These are all ture stories of my sexual experances.
These are all ture stories of my sexual experances.

At the age of 7 I had started my sexual adventures. My friend at the time named Ryan was a 6
year old skinny black boy who I "played" with alot. One Day we went to his basement and Ryan
told me about this new game. Ryan called it "the naked thing". We went to the laundry room and
ryan pulled down his pants and underpantsand took off his shirt. Ryan told me to do the same.
My skinny white as milk hairless naked boy body exposed with my hard 4 inch penis sticking out.
Ryan's small hard 2 inch penis across from mine. As I stood there naked Ryan began to feel my
naked body with his small cold hands. As ryan fondled my naked body, he started to kiss my
hard penis and my ass. We started to take turns untill Ryan began to suck on my 4 inch
hairless penis and balls. The felling of his warm wet mouth on my cock and balls was amazing.
We layed on the floor in the 69 postition sucking eachothers hairless cocks and balls.
We did this everytime we hung out untill he moved away.

At the age of 9 I had a doctors appointment. when I arrived at the doctors office my frind John was
there. John is a 8 year old skinny white boy like me. I went into the examination room alone and
the doctor asked me to remove all of my clothes. He layed me down on the examination table
and examed ever inch of my young naked body. At this point my 5 inch cut penis was hard as
hell as he held it and examing my balls. When I was finished John was next. We hung out at his
place after and John and I started to talk about what happend at the doctors office. John and I
both decided to show each other what the doctor did to us. Johne and I started to strip down to our
underwear, as John layed down on his bed. I told him to take his white breifs off and his little 4
inch boner poped out. As I started to feel his neck, chest palpating his stomach, thighs and groin,
slowly examining his small cut peis and bals. As I( played with John's small hairless ball sack
he stated to moan. I finished and John did the the same thing to me.

At the age of 13 my friends Brandon (age 10) and Justin (age 9) decided to have a dare contest.
Brandon is a young skinny/toned white boy who looks like the gay porn star Mike 18 and justin
is a smaller chubby kid with a 1 inch penis. We would dare each other to flash each other
masterbate in front of eachother, run around the house naked, and hump each other.
We would hangout in my basement in the hot summer with the lights off in our boxers. We
would end up getting naked and hiding each others boxers on eachother and when someone
found their boxers they would turn the lights on exposing our young naked bodys. I was the only
boy with pubic hari and Brandon and Justin was amazed with my size. I was a 6 incher thick
and cut with a bush of blone puvic hair above my penis and on my balls. Brandon was a 4 incher.
Ww fooled around at least 3 times a week untill Justin moved away. I wish me and Brandon
did more togather.

At the age of 17 I was a "big brother figure to a 11 year old boy named Dylan. Dylan is a cute skinny
boy who normally did not wear a shirt. On really ot days suring the summer Dylan would wear nothing
but a pair of shorts. We did everything togather from hanging out to working up a sweat wrestling.
One day me and Dylan hung out in my basement cause it's the coldest place to be on a hot day.
We turned off all the lights to make it coller and we were already hot so i suggested that we should
take off our clothes and put them in the freeze. What a great Idea that was. As i stood there in my
boxers Dylan said to me ":I'm not wearing any underwear under my shorts" I said "thats fine, we
can hang out naked" As soon as he lowered his shorts his small 3 inch hairless circumcised
penis was in my face since I was bending down taking off my boxers revelling my 5 inch thick
circumcised penis (7 inches errect) with a brush of blonde pubic hair.

Dylan was amazed with my penis size. He has been to the local YMCA and have seen other boys
and men naked in the shower room befrore, but he never came close to see a penis like this.
Dylan and I just started to go over to my bed since the basement is my room, and he takled me
and we started wrestling naked. Dylan was on top of me and tried pining me while he humped
his penis agaimst mine. I rolled him over onto his back and pining him pressing my penis against
his small hairless penis and ball sack. This made his small penis hard growing to a full 5 inches.
As I got off him he started toching my semi hard thick penis with his skinny fingers. I started
asking Dylan if he knew what masterbation was. he looked and me and said "what?'
You know Masterbation, Jacking off, palying with your stiff willy, beat your meat, your pice of pork,
playing with your trouser snake, your one leg workout, one eyed monster.

He didnt have a clue. So i said I would show him a good manly workout with your favorite "toy".
As a placed my hands on his small errect 5 inch cut penis, his skinny shaft just fit around
my fingers and his little pink mushroom head sticking up. I started masterbating his small penis
as my other hand cupped and fondled his hairless ball sack. Dylan was really turmed on.
After ten minutes of this i stopped an he immedatly grabed my penis and started rubbing all
7 long inches up and down my thick shaft. The next thing I know Dylans hot skinny body
is on top of me grinding his penis against mine. We started humping eachother in unision
geting hotter and hotter, swaet driping on your young naked body's untill i came. Hot boy
cum shooting all over my chest, stomach and both out penis's and balls were covered.
We cleaned up and layed there for 10 minutes and got our clothes from the frezer.
what a great idea to put our clothes in there, We did this ever time I had the house to myself.

to be contined,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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2013-06-24 05:27:15
Life is about living, not spelling, great story keep writing! p.s. if i were you id make as many mistakes as you can and see how many people still love your stories haha

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2013-06-19 22:48:54
I suspect that as a child you thought your cock was bigger than it really was.. and I thought it distracted from the story.

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2013-03-09 07:08:43
How do you get boys to have sex with you.

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2013-01-18 16:46:09
Looking for straight guys or bi guys who wanna txt bout there experiences fucking there young sisters or fathers who fuck there young daughters, uncles & nieces, brothers, uncle & nephew. Doesnt matter what age. 7169078270

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2012-10-10 20:11:49
Story Great! Suggest frying eggs at lower temperature to allow whites to harden without yolk cooking fully. Penis size growing in direct relation to age. Substituting Bacon Fat for oil based lubricant! Possible to re-ignite at high speeds. (Will still smell like bacon)! Thanks...

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