When I was younger, me and my best friend would often sleep over each other's houses. One night, something happened that I can never forget.

I was 14, my friend, Ryan was 15. We had been outside playing for most of the day.
"hey, I was wondering if you wanted to stay over mine tonight? Got a few new films we can watch." Ryan often asked me to stay over his, we always stayed up all night watching film after film.
"yeh ok, I'll come up yours at 9."

Later that day I had a quick shower and got my clothes and sleeping bag ready for tonight.
At 9 I walked to the top of my street, knocked on Ryan's door and got comfortable in his downstairs bedroom. I always thought it was cool to have a bedroom downstairs, out of the way of the parents room upstairs, it felt...private.

For the next few hours we watched about three films, it was nearing 2am.
"so what you wanna do now?" I asked
" I dunno, but I'm too awake to go to sleep yet."
"yeh, me too."
For the next hour we just talked. We talked about news games, school and obviously girls. Ryan wasn't exactly a ladies man, he became awkward and shy around them. I had a couples of girlfriends before, but being 14, it was obviously nothing serious. We were both virgins.

As the night wore on, we began talking about masturbation.
" how often do you Jack off?" he asked.
" uhhh, every night if I can"
"well, except tonight" he replied.

A long pause sat between us. Until Ryan broke the silence.
"hey, i found a tape in my fathers room last night, it's really old...and full of sex!"
He pulled out a tape from beneath his bed and stuck it in the VCR.
The video was a 70's porn film, it showed an orgy.
We sat there and watched the tape.
"hey, are you getting turned on by this?" Ryan asked me.
"yeh, a little" I tried hiding my erection.
"its ok if you want to wank off"
I was shocked by what Ryan had just said, we rarely talked about masturbation, but yet he was giving me permission to do it in front of him.
"that's ok, I'll just watch the tape." although I really did want to, it felt strange with him there.
" well do you mind if I do it?" he asked.
I didn't want to seem uncool or weirded out by it, so I nodded casually.

I tried focusing my attention on the video, but at the corner of my eye I could see Ryan lowering his pyjama bottoms and boxers. I couldn't help but have a quick glance.
He was semi erect, it was roughly 4 and a half inches. It was the first time I had seen another dick besides my own.

He had caught me looking. "go on, just Jack off, I don't mind. And I don't want to be the only one."
I thought about it for a moment " ok, if you are."
I pulled down my bottoms and then my boxers. I was fully erect. It was 6 inches. I could see Ryan looking at it while he rubbed himself, he was now also fully hard, 6 inches as well.

We sat on the bed, with only our shirts on, wanking off. It felt strange, but also a turn on. I had never seen someone act sexual in real life before, I found myself wanting to watch Ryan beat himself rather than watch the tape.
"how about we play a game?" Ryan asked.
" what game?"
" dare"
I could tell what Ryan had in mind, but was unsure how to respond. I was curious, but I was also straight. My curiosity got the better of me.
"ok, you go first" I responded.

He sat there thinking "I dare you to touch my dick."
I had a sudden urge to back out, but I just couldn't. " for how long?"
"hold it for 30 seconds, then I got to do the same to you."
I reached out and slowly grasped the shaft of his cock, it was really warm, with a little amount of hair at the base. I could feel it tense up in my hand. I was liking it.

"ok, times up, now my turn" he said.
As I pulled my hand off, I could notice a slight drip of pre-cum from the head of his dick.
I put my arms back and moved closer to him. He grabbed my cock firmly. He rubbed it slightly, feeling the head and base.It felt wrong, but strangely pleasurable, having another hand on my cock was a feeling I was new to, it instantly swelled into his hand, it had never been this hard before.

After the 30 seconds he let go.

"ok, now it's your turn to dare me." he said excitedly.
I was unsure what to say, I didn't want to seem like I was enjoying it as much as I was.
"uhhh, I cant think of anything"
"c'mon, anything" he urged me.
" ok, I dare you to wank me off for a minute" I couldn't believe what I had just said.
"ok" he now sat right next to me, Our legs were touching. He grabbed my shaft again, but this time he started pumping. I was in shock, it felt so good, he handled it well. I started to dribble pre cum, he noticed and rubbed it into my swollen head. An intense pleasure surged through my body, never gelt that before.

I took a hold of his cock, and began wanking him off as well. He let out gentle moans as I pumped more and more. His dick became slippery with all the pre cum he was letting out.

"ok, ok. Now we move onto the next part" I let go off his dick and he mine. I listened to what he had planned next.
" I dare you to give me a blow job"
For this part I was unsure if I could do it, I didn't know whether I could go that far. We talked about it for a few minutes until he said " ok, I'll do it to you first, then you can do it to me if you want."
I couldn't turn that down.

He told me to lay down flat on the bed, he sat next to my lower half. I put pillows under my head so I could watch him as he did it. He grabbed my cock, then slowly lowered his mouth towards it, I felt his wet lips slowly wrap around my head, his tongue rubbed the tip. Slowly he the lowered onto my dick, taking it all into his mouth. I let out out a moan, but remembered his parents were upstairs sleeping. He sucked on it, moving his head up and down. I could feel his tongue rubbing against the underside of my dick. I felt I was close to cumming, " I'm gonna cum soon." I warned him. He continued sucking. The pressure began to build, any second now I would burst, and it would be inside Ryan's mouth.
My head began to swell and just as I came, he quickly pulled off and started wanking me off. The cum flowed out of me like never before, I let out a deep moan, forgetting the parents upstairs.

He continued to pump me until my dick stopped twitching and stopped shooting cum.
He sat up chucked me a box of tissues to clean up.
" ok, my turn" he said.

To be continued.

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