Chapter Five

As I finished writing a draft of my plan to get Kim’s father locked up, I heard the girls coming back from the mall.

“What are you doing”?

“I was just drafting up a plan to deal with Kim’s father”.

“What do you mean deal with my father”?

“Look Kim; the son of a bitch needs to be locked up in prison. You haven’t seen everything, so I want you to watch something that I found on the video”.

“I’m not watching any more of that video. It is too upsetting”.

“I know, but both of you really need to see and hear this, and then you will understand why he has to be dealt with. Please just trust me”.

The girls agreed, so I positioned the video at the scene where he is fucking her doggy and calling her Sue. Then I forwarded it to the scene where he says that he wants to impregnate her so she can bring her baby to his bed. I thought that the girls would be upset and balling their eyes out, but I was shocked at their reaction. They were really pissed off and disgusted, and looking for revenge.

“Let’s hear your plan. I want that fucker locked away rotting in prison”.

“I agree with you Sue. I can no longer think of him as my father. He’s a fucking monster”.

“Okay, here is what I was thinking: the video and sound quality from the button camera may not be good enough for a prosecutor to take the case to trial. We need to get more sophisticated equipment and set it up in his bedroom. We will have to do it when he’s not home, so you need to get him away from the house, so I can install proper equipment. We are each going to have to make sure we have our cell phones on so we are in constant touch. We should safely allow two hours for the installation, so do either of you have any ideas for keeping him out of the house that long?

“He has been promising to take me to the museum, so I can make sure that we are gone for two hours”.

“Great. After we have the video transferred to DVD, I am going to go alone to see a detective, and insist that a prosecutor sit in on the interview. I will explain that my sister and I suspected that you were being abused in your sleep. I will also say that without your knowledge, I installed the video system in his room to gather evidence. You need to play dumb about all this so they don’t think that you are just some vindictive teenager trying to get back at her father for whatever reason. You need to go to your doctor and get a letter from him explaining your sleepwalking diagnosis, so that the police don’t think you are faking. Sue and I can also attest to witnessing your sleepwalking. When I take the Doctor’s letter and the DVD to the interview, your father is finished. What do you think”?

“How do we get the more sophisticated equipment”?

“Leave that up to me. I have an idea, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll go to the prosecutor with the video that we already have”.

“Okay. I will go see my Doctor Monday, and I’ll ask my father to take me to the museum Monday night. Is that enough time for you to get the equipment”?

“I can work around that. So I guess we are all set”.

“Kim and I were talking on the way back from the mall, and we have agreed that the three of us have become so close over this problem, and we need to get rid of any petty feelings of jealousy. We want to spend the rest of the day having you play around with us. We also want to take our two mattresses and put them together on the floor, so we can all sleep together tonight. Are you okay with that”?

Both girls grinned when they saw my pants tented out and then they looked at each other and Sue said “He’s more than okay with that. Look at that cock dance in his pants”.

We had the mattresses thrown together in my room and were all naked in less than five minutes. My cock was throbbing and dripping pre-cum, and I honestly didn’t know where to start. I had both of them naked and in heat, and wasn’t sure who I should fuck first. I guess because I appeared hesitant, the girls took the lead and pushed me back on the mattress.

Sue began kissing me and as we sucked each other’s tongues, Kim got between my legs and began nibbling and licking at my balls. I asked Sue to 69 with me, so that way I would have my way with her pussy, and she could join Kim sucking and licking me.

There was heat and juice flowing in Sue’s pussy, so I eagerly lapped her pussy lips from top to bottom, and then sucked her clitoris into my mouth. She was getting worked up into a frenzy as I worked her clit over, and her hips began squirming and mashing her pussy mound into my face. Kim now had my balls sucked into her mouth and licked them all over as Sue bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Although I felt like I was going to shoot, I had to hold off and make this last. Sue was starting to tremble and gyrate so I knew she was cumming in my mouth. When that musky odour from inside her pussy hit me, I could no longer control myself, and I felt my balls releasing a torrent of sperm. Sue gobbled all of it into the back of her throat to swallow as Kim continued sucking my balls and fingering my anus. What an incredible experience, I thought to myself as the last remnants of my cum were sucked into Sue’s throat.

I felt bad for Kim, since she was yet to orgasm, so I moved her onto her back and went to crawl between her legs. Sue said that she would take care of Kim’s pussy, so I moved up to kiss her. I glanced down at Sue hungrily lapping and sucking at Kim’s pussy and clitoris, and it got my cock twitching again. I concentrated on kissing and massaging Kim’s breasts, and when I sucked her erect nipples into my mouth, she began to heave and tremble. Sue sensed that Kim was ready to cum, so she increased her suction on the clitoris, and I sucked harder on the nipples, until we heard Kim scream out that she was cumming.

Sue flopped down on the mattress to catch her breath, and because my cock had hardened again, I moved between Kim’s thighs, and inserted my cock head into her wet and steamy pussy opening. Kim wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me deep into her pussy hole and when my balls hit her ass cheeks, I began thrusting in and out.

“Fuck me hard. I wanna cum again”.

“I’m gonna jack hammer your pussy and cum hard inside you Kim”.

“Give it to her hard, but save a little for me brother”.

Sue was now behind me rubbing my ass, and as she inserted her finger into my anus, I began humping as hard as I could. It was all Sue could do to keep her finger in me, but she did, and Kim screamed out “fuck my pussy hard. I’m cumming”.

“I’m cumming too Kim. Keep fingering my ass Sue”.

Whatever cum I had left was now streaming into Kim’s womb, and I could now feel the contractions in her pussy walls sucking at my cock to drain it. Sue pulled her finger out of my ass, and then I collapsed on the mattress. All three of us hugged and then lay back to savor the after effects of the orgasm.

“Give me a half hour or so to recover and I’ll fuck your pussy too Sue”.

“No problem bro, but remember, it’s going to have to be my butt”.

“Sorry, I forgot. Can you pass me the cordless phone so I can check with the spy store about the equipment we will need”?

“Here. How are we going to pay for this”?

“I’ll handle it”.

“Hello. I was in a while back and bought a button camera, but now I need to upgrade it to something more sophisticated. I need video and sound quality that would be good enough for trial evidence. Yah, that sounds like it. How much would that cost? That much! Is it possible to rent it? Great. I’ll be there in a couple of hours”.

“What did he say”?

“He told me I can trade in the old button camera to use as a deposit on the rental of the new stuff. After I fuck your brains out, I’ll go down and make all of the arrangements”.

“Your cock doesn’t look ready yet”.

“Lay back with your legs spread and tell me how much you want my cock, and beg for my cock to enter your ass”.

Just saying that myself had my cock twitching, but not quite hard enough for penetrating her anus. When she did as I asked though, it began to stiffen. I decided to fuck her ass in the missionary position, so I started out kissing her and licking her nipples, and when my cock felt hard enough, I moved the head to her anal opening. Rubbing the head in circles around her anus was having the desired effect on my cock, as well as Sue. She was starting to moan and wiggle her ass around, so I gently inserted the cock head into her anal opening and then waited for her to let me know when she was ready for full penetration.

“Fuck my ass. I want it”.

“Here I go into your ass Sue”.

As I slid gently and slowly into her anal passage, Kim started massaging and sucking Sue’s breasts. She was in full heat now, so I began thrusting in and out and when she pulled me deep, I knew I could slam her ass harder. I gave it to her pretty hard, but she was bucking with me and seemed to be really enjoying it, so I began jack hammering her ass, until I heard her scream that she was cumming. I tried with everything I had to cum with her, but I guess I was tapped out. I just stayed deep in her ass as she finished cumming, and then withdrew and flopped down.

“You didn’t cum with me”.

“I know. I think my cock is done for a few hours. I need a break, and then I have to get down to the spy store”.

“Sue and I have some money saved from babysitting. Let me get it and that will help with the equipment rental”.

“Sure. Every dollar helps”.

After getting dressed, I headed to the spy store hoping that I had enough money to cover the rental. When I got there, they had to inspect the button camera, and then they showed me the new equipment. It was only slightly larger than the button camera, but they gave me a demonstration, and the difference in quality was incredible. I had just enough money, so I signed everything and then headed home.

When I got home the girls were making supper, and since I had really worked up an appetite, I devoured two platefuls. We settled in to the sofa to watch a movie and I began to worry that I had worn myself out today, and may have nothing left for tonight.

To be continued……………

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