The Club

I was athletically inclined most of my childhood and participated in almost every sport offered in school and by our town. I wasn’t popular with girls and I didn’t have a lot of close friends, but that didn’t matter to me because I had my teammates. My parents encouraged me to start asking girls out during high school, and although I had a few dates, I enjoyed my time on the field more. I figured that I wasn’t much different than other guys my age, but chose to masturbate for relieving sexual tension, and didn’t really need girls, or want to waste my time on them.

I was average at soccer and football, but Lacrosse was my sport of choice and I excelled at it. I liked the violence, speed and strategy involved in every shift and my ability to score a lot made the game exciting for me. Hearing the crowd chant BRIAN, BRIAN after each goal was a great ego booster and helped me with my shyness. My lacrosse teammates were a close knit group, and devoted themselves religiously to the game, forsaking girls and other distractions. We were all pretty much that way, and I think that contributed to our success as the top ranked high school in the state.

Grade eleven was proving to be a difficult year for me and my grades suffered; so much so that my parents threatened to suspend my sports activities, if my grades didn’t show improvement. They suggested that I get a tutor to help me with my weaker subjects, so I checked around and found a grade 12 student named Tara, who offered hourly tutoring lessons for $10.00 per session. She was a highly intelligent straight A student that did tutoring to earn some extra spending money. She was a bit of a geek, and wasn’t all that attractive. Not ugly or anything; she just didn’t have a sexiness about her, and that was just as well, since there would be less distraction with her and I working closely together a lot.

Tara decided that she needed to get to know me better in order to understand what the problem with my grades was, so she didn’t charge me for the first session, choosing instead to just talk.

“Aside from your sports teams, what other things do you”?

“Not much of anything. Sports, especially Lacrosse, are pretty much my life.

“Do you have a girlfriend”?

“No. I am a little shy, and frankly I don’t have time for girls”.

“Well then, we are going to have to establish some ground rules for study times, if we are going to get your grades up”.

“Like what”?

“Between your games, your practices and our tutoring sessions, there still has to be designated study times”.

“Shit. I guess I’m not going to have much of a life then”.

Tara shrugged her shoulders and said that our time was up for today, and she had to get to the club. I asked her what club she belonged to and she said that she couldn’t tell me, since it was private. I guess that there must have been a few clubs set up in school, since my lacrosse teammates also talked of them, but I had never been interested, so I hadn’t followed up to check them out.

After my next Lacrosse practice, the guys were talking about my tutoring sessions and teased me relentlessly. I told them about Tara and that she was nice, and hopefully would help improve my grades so I didn’t have to quit the team. Charlie, who was the joker on the team, started in on me about having the hots for Tara since she was in the club. I asked what club he was talking about, but he said that he couldn’t tell me, since it was private membership. I found this all a little curious and because the guys wouldn’t tell me anything else about the club, I decided that I was going to ask Tara more about it at our next tutoring session.

During our next session, I asked Tara to tell me about the club, but she continued holding back.

“Look Tara; you asked lots of stuff about me during our first session, so why can’t I learn something about you and your club”?

“It’s private membership and it requires a referral from an existing member, and it’s expensive to join”.

“How much does it cost”?

“It’s $100.00 to join and each visit requires an entry fee of $20.00, so you likely can’t afford it”.

“I might be able to come up with the money, if I knew what the club was all about”.

“You still need someone to be your referral”.

“Couldn’t you be my referral”?

“I’m sorry Brian, but I don’t know you well enough yet”.

“Whatever. Let’s just get on with the tutoring”.

I have to admit that Tara was extremely intelligent, and she was helping me understand my subjects much better. After three sessions, I passed two tests with flying colors, and my teachers commented on the improvement.

At my last Lacrosse practice, I finally bugged my team mates enough that they gave in and told me about the club. I was floored when they told me that the club was for girls that weren’t beautiful and sexy, but also not ugly. Those girls didn’t get asked out by guys, so they gave blowjobs in the club to make money. Apparently they dress in nothing but a full head covering, and there is no way of telling who it is. There are slits in the head covering for the eyes and one for the mouth. The club is in the girl’s locker room after the school is closed. They have paid off the maintenance staff so they don’t get interrupted, and it has worked out really well for everyone. When I asked how they knew that Tara was in the club, they said that she was in charge, but didn’t participate in the blowjob activities. I was really shocked and never knew things like that existed, but since I never thought much about sex, I guess that it didn’t matter.

At my next tutoring session, I thanked Tara and told her about the improvement in my test scores, and I also told her that I knew about her blowjob club.

“So I guess that you have found someone to be your referral”.

“No. I’m not interested in blowjobs and wouldn’t waste my money. I am shocked that someone as smart as you would be involved in something that most people would consider to be illegal and immoral”.

“Well, aren’t you the do-gooder of the day? You are probably the only guy in high school that is not interested in blowjobs, but I hope that you are going to keep your mouth shut about the club. I would hate to have to cancel membership for your Lacrosse team mates, since I’m certain that it was them that told you”.

“Just forget that I even know about it, and let’s get back to tutoring”.

“I don’t know many guys your age that aren’t interested in sex and blowjobs, so what gives? Are you gay”?

“No. So why don’t you participate in the blowjobs at your club? Are you gay”?

“I guess I deserved that. No, I’m not gay, but I am surprised that you seem to have little interest in girls. You are a good looking jock, so I’m sure that you must have noticed girls showing interest in you”.

“Not really. Can we get on with the session”?

As I lay in bed that night, my cock was particularly hard and needed a release. I had always masturbated before to a penthouse magazine kept under my mattress, but for some strange reason, tonight was different. I thought of all those cocks getting sucked at the club, and began to wonder how it would feel to put my cock into a girl’s mouth and ejaculate. As I stroked my cock, my mind engaged in so many thoughts. I wonder if the girl’s swallow the ejaculate? I wonder if they ever get horny and want more. I wonder if... Oh shit, I’m shooting. My ejaculate was flying through the air, with an intensity that I had never experienced before. Certainly not like using the magazine. Jesus, I wonder if I’m hooked now and need to get a blowjob, so that I’m not constantly distracted by the thought. Fuck. I had a mess all over the place to clean up before morning.

I had saved all of my gift money from birthdays and Christmases, etc, so I had a fair bit of money in my savings account. The plan was to save it for college, but I really wasn’t concerned about that, since my coach told me that I was a shoe-in for a Lacrosse scholarship, and I began to think about joining the club. The thoughts distracting me were even affecting my Lacrosse game. I was mired in a two game scoring drought, and my coach was getting concerned, due to college scouts attending the games. I had to do something, so I convinced Charlie to be my referral member.

Charlie and I showed up at the club, and Tara was shocked to see me there, since I had been pretty clear with her about my thoughts on girls.

“What changed your mind”?

“All that talk of blowjobs had my mind wandering and I couldn’t even concentrate on my Lacrosse game. I am in a scoring drought and need to get focused, so here I am”.

“My best girl is not here tonight, but hopefully one of the others can do the deed and clear your head”.

“I guess you don’t do it yourself”?

“No, I have never done it, so I’m sure I would be lousy at it”.

“I would probably feel more comfortable if it was you doing it, since it’s my first time and I’m a little nervous”.

“Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable continuing our tutoring, if I gave you a blowjob, and it turned out to be lousy”?

“I’m alright with it, if you are”.

“Okay then, come on in and we’ll get you signed up”.

After filling in the application and paying the fees, Tara took me into the tented booth that they had set up, and told me to drop my pants. When she started to kneel down, I asked her if she was going to take off her clothes. Charlie had told me that the girls were naked except for the hood over their head, and I really wanted to see Tara naked. I suppose that I didn’t really need to, because my cock was already hard, but I wanted to see what her body looked like.

“I have never done this before, and I’m not comfortable getting naked in front of you”.

“Do you know how strange that sounds Tara? You’ll suck my cock, but aren’t comfortable getting naked”?

“Take it or leave it Brian. I can get you another girl”.

“Fine, I will wait for another girl”.

Tara was a little miffed at me, but since I was paying for this service, I wanted a naked girl to help me ejaculate. She left, and I sat waiting for someone to come in. My cock was no longer erect, so I was hoping that whoever came in had a hot body to get me aroused again.

It was about five minutes later when a hooded girl came into the booth, and I was not disappointed. Her naked body was absolutely beautiful. She had large mounds, a curvy figure and a sexy patch of blonde pubic hair. My cock immediately got erect so I was ready to get started. She knelt between my legs and sucked my cock into her mouth. That first sensation of my cock being enveloped in a hot wet mouth, and sliding over a smooth wet tongue, would be in my memory forever. As she began sucking harder on my cock, she moved her head up and down my cock shaft, and I felt that familiar sensation in my ball sack telling me that I was about to ejaculate. I moaned that I was going to shoot, and in an instanthere mouth was gone, and I was blowing my ejaculate all over the booth. “What the fuck”, I thought to myself, as the girl walked out?

“Hey, what gives here? Come back”.

No one came back, so I pulled up my pants and zipped up and went out to talk to Tara. There wasn’t anyone there, so she must have gone for the day. I’ll wait for our next tutoring session and let her know that the girl had run off before I could ejaculate in her mouth, and I wasn’t too happy about the service.

The next day at school, I told Charlie what happened, and he said that I must have ended up with someone new, who didn’t understand how things were done. He said that I should talk to Tara, since she is in charge and will straighten the new girl out. It really pissed me off when he told me that the girl who serviced him not only took his ejaculate in her mouth, but she also swallowed.

The following day after school, Tara showed up for our tutoring session, so I asked her about the new girl, and told her how disappointed I was with the service.

“I’m sorry that you were disappointed, but not all of the girls allow ejaculation in their mouth. I guess she should have made sure that she finished you by hand though, so your next visit will be free”.

“Can you make sure that I get a girl who will let me ejaculate in her mouth? It would make the experience a lot more satisfying”.

“Sure. Let’s get started on today’s session”.

On the weekend we were playing the second ranked high school Lacrosse team in the State, so our coach told us every college would have scouts there, and we needed to give 100% effort. We were ranked first, but needed to win to maintain that status. After the first quarter we were down a goal, and although I had three shots on net, they all missed. My coach took me aside and said that he had no choice but to take me out, since I was not contributing to the team. My parents were there as well as Tara, and I sat embarrassed on the bench watching my college scholarship potentially go down the drain. I had invited Tara to the game, and although she had no interest in Lacrosse, I think she came due to some sense of obligation because of our tutoring arrangement.

At the final whistle, the game ended in a tie, so fortunately for me, we held on to our number one ranking. The coach held me back after the game, and in private told me to go out and get laid or do whatever it takes to break out of this slump, because he needed me operating up to my full potential. He also told me that he had spoken to several scouts who expressed concern that they may have misjudged your talent and abilities.

Rather than go back on the team bus and be further embarrassed in front of my team mates, I went back with my parents who had driven and brought Tara with them. It was a long two hour drive home and when I told my parents that I may have blown my chance at a scholarship, they didn’t know what to say. They did mention that I was not playing up to my potential, and asked if I had any injuries that were not being disclosed.

“No, it’s mental. My head is not in the game, and if I can’t fix this problem, I will not only lose my scholarship, but I won’t be playing, since the coach has lost confidence in me”.

“Brian, you told me when we first started our tutoring sessions that you were a natural scorer, so hopefully the scouts will recognize that you are simply going through a slump”.

“They don’t care about slumps. They only have so many openings for scholarship recipients, so if I don’t sort this out fast, the coach won’t play me and the scouts will pass on me”.

On Monday after school I made it to the club and told Tara that I wanted the same girl that Charlie had, and I wanted her to swallow. She sent me to the booth and I sat with my pants down sporting a massive erection, in anticipation of what was to come.

As the curtain was pulled back, a naked beauty came in and when she kneeled in front of me, I happened to notice the same birthmark on her breast that the girl had, who disappointed me the first time.

“Hold on. I asked Tara for the same girl that Charlie had, but you are the same one I had the first time. She shook her head no, but when I told her that I recognized her birthmark, she began to cry. “What the fuck”, I thought to myself”? I know that it was a mistake to do it, but I pulled her hood off, and was shocked to see that it was Tara. I didn’t know what to say, so I pulled up my pants and walked out. I heard her call for me to stay, but I had to get out of there. Not only didn’t I get the blowjob I was hoping for, I probably also lost my tutor.

I was very surprised that Tara turned up Tuesday night for our tutoring session, and for a few minutes it was extremely uncomfortable.

“I didn’t expect you to turn up Tara”.

“Neither did I, but I thought it was important for you and I to talk about what happened. The truth is Brian that I care about you, and I didn’t want any of the other girls to be with you. Even though I had never done it before, I tried to make you feel good, but couldn’t convince myself to let you ejaculate in my mouth. I am really sorry, but last night I was going to let you ejaculate in my mouth and I was even going to swallow, until you pulled off my hood and left”.

“I don’t know what to say Tara. I have no time for girls and that’s why I went to the club in the first place. I just needed a blowjob, and have someone suck the semen out of me”.

“I don’t mean to sound desperate Brian, but if you give me a chance, I’ll do it for you, and I’ll put my heart into it, so you really enjoy yourself. I don’t want you paying for it, so let me do it because I want to”.

“My parents have never come into my room without knocking, so let’s try it right now. I have a practice tomorrow night and I’ll see if it helps with my concentration”.

Because my parents were home, I didn’t ask Tara to strip, so I just dropped my pants and lay down on the bed. Tara got between my legs and when her mouth approached my cock head; it became very hard and started throbbing. When Tara’s tongue licked at the head, I felt a wave of emotion come over me that I hadn’t experienced before. This was something new, and although I didn’t understand, it would soon become obvious. Tara didn’t give me a blowjob; she made love to my cock, and it felt so much better than the first time. She did everything slowly and was very tender as she caressed my balls and played with my nipples. I saw her in a new light, and no longer felt some lustful need to ejaculate in her mouth.

“Tara, you don’t have to suck my ejaculate”, I moaned.

“I want to Brian. I really care about you and I want to make you happy”.

That one sentence changed something in my head, so I pulled her up to lay on top of me, and I kissed her for the first time.

“I care about you too Tara and I don’t feel the same need that I did before. You don’t need to do this”.


Tara slid back down between my legs and continued making love to my cock, until I blew stream after stream of my ejaculate into her mouth. I watched as she hungrily swallowed every drop, and when she finished, I pulled her up to me so we could kiss and embrace.

“That was so beautiful Tara. I have never felt like this before”.

“Me either Brian. I love you”.

“I know that this happened very fast, but I feel like I love you too”.

Our tutoring was not going to be finished, since we just lay together hugging and kissing, until it was time for Tara to leave.

During practice the next night, my coach smiled and said that I must have taken his advice. Our goalie was a little miffed at the number of balls I shot by him, but he also was happy that my scoring touch was back.

To be continued………………………….

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