Chapter Four

Kim and I sat up, as Sue sat down on the edge of the bed, and it was obvious from her expression that she was not only disgusted, but hurt as well. Why wouldn’t she be hurt and disgusted? I was disgusted at myself for letting my cock and lust take over my thinking process. Sue and I had something very special that developed after years of fighting and arguing and here I was letting my cock throw it all away.

“You and I had made plans to talk to Kim about her sleepwalking problem, and yet, you had to turn it into some kind of freakish sex show for your own pleasure. I just don’t understand you. And you Kim; what the hell were you thinking? We cared enough about you to want to help you deal with your problem, and yet you chose to fuck my brother, while you were fully awake and unable to hide behind the sleepwalking excuse”.

“Sue, I can’t really explain why I did it, but I want you to know that I am sorry that I hurt you.”

I apologized to Sue, but felt that we needed to turn the conversation back to Kim. I suggested that we talk about Kim’s father and everyone agreed.

“How would you feel about taping your father’s bedroom with a hidden pinhole camera? I was at a spy store the other day and saw cameras so small that they look like buttons. If we could get one of those and put it on your pajamas, it would show you what is happening when you are sleepwalking”.

“It sounds okay, but wouldn’t that be very complicated and expensive”?

“Let me worry about the details. I’ll set things up, and have the wireless signal from the camera directed to a Digital Video Recorder that we can hide in your room. Then you can bring the recorder over here and we’ll check it out on my computer”.

By now, all of us were half asleep, since it was only a couple of hours before morning, so we decided to go to bed. I wasn’t sure when I was going to get some pussy again, since Sue was still annoyed with me, but I’ll have to let things play out and see what happens. I could always go back to jerking off, but it wouldn’t compare with what I had experienced with Sue and Kim.

The following day, I went back to the spy store and bought the camera using my debit card. I was amazed when the store salesman told me that the camera was equipped with a miniature microphone as well. He said that the sound won’t be great, but that I would be able to hear well enough to understand what was being said. This purchase would deplete all of my savings that I had earned from grass cutting and snow shoveling, but it needed to be done. When I got back home, Sue brought me Kim’s pajama top and between the two of us, we got it attached. We checked it out using the DVR in my room, and it worked great. I was almost going to suggest that one of them suck me off to test it, but I didn’t want to push my luck.

We had arranged for Kim to sleep over next Saturday night, since my parents were at an out of town wedding and wouldn’t be home until Sunday afternoon. I reminded Kim to wear the same top every night during the week, to make sure we had every possibility covered. I must admit that I was erect most of the week anticipating what was to unfold next Saturday night. I didn’t get anything from Sue because she still was upset with me, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I snuck into her bedroom twice late at night and while she let me kiss and hug her, there was no offers of anything else.

Finally Saturday arrived and Sue and I went out to the driveway to see our parents off on their trip. Once they were gone, it would be another hour or so before Kim got here, so I wrapped my arms around Sue and gave her a passionate kiss. When my hands moved for her breasts, she stopped me.

“How long are you going to stay upset with me Sue? I have apologized several times this week, and you have rejected me every time I try and become loving with you”.

“You mean every time you wanted to fuck me”.

“I just want us to go back to the way it was before I did something very stupid. Can’t you forgive me”?

“I don’t know. I guess time will tell”.

“You know what Sue. Fuck you. We’ll just go back to the way things were before; fighting and arguing”.

I headed off to my room, and found myself in a really foul mood. What the fuck did she want from me? I said I was sorry several times, so fuck her. I had so many thoughts going through my head, and couldn’t focus on anything that didn’t involve anger. I messed around on my computer for a while, and when I heard the front door, I figured that Kim must have arrived. They didn’t have a clue how to operate the DVR or even how to connect it, so they would have to come to me for help. They didn’t though, so after an hour or so, I went downstairs to watch TV. I wasn’t particularly interested in TV, but I wanted them to hear me moving around, so they didn’t think I was sitting there waiting for them to come to me. A few minutes later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
“I’m sorry that I was so upset with you. I guess I was being immature, so Kim convinced me to come down and tell you that, and to ask for your help hooking up the DVR”.

I turned around and looked at Sue, and since she seemed genuinely sorry, I went over to her and gave her a hug. I put my hands on her breasts, and instead of pushing me away, she kissed me and thrust her tongue in my mouth. Finally things were returning to normal, so after kissing and hugging, we headed upstairs.
The girls sat in a state of suspense as I hooked up all the connections to my Computer, and even my cock was getting excited about the upcoming show. I was fully erect, but didn’t want it to show, in case the girls started thinking that I was acting like a pervert. I didn’t need them getting mad at me, so I made sure that my erection wasn’t obvious.

We all sat together on the edge of my bed, and the suspense was incredible, until I pressed play on the remote control, and the recording started to play. The first part was pretty boring since the camera only showed Kim’s ceiling, and her walls, as she turned over in bed. About ten minutes into the recording, Kim’s father appeared and hovered over her, while he just stared at her. He called out her name a few times, and when she didn’t answer, he took his cock out of his boxer shorts and began stroking it. Over and over he repeated “suck on daddy’s cock sweetheart”, until Kim turned on her side facing him, and opened her mouth. He placed his cock in her mouth and she began sucking and slurping. Her father began mouth fucking her until he finally grunted and came in her mouth. Kim said “That tasted good daddy. Should we fuck now”?


“You should stop it, because she is really upset”.

I hit the remote to stop it and sat back waiting to see what was going to happen now.


“Not necessarily Kim. He might be doing this now, because you got him expecting things from when you first sleepwalked into his bed naked. I think we should finish watching to see what happens next”.

“Maybe he’s right Kim. Let’s watch the rest”.

Kim was still pretty upset, and although she didn’t speak, she did nod approval to continue. As the screen once again showed Kim’s bedroom, the camera caught her wiping cum from the corners of her mouth as her father walked out of her room. Fifteen minutes later, she got up and walked towards her father’s bedroom and then slid under his blankets. She then said “Fuck me daddy. I want your cock inside my pussy”.

Her father removed her pajama bottoms and panties and got on top of her. The screen was filled with his face as he pounded away on Kim and told her that she was his greatest fuck and didn’t want this to ever stop. When he finished cumming inside her, he told her to try and get Sue over for a sleepover, so he could fuck her too.
Kim replied “Okay daddy and then you can fuck both of us”.

“I can’t fucking believe this Kim. You want your father to fuck me too”.

“Try and remember that I am talking in my sleep Sue”.

I sensed that a problem was brewing so I stopped the video and asked them to calm down so we could discuss things rationally. The two girls were obviously upset with each other and I got the feeling that this wasn’t going to be easy to settle. In fact, Kim got so upset, she said that she was going home, and she got up and left.

“Aren’t you going to go after her”?

“No. I am just shocked and angry that she wanted her father to fuck me”.

“She was sleepwalking, so I’m not so sure that she is responsible for things she says during those times”.

“She wouldn’t have said it, if she didn’t really want it to happen, so I don’t buy the whole sleepwalking excuse”.

“So what do we do now Sue”?

“I want to watch the rest of the video, before I decide what to do”.

There was a lot of dead space on the video from when Kim was actually sleeping, but the next scene that unfolded was Kim crawling between her Father’s legs to suck him off again. As she got him erect, he reached down to hold her face, and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. He then said “Sue suck that cock. I’m going to cum in your mouth”.

“I don’t believe that pervert. Now he wants to cum in my mouth. I guess because Kim didn’t react when he called her Sue, she obviously doesn’t know what is going on. I am going to go after Kim, and see if I can catch up to her”.

As I sat alone watching Kim’s father cum in her mouth, my cock was throbbing uncontrollably in my pants. I fast forwarded the tape until another scene unfolded and now she was straddling her father and had impaled herself on his cock. She was moaning for him to fuck her hard, so he began bucking wildly and said “I want you to suck all my cum out of me with your pussy”. Kim was now fucking him with all her strength and then she must have cum, because she said “That was so beautiful Daddy. Maybe I can suck you off again before morning”.

I had my cock out and was beating it mercilessly, until my cum shot across the room, and splattered everything in sight. I had to clean up in a hurry since I heard the front door, and just as I got my cock put away, both girls came into my room. They had obviously patched things up, but didn’t have any more interest in watching the rest of the video.

“Kim, do you want to think about what you should do next or should we put it aside for now, so you aren’t so upset”?

“I wish I could forget everything. I am going to spend time with you both today and tonight and try and get my life back, if even just for one day”.

That almost sounded like I might get lucky yet, and my cock started dancing around in my shorts. The girls decided that they wanted to go to the mall, and even though they invited me, I decided to stay home. I could finish watching the video and jerk off some more, before they get back. When I heard the front door close, I dropped my pants and put the video back on. I fast forwarded to the next scene where something was happening, but it was a little strange. I could tell from where the camera was recording that Kim was on all fours, and although you couldn’t see him, it was obvious that her father was fucking her from behind.
“Fuck my bum hard daddy. It feels so big and tight. I want to feel your cum squirting up inside me”. Her father grunted and groaned and said “I’m cumming in your ass. Take it Sue”.

The scenes after that were pretty much repeats of what I had already seen, so I began to get bored. Just as I went to hit the stop button on the remote, a new and different scene unfolded. This one started with Kim’s father telling her that he wanted to impregnate her, so she could have a little girl that she could bring to daddy’s bed. I thought I was going to be sick and I knew right then that this fucker was going to go to prison if I had my way. I did finish watching the entire video, and I counted twenty one times that he ejaculated in her pussy over the course of the week. Surely he had been successful at getting her pregnant, with all of that semen flowing into her womb.

My cock had gone soft and I was no longer in the mood to jerk off. Instead I began to brainstorm, so I could come up with a plan to put this sick bastard behind bars.

To be Continued……………..

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