This one’s gonna start off just a bit slower because I have to give you some background for this piece, and it also sets the stage for the next piece. It’s the real story, the way it actually happened.


Our relationship continued to grow stronger over the next year as we discovered more and more about each other. We became aware that we shared much in common, and it went through the list from music to home life to our love of the outdoors. She was one of the few girls I knew who actually liked to go camping and fishing. She’d even bait her own hook! The more I got to know her, the more I was continually amazed at the way she almost seemed like a female me. Oh, but what an absolutely female me. I’d never seen or heard of a girl so beautiful both in features and in personality. All the women I’d fantasized over when I was younger didn’t hold a candle to this girl and I wondered what I ever saw in Goldie Hawn or Raquel Welch. Next to her, they seemed so, so … pale. I’d seen this girl in tears over the loss of their family dog; I’d seen her almost dancing with joy at the marriage of her older brother. I saw her quiet and contemplative (and thankfully knew to keep my mouth shut and just be there for her) and I’d seen her so full of enthusiasm with what we were doing that I felt like it was the natural way of things. She was a world to herself, one I never got tired of finding new places to explore. I started including her in things I thought about and decisions I made because I so valued her point of view. One time, however, I did something on impulse without telling her about it, and it had a huge effect on a “secret plan” I’d had for awhile. I was going to buy myself a birthday present and didn’t tell her about it. My grandfather’s Ford dealership had had a 1968 Boss 350 Mustang convertible sitting in the showroom for almost 2 months with no potential buyers that I knew of. Let me tell you, I fairly drooled every time I went in there. I finally asked him about it and what it might take for me to buy it. He said, “Well, you can see the sticker price there. What do you think it would take?” That was depressing. Almost $4000, which in those years was a pile of money, especially for a 16-year-old with a part-time job he didn’t make much money at. “Okay,” I said, but I resolved I was going to have that Mustang. I worked my butt off I took side jobs wherever I could get them. My parents finally got tired of my 10pm nights during the school week and restricted me to working until 7pm when I had to be in to eat supper, get my homework done and go to bed. Even my girl was feeling a little left out. She caught me in the hallway at school one day and asked, “Are you mad at me?” “No, baby, no. Why would you think that?” “I haven’t seen much of you lately, and I was getting a little worried.” “Oops,” I thought to myself. It was Friday, so I said, “You want to go to dinner tonight? I’ll tell you all about it.” I picked her up later that evening and as soon as we got seated, I started in. Told her all about the Mustang and how much it cost and that that was why I was working so much. “I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, baby. I should have told you way sooner.” “Do you think you can get it? When?” She was all excited about riding around in a convertible on hot summer days and nights. “I think so,” I said, “but it’ll take me awhile to get the money up for it.” As soon as we got done eating, we drove up to one of our favorite spots to park, way up in the hills outside of town. When we got there, I turned off the engine and we sat for a bit in the dark. “Are you tired?” she asked. “Not around you, baby.” I turned and pulled her close to me. “You’d excite me even if I were nearly dead.” I kissed her deeply, taking a moment to nip and pull at her lips with my teeth. She reacted immediately, explosively. She wrapped her arms around me and sticking her tongue in my mouth, pushed me back against the driver’s door. She was absolutely frantic, wanting to get as close to me as she could. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.” She hadn’t ever been this wild ever before. I didn’t know she could be this wild. She bit my lower lip. She kissed my cheeks, my chin, my eyes, everywhere she could immediately get to. “Kiss me!” she insisted. Well, I didn’t get a chance to answer as she was all over my lips again. She pulled up my shirt and started rubbing her hands all over my sides and my chest. She was starving for affection. Breathing heavy, she leaned back and pulled her shirt over her head and practically ripped her bra off, throwing both to the floor of the car. “Suck me. Suck my tits.” With that, she leaned into me again, grabbing me by the back of the head with both hands and pulled me into her chest. Her nipples were already hard and swollen with the lust that had taken her over. Still just trying to catch up, I barely got my mouth open in time to accept the lovely little bud, but I was coming around. I sucked the one in my mouth hard, harder than I had ever sucked on them before. The other one I attacked with my hand, twisting and pulling the nipple, then smashing it and rolling her tit in my hand. I put my hands around her back and crushed her to me. I was coming alive with her heat. I pushed her back and down on the seat, getting between her spread legs and leaning down to go after her lips while my hands assaulted her tits. I reached down and got one thigh and pulled it up so that her knee was almost in her ear and grabbed her tight little butt, squeezing and kneading it, all the while trying to get her panties down. It wasn’t working and I was on fire, she had me so hot. I grabbed her panties in my fist and with a couple hard tugs ripped them off her. She was ripping at my belt and not having much success, so I got up, got out of the car and pulled my pants and shorts off. She’d gotten to a sitting position, but I pushed her back down so she was lying on the seat with just her head up against the door. “You want it?” I growled at her as I straddled her chest. I rubbed her tits with my rock-hard cock. “Well? Do you?” “Give it to me!” she husked, “Give it to me!” I grabbed her by the hair on top of her head and brought her mouth to the end of my cock. “Suck on it. Open your mouth.” I’d pinned her arms when I straddled her, but she brought her hands up around the backs of my thighs, forcing my hips forward as she opened her mouth to take it in. “Mmm Mmm Mmm” she grunted with every thrust as I rammed it into her hot mouth. I pushed it in so deep I felt the back of her throat as I face-fucked her as hard as I could. I reached behind me and yanked her skirt up and went after her pussy. She was so wet my finger went in to my palm with the first push. I finger-fucked her pussy and banged on her clit with my thumb, faster and harder each time I entered her. Working her pussy and clit like that she came almost instantly, pulling my hips so hard I was almost all the way into her soft mouth. I was getting way too hot and was going to cum long before I was ready so I jerked her head back and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She was breathing heavily and still trying to get my cock in her mouth, even after the mouth-beating I was just giving her. I backed out of the open door, roughly pulling her with me by her legs until just her ass was on the seat. “Here it comes, baby.” “Yes! Fuck me! Give it to me now!” No workup, no waiting, I just rammed it in her to the hilt on the first stroke. “NNNGggyaHHH!” she screamed, bucking her hips up into me, wrapping her legs around me and pumping her hips as she pulled me down into a fierce kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and practically crushed the air out of me as she came again. I was getting close to exploding and pushed it all the way in, grinding my hips onto her steaming cunt. “OOoooooAARRRRAAAA!!!!!” I screamed as the load I’d been holding went into her. Her pussy clamped around me as she orgasmed yet again. I stroked back and forth slowly into her, finally stopping as we both caught our breath. I pulled her up and held her to me. “You okay?” I panted. “Yeah,” she said, “That was wild!” “Wow!” I said, “Was I just raped?” She giggled, then said, “I don’t think so. You seemed a pretty willing participant.” We were still in an ear to ear hug, and I said, “You got me there. I was indeed.” I pulled back a little to look in her beautiful brown eyes. I reached up and brushed an errant strand of hair out of her face. “You got me always,” I told her softly. She looked in my eyes and said something I’ll never forget, ever. “I love you,” she said, “and I’ll love you forever.” “Woah,” I thought, “serious moment here.” “That’s a long time, baby. You sure about that?” “I’m sure. I’m very sure.” I kissed her again, a long and deep lover’s kiss. “I love you, too” and said her name, and I heard her breath catch in her throat. “Uuups,” I thought, “here it comes.” Sure enough, she looked in my eyes and I could see the tears there and it wouldn’t take much before they’d fall like a spring rain. She was smiling a little, and biting her lip trying to keep the tears back. “Aw, baby, you know I love you, I have since we met. I’m really glad we finally said it to each other.” And there they went, tiny little rivers down her cheeks. I kissed them away and held her face in my hands, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. “A fella could get lost in there,” I said to her. “I wouldn’t mind being that fella.” “You are,” she said, “You always will be.” I kissed her again and we just held each other for a bit. “Know what?” I said. “What?” “We should get dressed and go home. Your parents will have a major hormonal event if I don’t have you home before it’s tomorrow.” She giggled and kissed me. “I love you.” We pulled apart and found our clothes (I’d thrown my pants off so hard they were a good 20 feet from the car door … lucky I didn’t lose my wallet) and started dressing. She was holding the remains of her panties up. “How did that happen?” “Uh … they were in the way?” She leaned over, kissed me and whispered, “Next time you rip my clothes off, let’s have a little more room. I’m not complaining but I want to play too.” Eeeyow. Somehow, some way, I had been blessed with this girl, this woman, this incredible lover, and I will be forever grateful.

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Dude this sounds random, but the second i heard 350 Boss, i jizzed in my pants...i love that car.

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seriously dude......use paragraphs...readings a bitch when its all together..other then that....awesome :)

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Ever heard of paragraphs...yea...use em next time...other then that...i would loveto fuk your wife


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I thought the punctuation was okay. Sure could have used a few paragraph breaks, though.

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Good story, but I have a question. Have you ever read a newspaper or a book?. Did you learn in school about punctuations? Do you know that, among other things, punctuations help you to breath when you read? Have you tried to read a full page without breathing? That is what is necessary to read this page.

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