hot babe from past fucks me
“A Second Chance Encounter”

It's been a long day in a workshop that wasn't what I thought it would be. And there was this 50’ish redhead sitting across the room, torturing me with those freckles and that snug button up shirt that pulled slightly at the breast-line, just enough to see a little nipple action when the air kicked on and the temp would drop.

Damn I was frustrated, all through the workshop I found myself slipping into my mind, watching that red hair swing back and forth as her mouth enveloped my cock, then me face first in that gorgeous little red mound of pubic lusciousness, grabbing a handful of that hair as I pounded her hot pussy from behind. Man she had me horny.

I went to a bar to get a drink and something to eat, hoping to run into that redhead, no luck. Then I was hoping to strike up a conversation with a girl, take her back to my hotel and give her the hard release of my pent up day. But alas still No luck.

I was walking to my hotel door when I saw her opening up the door next to mine. I was stunned. She glanced my way, looked back at the door, and then quickly looked at me. Yeah, she knew me, and I sure as hell knew her. Intimately. We had fucked like there was no world outside one night 30 years ago both our bodies pleasuring each other.

She shuffled a bit; I walked up and said, "Hey, what brings you to this fine town?" "A family matter." she said, nervously. We made a little small talk, but there was a gleam in her eye, she was having trouble breathing. She was controlling it well, but I noticed. It was everything I could do to keep my cock from reaching out to her. I was shaking a little from the adrenaline. I stalled for a minute and,,,,,,

"See ya." She said lightly. "Yeah." I said. Knowing that she probably wouldn't want to relive a passionate memory with me. No, I needed release for sure; I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink if I didn't get off.
I guessed it was just going to me and Pamela Anderson. What a sorry excuse I was. At least that's what I was feeling. I took a shower, put on a plush hotel robe, laid on the bed upright and started watching some TV. After flipping through every channel I hit “menue,”

The phone rang. It startled me. I answered it. It was the her. She asked what I was doing. I almost said, "I'm watching TV with my hard cock in my hand." But I wasn't sure how she'd react. She said that her TV wasn't working and she wanted to know if I could help her out. She began describing the problem. "How bout I come over and take a look?" I offered. There was an awkward silent pause, then, "ok". I threw on a pair of jeans and a white undershirt. I knocked on her door, it opened slowly.

I walked in and she said, "I don't know what's wrong with it." "I'll take a look." I said. After I played with wires and moved the cabinet out from the wall studying it with a look of wise contemplation, she said "I'm going to take a shower if you don't mind." she looked wryly at me then turned and went into the bathroom.

I said, "Would you like to have company? I do backs." She looked at me and I thought I said too much. "Is that right?" she quipped. "Do you do fronts?" she asked. "My specialty really," I said.

She walked into the bathroom without closing the door. I stepped into the bathroom, she was undressing. I took my shirt off. She didn't look at me. I was slightly concerned but kept going. I took my jeans off; I didn't bother putting on any underwear.

She got in the shower and started wetting her hair. I opened the curtain and stepped inside. Her body was plump in all the right places. I almost came just seeing her. She picked up the soap; I reached for her hands and gently took it from her.
I lathered up my hands and began sliding them up and down her back, over the curves of her hips. She looked me in the eyes and gave a hushed whimper. Her breathing was short and shallow.

My cock was rising to full attention and it brushed against her soft pussy. Her eyes closed with a wanting expression. I moved my face closer to hers and gently brushed my lips against hers. Her mouth reached out and pulled me closer. She whispered I remember!

I stepped back a bit and began soaping up her arms, I turned her around and reached in front of her. I lathered up her stomach, my hands moving up to her fantastic breasts. Her hard nipples felt incredible between my fingers. She moaned with delight and arched her back, her head resting on my shoulder.

I turned her back around to face me. I grabbed her shampoo bottle. I poured a bit into my hand and began gently running my fingers through her hair. She moaned with delight.

I suddenly felt the most wonderful sensation. As I was rinsing her hair, she had lathered up her hands and was gently sliding them around my engorged cock. I gasped. She smiled. God, I thought I was going to come. We rinsed off and got out of the shower.

I took the towel and dried her soft body. She put on a robe and I dried off. "About the TV." She said. "I rented a movie that I really wanted to watch, can you fix it?" "Yeah, it appears to have come unscrewed from the cable." I said. "Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?" she said coyly. I hooked the TV back up and all of a sudden the sound of a woman being fucked hard came through the TV speaker.

I looked down and instinctively grabbed the remote to change the channel. "Don't you want to watch the movie I paid for?" she asked.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" my mind was officially blown. "Hell Yeah!" I said.

I had a towel wrapped around me as I lay next to her. My cock was at attention, which made the whole towel wearing experience absurd. We watched as this redhead sucked this enormous cock. "Damn" I thought.

The hot red head in my bed looked at me, then looked at my cock standing at attention under the towel and said, "Why don't you take that towel off?" I was happy to be rid of it.

"Damn, that cock looks good enough to eat." she looked at me hungrily. She stroked it with her finger, watching how my cock bounced when she stroked the sensitive underside of the tip. She gripped it and I shuddered with pleasure as pre-cum oozed out.

"Mind if I have a taste?" she looked at me as she went down. She slowly began licking my hard shaft, then as her tongue reached the tip, she swirled around my pre-cum with her tongue, then put her lips together over just the tip and sucked it out. She opened her mouth letting her tongue work around the head of my hard cock. Then she slowly took it into her mouth.

I moaned with pleasure. She had sucked my cock for about 3 minutes when I exploded in her mouth. She sucked hard as I came, drinking all my cum down. She licked her lips and came up to my mouth. She kissed me and I felt her tongue in my mouth and tasted the remnants of my manly juices.

I scooted down on the bed, below her knees as she knelt facing the headboard. My head disappearing under her robe. I reached up and pulled her hips down on my face. Damn, she was wet and dripping.
I lapped up her hot sweet pussy juice, felt it run down my face toward the sheets. I reached up under the robe toward her breasts. She loosened the robe and threw it back off of her. She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it up hard against her. Her hips were grinding against my face. "Oh shit!" she screamed, "I'm cumming."

She threw her head back and squealed. She suddenly rocked forward and moves her body down the length of mine and presses her lips hard on my mouth. We enjoyed each other's lips as her dripping pussy rested against my still hard cock.

She began moving her hips forward and backward allowing her wet hot pussy to grind against my hard cock. She moved it back and forth. Our mouths and tongues still enjoying our flavors. She began to pitch upward and downward harder. I could tell she was going to come again. She pitched up once farther than before, allowing my cock to raise up slightly, then as she went back down, I was inside of her.

My god what a feeling. She stopped with my throbbing cock fully inside her; she reached down and scratched my chest with her fingertips as she came again. I could feel her hot pussy spasm against my cock.

"Fuck me from behind." she demanded. We took time to place all the pillows under her waist to relieve the pressure off her knees, I positioned myself behind her and drove my cock hard into her. She backed up into me, taking all of me inside her. I put my hands on her hips, pulling her toward me rhythmically.
Her head was down on the bed. I reached down and took a handful of hair. Pulling gently. She came up on her hands and her back arched.

I bent down over her and turned her head so that I could kiss her. "I'm coming" I whispered. Just then my cock exploded inside of her. She let out a quieted scream as she came again as well.

She rolled over on her back and looked at the screen the credits were rolling we had fucked through the entire film. We laughed and decided our version was better than the movie. We had the wet sloppy sheets to prove it. I said I will leave the door unlocked next door if you decide you want left-overs for breakfast.

I reluctantly walked out and closed the door on a the latest chapter of a most unlikely sex experience with a really sensual Red Head I call J. She was young thin and tight and wet virgin the first time, She made up for the fluff and 30 years with naughty experience and mind boggling blow job and multiple screaming orgasms the second time.
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