pushed between Becky's legs. He rubbed his penis against her belly, and pushed his fingers between their legs, finding her pussy. It was very wet now, and his fingers easily found their way in. He pushed his middle and index fingers in, slowly and carefully, flattening his palm against her clit, and began to rub up and down. Becky put her arm around Rob, and they began to hump in this position.

'I hope you understand,' said Rob, between heavy breaths, 'but I don't want to risk anything happening on our first time. And I want to be completely sure we're ready. I hope this'll do for now.'

Becky moaned her approval, and they continued humping, slowly, in this position, for several minutes, just stopping for a second every minute or so to deposit more saliva on Rob's cock.

'Becky... are you... getting close?'

'Ah... ah... yeah... ... you?'

'Yeah... yeah...'

They were both coming close, and Rob just broke off for long enough to put as much saliva on his cock as he could, and then they gripped each other as tight as they could, Rob still fingering Becky, as they came together.

Rob started first, his cock being squeezed by their bellies pushing into one another, they both felt it twitch, they both felt the warm fluid ejaculate, as Rob grunted and panted. Then Becky started. She squeezed ever harder to Rob, humping his leg and his fingers as hard and fast as she possibly could. She moaned and sighed loudly, and then, with an extremely loud yelp, she forced some fluid of her own over Rob's hand and leg.

When they had both finished, they rolled onto their backs, weak from the activity. They both had Rob's sticky white semen on their bellies, and Rob commented that they should probably have a shower.

'Hey, why not do it together?' Becky thought that since they were now a couple, this shouldn't be a problem. Rob agreed, so they both stood up, being careful not to dribble on the floor as they walked out of his room, across the landing, to the bathroom. Becky said she needed the toilet before she showered. After drinking those cups of tea, and not going after the first time she went, when she got up, she had built up quite a pee. She sat down on the toilet and let it out, making a slight sound as the jet of urine hit the bowl, and steam rose from the water. After what mush have been a good thirty seconds, she stood up. She hadn't got any idea that she needed to go as much as that. As she was about to flush it, Rob stopped her.

'That's not really such a bad idea, I think I'll go as well.' He stood in front of the bowl and lifted the seat up. His penis had been flaccid for a minute or otw by now, so he had no problem peeing. He just let his penis dangle, and let himself pee into the water. His jet hit the water directly, and made quite a sound. Becky stared. She'd never seen a man pissing before, and for some reason it fascinated her. She held his penis while he carried on pissing into the bowl. She squeezed, stopping the flow for a second. Rob groaned. She let go of him, and he resumed pissing as his penis bounced up and down once or twice, splashing the edge of the bowl. Becky continued to stare until he'd finished.

'Enjoy the show?'

'Yeah, not something I've ever seen before. Just like you enjoyed watching me have a shit?'

'Oh, I forgot about that. I don't know why that excited me, but for some reason, it did.'

They stepped into the shower together, and Rob turned the water on. They soaped each other up, and got themselves cleaned off. When they stepped out of the shower, Rob pulled a couple of towels off the rack, and handed one to Becky. Each one toweled themselves dry, except the places they couldn't reach by themselves, which each did for the other.

When they were dry, they went back into Rob's bedroom and dressed again, and then they went downstairs.

It was time for Becky to go. She didn't want her parents to worry about where she had gone, she must have been gone for three or four hours.

'Would you like me to give you a lift home?'

'Yeah, please, if that's alright. Can I just dry my hair before you do? I don't need my parents to know I've needed a shower while I've been out.'

'Yeah, I understand. Hadn't realized. Tell you what, let's go out back.' He led the way to the back of the house, into the kitchen, and opened the back door. There was a small, plain yard here, where they stood for a while and smoked and talked, while Becky's hair dried out in the mild seaside wind. It took around ten minutes to be fully dry, because she had towelled it hard in the bathroom, and they went back inside, through Rob's house, and to his car in front.

They got in the car and Rob started the engine, and started driving.

'D'you want me to drop you off where I did last time?'

'At the park? Yes, please.'

Rob drove there, and when they stopped, Rob leaned over and kissed her cheek. She kissed his, said she'd see him later, and got out of the car. As she shut the door, Rob spoke.

'I'll give you a ring soon, or you ring me if you like. I don't do anything at weekends, and I'm free every day from five in the afternoon. OK?'

Becky said yes, and Rob drove off. She waved until he turned the corner, and then lit a cigarette and began the five-minute walk home. She still couldn't believe it. Yes, they'd already played with each other, but it was different, now they were 'going out.'

When Becky got home, she greeted her parents, and went upstairs to write what had happened down in her diary. Writing these things down not only helped her remember them, but it also helped her to believe them, especially things like this.

She was distracted all weekend, and spent much of the remainder of the Saturday, and the Sunday evening, in her bedroom. She thought, wrote, and masturbated, all the time thinking about Rob, her new boyfriend.

When Monday came, she got up and went about her normal college routine, hoping it would distract her from her new thoughts and emotions. It didn't. She hoped Rob would ring her soon. Or else she'd ring him. She wanted to see him again, desperately. She wanted to have sex with him. Desperately.

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