This particular story I guess you could call it in English, in the French language it is easier to say a `rencontre` which is a more or less a verbal telling of an event was given to me by the older of my two sisters. At a family reunion in the early 80’s we had begun reminiscing about our teenaged days and my sister asked me if I had experienced any exciting situations with my long time girlfriend that I might have considered not normally her style. I was not sure what my sister was trying to get at but told her that my girl usually did everything I suggested without question. My sister continued to tell me that , other than the time we had spent the three of us together at the farm, she had had the opportunity to repeat the terms of that same agreement . Apparently my girlfriend had given herself over to my sister for one whole weekend while I had been away at camp. I told her I never heard of anything in that regard, but assured her that what ever had happened back then , was back then and not to worry about it . I did not think it had anything to do with our breaking up after some 7 years of being together in any case. My sister then went on telling me she had written about that weekend and had it in her journal, which she had found in one of her packed boxes. The written work had fallen out long forgotten, but now that she had it she wondered if I would like and gave it to me .
I am certain Joyce realized at that moment just how evil I could be. Last time my brother had been present and had participated in her ordeal so I has been a bit more careful, more lenient in my choice of degradation. This time I would be able to allow my creativity to flow with out any impediments , to push Joyce well beyond any particular point of reference that she thought she could endure . I then thought best to establish an acceptable limit , one that might appease Joyce and not freak her out completely. I again asked my slut-slave to confirm her commitment. Joyce responded but in such a quite voice that I commanded that she speak up.

Once I had the two `` Yes Mistress `` from her I clarified things with my associates telling them that we could not draw blood, nor could we leave any marks on her body that might attract the attention of her parents and we could certainly not get her arrested by the authorities.

The rules out of the way, I commanded my slut-salve to arrange herself for inspection, as I wanted to show every one how well she had completed certain tasks I had given her before the game began.
I saw that Joyce had a moment of reflection, her facial expression changed immediately however to her benefit she did not really hesitate. Joyce placed herself on her back, grabbed at each of her ankles and pulled her legs back towards her head. In this position Joyce had exposed herself freely to my guests, spreading her sex wide open to their viewing. Both Susan and Jen let little gasps escape from their mouths as Joyce’s sex came into full view, her hairless swollen pussy lips opening up wide exposing the little string that was tied to the ping-pong balls. I suppose, had those balls not been in place we might have been able to see right up to her fallopian tubes, right in to her womb so wide open was she spread.
Her shaved pussy appeared to be still covered with a slick glistening liquid, a liquid that had flowed continually perhaps since she had first inserted the balls themselves.

Almost in unison Susan and Jen cried out asking if they could touch. Before I could answer, Bev whispered in my ear, telling me that a much better situation could be had if I told them to wait a couple of minutes. Well not to be out done, I told the girls that they could inspect the slut-slave’s nipples if they wanted but that was all for the moment. Needless to say they both attacked Joyce’s breast as though they had never seen anything similar in their entire lives. While they probed, pinched , and pulled at Joyce’s nipples Bev left the room only to return within seconds or so it seemed. In her hand , she had what looked to be magnifying glasses, which at that moment I found very strange.

Bev upon entering the room , stopped beside the girls , telling me it would now be convenient to allow all of them to touch the slut-slave’s private parts. Sue and Jen were giddy with delight, but as confused as I was when they were each handed a magnifying glass. Bev then explained, that while they were inspecting this clean shaved slut-slave, they should use the magnifying glass to locate any little hairs or hair stubbles that had been missed when the slut slave had denuded herself. Once they found one, Bev continued as she handed them each a manicure tweezer they were to pluck the undesirable object from the body of the slut-slave.

I broke out in a big smile, I had been bettered rather quickly, I had not even given that little torture idea a thought. Yes indeed, it was fun watching the three girls searching for body hairs or remnants of the same and plucking them from Joyce’s body, each time extracting a sharp cry from Joyce who was desperately trying to hold herself together. The girls played with Joyce for a good fifteen minutes or more, making their hands roam all over her exposed sex, in their attempt the locate left over stubbles of body hair, they were enjoying themselves to the fullest.. Each time one of them ran her hands down over Joyce’s cunt, or around her ass hole you could see Joyce move her body, trying to extract the fullest sensation from each touch. This was indeed a relatively simple form of inflicting pain and pleasure, one that I had to remember.

I watched the antics closely because I certainly did not want Joyce to orgasm . I wanted to keep up the suspense as long as I could . Unfortunately ,I had to call a halt to their game as I was definitely aware that Joyce was just about ready to let loose at any moment . I was sure she could not hold on much longer if we did not give her a break. All three were a bit put off when I put a stop to the fun, but I explained that bigger and better things were to follow if we kept to the plan. I then ordered my slut-slave to go make the bath ready as she would be pampering Susan first then Jen would follow . I told Susan to let Joyce pleasure her, in any way she wanted, but to make certain that Joyce herself would not cum.
While they were busy , Bev and I got both Susan and Jen’s clothes out and ready for Joyce to dress them, we tried to make things as identical as possible, which was not too difficult. Jen in the mean time had been sent home to retrieve her two family dogs, a Dalmatian and some sort of mixed breed German shepherd. Once Susan came down dressed in a short mini skirt, and a light see though blouse we sent Jen up with instructions similar to those we gave Susan. Joyce was to pleasure Jen in any way she wanted but was not allowed herself to cum for any reason. Jen was also told to order the slut-slave to clean the tub properly and leave the bathroom spic and span.

While we waited the return of Jen, Bev and I sought to find the best, well we wanted it to be the best , place to firmly sequester our slut-slave in order to abstract the most satisfying results for ourselves. There were several pieces of furniture that we thought we could use, there was the large ottoman, a fairly long narrow coffee table and a dining room table that opened in the center for additional leafs. This was considered very carefully, as we saw possibilities having a large open space in the middle should we decide to tie our slut-slave on the table. Unfortunately, the table was located in the main part of the house, away from the exposed area of the family room so while it would do in a pinch I needed to find a location better suited for our plans.

Susan asked if we had given any thought to having our slut-slave tied up rather than tied down , mentioning that there were several hook like objects fixed to the outside walls over the patio deck. Upon viewing the set up , both Bev and I agreed that this would indeed be a very, if not , most suitable place to continue with our next event. More than likely we could reuse this location several times during our week end activities.

When Jen returned among the group it was decided that both Susan and she would receive some direction but that the slut-slave would first be treated shamelessly outside on the patio deck. Our slut-slave having finally finished the tasks Jen had left her with, arrived back downstairs, took up her kneeling position just at the entrance of the family room and exclaimed to me, her Mistress, that she had accomplished all that had been required of her.

I bid her to rise and follow, directing her out on to the patio deck, on this nice clear bright Saturday morning. I am certain that I heard Joyce emit a little gasp when she realized that there were two fairly large dogs sitting quietly, their leashes in the hands of Bev. I do not think she believed that I would have access to two beautiful animals , especially two of this stature. I am also convinced that Joyce released a sigh of relief when instead of making her get down on all fours, I took her arms each in their turn and tied her wrists to the hooks located on the exterior walls of the house.

It goes of course without saying that our slut-slave was tied facing outwards towards the part of the back yard that opened onto the city side street. Satisfied that her out stretched arms were attached firmly, I sought the simplest way to fix her feet, spread as wide as possible. I got the girls to move some of the heavier deck chairs in the required position and tied off each ankle . Our slut-slave was now held so we could proceed with our further enjoyment. Joyce had not stopped leaking her juices, the ping-pong balls installed in her innards were certainly doing their job keeping her in a continual sexual agitation.

In a sharp tone of voice, I instructed both Jen and Susan to clean our slut-slave’s legs of all the liquid they could find. To see that all the love juice that had leaked or was then leaking down her legs was lapped up or licked clean from her legs. Now I have no idea what Joyce thought was going to happen, but her eyes bulged perhaps in panic, when she saw Bev hand a dog’s leash to Susan and Jen . As both girls approached with a dog in tow Joyce attempted to suppress a moan or a groan, but as soon as the dog’s tongues touched the skin of her legs, it came out loud and clear.

The girls had explicated orders not to let the dogs come anywhere near her sex, nor her ass hole or they would be severally punished but they were to allow the dogs to enjoy themselves as long as possible. Bev and I sat back to watch, to watch our slut-slave jerk all over, trying either to get away from the dogs licking or to get her sex in contact with their tongues ,to watch Jen and Susan try their best to control two animals, who had now gotten the scent of a live bitch in heat. The sounds the three girls were making became more pronounced, enough so that if the neighbours were sitting on their deck next door they would have be perhaps concerned enough to turn their attention to what was happening over on the patio deck at Susan’s house.

It was a good fifteen , perhaps twenty minutes that I allowed this activity to continue, as the dogs were now demonstrating their excitement in a more pronounced manner, both had their cocks extended from their sheath at a good length. I commanded the two girls to pull the dogs off immediately and give the leashes to Bev who was much better equipped to handle them at this point. That left our slut-slave deprived of any stimulation, however it was clear that she had been brought close to the edge, as she continued to gyrate or if you will oscillate, tied in her bonds, in her attempt to get more satisfaction.

It was then time I felt to increase the hype of the game we were playing. I ordered both Jen and Susan to set themselves on the edge of a large deck chair, their small skirts pulled up to their waist. I figured it would be more fun if our activities continued outside in the open. We could now hear the sounds of the general population as they went about their Saturday chores, providing more than sufficient opportunities for us to be seen while we were all out there on the patio deck. I motioned to Bev to direct the dogs each towards one girl, letting them get a whiff of their own person scent. Then she pulled both dogs back and held them in a sitting position, their long tongues hanging from their mouths, dripping with saliva.

I could see the smile on Bev’s face, as she once again moved the dogs towards the girls cunts . Once she noticed the girls moving forward to try and make contact with the dog’s tongues, she quickly and firmly pulled the dogs back.. Needless to say things were looking good, in fact great as far as I was concerned, the dog’s cocks were extended from their sheaths, and our two young girls were humping their bums on the edge of the chairs. Bev completed this action three times more and on the third advance allowed the dogs to make contact with their tongues for about three minutes which brought about sharp cries from the girls as the tongues hit their marks.

Then she pulled the dogs off, bringing them back to their sitting positions, this time however having a bit more difficulty holding them still. Bev and I watched as the girls squirmed, then crying out that they wanted more, they actually began to plead for us to let the dogs lick them. When Bev and I heard the girls state almost in unison that they would do anything we wanted if we would just let the dogs get back to licking their cunts we turned and smiled at one another. As I said we had begun to hear the area come alive with neighbours, some no doubt close enough to hear the voices coming from our patio deck.

With a cleverness that I figured would compete with Bev’s I asked Susan and Jen that if they were really in need of and really wanted more. I told them that they should show me just how much they wanted it. I told them that if they wanted to continue , then they would both have to hang their clothes out on the clothes line, pushing them right along to the end pole. Without even considering the fact that they would be standing at the edge of the patio deck naked as the day they had been born , the two of them jumped right to it. They dropped their skirts, stepped out of them then walked over to the clothes pin box grabbing a couple each. Once the skirts were pinned to the line, they quickly un-buttoned their sheer blouses and pulled them from their firm young bodies, making three the number of naked girls standing on the patio deck.

I could definitely see their heightened excitement as their pink nipples were sticking proudly way out from the end of their beautiful white tits. I do not know who emitted the sigh that was heard behind me, but I am certain the sight of these two lovelies delighted both Bev and for that matter our slut-slave, Joyce who had been left in her fixed hanging position. Once the clothes were hung they pushed the line so that the clothes themselves were pushed to the other end of the line , far out of the reach of any of us. Had any one come over to see what all the commotion was about they would have found three naked young girls standing exposed to the elements. It was more than evident that they more than giddy about the two massive dogs that were being held back by a fairly large bosomed red headed female

As the girls settled back into their positions on the deck chairs, I released our slut-slave from her attachments and dragged her over beside them tugging down on her chain so she would assume more down onto all fours. Before I gave permission to Bev to allow the dogs to advance towards the girls, I mentioned that neither Jen nor Susan had experimented with anything other than the dog’s tongue up until today. Trying to sound real melodramatic, perhaps hinting that the two girls would be introduced to more than the dog’s tongues, I continued to say that we had managed to excite the dogs to no end so far and perhaps it would be more fair to them they were satisfied properly.

The girls quickly began to object, telling me that they only wanted to get off with the dogs licking them as they had in the past. They did not think they were ready to take things further, and really did not want me to have the dogs fuck them that morning. They said that they would do almost anything else for me, even if it meant they would be flogged until their bodies turned pink. They would stay naked all weekend if need be and pamper both Bev and me as they wanted to cum, but did not want to be fucked. I allowed the girls, to plead for a few minutes then cut them off ordering them to be quiet. I told them that they would of course be penalized for spoiling my plans but that the fact remained I thought the poor dogs should be treated fairly and should be allowed to get their rocks off also. Then I started saying that our slut-slave liked dogs, and previously had been well satisfied by several of them, however she had both of her holes fully loaded at the moment and they were loaded this way for a purpose. I figured Joyce may have had the thought of me having the dogs fuck her while allowing the two girls a reprise, and I hoped to have her off guard before I continued.

Time may have stood still at that moment for there was complete silence, that was except for the panting sounds made by the two dogs. The two girls began once again to whimper this time they pulled their legs up towards their heads, spreading themselves wide open ,exposing all their young delights. It was quite evident that they wanted to continue . Bev and I both had an unobstructed view of their little pussies pulsating in beat with their whimpering. They looked so delicious that I contemplated placing my own mouth over their exposed sex and giving them a tonguing I would enjoy.

Just as I was to advance this thought out loud, I heard Bev speak up asking if I had perhaps forgotten that our slut-slave had been blessed with three holes that could be used to provide sexual satisfaction. Immediately I broke into a broad smile, confirming to Bev that I had not thought of that. I told the two girls that they would have to remain in the position that they had now assumed, their legs pulled up and towards their heads, their two holes openly exposed and available to the dogs.

I also informed them , that since they had agreed to please me in other ways I was going to provide them with a bit more stimulus. I picked up six clothes pins, then began to play with Susan’s nipples. I knew for a fact that once stimulated her nipples became elongated like no others I had seen. They could almost pass for little fingers, they protruded so far out. Susan had to wear bras with extra padding in order to keep them from unpleasantly embarrassing her on a daily basis. Once I had one nipple extended I attached a clothes pin on to it, shifted my position and proceeded then to simulate Jen’s nipples.

The girls cried out in surprise, perhaps experiencing a bit of pain as I clipped the pin ensuring that it was fixed firmly to their nipple. Letting a bit of suspense set in, I reached between their spread legs and played each in turn with their little clit, bringing it out from its protective hood. Taking it between my thumb and finger, I pinched it just so lightly. I really wanted them to understand the vulnerable position they were in and to understand the consequences of the statements they had made so I would not have them fucked by the dogs.

As I pinched or squeezed their little clits I replaced my fingers with the clothespin, leaving it to take up the pressure. I then clamped the third pin to the remaining nipple. Now they were set for action as they both became very very agitated, rocking the lower portion of their bodies from side to side. Immediately I told Bev to allow the dogs to advance so that they could continue licking and lapping the girls to orgasm. I then ordered Joyce, our slut-slave to satisfy the dogs orally, while they were busy licking and lapping.

Joyce hearing this command, hesitated, no doubt not believing she perhaps heard right. She was being asked to suck on a dog’s cock, well no she was being told to suck on two of them. I tugged at the leash harshly, telling her that she had better get to it immediately or risk unprecedented punishment, as it was , she was going to be punished in any case for her hesitation. If she did not get to it now, I would take her out into the street, tie her to a stop sign, in fact perhaps the stop sign at the corner where her house was located.

I stuck a cord with that statement as Joyce , crawled towards the closest dog, taking his cock in her hands began to rub his sheath, Once she was certain that she had most of it’s length out she tentatively placed it at the edge of her lips. Bev and I watched as Joyce slowly extended her tongue, licking at the end of this large, wet looking apparition, its large bluish veins giving it an almost warped like appearance. Once again I sensed a bit of hesitation on Joyce’s part, so I went and got the small whip I had brought with me.

When I came back Joyce had begun to lick the first dog’s cock, it was quite evident that she was not enjoying this particular task however. Last time she had had a dog’s cock in her hand she had seemed a bit more enthusiastic, but then she had only been told to get the dog off, she had not been given specific instructions to suck his cock. This was indeed a new experience, and perhaps needed a bit more incentive.

I brought the tip of the whip down on her exposed ass, quickly, sharply causing her to jump in shock . Then I brought it down thrice more in quick succession, not even allowing her to react. I told her that I wanted to see more enthusiasm in her efforts to suck the dog off, because, she had another one to satisfy also, and they both had to be satisfied before they stopped licking at the two girl’s exposed sex. Bev appreciated my action so much that she asked if she could have a go at controlling the slut-slave’s progress. It was funny to watch as I handed the whip to Bev, Joyce altered her stance and engulfed the dog’s cock far into her mouth.

This was now more like it we could enjoy the scene unfolding before us, the two dog’s lapping at Susan and Jen, licking from behind their little back bung hole, up and over to their protruding clit, which looked like it was vibrating like a string of a violin playing Mozart’s 5th symphony. Joyce of course , on her hands and knees, her mouth stuffed full of doggie cock, jerking wildly each time Bev tapped her ass with the tip of the whip. The poor dog was trying hard to concentrate on Susan’s leaking cunt while at the same time humping his cock into Joyce’s mouth. Once his knot appeared, forcing itself to the edge of Joyce’s mouth we could see her cheeks bulge as he sprayed his spunk. Both Bev and I cried out `SWALLOW` so that our poor slut-slave would understand exactly what was required of her.

As the first dog spent his seed , sending it into Joyce’s mouth, he must have extended his tongue even further into Susan’s young cunt, for we heard her screaming in ecstasy , words coming so fast from her mouth that it was difficult to understand clearly just what she was yelling. Joyce let the dog’s cock slip from her mouth and moved reluctantly but quickly over to the dog licking at Jen , hoping no doubt to avoid any further whipping from Bev. Once again I watched as our slut-slave took the second dog’s slippery red , purple veined cock into her mouth . It did not take long before the second dog was sending his spunk deep into her mouth , it would appear that she had managed to figure things out, had learned how to work the dog’s cock just like she knew how to suck off my brother, bringing him quickly to his end.

Joyce collapsed onto the patio deck her body rocking in convulsions, either from having taken all that doggie goo into her stomach, or from having almost satisfied her own sexual needs. The two girls had let go of their legs and were now splayed out, exhausted from their ordeal, their bodies still bucking with after shocks. The dogs themselves having been similarly satisfied curled up on the deck and got busy licking their own retracting cocks. I motioned to Bev to unclip the pins from the girls, a task she was very pleased to do, extracting sharp cries from both Susan and Jen as the blood rushed back into their hyper sensitive body parts.

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three slaves at once,, hard to believe its true.

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