Kate accepts meet via PM on social networkin site FacePlace, but gets more cock than he bargained for
Kate Mathers wasn’t really into computers and only joined FacePlace to keep up with her friends and hopefully get in touch with previous classmates from 20 years ago. What she hadn’t banked on was, as a 40 year old mother of two, she would get a string of private messages from young MILF hunters eager for a shag. At first she just laughed them off but, with a Profile Picture that showed her at her best… long, straight, blonde hair and a pretty face, the Friend Requests kept on coming – along with many suggestions of what these young lads would like to do to her. They left nothing out and initially Kate paid no attention, but soon her curiosity got the better of her and she replied to a young lad called Tom, a fresher in a Uni in her locality.

Flirty conversations went on each night, with Tom jacking off to what she replied to his ideas of meeting up and fucking each other. She kept her chats quiet from both her husband and her mates, who’d laughed about the endless possibilities but would never act on their desires to be fucked once again by young, virile men rather than their “past it” husbands.

One day Tom asked (for what seemed like the billionth time) if Kate would meet up, and she finally said yes. Her marriage was sexless at the time as she’d been rowing with her fella, and the two screaming kids certainly worth helping matters, so she agreed to meet while her bloke was at work. A pub close to Tom’s student house in the city centre was to be the meeting point and, if all went well, it would be back to his for the rest of the afternoon.

The day arrived and Kate showered before dressing for the meet, her body smelled of her Molton Brown shower cream as she applied first a black lace bra and thong, a suspender belt and sheer stockings, a black satin blouse and matching pencil skirt that hugged her ass like a second skin. She stood in front of her long mirror and gave herself an admiring glance as she smoothed the satin over her curvaceous arse. Men had a thing about her ass and didn’t she know it, it started with a hollow back then stood like two round semi-circular balls stuck to her backside. If you had a pushbike you could stand it’s wheel up in her ass crack all day.

Tom sat in the dark, quiet pub and waited for her to arrive, and she caused quite a stir from the locals as she entered the doors. Cocks twitched around the room as Kate found Tom and sat next to him, the light catching the roundness of her ass in the tight black satin. The punters looked on in amazement, trying to discern whether she was his mum, a relative, hooker or girlfriend, as they chatted.

Three hours passed and both were pretty tanked and horny when Tom suggested they go back to his student house, assuring her no one was due in for hours. On arrival Tom took her coat, made her a double vodka and lemonade and they sat together on the couch in the living room. It wasn’t long before they started necking, Kate now sitting atop Tom’s thighs, facing him. His hands reaching round to encompass her rotund butt as she gyrated on his stiffening member, bulging through his jeans.

Tom undid the thick black belt that so well accentuated her waist and gently unbuttoned her blouse, removing it and flinging it to the doorway. Feeling her tits through the lace bra Kate moved in closer, allowing Tom to reach behind her and unclasp it and she removed it sexily, allowing him his first glimpse of her small, round breasts. As Tom’s hard cock pulsed beneath her she got off him and onto all fours, unzipping him and removing his jeans and boxers. His prick sprang up and she grabbed it, wanking it before slowly lowering her mouth onto it, deep throating all eight inches. He’d bragged online but his length and girth was no lie, even though she’d thought he might be embellishing the truth.

He held onto her blonde locks as she slid her tongue along his throbbing member, licking up and down his pulsating shaft. He would surely blow soon and Kate knew it, she wanked and sucked him like a pro before she felt his manhood twitch in her mouth. He held her head tightly as he bucked into her mouth, his cock spasming before squirting wad after wad of his milky white cream inside her mouth, blasting past her tonsils. She took it all, every last drop, swallowed and licked her lips.

“Fuck me, you’re one dirty bitch” said Tom, not losing his erection as Kate slid her skirt up her thighs and ass ‘til it rested around her waist. Tom reached up and ripped her thong clean off her before she sat astride him, impaling herself on his 18 year old manhood. It filled her well, and Tom was soon pounding into the pussy of his FacePlace MILF. Reaching round to her ass, he placed a finger inside as he pumped her cunt with his cock and she writhed in pleasure above him. “I wanna fuck you in your ass” he whispered, her face now close to his and he pumped inside her. “I love my ass filled honey” she replied - and with that, out of nowhere, she felt two more hands grab her hips and another length slide gently into her wanton asshole.

A look of shock crept over her face. “You didn’t think I’d keep this quiet from my flatmates did you?” said Tom, as Graham started sliding his length in and out of her ass. “This is Graham” said Tom, Kate looked round to see who was effectively raping her ass. Graham said “hi MILF” as he grabbed at her hips tighter, ramming her asshole hard and fast. “Hi” said Ben, standing just behind Graham. “Oh fuck” replied Kate. “What?” Tom asked, “you don’t like black guys? This is Ben, women love Ben… and Ben loves women!”. “No I, er, love black men” replied Kate, eyeing him up and down. Ben stood there naked, 6’3”, built like a brick shithouse and with a fat 9” cock. Kate bit down on her lip, she so wanted that inside her but feared being ripped apart.

As Tom and Graham pounded away at her pussy and ass, Ben stood to their side and moved his cock in and out of Kate’s mouth. She gagged on his massive length, trying to suck him off as she panted from being fucked by the two student lads. It wasn’t long before Tom was ready to come again, Kate fucking back at his thrusts bringing her close to coming herself. She was so turned on, last night she went to bed alone while her husband watched football, and now she was being serviced by three young studs, pounding her every oraface. She felt Tom’s cock swell and gripped it with her vaginal muscles, only heightening Tom’s experience as he twitched before erupting deep inside her. As stream after stream of his load filled her up she convulsed and let out a loud moan into Ben’s pumping cock. Her body shook and Graham held her hips tightly as he jackhammered her ass, her shattering orgasm leaving her like a spirit on The Exorcist. Faster and faster Graham pounded while her juices flowed out over Tom’s spent sack. Then he pulled out, and a stream of his hot come flew up her back, from her ass cheeks way up her spine. Another hit her back before he placed his squirting cock between her butt cheeks and let his load fly out over her ass and the back of her skirt, bunched up around her waist.

She raised herself off Tom and sat facing Ben and Graham on the couch, Ben kneeling down and pulling her to the end of the seat. He placed his huge, black mushroom head at her sopping pussy entrance and pulled her by her hips onto him until he was completely inside her. She looked up at him and took in his black beauty as she bit down on her lower lip, his cock felt so good inside her, filling her totally with his long, fat, black length. Kate was in paradise, Ben was running his length all the way into her, then all the way out bar the head. Then all the way in, then all the way out. Then he just grabbed hard at her hips and rammed her as fast and as deep as he could. Her moans were so loud the neighbours next door were banging on the walls, “turn that down” said the husband, “can’t you watch that later, I’m trying to watch Corrie?”

Ben fucked her faster and faster ‘til she leant forward and bit him hard on the shoulder, releasing her second orgasm to his thrusts. This turned him on so much he grabbed her firmly and pounded at her with wreckless abandon, her head now at the back of the seat and her legs now in the air as her pussy took all Ben could give it. He pulled out, shooting a thick stream of milky white jizz right up her belly and landing squarely on her face. He twisted his cock in is hand as the next shot and the one after replicated the first, coating her face in such a way she couldn’t open her eyes. The next streams landing on her belly and skirt ‘til his load was spent.

Next, Ben got onto all fours and started tonguing her slimy twat, while she fingered herself. Tom and Graham got either side of her face and she took turns in licking them clean as Ben brought her off for the third time, lapping up her hot juice as it left her pussy.

All over, the guys got Kate a taxi home. As she looked down at her messy skirt she thought she’d get in before her husband anyway, but sadly the taxi driver commented she knew him – so they made a slight detour on the route home to keep him quiet.

Kate now can’t leave FacePlace alone and has turned into an internet MILF slut. So if you’re a student and up for fun get adding her.

(Obviously the name’s a fake, poetic licence I’m afraid guys… sorry!)

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2011-11-04 18:59:56
Yeah, Graham took her without her consent, dat was kinda rape. But she willingly fucked Ben. Great story anyways

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2011-05-13 12:12:40
Wow! I am so dripping wet!

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2010-09-24 17:56:27
Drew, i included the tag as Tom's mates took her without permission. Sorry if the story disappointed.


2010-09-24 02:04:19
the 'rape' tag does not belong on this story.

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