Chapter six

I told the girls that I was kidding when I said that I couldn’t wait until we got up to that king sized bed, because firstly, I wasn’t sure my cock had recovered sufficiently and secondly, my stomach was full and wasn’t in the mood for thrashing around. I asked for their patience for an hour or so, and they laughed and Marion said, “No problem, we know you are not superman”.

The girls decided to go into the house and check out some things on the internet, so I decided to check my cell phone for messages and e-mails. My phone had been turned off Saturday and this morning, since I didn’t want to be disturbed. I had an e-mail from my former office assistant and instantly, I became agitated and apprehensive before getting past the sender name.

This is what she said in her e-mail:
“Although you both shocked and disappointed me with your unethical and unprofessional behavior, I can’t help recalling better times working with you in your office. You always treated me with respect and fairness. Even when I walked out on you, I received a very generous severance that was far greater than the law requires. I would like to think that you weren’t trying to buy my silence, but were treating me as you always had-fairly.

I have found a new job in another medical practice and it didn’t take long to realize how good I had it working for you. It is for that reason that I want you to know that I will never speak of what I witnessed in your office that horrible day. I have also received several voicemail messages from your patient (Jenny) and although I don’t know how she got my home phone number, she sounds very desperate to find you. I have no intentions of talking to her, and I truly hope that she does not cause you problems with the Professional Ethics Commission. If I am contacted by State authorities, I’m sure that I will not have yet recovered from my amnesia. I wish you no ill will, but hope that you have learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Best regards”.

I slumped down into my seat and breathed a deep sigh of relief, thinking that my professional life may yet be safe. As I checked my voicemail messages, I found six, all from Jenny, with a voice that clearly was hysterical. As I listened to each message, her crying and hysteria intensified, until her last message when she said that she wanted to die. I immediately called her number, and when she didn’t answer, I left her a message telling her that I was on my way, and not to do anything to hurt herself.

I sprinted into the house and explained to the girls that I had to respond to a patient emergency in my previous town, and had to leave immediately. After cleaning up and changing clothes, Marion drove me back to the motel to get my car.

Those 200 miles seemed to go on forever, and each time I called her number during the trip, there was still no answer from Jenny. Oh my god; was she already dead? Did her brother finally kill her? Did she finally kill him? All of these thoughts tore at my raw emotions, and I found myself in tears several times during the last few miles. Finally I pulled up to her apartment building, and raced to her unit. I banged on the door and called out to her, but to no avail. A Neighbor from the unit across the hall finally came out and asked me who I was, and why I was banging on Jenny’s door. When I explained that Jenny was my patient, she told me that an ambulance had picked Jenny up earlier today, and it appeared to be an attempted suicide. She said that Jenny’s brother had found her overdosed on something.

As I approached the nurse’s station at the hospital, I told them that I was Jenny’s Therapist and needed to see her. They told me that Jenny was under the care of a psychiatrist, and I couldn’t see her without his consent. He couldn’t be reached, so the nurse told me that she would look the other way, if I wanted to enter Jenny’s room for one minute, but no longer. My heart raced as I walked in and saw her in four point restraints, and sedated. It was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to talk to her, so I went back to the nurse and said that I wanted to write Jenny a note and have her read it to her when she woke up. The nurse agreed, so I wrote out the note and proceeded to leave.

I noticed someone sitting in the waiting room that looked like it may be Jenny’s brother, based on how she had described him. My head filled with rage, and I had to restrain myself as I approached him.

“Are you Jenny’s brother”?

“Yes. Who are you”?
“I am her Therapist, and you and I need to have a private conversation about your abuse of your sister”.

“She never mentioned you, so I’m not talking to you, until she wakes up”.

“That’s alright. Maybe you would prefer to talk with detectives, after I fill them in about you”.

When the Security Officer on the ward managed to finally pull him off of me, I was bleeding and felt as if I had just been run over by a truck. The police had been called and managed to get him in custody, before he made his escape out the hospital exit. Although I knew that I would have to face consequences for telling everything to the detectives, it needed to be done, so Jenny could be safe from any further abuse.

Over the course of the next two days, detectives thoroughly investigated the allegations of sexual abuse and rape, and were beginning to feel that they may have a difficult time convincing the D.A. of sufficient evidence to proceed to trial (Issues with “he said she said”). Then through a search warrant, they discovered video tapes that Jenny’s brother had made of the abuse, dating back many years. In fact, some of the tapes were recorded when Jenny was a minor, so they convinced the D.A. to prosecute. They didn’t need to worry about prosecuting the case, because her brother hung himself in his cell, after his lawyer told him that the police had found the videos.

I am ashamed to admit that I was happy when I heard the news of his suicide, but I was certain that Jenny would now be able to get on with her life. During the last 48 hours, Jenny was able to muster up enough courage to tell detectives everything that her brother had done to her, and she also seemed relieved that I came back to help her.

When we broke the news to Jenny about her brother’s suicide, the shock drove her into a catatonic state, and she became totally unresponsive. When the hospital psychiatrist and I consulted about her condition, we were pretty much agreed that the shock of the suicide as well as relating her years of abuse to the Police might result in this current catatonic state becoming permanent. It was all too much for her brain to process.

The drive back to my new town was a time for reflection, but also time to grieve for Jenny. She wasn’t dead, but it would be a miracle if her mind ever came back to reality. I suppose that I should be happy that my career now seems safe and secure, but when my mind began to drift to Marion and Linda, I wondered if I had put myself in peril once again. We were adults and business partners, so there wasn’t anything unethical, although sex between business partners can often lead to serious consequences, if we ever had a falling out.

When I arrived back at the motel, Linda could tell from my expression that I was distracted, and her attempts to cheer me up, were useless.

“Maybe I should take you to your room and suck some life into you Doc.”?

“Sorry Linda, but I have had a very stressful few days and wouldn’t be much good to anyone right now”.

“Wow. You must be in a bad state to be turning down one of my world famous Deep Throat Blowjobs”, she said while chuckling.

“Deep Throat Blowjob”, I thought to myself for an instant. What the hell? Why not?

“I’m game, if you are, but don’t be too disappointed if I can’t respond”.

Linda and I made our way to my room, and she had me stripped naked, and on my back on the bed in no time. I wasn’t erect, since my mind was still clouded with the circumstances of the past few days, but when I felt her hot breath nearing my cock head, it began to enlarge. My semi-flaccid cock was sucked through her lips and into the back of her mouth, and when I felt her tongue licking my balls, I grew fully hard. My cock was lodged in her throat as I began to hump upwards, and she didn’t miss a beat sliding her lips up and down my shaft from the tip to the base.

I reached for her face and mouth fucked her mercilessly as I took out my frustrations on her head. To her credit, she didn’t gag and took every inch I gave her. When I blew everything in my balls that had been stored for days, I watched her gobble as much as her throat could handle, and what she couldn’t, spewed out the corners of her mouth.

“Holy shit Doc. That was some load”, she said as she wiped my semen her lips and chin. “Sorry I couldn’t get it all down”.

“You did a great job Linda and I really appreciate your help relieving my stress and tension. You are quite the talented Deep Throat Cocksucker”.

“Thank you. Anytime Doc, but I think we should keep this between you and I, since Marion was looking forward to getting you back and having time alone with you”.

“I am going to call her tonight and arrange to work together with her at her practice tomorrow”.

I fell asleep after Linda left, and was awakened by the telephone ten minutes later, and of course it was Marion. I should have guessed that Linda called her and told her that I was back.

“I am so happy to hear that you are back. How did everything go with your patient”?

I told Marion the entire saga, except for my sexual misconduct, and she then said “You poor dear. You must be exhausted and emotionally drained. Is there anything I can do to help”?

“Not really Marion, but I would like to work with you again tomorrow at the practice, if that’s okay with you”.

“That’s fine, but why don’t you come to my house for dinner tonight, and we can talk”?

“I’m afraid that I may not be good company, and I don’t want to depress you with my troubles”.

“You get your ass over to my house tonight at 7, and I’ll take care of cheering you up”.

“Okay then. See you at 7”.

I managed to get to Marion’s waterfront home without getting lost this time, and was greeted at the door with a big embrace and a passionate kiss on the lips. I had almost forgotten how passionate she was and how much I enjoyed being with her. My mood improved instantly, and as she continued hugging me into her body, my cock started throbbing and was fully erect, as it pushed into her mound through her pants.

“You really are happy to see me aren’t you”, she said as she reached down to give my cock a little rub.

I picked her up and carried her up the staircase, as she said “to hell with dinner, I’d rather have you”.

Our animal passions returned as if we had never been separated, and we stripped each other naked and fell into bed kissing, licking, sucking and groping. We were like horny teenagers, and Marion moved us into the 69 position, as I let her take charge, and decided to just forget about everything and simply enjoy sex with this passionate tigress.

Marion’s pussy smelled and tasted as if she was in heat, and no sooner had I parted those luscious pussy lips with my tongue, I felt an electrically charged tongue flick at my throbbing cock. When I sucked her clitoris between my lips, I began humming and the vibrations set her off in an explosive orgasm. Her pussy juices ran over my tongue and down my chin, as I felt her tremble and shudder. As she raised her mound off of my mouth, I felt her trying to deep throat my cock. Maybe she had been envious of Linda’s deep throat skills, and she was doing everything in her power to get my cock into her throat without gagging.

As my cock was sucked deeper and deeper into her throat, I inserted my fingers into her pussy and felt her pussy walls still contracting and pulsing from her orgasm. I wanted to suck her to another orgasm, but her clitoris must have been tender and she kept her mound just far enough away that I couldn’t lick that love button. I pulled her hips down and inserted my tongue deeply into her pussy, and then lapped at her like a thirsty puppy. I teased her anal opening with a finger, rubbing it lightly in circles, and she began to make muffled moaning sounds, as she held my cock deeply in her throat. Both of us began bucking wildly, and my semen shot down her throat as she came on my face. More of that beautifully smelling juice flowed, as she held my ass tightly and swallowed every drop of my semen.

Marion rolled off and lay beside me to cuddle, looking like she was totally content and spent, and I felt exactly the same.

“You are full of surprises Marion. That was one hell of a deep throat BJ”.

“Well I couldn’t continue to be outdone by my sister. Could I”?

“You are everything a man could ask for and then some. I am getting very attached to you, and I worry that it may affect our partnership”.

“Stop worrying Doc. If your cock is up for it, I would like to ride you until you beg for mercy. How about that”?

“It’s throbbing already Marion. Climb aboard”.

She climbed on to straddle my hips, and we locked our lips in a passionate kiss, as her pussy slowly impaled itself on my throbbing erection. I could feel the heat and her juices flowing as each inch of my cock was enveloped in that fleshy love tunnel. When she came to rest against my balls, we both gasped and moaned and lay motionless for just a few seconds.

As our lips unsealed, Marion began to gyrate her hips which created a suction sensation on my cock. She added up and down thrusting which was about to drain my balls of every drop of semen. I began humping upwards to match her down strokes and soon we were moaning unintelligible sounds and sucking at one another’s necks.

“Fuck me Marion, I’m going to blow”.

“I’m cumming too, so keep humping at me”.

When my balls released the tsunami of semen, Marion screamed as she felt the hot torrents hit her womb, and she fucked me with every ounce of energy she possessed. When her hips stopped gyrating, I looked at her face to see tears of joy and ecstasy, so I held her face in my hands and sucked her tongue into my mouth.

“I love you. I have never felt this way before, and I can’t imagine my life without you”.

I thought that I felt the same, but was it too soon? Fuck it, life is too short.

“Marion, I feel exactly the same, and I love you more than I have ever loved before. You are the most sensuous woman I have ever met”.

As we lay back to catch our breath, still locked in a loving embrace, Marion said that she felt it was the right time to ask me a very serious question. Although I was still feeling very much in love and in lust, I was just a little apprehensive, because of the word “serious”.

“Would you consider moving in here with me, and we could be partners in every sense of the word, both personally and professionally”?

“There is so much that we don’t know about each other Marion. Don’t you think that it would be risky to move too quickly”?

“No I don’t. Life can be very short, and just think about some of our patients that wait so long to follow their dream, only to have death overtake them first. I don’t want that to be me”.

“Before we go any further Marion, I have a confession to make. When I got back to the motel earlier, Linda said that I looked like I needed cheering up, so she took me to my room and gave me one of her deep throat blowjobs”.

“Relax. I fully expected that she would do that, and I’m not upset. I love my sister and she won’t admit it, but she is a very lonely person, and you have made her feel special. I don’t consider it cheating or violating my trust, and I am very impressed that you confessed to doing it. Now, are you going to respond to my proposal”?

“Yes and yes”.

I am not sure what I am getting myself into, but at the very least, I will be fucked royally and deep throated by two sisters, so what the hell more could a guy ask for?

The End

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DADDY'S HOME by Dame Cliffy Richards. Sounds like HE IS 69 would make a great title for a little Christian XXX Daddy freaute. I am turned on by his happy bachelor bod and would love to delve into the mysteries of the scriptures with him in a hammock at his Barbados Bungalo. Love the treasure trail Cliffy, show us your stiffy.VA:F [1.9.11_1134]

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Good series of stories In future stories, get both sisters pregnant and live together as one big happy family.

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