Originally this series was to end at Chapter two; however, there were too many unanswered questions. The series now continues.
Chapter Three

When we got out of bed to cleanup, Sue happened to notice the blood mixed with my semen and I could tell from her expression that she was concerned. I put my arm around her and said that it was normal for some blood to leak out from her broken hymen.

“I don’t know if I am upset by the blood or your sperm that was shot inside me. Can you imagine what would happen to us if I got pregnant”?

“Let’s not spoil our beautiful experience by worrying. It is extremely rare for someone to get pregnant when they have sex the first time, so let’s forget about it for now”.

"What about next time"?

“You mean there will be a next time”?

“Yes, of course there will be. I already miss your hard cock throbbing inside me. We are going to have to take precautions though, because our lives would be ruined if I got pregnant”.

As soon as she spoke those words, my cock sprang back to attention, so I laid her back down on the bed and kissed her.

“I want back inside you Sue. Is it okay if we make love again?

“I’m a little nervous about it. Do you have any condoms”?

“No, I don’t have any, but I have an idea”.

“Okay, so what are we going to do”?

“We could have sex anally and that way you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant”.

“That sounds painful. How do you know about anal sex”?

“The last time Kim was here, I got really angry with her for interrupting you and I, when I had my cock lodged against your hymen. When you left and went back to your room, I was so pissed off at her for asking Daddy to fuck her pussy; I rolled her over and fucked her hard anally”.

“I didn’t know people could actually have anal sex. Are you sure it won’t hurt me”?

“If we do it gently and slowly, it will work. After I have your anus stretched to fit my cock, it will start to feel good for you”.

“Easy for you to say. It’s not your ass that is getting a big cock pushed into it”.

“Lay down on your tummy. If you tell me that it’s too painful, then I’ll stop”.

Although Sue appeared a little apprehensive, she crawled into bed and lay flat on her stomach. My cock was rock hard and all wet from leaking pre-cum and it throbbed and pulsed in anticipation of taking Sue’s anal virginity. I slid into bed on top of Sue, and I felt her flinch as my erection came into contact with her ass crack. I put my hands under her chest to massage her breasts, and I began kissing and licking at her ear lobes. In between sucks and licks, I whispered to her that I loved her, and asked her to trust me. She began to respond to my lovemaking and I felt her raise up slightly so I could get better access to her mounds. When I first rolled her nipples between my fingers, she began moaning and moved her ass up slightly to rub against my cock. I kissed and licked lower to her neck and shoulders, and had to remove my hands from her mounds, so I could slide lower down her body.

She sighed as the kisses and licks moved down her body, until my face reached her ass cheeks. I placed my hands under her, so she raised her hips up off of the bed, so I could get at her pussy. Her moaning and writhing intensified as my fingers found her clitoris, and when I rubbed circles around it, she said that she was going to cum. I licked between her ass cheeks, as I continued working her clitoris, until finally she mashed her hips down against my hand. I could smell her juices, as they flowed from within her pussy, and as she came hard, I felt wetness on my hand. I released her clitoris and managed to get two of my fingers into her pussy while she was still cumming. The contractions in her pussy walls gripped my fingers, and when she finally collapsed from her orgasm, I removed my fingers and began licking my way to her anal opening. The first flick of my tongue at her anus had Sue raising her hips up again, so I continued working it until my tongue was inserted into the anal opening.

As I thrust my tongue in and out, Sue was losing control again, so she tried reaching behind her to touch my face, but couldn’t get near enough. I reached for her pussy lips to see if she was still really wet, and when I discovered that she was drenched, I began transferring some of her juices to her anal opening. I also used some to coat my shaft, and then I whispered to her that I was going to begin inserting myself into her anus. I held my cock head firmly and began rubbing it in circles around her opening. Sue had raised her hips up and I now had a clear path to begin the journey into her virginal ass. When my cock head began to penetrate her, she flinched a bit, so I stopped. I thought it might be better to let her signal me when she was ready for me to continue.

When Sue’s hips began to gyrate and hump upwards, I had all the signal I needed, so I began to gently and slowly slide my cock into her anus. To divert some of her attention away from the anal assault, I reached under her and managed to get two fingers in her pussy. She moaned as my fingers deeply penetrated her pussy, so I continued pushing my cock into her anus, until I was fully inserted. I lay still now that I was fully into her, but I continued finger fucking her pussy. When her hips rose, I began to thrust in and out of her anus, keeping in synch with my finger thrusts into her pussy.

“Fuck my bum and keep fingering my pussy. I'm gonna cum”.

“I want to cum with you Sue, so I’m going to fuck your bum a little faster and harder”.

“Give it to me any way you want. Just don’t stop what you’re doing”.

When my balls sent a surge of semen up my shaft and into her anus, she began gyrating her hips uncontrollably and screamed that she was cumming.

“Fuck, I’m cumming hard. Don’t stop pounding my bum. I can feel your cock shooting cum way up inside me”.

“I’m fucking your ass hard and blowing everything I’ve got inside you, and it feels so amazing”.

“I know. I love it too”.

We didn’t move until both of us had caught our breath and since I was totally spent, I gently withdrew my cock and rolled off. As we kissed passionately and embraced tightly, Sue whispered that she loved what we had just done and was really glad that I had treated her so gently. We couldn’t stop kissing and holding one another, until reality came back to us when we heard our parent’s car in the driveway. We scrambled for our clothes and I couldn’t help laughing as Sue had to clench her butt cheeks to try and stop the semen from running out of her. She made it to the bathroom and I managed to get dressed before my parents came upstairs, so we dodged the bullet.

Something that I hadn’t counted on was my parents noticing how Sue and I behaved around one another. I must admit that I looked at her differently, acted differently and certainly felt differently about my sister and lover, so I guess I should have expected someone to notice. I told my parents that Sue and I were making an effort to get along better, because we both had tired of arguing and fighting. They were really happy to hear that, and congratulated both of us for showing maturity. If they only knew how much we had matured, they wouldn’t be congratulating us.

Friday night rolled around, and Sue mentioned to me that Kim would be sleeping over, so that they could talk about her sleepwalking and her father. She said that she would like me to talk to Kim along with her, so we could be supportive, not only for Kim, but for each other as well. Our parents were going to be home, so there wouldn’t be a lot of privacy, but the plan was to have our talk really late, after our parents were in bed asleep. I was secretly hoping that the opportunity might come up to be able to fuck Kim’s pussy, since it might be a while before I get back into Sue. I wasn’t sure how Sue and I were going to handle the birth control issue, but thinking about it frustrated me.

Something that I hadn’t given much thought to was Kim’s situation with her father and me fucking her, and the potential for her getting pregnant. I suppose if she did get pregnant, her father would think that he had done it, and he would have to deal with the problem. Too many things to be thinking about.

Around midnight, Sue came to my room with Kim to talk, since my room was the furthest from my parent’s room. I let Sue start the conversation, but joined in quickly when she got to the part about coming into my bed naked and calling me daddy and asking to be fucked. Kim sat in shock and disbelief as we both described all the events from that night, and she never uttered a word. We knew that we needed to get her talking, so I asked her if she realized that her father had taken her virginity. Of course, she maintained that she knew nothing about anything we were talking about and as far as she was concerned, she was still a virgin.

This wasn’t going to be easy dealing with Kim’s denial, but I figured if I played my cards right, I could get her to accept the truth, and maybe even get into her pussy again later. When Kim started talking, she asked if I had done anything to her that night, since she felt sore when she woke up the next morning. I told her that she had asked me to fuck her, so I did, and I suppose I should have broken that news with a little more sensitivity, because she started sobbing. I could tell that Sue was annoyed with me and now figured that jerking off would be the only release I would be getting later tonight.

The two of them hugged and I sat alone and feeling shitty over my lack of sensitivity. I needed to divert attention back to her father and away from me, so I asked Kim if she had ever suspected that her father had been doing things to her in her sleep. When she got herself composed, she said that she had her suspicions, but it was not something she could bring up with him. When I asked her why, she said that it was her who sleepwalked into her father’s bed naked and she just felt uncomfortable bringing up the subject.

‘You really think that I have lost my virginity”?

“I know you have, because I checked when you came into my bed and asked me to fuck your pussy”.

“How did you check”?

“I checked with my fingers”.

“Did you put your cock inside me”?

“I did because you were begging me to. Besides, you got me all worked up and I couldn’t control myself”.

The sobbing began again and then Sue said that maybe they should go back to her room so Kim could try and settle down. The two of them left and there I sat all alone, with zero prospects of getting any pussy tonight and maybe not ever, from those two. I decided to just go to bed and forget about it, but it wasn’t easy and I must have tossed and turned for a couple of hours before I fell asleep.

I awoke to my door opening and footsteps from someone approaching my bed. It was Kim, and just as she prepared to slip into my bed, Sue came running and took her hand to stop her. Sue looked at my cock tenting up the blankets, and she said that maybe she should have let Kim get in with me. I could tell from her body language that she was thinking it over, and then she let go of Kim’s hand and she knelt at the side of my bed. Kim got into bed with me, and just like before, she asked me if I wanted her to suck on daddy’s cock. I looked at Sue and she nodded her approval, so I told Kim to suck daddy’s cock.

She moved between my legs and engulfed my cock in her mouth, and then I felt Sue’s hand on my chest and then her lips on mine. We kissed passionately as Kim bobbed her head up and down on my cock, and due to the double stimulation, my cock started to erupt. As my semen shot in waves into Kim’s mouth, Sue never broke our kiss, and then I happened to notice that Sue’s hand had moved onto Kim’s head. She was actually holding her head deep on my cock, almost as if she wanted to make sure that Kim swallowed.

When Sue released her hold on Kim’s head, we heard “Can you fuck my pussy daddy or should we wait until you have a rest”?

My cock had started to soften, but when I heard Kim’s words, it sprang back to life, so I looked at Sue, and she whispered “Give it to her, but try and wake her up while you are inside her pussy”.

I guess Sue had decided to give Kim a dose of reality, and since I was anxious to get into a pussy, I would go along with the plan. I was going to change things up a bit though, so I moved to the edge of the bed near the wall, and pulled Sue into bed beside me.

“Climb up and straddle daddy so you can fuck my cock with your pussy”.

‘Sue, can you get naked too so we can enjoy one another while she is fucking me”?

As Sue stripped, Kim mounted me and had my cock deep inside her pussy. She began to bounce and gyrate her hips, and I was starting to feel an all too familiar tingle in my balls. I needed to concentrate on Sue so I didn’t cum too soon, and when I reached Sue’s pussy and touched her clitoris, she began to moan. I got two fingers into Sue’s pussy and as Kim continued milking my cock with her pussy from above, I felt like this was a dream come true.

I could sense that Sue was close to an orgasm, so I increased the pace of finger fucking, and then Sue said she was cumming. I thrust my hips upwards into Kim, as she bounced faster and faster and soon all three of us were cumming at the same time. When Kim collapsed her head onto my chest, I began calling her name out to try and wake her. Then Sue did the same thing, until we heard Kim ask what was going on. My cock was still lodged deep inside her pussy, so I thrust upwards again and told her that she was fucking me. I think that Sue and I were frozen still, not knowing what to expect, but when Kim noticed my fingers inside Sue’s pussy, and realized that she was impaled on my cock, fucking me, there was no reason to continue being in denial.

“I can’t believe that this is happening. Did I come into your room and ask you to fuck me”?

“No, you came into my bed and asked if you could suck my cock, so I let you. Once I had come in your mouth, you mounted me and fucked my cock until you came. Sue and I woke you up so you could see that you were actually fucking me”.

“You came in my mouth”?

“Of course I did. You were the aggressor, and got me all horny, so I decided to let you swallow my cum”.

“I am so embarrassed. The fact that I am still impaled on your cock tells me that I must have enjoyed what I was doing”.

My cock was pretty beat up, but when those words left her mouth, it started throbbing and enlarging. Kim was startled, but she didn’t move away, so I lifted my hips up slightly, and I felt her push down.

“Are you fucking him again Kim? You are not sleepwalking now, so what gives”?

“His cock felt good throbbing inside me, so I just moved with him”.

“I think it’s time that you got off of him, so we can continue our discussion”.

“Sue, she has me all hard and worked up. Can the discussion wait until we finish cumming”?

“Just cum in her. I don’t care. I’m going back to my room”.

I knew that this was a huge mistake, but my cock was now doing my thinking, so I grabbed her tits, and thrust my hips upwards, as she ground her pussy on my cock. Kim was getting bolder and wilder and soon made that contorted facial expression that signaled her orgasm. I hammered upwards as hard as I could, until my load was emptying inside of her. Her pussy was in spasms and her inner walls sucked me off completely. I squeezed hard on her tits until she collapsed against me from exhaustion, but I kept my cock deep in her pussy to feel those contractions.

When her pussy stopped sucking on my cock head, I rolled her off and hugged her close to me. I loved what just happened, but I was also concerned that Sue was going to be very upset with me.

“I guess that I shouldn’t have enjoyed that so much, considering everything that you and Sue told me. I just couldn’t control myself, when I felt you moving inside my pussy”.

“I know what you mean. You fucked my cock amazingly. The only problem is that Sue is probably really pissed off at both of us, and I’m not sure what to do”.

“Do you think I should go to her and try to talk, or should I just stay here with you tonight”?

“If you stay here, you will end up being fucked again, and I will probably want to cum in your mouth again, before morning”.

“With that offer, you are making it very difficult for me to leave”.

“You wouldn’t mind if I came in your mouth again”?

“I didn’t get to enjoy the first time, since I was sleeping when it happened”.

This conversation had my cock stirring, but it was too beat up to get fully erect. I was certain that I had no semen left in my balls, but by morning everything should be back to normal. The question I had to ask myself was: “can I wait until morning, after listening to her wanting to enjoy swallowing my cum”? It was a quandary, but a damn fine one to mull over. I suppose that I could let her suck me off again, even if I had no cum reserves in the tank. Would she be upset if there was no cum to swallow? Could I stay hard? If she sucked me off; would I have anything left to be able to fuck her pussy?

Both of us jumped when we heard “Are you two finished”?

Sue had come back to my room and broke my thought process, so I guess all of my questions would go unanswered.

“Sue, can you sit down so we can talk this over”?

“Okay, but I have to admit that I am pretty disgusted with you both right now”.

To be continued………………….

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