Chapter Five

After doing our own thing for an hour or so, there was still an hour before my parents got back, and since my cock was now fully recovered, I was anxious to try anal sex with Hannah, while she had mom’s dildo inserted in her pussy. I went to Hannah’s room to tell her of my desire and she was all for it, but Haley looked disappointed that she would be left out. I suggested that Hannah and I have anal sex with me on my back, and that way Haley could sit on my face and she could cum on my tongue, so that solved the problem.

The girls stripped quickly and I was on my back waiting, with my cock throbbing in anticipation of this new experience. My cock was still a little tender, but I wasn’t going to mention it, because I didn’t want to ruin the excitement that was permeating the room. I asked Haley to wait while Hannah inserted the dildo and impaled her ass on my cock, because I wanted a good view. Hannah turned on the vibrator and moved it slowly to her pussy opening and she moaned with delight as she felt the vibrations on her pussy lips.

As the eight inches slowly disappeared into Hannah, her face was getting contorted and I worried that she would cum too soon. I guess it didn’t really matter, because she will hopefully have a few orgasms before we are done. Most of the vibrating dildo was inserted into Hannah’s pussy, so I asked Haley to straddle my face, and waited patiently for my double dose of pleasure. The thought of Hannah’s anus impaling itself on my cock, while I tongued Haley’s hot and aromatic pussy, made my cock twitch and dance through the air, like it had a mind of its own.

Hannah seemed to be really enjoying the vibrations so she delayed impaling herself, while Haley enthusiastically mashed her pussy into my face. I flicked my tongue through her silky pussy hairs and into her opening and discovered that her pussy was emanating heat, and I could already smell her juices as they flowed onto my face. I was really getting into this, so I sucked her clitoris between my lips and began to hum. She rode my face like she was on a mission, so I inserted one of my fingers into her anal opening to get her into orgasm. Just as Haley started to shake and moan that she was cumming, I felt Hannah take my cock head and rub it around her anal opening.

My face was drenched as I sucked and hummed on that clitoris, and it was difficult to catch my breath, but stayed with it until Haley finished cumming. Hannah had my cock head inserted into her anus and I could now feel the vibrations coming through her pussy walls. Fuck me; this was heaven, but I was going to blow any second, so I bucked my hips upwards to get further into Hannah’s ass. Just as I slid in another few inches, my balls released a huge torrent of semen that blasted deep into her rectum. Haley was dismounting from my face, so I could now see Hannah in the throes of another orgasm, due to the vibrator pulsing in her pussy.

The vibrations from the dildo continued teasing my cock, and even though I had completely emptied my balls of semen, I remained erect. Hannah looked like she was coming down from the high of her orgasm, and I felt her trying to expel my cock from her anus. The three of us were totally spent, and lay together in a dream like state, until we heard Haley say “You have to teach Danny some of this stuff”.

I couldn’t even imagine bringing this stuff up with Haley’s brother, let alone teaching him how to do it, so I would have to leave it to Haley to figure out a plan.

“So how do you suggest that we go about discussing this stuff with Danny”?

“You leave that up to Hannah and I. We’ll figure it out”.

When I checked the time, I had to get everyone scrambling, since my parents were due any minute. The girls would have to develop their plan without me. I needed some alone time (and so did my cock), so I didn’t see the girls the rest of the day, but I was certain that Hannah would slip into my bed tonight and fill me in on the plan.
It was a long night and as it turned out, Hannah never did come into my room, so I was left to wonder what had happened.

I saw Hannah at the breakfast table Sunday morning, but we couldn’t discuss anything in front of our parents, so it would have to wait until later. Later never came, and at bedtime, I hoped that she would come in to my room, since I was erect and ready to make love with her again. It was after eleven when she finally came to my room, and as she slid under the covers, she put her fingers over my lips and asked me to listen and not speak.

“I know that you may be upset when I tell you about Haley’s plan, but I want you to know that I agreed to go along with it, but if you can’t handle it, I won’t do it”.

It sounded to me like I was not going to like this plan, and although I was keeping silent until she told me about it, I was becoming apprehensive.

“Haley suggested that the four of us get together here next Friday night, and we arrange with our parents for her and Danny to sleep over. That way, we have all of Friday night to try and convince Danny that sex with his sister wouldn’t be so bad. Also, we are going to arrange for you and I to have sex and get surprised by them, as if we didn’t know they would catch us. If that doesn’t work, Haley wants me to seduce Danny and introduce him to sex”.

Fuck. I knew that I wasn’t going to like this plan. I got agitated, jealous and enraged. How could she even consider having sex with someone else? It then occurred to me that I had done the very same thing to her, by having sex with Haley, so what kind of hypocrite did that make me?

“I don’t like this plan Hannah”.

“It’s not my preference either, but I have been pretty understanding about you having sex with Haley”.

“I know, and I feel pretty hypocritical, but I love you and can’t stand the thought of someone else having sex with you”.

“Okay. Would you at least think about it tonight and let me know tomorrow what you have decided? If you can’t handle it, I will accept your decision. In the mean time, would you like to have your cock sucked”?

What person in their right mind could answer that question with anything other than “right this instant would be great”?

My rage and all other feelings went by the wayside as I felt Hannah’s hot breath nearing my cock head. I reached down to hold her face in my hands as her mouth engulfed my cock and sucked it deeply into the back of her throat.

As I watched Hannah bob her head up and down my shaft, my mind drifted and I began envisioning her doing that to Danny. My cock wilted in her mouth, and when she looked up at me with disappointment in her eyes, I knew that sex wasn’t meant to happen tonight. The news of their plan, my jealousy, my hypocrisy; it was too much for me to deal with, and my cock was not going to perform normally tonight. I pulled Hannah up and hugged her, and tried to explain how I was feeling. She said that she understood, and that she was sorry that she had caused so much upset. She went back to her room, and I lay lost deep in thought, trying to come to grips with everything.

When I awoke in the morning, I was still uncertain what to do, but I felt that the most important thing to be considered was that I had already had sex with Haley, so I could not find any rational argument for opposing their plan. I told Hannah that I agreed with the plan and she could tell Haley to set it up. The one condition was that I wanted to know exactly what Danny was being told, prior to Friday night.

To be continued……………..

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