Later that Day

A few hours later Meagan came into the bedroom that Courtney was napping in and said “wake up sleeping beauty, Time to get ready for you date, go hop in the shower and then we will help you get ready.”

Courtney stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.
“Hey chick” Vanessa said “come in here and sit down”
Courtney sat down as the three girls gathered around her, “um-mm whats up?” she asked
“We are going to get you ready” Alicia said.
Meagan grabbed a blow drier, curling iron, and brushes and laid them on the desk in front of her. Alicia and Vanessa were going through makeup bags trying to pick out the right nail polish. They finally settled on a color and proceeded to paint Courtney's finger and toe nails as Meagan fixed her hair. Once that was done the three girls looked at Courtney and agreed that she needed just a bit of makeup.
“you don't need much” Vanessa said
“yeah, girls your age usually wear way too much” Alicia said
“you just need enough to bring our your natural beauty” Meagan said, “and you are a natural beauty”

After they had finished with Courtney's makeup Alicia said “now it is time for some clothes”
“we picked out something special for you to wear” Vanessa said
“Everything you need is on the bed” Meagan said
After she had put on the clothes supplied Courtney asked “so who is this mystery guy?”
“do you know Rob?” Meagan asked
“you mean the starting center on the basketball team?” Courtney asked
“yeah that’s him” Vanessa said
“but isn't he your boyfriend Meagan?” Courtney asked a little shocked
“yes he is all mine, but I love sharing him with my friends” Meagan replied
“you mean you let your boyfriend have sex with other girls?” Courtney asked still not believing this.
“well sure” Meagan said “I have let Rob have sex with all of my friends, sometimes I watch, sometimes I even join in, and I have had sex with most of his friends”
“Don't either of you ever get jealous?” Meagan asked trying to make sense out of this
“why should we?” Meagan asked. “I might share him with my friends but I know that he is mine and I can have him anytime I want”

“Are you ready? Rob should be here anytime” Alicia said
“I guess, but if this is about getting laid why did I get all dressed up?” Courtney asked
“oh you inexperienced thing you” Alicia said while laughing “yes guys want to see all girls naked, but they really get excited when a girl dresses sexy for them”
“you look so hot, give a guy just a hint of what you have and he will do anything to see more” replied Vanessa
“so how is this going to work?” Courtney asked. “When he gets here are we just going to get naked and fuck?”
“No No No” Meagan replied. “when he gets here let him get a look at you, The three of us will leave the room and you and Rob will get comfortable and make out”
“make out?” Courtney asked confused “we are going to do more than kiss aren’t we?”
The three older girls all laughed, “yes you are going to do so much more than kiss” Meagan replied.
“Making out is not the same as just kissing” Vanessa said
“Making out is an exploration” Alicia explained “you will use all of your senses to explore each others bodies, you eyes, nose, tongue, mouth, hands, and body will all be used”
“damn that sounds like fun, I think I am getting hot just thinking about that” Courtney said
“You better be ready because I just heard his car pull up” Meagan said

As Rob walked in the door Meagan met him, threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.
“hey babe” he said
“you ready for your surprise” she asked
“more than ready” he replied

At that the other two girls stepped aside giving Rob his first look at Courtney.
“Holy shit” he said
“easy big boy” Meagan said laughing “she is all yours but be gentle”
Meagan gave Rob another kiss and said “OK girls, lets give these lovers a little space”

Rob stood there staring at Courtney, his gaze starting at the high heel shoes with toenails painted red sticking out. Moving up her legs that were covered in white stockings to just above her knees. From there was bare thigh and then a tight white skirt that came down mid-thigh leaving about 3 inches of bare leg between the skirt and stockings. His eyes wondered up past the skirt to a sexy bare belly and a tight white crop top covering her breast, just a trace of nipple sticking out. Her face was angelic with her shoulder length brown hair curled just enough to keep it off her face. “damn your hot” is all he could say.
“Thanks” she said, “Your not bad yourself”
“I don't remember seeing you around school, whats your name and what grade are you in?” he asked
“my name is Courtney and I am a Freshman” she replied
“Holy shit” he exclaimed “I would have guessed you were a senior”
“why don't we sit down on the couch and get to know each other” he said

As they sat down Rob took Courtney's hand in his, looked in her eyes and asked “are you sure you want to do this?”
“oh yeah, I am ready” Courtney answered
Rob replied by giving her a little peck on the lips, “nice” he said as he leaned in and their lips touched again, slowly his tongue touched Courtney's lips and she opened her mouth just enough to allow it to enter her mouth. Their tongues touched and shivers ran down Courtney's spine. She opened her mouth wider and slid her tongue inside his mouth. They continued to gently explore each others mouths with their tongues while Rob gently stroked her cheek. After a bit Rob let his hand slowly slide down to rub her shoulder and then down the outside of her arm and up the inside of her arm. Courtney sucked in her breath as she felt his hand move from her arm to gently rub her breast outside her shirt. They continued to kiss as Rob gently massaged first her right breast and then her left breast. Courtney shuddered even more as Rob slid his hand down and gently rubbed her bare belly and then slid his hand up inside her shirt finding her bare breast. Courtney moaned in pleasure as Rob massaged her breast and kneaded her nipples. Rob moved his kisses down to Courtney's ear and began to nibble on her neck as he used both hands to cup her breast.

“God that feels good” Courtney said
With that rob moved his hands off her breast and grabbed the bottom of her shirt pulling it over her head. Rob leaned back looking for the first time at Courtney naked from the waist up and said “those are great tits”
Courtney blushed a bit and said “they are a bit small”
“are you kidding, they are a perfect handful” Rob said as he cupped both breast in his hands.
Rob started nibbling on her neck again as he said “I bet they are a perfect mouthful too”
With that Rob nibbled his way down her neck, across her shoulder, across the very top of her breast just across her cleavage and then down her left breast to finally suck her breast into his mouth gently rubbing his tongue over her nipple.
Courtney's nipples responded as she once again moaned in pleasure.
Rob continued to work magic on Courtney's breast switching back and forth between them. He then worked his way back up to kiss her mouth and slide his tongue into her mouth again. As they continued to kiss Courtney decided it was her turn as she ran her hands up and down his muscular arms and then ran her hand over his chest. She gently raised his shirt above his head and kissed her way down to his chest, down one side pausing to flick a nipple with her tongue and suck it into her mouth. She then kissed down his belly and then up the other side settling on the other nipple. When she made her way back up to slide her tongue in his mouth Rob moved his hand down to her lap to gently rub her pussy over her skirt and panties. Courtney gasped at the contact but recovered fast and moved her hand down to his crotch grabbing his dick through his shorts.
“OH that feels huge” she said looking at the bulge in his shorts she had hold of
“do you think you can handle it?” he asked
“oh yeah” she said
“then prove it” he laughed

With that challenge Courtney once again began to kiss her way down Robs torso. When she got to his belly she slid down to the floor in between his legs and gently grabbed hold of his shorts and slid them off leaving him in only his boxers. She rubbed his dick up and down through his shorts and gently bit his dick through his boxers. When Rob moaned she grabbed his boxers and slowly pulled them off. Courtney's eyes bugged out when she saw her first dick just inches in front of her face. She got over the shock quickly as she began to remember the lessons she had learned earlier. Courtney used just the tip of her finger to rub Rob's cock from the head down to and across his balls. She gently cupped his balls feeling them and then brought her head closer and kissed them. Courtney sucked his right nut into her mouth and then replaced it with the left one. Encouraged by Robs moan she ran her tongue up one side of Rob's cock, across the head and down the other side looking in Robs eyes.

Rob could not believe it, this girl was great, “there is no way she has never done this before” he thought
Once Courtney got to the bottom of the other side she began the trip again, this time planting wet kisses across his balls, and up one side.
Courtney hesitated when she got to the head of Robs dick and asked “what is that coming out?”
Rob chuckled and thought “OK, maybe this is her first time” and then responded “that is pre-cum. When you have sex it mixes with your pussy juices and acts as a lubricant. Go ahead and lick it off”
“OK” Courtney said as she licked the pre-cum from the tip of Rob's dick. “Not bad” she said as she slid the head of his cock into her warm moist mouth. With the just the head in her mouth she was sucking and twirling her tongue around the tip. Rob responded with a loud moan and Courtney knew she was doing a good job. She then began to slowly slide her head up and down his cock, easing a bit more into her mouth each time as she continued to suck and rub her tongue around his cock. She eased more and more into her mouth until she had to pull off gagging
“You don't have to take it all babe” Rob said
“this is my turn to please you” she said laughing “ so sit back and just enjoy it”
Rob laughed and said “yes ma'am”

Courtney once again slid his cock into her mouth and eased more and more in. She tried to remember the lesson on how to deep throat and was shocked when she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose
“Holy shit” Rob thought “ not many girls have been able to take the whole thing”
Courtney, proud of herself, pulled her mouth all the way up to the head and then all the way back down to his pubic hair using her tongue sliding up and down on his cock. Courtney increased her rhythm and Rob began to moan even louder.
“I am going to cum” he yelled
this scared Courtney, the fake dicks she had learned on didn't cum and she hadn't thought to ask what she was supposed to do. Courtney pulled her mouth halfway up Rob's cock and held steady as he stroked in and out of her mouth. She let him set the pace as she continued to suck and massage his dick with her tongue. The next thing she knew there was a warm liquid in her mouth as Rob Screamed. Courtney tried to swallow each shot of cum but a little overflowed and ran down his dick to his balls. Courtney continued to suck Rob's dick dry until his spasms stopped. She slid her mouth off of Rob's dick and noticed the cum running down his shaft and balls. Courtney lifter her eyes up looking at Rob as she stuck her tongue out and licked the cum off of his balls and shaft. Courtney sat back on the couch and Rob grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her to him sliding his tongue into her mouth tasting her and his own fluids.
“That was amazing” Rob said, “You are a natural cock sucker”
“So I did it right?” Courtney asked
“are you kidding” Rob said in amazement “I know some senior girls that could take lessons from you”
Courtney just beamed with pride
Rob then said “OK now it is my turn”

Rob once again worked his way down Courtney's neck, down her chest pausing to suck each breast into his mouth and flick each nipple with his tongue. He then worked his way down to her belly pausing to stick his tongue in her belly button. As he worked her belly he got in the floor between her legs and pulled her skirt up just a bit and then moved his mouth down the outside of her right thigh gently kissing his way down. When he got to the stocking he began to roll it down her leg kissing the outside all the way down. When he got to her foot, and the stocking was off, he kissed across each toe and then began to kiss his way back up the inside of her leg. When he got to her belly he moved to the other leg and began to kiss his way down the outside of that leg again taking off the stocking on his way down. As he kissed his way up he reached around and unbuttoned her skirt. As he once again kissed her belly button he gently pulled her skirt off leaving her sitting there in only a sheer white thong. Rob then kissed his way across her stomach to her hip, then back across toward the other hip just an inch above her pussy.

Courtney was so hot with anticipation but did not hear the other girls whispering from upstairs. Meagan, Alicia, and Vanessa had snuck out and were looking down on the couple each fingering themselves.
“My god, she is going to cum before he ever touches her pussy” Vanessa said
“damn he is good” Alicia said
“trust me, he can make a girl cum over and over without ever actually touching her pussy, just the anticipation will drive you crazy” Meagan said
“but remember girls, he is mine” Meagan laughed.

Rob could smell Courtney's pussy through the sheer thong as he kissed his way to her other hip. He started to kiss his way back to the other hip but this time he went a little lower and stopped to rub his tongue up and down her slit outside of the thong. The thong was soaked with Courtney's pussy juices so Rob figured she was ready as he kissed his way back up to her belly. This time when he got to her belly button he grabbed hold of the thong and gently slid it off as he kissed back down her right leg. He continued to kiss down to her right foot, over to her left foot and then up her left leg. This time when he got to her pussy he gently rubbed his tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips. Rob then gradually slid his tongue just inside her pussy lips and licked up and down. When Courtney began to moan again he forced his tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy until his nose was pushed hard into her skin. Rob then moved up to her clit and began to rub his tongue across her clit gradually increasing the pressure.

As he stimulated her clit he stuck two fingers into her pussy sliding them in and out.
Courtney Moaned with pleasure knowing she was getting close to cumming when she felt one of Rob's fingers slid out of her pussy and into her ass. Rob was now sucking on her clit while he slid a finger in and out of her pussy and her ass at the same time. Courtney could not contain herself as she screamed in orgasm. “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I am cumming” she screamed.
Rob felt Courtney's body tense up and spasm as she hit her orgasm. Rob removed his finger from her pussy and sucked the juice from her pussy. Once her body stopped shaking Rob removed his finger from her ass and kissed his way up her stomach, across her breast stopping to look in her eyes. Courtney grabbed the back of Robs head and pulled him close thrusting her tongue into his mouth tasting him and her own juices.

Rob was on his knees still between her legs as they kissed, he gently pulled her down to the floor with him never breaking the kiss. He eased himself onto her and gently eased his dick into her virgin pussy.
“oh my god your so nice and tight” he said as the full length of his dick entered her pussy. Rob had to remind himself that she was inexperienced as he slowly began to slid his dick in and out of her pussy. Courtney was so wet he had no problem sliding in and out of her tight virgin pussy. Rob gradually increased the tempo until he was afraid he was going to explode. He figured he only had one more orgasm in him and he still had things he wanted to do so he slid out of her Pussy.
Courtney moaned as she felt Rob slide out of her and said “don't go”
“I am not going anywhere babe, roll over for me” he said
Courtney rolled over and laid on her stomach, Rob laughed and positioned her on her hands and knees and slid his dick back in her pussy doggy style. Rob increased the pace and was now fucking the shit out of Courtney and he could tell she was loving it. He then licked his fingers and slid one, two, and then three fingers into her ass. He continued to slam her pussy with his dick and her ass with three fingers. When she moaned and shook with another orgasm he removed his dick and slid it into her ass. Courtney screamed in pleasure and pain as Rob slid his very wet dick into her ass. Rob eased his dick in and out of Courtney's ass going deeper each time until the whole seven inches was inside her ass.
Courtney reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit as Rob slid his dick into her ass. Rob could tell he was getting close when suddenly Courtney’s ass tightened as her whole body went into a spasm with another orgasm. Courtney screamed in pleasure as the feeling hit her and Rob could not take it any longer. Rob shot one stream of cum into Courtney's ass and then pulled out real fast and slammed back into her pussy shooting 2 loads into her hot pussy.

Rob and Courtney both collapsed to the floor in total exhaustion as the three older girls came down the steps.
“looks like she enjoyed herself” Meagan said
“actually I think she enjoyed Rob” Vanessa said
“ladies, Courtney has cum coming out of her ass and her pussy, and Rob's dick is covered too” Alicia said
“I guess we need to clean them both up” Vanessa said
“yeah, I will clean Rob up” Alicia said with a smile

Alicia went over to Rob and sucked his now soft dick into her mouth cleaning all of the juice from his dick
Meagan just laughed and said” I get her ass”
with that Meagan rolled Courtney onto her side and getting behind her started to lick the cum from Courtney's ass gradually sliding her tongue into the young girls ass.
Vanessa knelt in front of Courtney and stuck her tongue inside her pussy eating all of the cum.

Once they were both cleaned up Rob got dressed, gave all four girls a kiss and left to go home.
Courtney was sitting there with a strange look on her face.
“whats wrong Courtney?” Alicia asked
“I just had a bad thought, what if I get pregnant” Courtney said
“don't worry” Vanessa said, “we have that covered”
Meagan got up and pulled a pill bottle from her purse handing it to Courtney, “take on of these now and another in the morning”
“what are they?” Courtney asked
“that is the morning after pill” Alicia said

Courtney looked relieved as she took the first pill. “This has been an amazing two days” she said
“it has been fun, and I could tell by the look on Rob's face that you did a great job” Meagan said
“what I still don't understand is why the sudden interest in me?” Courtney asked
The three older girls looked at each other
“you think she is ready to hear it?” Alicia asked
“if she isn't ready now she never will” Vanessa said
“Courtney, we are considering you for the Varsity cheer squad” Meagan said
“really?” Courtney asked, “but I am only a freshman”
“yeah, that’s the problem” Alicia said, “we have never had a freshman on the varsity squad and wasn’t sure if you would fit in”
“I can see that” Courtney said, “but what does that have to do with the last two days?”
“what do you think the job of the cheer squad is?” Meagan asked
“well, I guess our job is to get the crowd into the game” Courtney answered
“that’s part of it” Vanessa said
“what else is there?” Courtney asked
“one of the biggest jobs of the varsity squad is to help the basketball team” Alicia said
“how do we do that other than getting the crowd into the game?” Courtney asked
“We help the boys celebrate when they win and we cheer them up when they loose” Meagan said
“how do you cheer them up?” Courtney asked
“well there is only two ways to cheer a guy up, food or sex, and I don't know how to cook” Vanessa said

Courtney's face turned to shock as she realized what she had just heard “you mean you have sex with the whole basketball team?”
“yes” Meagan said “after every away game on the bus and after home games at a private party”
“of course we don't screw all nine of them at the same time” Vanessa said
“well..... not usually” Alicia said with a smile
“so what do you think?” Meagan asked
“Well, I guess it is obvious that being a varsity cheer leader is much more than I dreamed about” Courtney replied
“getting ready for state competition is a lot of work, but the other stuff is so much fun” Alicia said
“are you ready to be the newest member of the varsity squad?” Vanessa asked
“if the last two days are anything like what being part of the squad is like, I am in” Courtney replied with a grin on her face.
“fantastic” Meagan said
“hey, do you think your mom will let you spend tonight too? Alicia asked
“yeah no problem” Courtney answered
“Good” Vanessa said, “ we need to introduce you to the rest of the squad”
“I think it is also time to introduce her to a train” Meagan said
“whats a train?” Courtney asked a bit concerned
“relax, we will explain it when the other girls get here” Alicia said
“if you say so” Courtney said “but if I know you guys I am about to cum some more”
The other 3 girls just laughed and shook their heads up and down.

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