In part 1 Amber was 17 when she was savagely raped by a gang of 13 and 14 year old boys. Less than two years later she is raped again by one of the same boys.
Amber, Fucked Like An Animal 2 - The second rape

In part 1 Amber was 17 when she was savagely raped by a gang of 13 and 14 year old boys. Less than two years later she is raped again by one of the same boys.

Readers: These rape stories about Amber are all essentially true, told to me by Amber herself. She has given me license to dramatize the story line to make it more readable, writing it as if she is telling the story herself. The main facts have not been altered. She was first raped by four young teens. The primary fiend was barely 14. He raped her again at age 15 at his house as told in this story. The humiliation, the pregnancy-pill, being beat up and lying about it to everyone, all true. Here is her story.

When I picked up the ringing phone I playfully said, "Alice's restaurant, Amber speaking."

The gruff male voice on the other end of the line barked, "Let me talk to Alice."

"Alice doesn't live here anymore," I joked, referring to an old movie I saw once on the Classics station.

"Just put her on," came the reply, so I did.

Alice was my girlfriend, had been for a while. She talked to the guy for a few minutes and then hung up.

"I have to go drop off some stuff at a friend's house. I think you know his younger brother, Kenny."

There was a long silence while my mind wrapped around what she was saying. "You don't mean the Kenny that…" I paused again remembering that I hadn't told Alice that he had raped me, only that we had fucked once.

"Yea, hope that's not a problem," she said. "We won't be long. Bob is his older brother and I borrowed a bunch of videos from him a while back. His parents found out and wants them back. I have them here, just hadn't gotten around to returning them."

"Well I'm staying in the car," I warned her. "I really don't want to see Kenny again."

"Fine," Alice agreed. "Whatever."

Alice gathered up the videos, we hopped in her car and headed over to Bob's place. But I should have known what Alice would do. We got there and she talked me into going in with her. "Listen, he is probably not even home and if he is I doubt he even remembers you."

"Well, thanks for the compliment," I stated sarcastically. "So what you're saying is that I wasn't all that memorable." I was really hoping she was right, either he wasn't home or he didn't recognize me.

What luck, I thought when the door opened. There, a little bigger than before but clearly him, stood Kenny, my rapist.

"Hello ladies, come on in," he invited.

Alice walked right in so I had to follow her or look stupid standing out on the porch. "Where's Bob?" Alice asked.

"He had to run out for a bit but he said he wanted to talk to you," Kenny told her. Alice knew Kenny from her relationship with his older brother Bob. They weren't boyfriend-girlfriend or anything like that but casual friends.

"I wanted to talk to him too," Alice said. If I had known we were going to be sticking around a while I probably would have waited in the car. I just didn't like being near this guy. According to Alice on the way over, Kenny was almost 16. I had already turned 19 but could clearly remember my experience with Kenny a year and a half earlier when he at age 14 along with three of his 13 and 14 year old buddies, brutally raped me. This was the kid that took my virginity. And here I was sitting in his living room chatting as if nothing had ever happened.

"Bob will be home soon," Kenny assured us again.

Just then Alice got a call. I was hoping it was Bob telling us to meet him somewhere else, or that he was pulling in the driveway now and we would be out of there soon.

Alice got a weird look on her face. "I'll be right there," she said to the caller then hung up. "I have to go to my mom's house. She's having … well an emergency. I've got to go."

I stood up to follow her when she turned and asked, "Kenny, can you get Amber home?"

"No," I objected. "I'm coming with you."

"You can't. It's my mother," Alice stated flatly, as if that explained it all. Turning to Kenny she asked, "You'll take care of Amber won't you?"

Kenny smiled. "Of course, don't worry about a thing." I felt Kenny's hand encircle my upper arm, perhaps to hold me back in case I chased after her. But a moment later she was gone and there I stood, all alone with my former rapist.

"I said I would take care of you and that is exactly what I'm going to do," Kenny announced. Then he tried to kiss me.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I turned away, realizing he still had a hold on my arm.

Jerking me back by his grip he said, "Oh no you don't. You're not going anywhere just yet."

"Let me go," I demanded, but he simply pushed me back against the wall and tried to kiss me again.

I wiggled away and tried to go for the front door but he still had a tight grip on my arm. "Get back here you fucking bitch," he yelled. I struggled hard to free myself to no avail. He must have gotten tired of it though because the next thing I knew he had slugged me in the face, catching my cheek and eye. It dazed me and I vaguely remember stumbling as he led me down a hallway to his bedroom.

Throwing me onto his bed he stripped off his clothes and then mine, pulling off my jeans and panties first. Pulling me back up into a sitting position on the bed he pulled my t-shirt up over my head. I was still a bit loopy from the hit in the face.

All I had left on was my bra which he pulled up over my head and arms without undoing it first. It was a crazy thought but I remember looking at my breasts and wondering why I bothered with a bra. My breasts were firm and shapely and didn't need a bra to hold them up, unlike so many girls whose breasts, even at my age of 19, sagged down their body.

Then I saw Kenny standing there nude and it all came back to me, what was happening. I turned and crawled away only to be grabbed midway on the bed.

"You're not going anywhere you shit-faced witch," he cussed at me. I was no match for his strength. He turned me over and slapped me hard on the face. The slap would have been bad enough but he hit me where he had struck me before and it hurt all that much more.

He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed hard. The pain shot through my chest. Laying his body down on top of me he kissed me, holding my head still with his other hand by gripping my hair. As he drove his tongue into my mouth he forced his knees between my legs. I was helpless to stop him.

Then I felt it, the tip of his prick up against my opening, but only for a moment. In an instant he was inside of me, pushing hard. It hurt, a lot. I was dry but he shoved himself into me anyway, until he couldn't go any further. Pulling back he thrust in again, a little deeper, the pain just as bad. A couple more times and he was in as far as he could go.

His rhythmic thrusting began while he continued to squeeze my breasts, first one then the other. There was no betrayal of my body this time, no instant when it thought it might enjoy a moment of this attack. It all hurt.

"Just like old times, huh bitch?" he asked.

"I hate you," I told him.

His response was to spit in my face. "You're nothing but a piece of fucking shit. That's all you'll ever be good for, is to fuck, and not very good at that either."

I felt like crying but didn't want him to see me do it. I didn't want to give him everything. He continued to call me names, never slowing down his thrusting. It was during this time that I remembered where I was in my cycle. If I wanted to get pregnant, I would have chosen today to have sex. I couldn't let him cum inside of me.

"Well you've done it all to me now. I guess the last indignation is for you to cum on my face." I was trying to trick him so as not to cum in my vagina.

"That would be nice wouldn't it?" he stated. "But you suggested it. So forget it bitch. I'm going to bury my prick so deep inside of you I'll split your womb open. And then I'm going to fill you up with my cum."

My heart sank. "You can't. I'm in my fertile stage. Please don't." God, had I regressed to the point of begging?

"So you were trying to trick me you son-of-a-bitch." With that he laid back down on me, wrapped his hand under my arms, gripping my shoulders and doubled his speed.

"Oh yeah you cunt, I'm going to fill you with my baby-making cum and get you pregnant."

"Please, please don't," I begged him, but to no avail. He pushed in hard and held himself there. I could feel his cum shoot inside of me, three, no four times.

"Yes, that's so good. Make me a little baby whore, and when she's old enough I'll fuck her too, just like I'll fuck you whenever I want. Right bitch?" He wasn't asking but telling me.

I just wanted out of there so I said whatever I had to. "Right," is the word that came out of my mouth.

He pulled out of me then. "Get on the floor you slut," she yelled at me as he pulled me off the bed by my legs. I landed on my butt, scraping my back on the bed frame on the way down. He stood there laughing at me and then he pissed all over me. D? vu, pissing on me just like the first time he raped me. He didn't care how much he humiliated me. "Now get the fuck out of my house you sack of shit."

I grabbed my clothes and ran out of the house. Once outside I realized I was still nude so I took a minute and got dressed. Then I ran away for a couple of blocks before stopping to walk. It took me a bit to get my bearings and start heading home. Several miles and nearly an hour later I was there.

The first thing I did was shower, to get his stink off of me. Then I went to bed and cried. I didn't sleep hardly at all, running it all through my mind over and over. I knew I had to report him but I was scared. I didn't want to live through this again, telling my story to the police, to a jury, to the public. I just wanted it to all go away.

When I started thinking clearly I realized I had to get to a doctor, had to get something to stop my pregnancy. I knew I was pregnant, just knew it. Kenny couldn't have picked a better day to fill me with his cum if he wanted to get me pregnant.

I went to one of our local free clinics to get one of those day-after pills to stop the pregnancy.

"Were you raped?" the doctor asked me.

"No, it was mutual sex," I replied.

"I'm asking because you look beat up," he explained.

"You may not believe this but girls fight just as hard as boys," I told him. "I got into a fist fight with another girl. I don't blame her though. She caught me with her husband just after we, just after we did it. She beat me up pretty good didn't she?"

"I'd say so," the doctor agreed. The story was plausible and I got my pill. Now I had to convince my boyfriend. I couldn't tell him the same story because we weren't having sex and I surely couldn't tell him I was fucking some other guy, especially some married guy.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked when he saw me that evening.

"I was over at a friend's house and some guy was there with his girlfriend. They were both drunk. She thought I was flirting with her boyfriend and beat me up. The guy had to drag her off of me." He believed me too.

Everyone believed me, no matter what I told them. I realized it was easier than telling the truth and was over sooner too. I know I should have gone to the police, had him arrested. I just wanted it to all end. Now all I had to do was forget. But forgetting was hard and still is.

It took a couple of months for my face to look normal again, longer for me to not go into depression every time I thought about it.

To be raped is a terrible thing. To be raped twice is unbelievable. To be raped three times just doesn't happen. I mean I never knew of anyone being raped three times, until it happened to me. But that's another story.

The End

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OMG! Tell Amber that I am praying for her. You should've reported it to the police though so they can catch that @#%#$ rapist. Right after the rape, you should report it to the police and have them take a sperm sample to track that jerk down and put him behind bars.

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Would love a part 3

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2013-05-22 02:39:09
The one who said to fight back, fought back and got her fucking death. She could have gotten even with them, just have to be smart. A man's fist is not a joke, worst if they know how fuckin' well to use it!

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