A gang of rough 13-15 year olds spot Emily sunbathing using a huge lens from a tower block. They pay her an unexpected visit...
Continuing a series of stories involving young boys raping older girls/women, this one is about 18 year old Emily, a pretty blonde who has no idea she drives men wild... and boys too it seems!

To those who've enjoyed my previous stories along similar lines, i hope this continues your enjoyment of what i write. Feel free to PM me ideas or leave comments...


"You do things for guys y'know?" said Alison to Emily as she laid down a towel on the huge wooden sun lounger in front of the family pool.
"I do not!" she replied, applying sun cream in preparation for an afternoon in the hot sunshine while her friend took a trip into the city for her jabs, ahead of the family's annual summer cruise.
"Oh you so do, i hear the talk" said Ali, "you're in the thoughts of ALOT of guys at night, and if they could see you now in that pink bikini they'd be stood here jacking off i'm sure".
"Really?" inquired Emily, "but i don't wear short skirts, i don't sleep around and i don't have your cleavage!"
"Well, you don't need it Emily, you're a pretty little blonde and all boys love a pretty little blonde", assured Ali. "Now, here's the dock for the Nano. You can crank it up, the family are out and the grounds are big enough for no one to hear. Enjoy the pool at your leisure and i'll be back around six".
With that Ali left in her new Porsche, bought by daddy, and headed for town. Emily popped the iPod onto the dock, cranked up the volume and fell asleep in the late summer sunshine.


"Fuckin' hell, this lens is da shit" exclaimed Tommy, zooming in across the estate from the 20th floor of the block of council flats.
"Come an' join us Tommy, fuck that camera me dad'll kill ya if ya fuck it up" replied Lee, "get onto this blonde like we are". Lee sat with four of his mates on couches around a large coffee table, in front of the huge knock off plasma screen showing a porn film depicting the rape of a young blonde sunbather by a group of men. The five lads, aged 13-15, sat masturbating as the pornstar was torn apart by the men.
"I'd love to be doin' tha' to her" declared Jack, "come on Tommy, join in". He looked back to find Tommy, 14, wanking but looking through the huge lens.
"i'd rather be fuckin' her!" exclaimed Tommy, calling the lads to look through the lens at an unsuspecting, sleeping Emily, as the camera pointed several roads away, past the walls of the council estate to the leafy roads of where "the Poshys" live, and into Alison's sprawling back garden.

The lads discussed whether to continue jacking off to the porno or go after the sunbathing blonde, the decision was unanimous… why wank when you can lose your virginity? That decided, they descended the tower block and headed in the direction of Alison’s house. Arriving quarter of an hour later after walking through the winding roads, they climbed the rear walls and made their way through the huge garden. “Fuck me, dis is like a fuckin’ park” said Lee as he made his way to the sleeping girl with his mates. “Fuckin’ got it all these Poshys” agreed Tommy, “let’s take this bitch!” “YEAH!!!” came the cries of agreement as the six young lads walked the length of the pool to surround Emily as she lay in the sunshine fast asleep.

The music was so loud she hadn’t heard the lads chat as they surrounded her, commenting on how fit and pretty she is. All six dropped their tracksuit bottoms and started wanking their hard cocks as they watched her. Only two of them, Tommy and Lee, have actually masturbated before, the others had had erections but not really known how to make themselves come. They followed Tommy and Lee’s lead as they stroked their cocks, grabbing and squeezing their balls. Today was supposed to be the day four of them came for the first time to a porno, now it was to happen on a real girl.

Tommy stood over her thighs and started wanking quickly, “get ready to hold her lads, she’ll soon wake”. With that he shot and the others looked on with great interest as the first thick wad fired straight to onto her face, landing on her left cheek and splatting out. Next shot hit her chest, the next two her right breast covered by the pink bikini top, then the rest landed on her belly and the load slid down to the top of her bikini briefs. In Emily’s mind she was coming to and dreaming that it was raining. Lee stood over her next, above her knees, and fired forth. Another heavy hit to the face ensued and she woke, opening her eyes. In a split second her arms were held down and she screamed, kicking her legs to try to avoid the cum shower Lee provided. A heavy dollop landed square on the crotch of her briefs with the rest hitting her flailing shins and inner thighs.

She soon recalled Ali’s chat about the neighbours not being able to even hear the music pumping loudly from the iPod dock, let alone her screams, and resorted to shouting at them. “Fuck off you bastards, who the fuck do you think you are?” said Emily in her posh accent. “We’re bad lads, very bad lads and you don’ wanna mess wiv us posh bitch” replied Lee, squeezing the last drop from his still hard cock. “We’re gonna fuck ya posh blonde ass bitch”.

Emily looked up at their faces, “yeah right, you’re all about 12. Get back to your catalogues and the Daily Star, wankers”. “You’re our target today bitch” piped up Haydn, keen to put into practice what he’d only seen in his mate’s movies. “Hold her down” he declared, “let’s get these panty things off her. She started to struggle as Ben and Haydn pulled a side strap each, Ben grabbing at the cumsoaked front of them as she started to scream again, her neatly shaven pussy now exposed to the sex hungry young boys.

Haydn rammed them into her mouth, “that’ll fuckin’ shut ya screamin posh bitch”. Emily squirmed on the lounger, still held down by four lads, as Haydn got between her legs and pushed his cockhead at her opening. “Fuckin’ gerrit all da way in mate” said Ben, keen to watch his mate fuck the defenceless blonde. One of four virgins present, Haydn gently moved his length deeper and deeper inside her as she screamed her disgust into her bikini panties. Her legs were held wide apart allowing Haydn to ram her good and hard, his speed building up. How long would he last? It was his first come let alone his first fuck, he had no idea how long it would take or what it would feel like. He just knew what he’d seen in the films, stick it in and ram in and out.

He pulled out, leaving only his mushroom inside her, then would thrash back in. Over and over he did this as the lads looked on in astonishment, they expected it to be over in seconds but he was standing the test of time. Emily was also surprised and was starting to get turned on, as she also remembered what Ali had said about her being many a lad’s wank fantasy. Her nipples started to harden and were clearly sticking out of her bikini top. “Fuck me” said Tommy, knowing what this means, “she’s getting’ turned on by you Haydn look at her nipples stickin’ out, fuck her harder. Two hands reached down and ripped her bikini top to each side of her chest, reavealing two small but perky breasts with rock hard studs protruding from them.

As Haydn fucked her with all his might Emily fucked back at his thrusts, sending a quivering motion through her body. At the same time Haydn felt his balls constrict and started to shake himself. Emily realised he was coming too and shouted “NOT INSIDE ME PLEASE” before a shattering orgasm ran through her body and out between her legs. Haydn didn’t understand pulling out and feeling his cock stiffen the tightest it’d ever been, grabbed her hips tightly, pushing his cockhead right up to her cervix and released a continuous stream of jizz deep inside her. Her orgasm over, she lay back leaking juice as Haydn filled her up to the hilt with the biggest load he’ll ever shed… his first. She looked up in fear of insemination, to see his contorted face as stream after stream of pent up load escaped his sack deep into her, in what seemed a never ending cum shower.

His head feeling light after his first ever ejaculation, he pulled out and moved to the side allowing Ben access to the shocked girl. Not only was she full of this 13 year old’s sperm, she had enjoyed his beats and come herself. Ashamed, she blushed as the next cock took it’s place between her legs. She hadn’t seen it but it gave her cause to wince, this length entering her belied the youth that owned it. Long and thick it slid into her wet cunt with ease, to Ben the sensation was amazing and he took long strokes into Emily, removing her panties so he could look at her pretty face as he pounded into her. He had to last as long as Haydn to avoid ridicule from his peers, but it didn’t happen. “What the fuck ya doin’ bitch?” he asked as Emily clenched her vaginal muscles to bring him off quickly, making the young Mr. Well Hung come in no time. He rammed hard and fast into her
tightening twat before giving one last powerful thrust and letting his come shoot right up inside her cunt. His arms under her shoulders, he held her body firmly against his and gasped as his cock twitched inside her, Emily tightening herself around it smiling. “You fucking bitch” declared Ben as he filled her up, to the tittering crowd.

Next up was Brad who’d been fascinated with anal sex in videos. “Turn over bitch” he whispred in her ear. Knowing what this might lead to Emily refused, resulting in the lads taking care of this for her. “Now get on all fours” he said, spitting on his cock. “I’ve remembered to do this” he said, looking to the crowd before parting Emily’s white ass cheeks and entering her arsehole.

The loud music drowned out Emily’s squeals as her virgin ass was penetrated. As she got more used to it she had time to be thankful that it wasn’t Ben’s massive rod fucking her, but Brad’s thrusts were strong and powerful and she soon felt another orgasmic wave travel through her body. Her body was betraying her, enjoying the rough treatment and rape from these council estate skinhead thug kids. Jack, the final virgin, slid underneath and rammed his length into her sopping pussy just ahead of her second orgasm. His fat cock entering was all she needed to send her over the brink and she shook once again, her juices flowing out of her, down Jack’s shaft and sack.

“You’re fuckin’ fantastic” he said, “now kiss me”. Emily refused but Tommy forced her head down to meet Jack’s and she started to kiss him passionately, as the two cocks pounded in and out of her lower orafaces. She couldn’t believe what was happening but was turned on as fuck with the two virgins pummelling her as fast and as hard as they could, one in one out. Suddenly she felt their speed increase and now both were ramming into her in unison.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes” declared Brad, “I’m coming too” said Jack into Emily’s mouth as she kissed him like they were long time lovers. With one final, deep push from both lads they came, jetwashing her bowels and cervix with their first loads. Emily smiled down at Jack as she felt the copious amounts of cum filling up inside her. The pair gripped her so tightly as they ejaculated that they left bruises.

They pulled away and an exhausted Emily flopped onto her front, cum visibly seeping from her pussy and ass. “Two more to go” said Lee, as the two stood either side of her on the lounger. “Get up on your knees” said Tommy, “check these monsters out”.

Emily climbed to her knees and did’t know whether to laugh or cry, both lad’s members were thicker and longer than any of their mates. She knew they’d feel good inside her but there’d be pain. They moved in front of her and she reached out and grabbed them, putting first one inside her mouth, then the other. The mouth that made many of her male friends melt (literally over her Facebook pictures) was now licking and sucking at these two young cocks, one 14 one 15. “What the fuck am I doing? Are THEY doing? They’re fucking me and I cannot stop them” she said to herself, consoling herself that she was not doing it out of choice.

Her tongue lapped at the sex hungry cocks and their sacks before Tommy kneeled in front of her and lay down. Emily postioned herself atop his crotch and impaled herself on his mammoth member as Lee entered her ass, cramming his fat shaft balls deep in her arsehole. The two pumped in and out of her while the others wanked frantically around her face, grabbing at her small, firm breasts. She knew she had to come once more and fucked back against each thrust. It wasn’t long before two of the others got their second wind and their cum was shooting into her face as the two studs pounded away.

The remaining two rubbed their cocks in a frenzied attempt to make a final cum crescendo for their blonde beauty, as Tommy and Lee built up speed. She gyrated against them wildly bringing herself off, but held back to get the final moment right. The two lads inside her gripped her hips tightly as she shook one final time, before all three orgasmed in unison. The feeling of their loads inside her had her gasping as the others shot out at her face and breasts, firing thick wads onto her beautiful smiling mouth and cheeks, cum dripping down off her chin to her breasts.

“Bitch, you were fuckin’ amazing!” declared Jack, the others all agreed as they put their clothes back on and started the long walk back to the rear wall. Emily lay there, an exhausted cumsoaked mess. She’d just had the best sex of her young life, but could really tell no one about it. As she lay there smiling to herself thinking that all her other admirers would love to have had their turn, Jack turned round and said “we need to clean her up before her family get back”.

With that they each grabbed a limb and tossed her into the pool. She laughed as they walked away for real this time, “what will Ali’s dad think of the strange white stuff floating in the pool?”

By the time Ali returned the heat of the sun had dried Emily out, and she wrapped a robe around herself to hide the bruises, looking like nothing had happened. “Tell me more about what you’ve heard from the lads” she asked of Ali. Looks like Emily’s going to turn from a Miss Goody Two Shoes to a Miss Good Screw… but she’s that aleady!

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2011-05-13 11:52:01
I luv this story. Wish i could get such a fuck too!

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2010-09-09 23:34:23
i thought this story was really good, it was written very well, sure it could have been a little better but it their any stories that are perfect. As far as the others go don't listen to them, if u like this story and how u wrote it thats all that matters, i give this story a 8/10

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Pretty good. ------O

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Sorry you guys didn't like it, my stories aren't to everyone's tastes. Thanks to all who posted positive ratings, glad you found it, erm... uplifting ;)

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hellz ya that shit was retarded

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