The next morning

Courtney started to wake up and thought what a great dream. She brought her hand down to rub her pussy and gasped when she found no hair. “it wasn't a dream?” she thought. As she opened her eyes she heard moaning coming from the other side of the room. As she looked over she saw Meagan and Alicia eating each others pussies. They both moaned in pleasure as Vanessa walked in the room.

“I thought I heard an orgasm” Vanessa said
“give us a break” Meagan said
“yeah” Alicia replied “after all you and Courtney both got off last night and me and poor Meagan didn't get any”
all four girls laughed as Vanessa said
“hey Courtney, how do you feel this morning?”
“well, I thought it had all been a dream, but I am glad it wasn't, I still feel great”
“Good” Vanessa said, “we have some things we need to do today but first lets eat”

After the girls had eaten breakfast Meagan said
“OK Courtney, are you ready for another lesson?”
“What kind of lesson?” Courtney asked
“We showed you last night how good an orgasm was, today we are going to show you how great it can be with a boy” Alicia said
“why are you doing this?” Courtney asked
“look, last night you said the only reason you had not gone any further with a boy was fear right?” asked Vanessa
“Yeah” answered Courtney
“well we just want to show you how to do things so you won't be afraid” Vanessa said
“OK but there are no boys here” Courtney said looking around
“we don't need a boy” Meagan said reaching into a bag and bringing out a dildo, “we have a replacement for the important parts right here”
Courtney gasped “I have never seen one of those before”
“we all have them, they are a great substitute when you need sex and there is nobody around” Alicia said

Meagan handed Courtney a small dildo and said “OK, you already know how to jack a guy off, so the next step is pleasing them with your mouth”
“You mean a blow job?” Courtney asked
“exactly” said Vanessa said
Courtney brought the dildo up to her mouth and said “so I just put it in my mouth and blow on it?”
The other 3 girls laughed
“No silly, it’s called a blow job but you don't blow, you suck” Alicia said
“then why do they call it a blow job” Courtney said laughing
“I don't know” Meagan said grabbing another larger dildo “first you kiss up and down the entire shaft”
“like this?” Courtney asked as she tried it
“sort of” Vanessa said, “but use your tongue and don't forget the balls”
“Try just rubbing your tongue up and down the shaft” Alicia said
“Oh yeah, guys love it when you look in their eyes when you have their dick in your mouth too” instructed Meagan
As Courtney continued to kiss and lick up and down the dildo Vanessa said “OK that’s great, now slide the tip into your mouth, but never let you teeth touch it”
Courtney slipped the dildo into her mouth but was uncertain what to do next “now what?” she asked

“OK slide it in and out of your mouth, wrap you tongue around it and suck on it a bit” Alicia said
“your doing a great job” Meagan encouraged “now slide as much of it in your mouth as you can
Courtney continued working on the dildo, sliding it farther into her mouth until she gagged
“That happens” said Vanessa “it takes practice to deep throat a guy. “the key is to let it slide down you throat, kind of swallow as it is going in and it will make it easier”
Courtney kept trying to get the dildo deep in her mouth but kept gagging, finally she was able to get the entire thing in her mouth and down her throat.
“that’s it” Alicia said “Your a natural”

“you keep that up and no boy will be able to last more than a few minutes before they cum down your throat” Meagan said
“that sounds gross” Courtney said
“well I bet before last night you thought it sounded gross to eat another girls pussy?” asked Alicia
“but the way you worked on my pussy I could tell you were enjoying it? Vanessa said
Courtney blushed a bit and said “yeah it was fun”
“a guys cum is the same way, it just sounds gross until you try it” Meagan said
“if you say so” Courtney said “so now what?”

“Now you try it on a bigger one” Alicia said handing Courtney a huge dildo
“Oh my god!” Courtney screamed “there is no way that will fit in my mouth
“you would be surprised what you can fit where when you really want it” Meagan said as she grabbed the dildo from Courtney and deep throated it
Vanessa grabbed the dildo from Meagan and said “stop showing off”
Courtney took the dildo from Vanessa and reluctantly started kissing and licking up and down the huge shaft

“That’s it” Alicia encouraged “take that monster in your mouth”
Courtney slid her lips around the giant dildo and was amazed that she was able to slide the head past her teeth. She kept working on it and before long she had the whole thing in her mouth.
“girls, she is a natural” Meagan said
“remember” Vanessa said, “if you give oral you should get oral, and if you get oral you should give oral, don't let a guy or girl for that matter skimp on giving”
“you can stop now” Alicia said, “no matter how hard you try your not going to get that dildo to cum”
Courtney laughed as she removed the dildo from her mouth “that was fun”
“a real dick is even better” Meagan said

Alicia took the huge dildo from Courtney “OK it is time to get a dick, well a fake dick in that pussy of yours”
Courtney looked at the huge dildo and said “I don't think that will ever fit in me”
Meagan said “we are going to start with a small one, but remember what I said, you will be surprised what you can fit where when you really try”
Courtney smiled and said “OK, what do I do?”
“I want you to lay down and relax” Alicia said “we will help you with this”
Courtney laid back and spread her legs as Alicia started to lick and slide her tongue into her pussy

“You need to always make sure you are ready” Meagan said “no matter how much experience you have if you are not wet it will hurt”
Alicia looked up and said “if this girl was any wetter I would have drowned”
Courtney laughed and said “yeah I guess I am a bit horny”

Vanessa chose a medium size dildo and slid it up and down Courtney's pussy. When it was good and wet she slid it past her pussy lips and asked “how does that feel?”
“it's strange, it fells good but feels like it is going to rip me in two” Courtney replied
“OK, I am going to go real slow so you can get used to it” Alicia said as she moved the dildo in and out just a bit. Alicia took the moaning of Courtney as a sign that the young girl was ready for more. As she slowly slid it in farther Courtney's moans became louder.

“Oh god yes” Courtney screamed “this is amazing”
With that encouragement Alicia slid the dildo all the way in her pussy as Meagan and Vanessa both caressed one of Courtney's breast. Courtney continued to moan and mover her hips as Alicia fucked her with the dildo. Alicia reached over and grabbed the huge dildo and some love potion and handed them to Meagan and smiled. Meagan coated the huge dildo in some lubricant and handed it back to Alicia. As Courtney screamed in orgasmic pleasure Alicia removed the small dildo and replaced it with the large dildo slowly sliding it in.

“OH your going to split me in two” Courtney cried
“just relax and you will get used to it” Vanessa said
Alicia slowly moved the huge dildo in and out of Courtney going deeper a little at a time. Courtney's face went from one of pain to one of pleasure. Seeing this Meagan grabbed the love juice and rolled Courtney onto her side as Alicia continued to fuck Courtney with the dildo. Vanessa moved behind Courtney and pulled the girls ass cheeks apart as Meagan poured some lubricant onto her ass. Meagan slowly started to massage the love juice onto the entrance of Courtney's ass.
Courtney moaned in pleasure as she was fucked by the huge dildo. “what is that?” she exclaimed as Meagan slid her finger into Courtney's ass.

“relax” said Meagan “this is just another lesson”
By then Meagan had a finger all the way into Courtney's ass and was moving it in and out as Courtney moaned even louder. Meagan poured some more lubricant on her fingers and slowly inserted a second finger into the virgin ass. When she had three fingers in Courtney's ass she reached over and grabbed the small dildo letting Vanessa lube it up. Meagan removed her fingers and slid the small dildo in Courtney's ass.
Courtney screamed with another orgasm as Alicia slid the huge dildo out of Courtney's pussy.
“how is that sweetie?” Alicia asked Courtney as she handed the huge dildo to Vanessa
“that was the best thing I have ever felt, that feels so good in my ass too” Courtney said
Vanessa lubed up the huge dildo and handed it to Meagan. Meagan slowly slid the small dildo out of Courtney’s ass and replaced it with the huge dildo.
“oh shit” Courtney cried out as the huge dildo entered her ass “it won't fit, it won't fit”
“just relax” Alicia said “remember you would be surprised what you can fit where when you really want it”

Alicia moved to the front of Courtney and said “I am going to help” as she brought her mouth down to Courtney's pussy and slowly started to suck on the girls clit.
With the added stimulation to her pussy Courtney started to buck her hips forcing the huge dildo deeper and deeper into her ass. She continued to meet the thrust of the dildo as she cried out in yet another orgasm.

“I don't think I can take any more fun” Courtney said as the dildo was removed from her ass. “ do guys really fuck you in the ass like that?”
“all the time” Vanessa said “it is nice once you get used to it, didn't you enjoy it?”
“yeah I did” Courtney replied in shock
“you do realize you had a dildo in your pussy and ass at the same time at one point don't you?” asked Alicia
“ yeah, it felt good but full at the same time” Courtney replied
“imagine that was two guys, one in front fucking your pussy and the other behind you fucking your ass” Meagan said
“you mean you actually fuck two guys at the same time” Courtney said in shock
“not only two” said Alicia
“what do you mean not only two?” asked Courtney
“well there is another hole you had a fake dick in this morning. Don’t forget it” Vanessa said
“you mean you have a dick in your pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time?” Courtney asked in amazement
“why not?” asked Meagan, “whats the difference in one at a time in each hole and at the same time?”
“nothing I guess” said Courtney, “it's just that I have so much to learn”
“you have learned a lot in the last day” Alicia said “in fact I think you are pretty much ready for a real dick”
“would you like to take a nap?” Vanessa asked
“I am pretty worn out” Courtney said “but what did you mean by a real dick? There are no boys around here”
“what if there was?” asked Meagan “would you like to try this stuff with a real guy?”
“I guess” replied Courtney “but I don't have a boyfriend”
“Who said anything about a boyfriend?” asked Alicia “we are talking about a real guy with a real dick to practice on”
“oh” said Courtney, “I guess I would like to try all of this on a real guy but what guy would be wiling to do that?”

The other three girls all laughed “just any guy that is still breathing silly” Vanessa said
“I have the perfect guy for you” Meagan said “he will be gentle and would be the perfect guy to practice on, and I guarantee he will love it”
“but first you need to go take a shower, and then take a nap”
“I don't know” said Courtney reluctantly
“come on, haven’t you enjoyed everything we have done so far?” asked Alicia
“well yeah” Courtney answered
“then trust us on this, you will love it” Vanessa said
“OK let me get cleaned up and rest a bit and then you can introduce me to this new teacher” Courtney said.

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I liked it, a good addition to the first.... but, I think you moved to quick with the anal you cant go from small to huge that quick with a girl.... and for that matter with the vaginal to

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