Chapter Five

After finishing breakfast, Marion asked me how I felt about staying for the rest of the weekend. I had nothing to go back to at the motel, so I accepted her invitation and looked forward to getting some more time inside that luscious pussy. I shouldn’t have to wait long for that, since she started getting amorous before breakfast had even settled in our stomachs. We cuddled and kissed and groped at each other, and just as I was going to mount her, we were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Marion threw on a robe and went down to answer the door, and even though I could hear her talking to someone, I couldn’t recognize the voice.

Marion came back upstairs and told me that Linda stopped by for a visit, so she asked me to throw on a robe and come down. I didn’t own a robe, but she said that there were several men’s robes in the second closet. Strange, I thought to myself, but it was really none of my business, so I didn’t ask why all the men’s robes.
Linda had a devilish grin on her face as I reached the last step, so I suspected that this was a visit designed to find out what had been going on with me and her sister.

“Looks like you too have been pretty cozy”.

“Hi Linda. What are you doing out so early? Checking up on me”?

“You got me. The suspense was killing me when you didn’t come back to the motel last night, so I thought I should check and make sure that my sister didn’t wear you out”.

Linda was getting a little too nosey and I felt annoyed with her, and I guess it showed on my face, because she asked me why I was being so sensitive.

“I’m not used to people prying into my personal relationships”.

“Got something to hide”?

“Just my privacy”.

Marion sensed that tensions were rising so she suggested that we all sit at the waterfront with coffee. I suppose that I shouldn’t have been so sensitive. After all, Marion is her sister, and it’s not up to me to decide when she visits.

“So Linda. Saturday night. Did you get any”?

“You are a riot Doc. I am not looking for any, so, no, I didn’t get any”.

“We were just about to fuck our brains out again when you rang the doorbell sis, and as usual, your timing was impeccable”.

I was a little taken back at Marion’s candor, but I was the out of Towner here, so I decided to just play along.

“Yes Linda, I was just about to mount your sister, when you interrupted. Would you mind if we picked up where we left off, and I mount her right here”?

The bitch called my bluff and told me to go for it.

“Come on Marion, let’s disrobe and get at it”.

“You’re serious”?

“I guess I am now that she has called my bluff”.

“I’m game if you are”, she said as she tossed off her robe”.

I have no idea why I got myself in this position, but my options were few and far between, so I tossed off my robe and took Marion in my arms and kissed her. As our passion increased, the heat of the moment drowned out the fact that her sister was there watching our every move. I turned Marion around facing the picnic table, and she leaned into it, as I moved her legs apart. I mounted her doggy style from behind and was back in that juicy pussy and totally blocking Linda from my mind. I began pounding her, as I held both of her breasts in my hands, and Marion was now fully juiced up and in heat.

The slapping sounds from my balls banging off of her ass, echoed across the water, and spurred me on to even harder and deeper thrusts. I moved one of my hands from her breasts and slid it between her pussy lips, so that I could rub her clitoris, as I pounded her. That brought Marion to the edge and she was now moaning that she was going to cum. I gave her one more hard and deep thrust, and came with her, as I felt those magical pussy contractions suck the cum out of my shaft. When we both had finished cumming, I was a little weak at the knees, so I withdrew my cock, put my robe back on, and sat down. Marion did the same, and then we both looked at Linda, as if to say “any other requests”?

Linda had a look of shock, but also of excitement on her face, and was virtually speechless. Marion and I laughed, and then we both agreed that probably was the craziest thing that we had ever done.

“Is that all you got”?

“No that was just the preliminary warm up round Linda. That orgasm was just to take the edge off, so the next few can last longer”.

The three of us broke out into hysterical laughing fits, and almost choked ourselves.

“He’s pretty quick witted Linda. I think you have finally met your match”.

“No shit. That has got to be the gutsiest thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe I should stick around for the main event”.

As much as I laughed about the things we said and did, my mind often drifted back to my professional predicament, as well as Jenny, and it not only ruined the mood, but it got me a little depressed. I went inside to shower and get dressed, so the girls decided to stay out and chat. The marble showers were something to behold, so I took extra time in there just to admire the architecture. I guess I took a lot of time, because Marion soon joined me, and right behind her was Linda.

My cock sprang to attention at the sight of two naked ladies joining me in the shower, and that got a chuckle from Linda.

“Not big enough for you Linda”?

“Oh, it’s just fine. I chuckled at how fast that thing recovered from the beating it took outside”.

“That wasn’t a beating. It was just a tune up sparring session”.

“How about sparring with me for a round or two”?

I glanced at Marion and she said “Go ahead if you think you can handle her”.

I sat down on the marble seating area of the shower, and told Linda to come and get it. She walked over and stood up on the bench facing me, with her pussy right in my face. I reached for her breasts to massage them as my tongue flicked at her pussy lips through a large mound of silky black hairs. She already smelled musky and was juiced up, so she must have been anticipating this for a while. As her pussy lips gradually parted, her clitoris was now peeking out of its sheath, so I sucked it between my lips and began lapping it with my tongue.

She was now humping my face, as I rolled her erect nipples between my fingers, so I began licking her clitoris faster and faster, and increased the suction between my lips. She screamed and moaned and then soaked my face with her pussy juices. Her pussy exploded and I could feel the spasms, when I inserted two fingers deeply into her tunnel. Her pussy walls sucked at my fingers, and I began to envision the effect those spasms would have on a cock.

Linda had come down from her orgasm, and dropped to her knees in front of me, to suck my throbbing cock. She licked at it teasingly, and then without warning, she deep throated the entire length of my cock, until my balls came to rest on her chin. I reached for her face, because I was so worked up, I just wanted to fuck her face and cum in her throat. She bobbed her head up and down the entire length of my shaft, and I knew I was finished. The streams of cum blew into her throat, and she never flinched, as wave after wave of my semen went directly down her throat. She was still trying to bob up and down my shaft long after the cum streams had stopped, and I had to pull her head off of my cock. She was like a crazed animal who had just found fresh meat, so she continued trying to lick at my balls and cock. I let her take my balls into her mouth, and she surprised me by getting both of them in there at the same time. I was almost expecting her to hum, but I guess she had never learned that trick.

When she finally let me rest, I looked over at Marion and saw that she was working her clitoris, and appeared to need an orgasmic release. I went over to her and licked at her clitoris and inserted two fingers inside her pussy, and that took her over the edge. She shook and moaned and got even wetter as her juices began to flow. The entire shower smelled of pussy juices and semen, and it must have been quite a sight, as the three of us sat on the shower floor looking dazed and yet totally satisfied.

When we all recovered and went out to sit by the water, we all agreed that we had worked up an appetite and should figure out what to have for lunch. The breakfast that we had earlier was long gone and forgotten, considering all of the energy we had expended since then.

After lunch we sat around talking and laughing until Linda reminded me that she expected to be participating in the main event. I looked at Marion and she nodded in approval.

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you”.

“I’m not worried about anything except how long it will take us to get up the stairs to that king sized bed”.

To be continued………………………………
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