It was Saturday evening, a couple of weeks before my twentieth birthday. I drove up to Adam's house, as I would always do to slay my boredom. As I rang, Adam's sister Abby opened the door, giving me an instantaneous surge of arousal.

Adam’s 16 years old sister has dark skin and matching brown hair, and was wearing tight jeans and a loose white top that kept me fantasizing about the wondrous body underneath.

I have known Adam for ever since I can remember, and spending most of my free time at his house got me fantasizing a lot about Abby, and even about Adam’s younger sister Ella, even though she was only 12. Sometimes, during sleepovers where I would lie in Adam’s bed, and although I had no doubt I was straight, I would also think about how it might feel to put my arm around Adam and perhaps lay a curious kiss on his lips.

After greeting me, Abby ran back to the TV, so I shut the door and headed to Adam’s room.

Adam was sitting on the edge of his bed wearing boxers and a loose t-shirt. He had just woken up from a nap. After a quick exchange about our plans for the night, he went for a shower, so I joined Abby in watching some dim-witted series on TV.

“I can think of at least a dozen reasons why this show should be banned and its writers stoned, but then again, it’s not even worth the comment”

Abby came back with a wide smile: “Yeah, and shouting like ogres while playing on the PS3 is quite intellectual”

I laughed at the thought of my friends and me getting all excited about Call of Duty.

Abby then turned her gaze back to the TV. I went staring at her, and imagined myself sneaking up on her from behind, pulling her wavy hair to the side, resting my lips on the soft skin of her neck, and sliding my hands along her chest to cup her bountiful breasts.

Not wanting to deal with the embarrassment of growing an erection right now, I left the TV room frustrated, and went back to wait for Adam in his room. I grabbed a magazine and sat on the bed, flipping the pages and blankly staring at the images.

Still gazing at the magazine, I heard Adam coming into the room, heading to the closet to get dressed. I looked up, and froze at the sight of Adam completely naked with his back turned to me.

For a moment, I stood there staring at his almost hairless and smooth body. As I was grasped by the odd thought of running my hands along his shoulders, I became aware that my dick was twitching. My eyes were drawn down past his soft pale back to his nicely shaped ass.

“Is Emily coming to dinner with us? I don’t understand how the others can stand her. Anyway, I’m getting drunk before we even get there tonight”, said Adam while putting on some boxer briefs.

Still confused from being aroused by him, I knew I couldn’t fake a voice that wouldn’t give my horniness away, so I sidestepped the embarrassment by saying :

“I don’t care how stupid they can get, I haven’t had some for so long that I’d stick my dick in just about any hole tonight”

Adam laughed “I’d rather kiss you than make out with Emily”. No matter how jokingly he said it, my hardened dick rapidly swelled at the thought of my tongue parting his lips.

Adam turned his back for a second time to grab his wallet and car keys, so I seized the opportunity to dash outside the room muttering that I needed to use the bathroom and that it wouldn’t take long.

Indeed it did not take long. I dropped down my pants and boxers. I could barely hold myself from letting out a moan, while my hand was wrestling with my throbbing dick. Inhaling and exhaling sharply, stroking my dick tensely, I came hard, making an effort to imagine Abby’s warmth pressed against my body all the while trying to cleanse my mind from the strong urges caused by seeing Adam naked.

As my dick stopped pulsating and my heart gradually came back to its normal rhythm, I sat there motionless for a minute to catch my breath.

Adam was waiting for me by the door, so I shouted “Later!” and heard Abby answering “Have fun guys!” while Adam and I were stepping outside the house. I was back to my normal temperament around Adam, as we were driving to a club where our friends were waiting for us.

The night was warm and the clear starry sky left shimmering glows on the calm surface of a pool that was empty by this late hour. After my friends emptied their arsenal of jokes over dinner, and Adam showered Emily with sarcastic comments, we decided to go for a swim. No one had brought any swimsuits, but the water was so appealing that we all decided to take a dip in our underwear.

As soon as their eyes were met with plentiful breasts in flirty lingerie, my friends precipitated into starting a game of truth or dare. No one bothered with subtlety as they were overflowing with sexual eagerness.

And then it was Adam’s turn to dare Emily to do whatever eerie task he had machinated. He was not attracted to her, and his only drive was to humiliate her. However, he seemed to remember how horny I was earlier that evening, so he thought of hitting two birds with one stone.

“So Adam? Can’t make up that dirty mind of yours? Can you surprise me with any more immaturity?” Emily was frustrated for having to take commands from asshole Adam.

“Put a cock in it, Emily. Haha, get it? Actually… yeah, I want you to drive Sean’s protruding masculinity into your annoying mouth”.

The smirk on Emily’s face was gone, and she only raised her middle finger up for Adam to see it. She was not intent on carrying out the dare, to my utmost disappointment I should say.
However, I was still amused by Adam’s meanness and everyone’s scornful remarks to Emily because she wouldn’t commit to the game.

A couple of rounds later came Emily’s turn to dare me. There was no doubt she was going to take it out on me because I was Adam’s best friend.

“Sean”, she let out with a wide grin, “you sure looked amused by Adam’s witty idea earlier, so why don’t you go plunge that masculinity of yours in his ass?”

It was exasperating that she took everything to heart and I was growing tired of the game becoming a series of reprisals.

But before I could react, I froze at the sound of Adam’s voice.


He had his eyes locked on Emily’s with a look of defiance, until he turned them to me and motioned to the corner of the pool with a mischievous smile. His face was reading “What the hell, let’s show that slut”.

This sparked the groups’ interest in the game again as they started shouting encouragements, and though Emily was put down, her nipples were pointing under her bra and I would have sworn I saw here swiftly licking her upper lip.

I opened my mouth but couldn’t utter any words as I was numbed by how imminent the group made it seem. As my mind was spinning with panic I lost every bit of reason; I surrendered to the confident cheering of my friends and to the stiffness of my dick that was blazing with lusty anticipation. I swam to the side of Adam who had a composed accomplice smile. As if to set the right ambiance, the others had made themselves hardly noticeable.

Adam saw my discomfort and reassured:

“Oh come on, you always liked anal, close your eyes, think of some girl, and we’ll get it over with. As for me, I’m already half-drunk; I’ll drink this out of my memory as soon as we’re done. I won’t talk to make this easy for you”.

And as he said so, he turned his back to me and placed his hands on the side of the pool, keeping his boxers on. He was trying to be supportive because he knew I despised gayness, but what if he makes out that I’m actually enjoying this? Even I haven’t recovered from the shock of being attracted to him.

I put both hands on Adam’s flat stomach and pulled myself closer to him. There was no way I could stop then. A rush of adrenaline was firing through every cell in my boiling body as I was struggling not to slide my hands down to his groin and feel his dick. I slid down my boxers leaving Adam’s on, and while my right hand was still clutching to Adam’s waist, I cuddled up my dick between his ass cheeks still concealed under his boxers, rested my head on his shoulder, and began thrusting gently against him, breathing slowly in his ear.

Suddenly he groaned of pain, and his softened, somehow gasping voice broke the silence.

“It’s not going all in with the boxers on, this is only going to take longer”.

I wanted it to last longer. I wanted to feel him all over and suck on his skin. That was nearly enough to send me over the edge, but I kept my cool.

“Fine”, was all I said, trying to fake the impression that I would have liked to avoid this if I could.

I dove under the water so that I could slide his boxers down to his knees.
I was hanging on to his legs and wouldn’t let go if it wasn’t for the fear of him figuring out my desires, or of drowning.

I resurfaced and started resting the head of my cock on his ass cheeks, which sent my heart thumping stronger. I wrapped my legs around his, and as the tip of my dick penetrated him his ass contracted around it. He was withholding growls of pain, and what I liked to imagine was a hint of pleasure, while I was burring my whole dick in his ass.
Then the pain subsided, and I pressed harder, getting hold of his waistband and pulling it in. As my dick was enveloped by the warm flesh of his ass cheeks, I could feel Adam’s heart pounding faster and he exhaled sturdily a few times in what I dreamed to be moans of pleasure.

All of a sudden his hand slipped so I held still for a second, fearing I got carried away and that he might pull away, disgusted by my excitement.

Instead, he shifted his body back to accommodate me and began rocking his ass back and forth, swallowing up my hard dick in its tightness. I had never felt so stimulated and I was experiencing the biggest rush of delight until then.

His hips were rubbing firmly against my dick and body. I wrapped my arms around his torso and thrust onto him deeply, my body pulsing with orgasm. I let out an irrepressible moan as my dick leaped with every spurt of cum squirting out inside him.

“woah, lucky we’re in a pool for the water to cool the heat in my ass. Plus, now I have a hard-on, the upshot of you pounding against my prostate”.

I was still holding on to Adam, motionless, but pulled away in panic as soon as he spoke.

My mind was back in charge of my body and I forced myself into saying :

“Now let’s pretend this never happened”. I don’t know how convincing I sounded then.

We swam back to the other side of the pool, where our friends let out a flow of jokes and cheering, but nothing far from their usual demeanor, besides the less aggressive demeanor of Emily. Even Adam was laughing and joking around as if nothing out of the ordinary happened moments ago.

“Sean, what about you?”

“Wh- what?”, I was a hollow presence among my friends as my mind was wandering elsewhere.

“Drinks, bar, care to join?”

“Yeah, sure”, maybe soaking my neurons in alcohol will put an end to my unreasonable torments and deaden my lasting arousal. Adam also seemed enthusiastic about binge-drinking. After toweling up and getting dressed in the cabins near the pool, we got into our cars and headed to the bar.


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