Helen receives alot of attention after whoring it up in Sweden
Kian and Gage checked the guest list and pondered who they would put in their “special room”. It was only ever decided on as a spur of the moment, the moment when the “right” guest walked through the door. Often it would be a young couple or a horny pair of older people, clearly having an affair.

The room was spectacular, beautifully furnished with an en suite, a lounge, a bar and a King size bed… oh and a huge mirror that was, in fact, a secret window. On the other side of which was a utility room with a secret door leading to a small room with a great view, a view of everything that went on in the bedroom. Video cameras were set up to record proceedings through the glass and there were rows and rows of videos, containing the nocturnal habits of hundreds of guests.

As they discussed last night’s shenanigans between a newly engaged couple that had led to an almost unending wank fest for Kian and Gage, in came three girls on their first trip to Sweden. Kian ran the key fob around his fingers as he analysed all three. They were all fit but he chose the little redhead, “red head… good in bed” he thought to himself and winked at Gage as he gave her the key.

The room was on the top floor with a great view of Malmo, her two friends were on the first floor. She signed the book and was shown to her room by Gage, who went through everything with her… emergency exits, how to get the tv on, room service etc. and then said “if you need anything madam, I’m Gage”, extending his right hand. “Helen” the 24 year old replied, shaking it. Serge looked her up and down, long reddy auburn hair, small breasts, nice thighs in her tight jeans and horny over the knee black leather boots.

“I picked her as she looks like a dirtbag” said Kian as the two met at reception around 6pm. Gage nodded in agreement. “Let’s hope she doesn’t let us down later”. “No chance of that” replied Kian, ushering with his eyes for his compadre to look up the stairs. Coming down was Helen, dressed in a white leather mini skirt, a brown vest like top and black high heels. “She’s dirt alright” whispered Gage under his breath as she put her key on the desk and left for the evening, followed by her two mates.

By midnight Kian was already installed in the “surveillance room” setting everything up, while Gage waited in reception to allow the three girls back in. Young women are always the last to return as they’re out late socialising and he was thinking they may not come back ‘til after two, but at half twelve the bell rang. All three rolled in pretty drunk, laughing and joking and being amorous with Gage, “Thank you ladies, but I must be professional” he replied, not before copping a feel of Helen’s leather clad ass. The girls went their separate ways and the front door was locked, all guests now safely inside.

Gage joined Kian and they waited for the night to unfold. “Get your fucking kit off” muttered Kian at the window, but his unknowing guest just kicked off her shoes and lay back on the bed, grabbing the TV remote. She flicked around until she came across the movie channel showing a hardcore porn film. “Yes!” she said to herself. She’d gotten pretty horny dancing with some fit guys in the disco near the hotel and this would help bring her off before she went to sleep. Kian and Gage looked on in bemusement as she reached into her bedside table drawer and retrieved a massive dildo. “No way, no fuckin’ way” declared Kian, “what a fuckin’ slut!”

Helen slid slightly down the bed causing her leather mini to bunch up around her hips, and started to finger her crotch through her panties. Then she slipped them off and entered the dildo between her legs, her moans matching those of the actress on the huge screen as she plunged it deep inside her to the rhythm of the pounding the star was receiving.

Gage and Kian were beating themselves off frantically at the horny bitch on the other side of the glass. Time passed and Helen built up speed and was moaning like SHE was the porn star, as her Rampant Rabbit dildo plundered it’s way deeper and deeper inside her. She ploughed it faster and faster into her pussy and with a huge cry released, her juices flowing onto the expensive duvet beneath her. Gage and Kian came one after the other, their jizz splatting at the window in front of them. Helen heard faint taps coming from the huge mirror but had no idea what was going on the other side.

They made a copy for each to enjoy once more before they slept, and disappeared into their respective bedrooms. They jacked off to Helen’s performance before they slept and as soon as they rose.

Helen woke up on the wet bed, still dressed and a little hungover from the night before. She looked down at the dildo, sticky from it’s use, and started to recollect how her night had come to an end. She smiled to herself as se slowly walked to the bathroom and washed her toy clean, before stripping and taking a shower.

By 9am she was down with her mates having breakfast, their conversation was pretty loud and Alonso the waiter was clearly able to hear their discussions about their attire for the evening… all three were going as sluts. He mentioned this to his two colleagues, knowing they’d be only too keen, having also seen Helen’s performance from the night before. He too had jacked off to it before starting his shift that morning.

The evening came around and all three hotel staff were aimlessly milling around reception awaiting the three hot English chicks, who finally descended from Helen’s room in their “slut” outfits for the night. Helen’s being the best, a tan leather jacket which appeared to have nothing underneath it, a black leather mini skirt and the thigh high black leather boots with huge heels that she’d worn on her way in the day before. The girls flirted once more before leaving for the evening, they not only left the hotel – they left Gage, Kian and Alonso with huge bulges in their pants, eager to be released. “Let’s go and watch her video again” suggested Alonso. “No, save your spunk, I have a plan”, replied Ki. Basing their idea on the fact that she would be well drunk upon her return the plan was to wait till she started fucking herself again, enter the room and take advantage. They got some handcuffs and waited for the three to return.

The clock read half two as the three loud Brits barged through the door of the quiet hotel. Clearly they were all shitfaced and had definitely been up for some Swedish action. Helen’s friend’s skirts were ripped and adorned dubious stains, as did the front of Helen’s black leather mini. Either she didn’t realise or was just blaze about it and couldn’t care less.

They grabbed their keys and went their separate ways. The three staff waited a couple of minutes before following Helen upstairs and entering next door. By the time they got to their room she was already on the bed without disrobing, switching the tv onto Channel 11, the movie channel. She grabbed her toy and started prodding her wet cunt, her panties were in her previous lover’s pocket after being fucked in the alley behind the club.

Letting her get totally absorbed in what she was doing in only the flickering light of the porno on the tv, the three bided their time. Then, using their master key, they put on black masks and slid into her room unnoticed. Gage and Ki grabbed an arm each and Alonso covered her mouth as she squirmed, trying to avoid being handcuffed to the bed, the dildo sticking out from under her skirt.

The tv was switched off and the room was in total darkness as Helen felt the hands of the three guys exploring her body. “Don’t scream, you’re gonna get well fucked tonight you little slut” declared Al removing his hand. She didn’t scream, instead she just lay there enjoying the sensations of their exploration of her body. Every so many minutes the bright light of a camera flashgun filled the room, temporarily blinding their captive, but turning her on too. She heard the zip of her leather jacket be pulled down and felt the air of the room touch her sweaty body. She shivered slightly as the cooler air enveloped her. Hands caressed her breasts and she heard three more zips, those of her captor’s trousers as three cocks were rubbed against her body.

Al moved the dildo in and out of her pussy as he wanked his length over her. Another blinding flash, then Ki climbed onto her chest and moved his cock to her mouth. “Suck this you little English whore” he said, grabbing at her hair and forcing her mouth onto his huge mushroom head. She stuck her tongue out as he held her head, ramming his length in and out of her mouth. Gage put down the camera and removed the dildo, climbing onto the huge bed and placing herself between her legs. Spreading them, he lowered himself down to lick out her cunt. As he licked her out he soon realised he was licking a hole filled with a mixture of her own cum and that of a man. “You dirty bitch” he said between her legs as he tongued her twat, Helen now writhing to his touch.

“You want his cock bitch?” asked Ki, removing his own from her mouth. “Yes, yes, yes” she murmoured breathlessly. “Then fuck this slut!” he declared to his mate, as Gage held her legs up in the air and entered her sopping twat. “You horny little fuck” he said, looking over Kian’s shoulder right at Helen, as another flash lit up the room. Al had the camera and was switching between night video mode and still with flash. As Gage pummelled away in her cunt, Ki fucked her mouth. He held her head firm as he felt his balls constrict and a tensing sensation shoot through his member, suddenly exploding in her mouth and jetisoning stream after stream of his hot load right down her throat. She swallowed and Ki laughed. “That’s a good little bitch” he said under his breath, dismounting her.

Al gave Ki the camera and slid underneath their captive, placing the tip of his cock in the entrance to her ass. He pushed gently in as Helen moaned in pleasure, but the task was far too easy and the way in was smooth. “You horny little fuck, you’ve had it up the ass already tonight, haven’t you?” “Yes!” she replied, “now fill me up again”. With that, both guys ramped up their performance. They’d figured right on her being a dirty bitch, but THIS dirty… that was totally unexpected. Their speed increased and both pounded away at her as Ki filled her mouth once more. Having all holes filled sent Helen over the edge, she convulsed and held onto Gage’s waist as she let out a massive moan and came, Gage fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. He grabbed hard at her leather clad hips and shot his load deep inside her, his come mixing with her’s in her hot wet pussy.

He moved away and Ki took position in her squelchy cunt as Al continued to jackhammer her ass from underneath, his huge cock balls deep in her asshole.

Unbeknown to Gage and Kian, Alonso had set up a VCR to record the night’s events. What he hadn’t realised was that it was the VCR that was plumbed into the hotel’s tv system and was available to every client on channel 8 in every room. It was presumed that it was just another porn channel until Kian came. Pulling out, he squirted his load right up Helen’s skirt and onto her belly, firing over and over again. Gage then stood over her and scooped some off her belly with her room key card, and slid the gooey residue in her mouth.

In the nightshot image the hotel’s logo was clearly visible as the cum slid off it, and suddenly in rooms up and down the hotel masturbating husbands and young lads realised this wasn’t a porno film, but actual CCTV footage. One by one the men left their sleeping wives and trawled the hotel looking for signs of which room was getting all the action. Around ten men met up in their quest to shoot their load over the horny tied up girl.

Back on the top floor Al was ploughing Helen’s ass, going as deep as he could before ejaculating, jetwashing her bowels over and over and over again. Then he stuck his cock in her pussy and, remaining hard, fucked her ‘til she shook once more. Her moan could be heard throughout the corridors as her orgasm shuddered out of her body, her juices flowing down over Alonso’s balls.

He pulled out and moved from underneath her, and they all got dressed. “You’re one horny little fuck” said Kian, “we’ll leave you here for the maid – she’ll lick you clean in the morning”. With that they left the room, leaving the door open.

“It’s got to be the top floor, you heard that moan right?” said the loud American, keen to be jizzing the horny girl. They ascended the final flight of stairs and went down the main corridor. One door was open, most strange at 4am! They went in and hit the light. “What have we here?” one asked, finding the cum stained babe tied to the bed asleep, with her legs spread and skirt hitched up over her belly.

One by one they mounted the bed and shot their load over the sleeping slut, coating her in streams of hot sticky load. Literally from head to toe, depending on each man’s preference, she was creamed. For some it was her pretty face, for some her breasts, others squirted her skirt, some up the skirt onto her pussy and inner thighs, some her thigh boots.

The group grew to more than ten, once the young lads who were staying in separate rooms to their parents, got involved. The last leaving just as the alarm sounded for breakfast at half eight. Helen slept right through it, her eyes glued shut by the sticky jizz. Her mates didn’t miss her at the table as they never made breakfast either. The maid did indeed let herself in around eleven, taking her own advantage of sleeping beauty, and left a video tape on her belly after unlocking the cuffs and leaving the room. That evening as Helen appeared in the Dining Room for the evening meal all the men applauded – much to the confusion of their wives and other guests who weren’t up late watching TV.

“Fuck me!” said her mate as she sat down, “it’s as if you’re a star”. “Funnily enough, I am” replied Helen, smirking at the crowd.
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