Chapter Four

I don’t know how many towns that I passed, but each one seemed too close to my last office, and I found myself unable to stop. When I finally pulled over to get something to eat and drink, I was 200 miles from my office, and began to think about Jenny. If she did decide to come with me, how far would be too far for her? Was her brother there now inserting something else inside her? Was she screaming out orgasms with him right now? My head needed clarity to be able to come to grips with the ominous task ahead of me, so I checked into a motel, and then went for a long walk to think.

I walked for hours and found myself no closer to rational thinking, so I headed back to the motel. As I walked through the motel office area, Linda the check in clerk called out to me.

“Did you say that you were a Doctor”?

“Why do you ask”?

“My sister is a Doctor and has been looking for a partner for a year now. There are only three Doctors in town, and she is so busy, she is getting very frustrated”.

“I’m afraid that I am not that kind of Doctor. I’m a psychologist and Registered Therapist”.

I thought to myself “but I won’t be for long”.

“Would you like to meet her anyway? It can’t hurt, can it”?

“I suppose not. Where is her office located”?

“It’s just down the street and I’ll take you there myself in the morning. Her office opens at 9AM”.

“I’ll see you at 9AM then. Goodnight”.

I sat in my room thinking “I wonder how long it will take for the Professional Ethics Commission to investigate and take away my license. Surely the investigation would take months, and if I could make a living in the meantime, at least I could save up for a home and a place for Jenny, if she decided to come”.

Maybe if I sleep on all this, my head will be clearer in the morning, so I showered and then went to bed. I tossed and turned for a long time, but finally managed to sleep until the alarm went off at 8AM. I met Linda at 8:55 and we headed out to her sister’s office, and since it was only one block away, we walked. As we entered the building, I noticed that the sign board indicated that there were two Doctors, but one name had been covered up. Linda told me that her sister’s former partner had retired and moved to Florida over a year ago.

After my introduction to Dr. Marion Granger, Linda returned to the motel, so we made small talk and discussed her practice. The conversation turned to the reason why I had left my last practice, so I explained that I had become too close to my patients and felt that I needed to distance myself, and start anew. Marion seemed genuinely intrigued at the idea of having a partner with a completely different field of medicine, and she asked if I would mind if she verified my credentials with the State Board. I knew (hoped actually) that it was too soon for the State to know anything about my predicament, so I told her that she should go ahead.

We arranged to meet for dinner that evening at 7PM, and then I returned to the motel. I started to think through the logistics of setting up practice here, and it seemed that it would be workable. My Home furniture and all of my office furniture and equipment had been placed in storage, so if this plan with Marion worked out, it would be relatively simple and economical to ship everything here.

I was a little apprehensive approaching the dinner meeting, since I wasn’t totally sure if my misdeeds had been reported to the State. Those apprehensions dissipated in a hurry when Marion greeted me with a big smile and a warm handshake. She told me that she had received word back from the State Board, and she was now anxious to discuss the logistics of setting up a partnership practice. She was so excited at the prospects, and since there were no other Therapists in town, there was enormous potential. A lot of her patients who needed therapy had to be referred to a city 50 miles away, and her eyes gleamed talking about the synergies of our two fields.

Marion talked constantly throughout dinner, and seemed so excited about having a partner, I found myself checking her out, since she probably wouldn’t even notice. She was my age, divorced with no kids, and owned a waterfront home on a river just outside of town. She was petite, and yet had fairly large breasts and seemed to be in great physical condition. She wasn’t beautiful, but was nice looking and her personality was charming and very friendly. I could see myself fucking this woman. “Holy shit man, give yourself a shake”, I thought to myself. As if I didn’t have enough problems already.

It was Thursday evening and Marion was so caught up in the possibilities of an exciting new partnership, she invited me to her home on Saturday, so we could spend the day talking over the practice. She also asked if I would sit in with her and her patients tomorrow, so I could get a better feel for her practice. It seemed as if she had already made up her mind, but I couldn’t be sure. After all, she was a lovely and charming lady, and I am sure she would be devastated if the day came that I lost my license and possibly was arrested. I had to give this a lot more thought, but agreed to meet her at her office tomorrow at 9AM.

As I lay on my bed that night, I needed to focus on something else, in order to keep my sanity, so I thought of the sex with Jenny. My cock stiffened and began throbbing as I thought of her sucking my cock deep into her mouth and humming. I can’t ever remember someone humming on my cock before, but the vibrations were amazing. I grabbed my cock shaft and began beating it mercilessly as I recalled the vibrations on my cock head, and soon I was shooting streams of semen up my stomach and chest and even on my face and hair. Then I flashed back to the stuff Jenny’s brother had been doing to her, and my cock wilted, and I lost the mental high of my orgasm. I cleaned myself up and tried to go to sleep, and obviously the orgasm helped, since I went to sleep right away.

The following morning I arrived at Marion’s office and got the same warm smile and handshake. Her office Receptionist brought us coffee, and then we started seeing her patients. By the end of the day I was surprised at the number of patients that were enthusiastic about the news that I may be joining Marion’s practice. I must admit that I started feeling better about myself, so at day’s end, I said goodbye and headed back to the motel, more cheerful than I had been in days. When I arrived at the motel, Linda stopped me and handed me a listing of homes for rent and for sale, and said “I think you are going to be needing this”. She had a silly grin on her face and said “so do you want the lowdown on what my sister thinks of you so far”?

“I guess you and your sister have been talking about me. I hope it’s all good”.

“It’s good alright. She has made up her mind in more ways than one”.

I laughed and said “so what is that supposed to mean”?

“I better not say, but I’m sure that you will find out tomorrow”.

I wasn’t great at following directions and I got lost trying to find Marion’s house, so finally I had to call her so she could help me get there. When I arrived, I was astonished at her beautiful home, as well as her beautiful body. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt and shorts that really showed off her figure. The house was more like a mansion, and because it was right on the water, it must have been worth a fortune.

“Listen, before you go thinking I am rich or something, I have to tell you that this house was part of the divorce settlement with my ex husband”.

“It is beautiful, and you look really great too Marion. It is so different seeing you outside the office dressed casually”.

Let’s get us something to drink and we can sit by the water and talk”.

When we walked down to the cedar decking that lined the entire waterfront, I felt like I was at an exclusive resort. We sat side by side at a picnic table and sipped our drinks, as Marion went on and on about how excited she was about our potential partnership. Then all of a sudden she put me on the spot.

“You really haven’t said much about all the things that I have been ranting about, and I was hoping that you might share some of my excitement. Have I been too pushy or got too carried away? Is there something concerning you about our discussions”?

“Relax Marion. I am just a little overwhelmed. You can understand. A new town, potential new partner, new patients, finding a new home, shipping furniture and office equipment, and the list goes on”.

“I understand. Have you any thoughts about me that you can comfortably share? After all, we have to be comfortable with each other if we are going to be partners. I am totally comfortable with you and think that we would make great partners”.

“Marion you are a wonderfully charming lady and you seem to have a thriving medical practice, and frankly, I have to be certain that I don’t jump into this too quickly and possibly hurt you if things don’t work out. I’m trying to be candid with you”.

Marion put her hand on my forearm and rubbed it gently as she said “Don’t worry about me getting hurt. I can be tough when I have to be, but I do appreciate your sensitivity”. We talked for hours and lost track of time, and I think it was around 7PM, when Marion said “Wow, I didn’t realize it was so late. You must be starved”.

“I am a little hungry. Should we go out somewhere for dinner”?

“Why don’t I order something in, and that way we can have some wine and food and then carry on our discussion”?

“I’m not sure that I should drink. It was hard enough finding this place sober. After a few glasses of wine, I would never make it back to the motel”.

“Look at the size of this place. There are eight bedrooms, so you can stay here tonight. I’ll drive you back to the motel for your things right now and by the time we get back here, the food should be delivered”.

“Thanks for your hospitality Marion. I accept”.

It was about ten o’clock when we returned to the waterfront and we sat in a screened in gazebo with our wine, without having to worry about mosquitoes. This was our fourth glass of wine, since we had three with our food and were feeling a little giddy. The gazebo had a swinging love seat, suspended by chains, so we sat close together and rocked our way into a state of lightheadedness. Our bodies fit snugly into the loveseat and I was beginning to see a look in Marion’s eyes that made me a little uncomfortable. Of course, I would love to fuck her. Who wouldn’t? She was a Doctor, had a sexy body and a pretty face, had a beautiful waterfront mansion, but she was my potential business partner, and I couldn’t let my cock brain drag me into another predicament.

When Marion talked to me, she moved herself so that our thighs were touching and her hand rested on my leg. “Jesus, I was going to go to hell”, I thought to myself as I moved to kiss those inviting juicy lips. It was a light questioning kiss at first, but soon she was in my lap returning the kiss with a passion that I hadn’t seen since Jenny. Our hands groped at each other as we left the loveseat and ended up on the cedar floor. We broke our kiss long enough for me to ask if this was wrong.

“Of course it is wrong partner, but if you stop now, I am going for my gun”.

We were now in animal lust mode and there was no stopping the inevitable. The gazebo floor was not all that comfortable, but I was afraid to ask about going inside, in case it broke the mood. I didn’t have to worry about that because Marion said “let’s go inside where we will be more comfortable fucking our brains out”. We virtually ran inside and up the stairs to her bedroom. “Fuck me”, I thought to myself. This bedroom was fit for a Queen. It had a king sized bed covered in a silk canopy with a fireplace a few feet from the bed and looked almost too beautiful to fuck in. Unfortunately I had broken the lustful mood as I stood and stared in awe at this room.


“No Marion, I am just amazed at this house. This bedroom is fit for a royal couple”.

“Get undressed and I’ll give you a royal fucking that you will never forget”.

The lust was now back as we tore at each other’s clothes. The bedspread was tossed and then the two of us were on the bed and locked in an embrace together. I threw her arms back over her head and began licking her ear lobes and then down her neck until I reached her breasts. I massaged those mounds and sucked her nipples to full erection as she moaned and tried unsuccessfully to reach my cock. This was her turn to be pleasured and I wouldn’t be denied. When her breasts started heaving off the mattress and pushed into my face, I traced my fingers down her abdomen until I felt soft and silky pussy hairs.

I licked my way down her front stopping only to tease her navel with my tongue. I kept my hands on her breasts and began rolling her erect nipples between my fingers. When my chin felt her pussy hairs, she thrust her hips upwards and moved her arms down so she could hold my face in her hands. I licked lightly through the silky pussy hairs and caught the first scent of her pussy. It was sweet like nectar and wafted through my nostrils, increasing my animal lust tenfold. Now I flicked my tongue and nibbled at her outer pussy lips, as her grip on my face intensified.

She wanted to steer my face into her pussy, but I resisted, since I wanted to tease her to increase the intensity of her imminent orgasm. My tongue had now located her clitoris, and she was so in lust, it was erect and fully outside of its sheath. I sucked it between my lips as my tongue continued lapping at it, and Marion then pulled on my face firmly and began to shake and tremble. She face fucked me as her orgasm overtook her and it was all I could do to keep her clitoris sucked between my lips. Her nipples were hard, and I didn’t want to hurt her, so I moved my hands down to wrap the around her hips and hold her ass cheeks. She moaned and screamed and thrust her hips at me until she finally collapsed and released my face from her hands.

“That was so fucking beautiful. It’s been so long since I have felt this way”.

“I’m not done with you yet Doctor. We have just begun”.

I kissed my way back up her abdomen, until our mouths and tongues locked, and then that magical feeling came over me as I felt my cock head brush through those silky pussy hairs. She let out a moan and sucked in my tongue when she felt my cock tickle those pussy hairs, and then she said “Fuck me. I want you inside of me”.

Her pussy was juicy and hot as my cock parted the hairs, slowly passing those outer lips, and then the inner folds, and finally she was totally mine when my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks. We had to release each other’s tongues from our mouths, since the intensity of the passion made it difficult to catch our breath. She moaned things that I couldn’t understand, and both her arms and legs were pulling at me as if to take my entire body inside her. When I rose up to begin stroking and thrusting, she asked me to fuck her hard. Her first orgasm had been a teasing and sensitive one, but now I could tell that she wanted to release the animal passion in her, so I gave it to her with everything I had. I was like a jack hammer as I pounded in and out of that hot and tight love hole. She met my thrusts with upward bucking of her hips, and we were like synchronized machines working for one common goal. That goal was to cum harder than we have ever cum before.

“Give it to me hard. I’m cumming, she screamed as I banged my balls off of her ass cheeks. When I felt her pussy walls spasm on my cock, I knew it was time to fill her womb with my semen. I made one last violent and deep thrust, and my balls blew every ounce of my semen inside her. Her pussy walls sucked at my cock head as they contracted and sucked my balls dry.

When I rolled off, I grabbed her face and kissed her and told her that she had fucked me worthy of this royal bed. She told me that I had also fucked her royally, and then she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Finally we both lay back totally exhausted and yet totally satisfied.

As we sipped our glasses of wine and tried to recover from this exhausting, yet passionate lovemaking, Marion whispered to me “I’m not done with you yet Doctor”. Touch?I thought to myself, as I tried to envision what she could possibly have enough energy left to do to me. She sipped the last of her wine and then moved on top of me. She kissed me passionately as her hands caressed my face and neck, and then she whispered “I’m going to blow your mind, and swallow every drop of your big load of cum”. Just when I thought my cock was down for the count, those words breathed new life into it, and it began to twitch and throb. I guess I expected that Marion would kneel between my legs, so I was a little surprised when she energetically flipped around and put herself in the 69 position on top of me.

I could feel and taste my semen dripping from her pussy, but didn’t care, since I felt her hot breath approaching my cock head. I wanted to see if she would follow my lead, so I wet my finger in her pussy juices and then began to lightly rub circles around her anal opening. When I felt my cock being engulfed in her mouth, I inserted my finger into her anal opening and lightly thrusted it in and out. She began to moan and squirm, and soon she rubbed my anus with her finger, and then fully inserted it. She couldn’t deep throat my cock, but she sure took in a mouthful as she stroked her finger in and out of my anus. I lapped at her pussy lips and clitoris as I continued stroking a finger in her anus and soon the two of us were like animals again. I hungrily sucked and licked at her pussy, as she bobbed her head up and down my cock shaft, perfectly timed with her finger fucking my anus.

I could tell from her body language that she was cumming, so I thrusted my cock in and out of her mouth so I could cum with her. We both exploded at the same time, and whatever cum I had left in my balls, was being drained into her mouth and down her throat. Marion’s pussy was in spasms and emitting that sweet scent as well as juices that flowed down my chin. When we had both finished cumming, she rolled off of me and moved up to cuddle. Our eyes were heavy and we both knew that we had nothing left, so we closed our eyes and were asleep in an instant.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon and eggs, and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Just as I got back from the bathroom, Marion arrived carrying a tray with our breakfast. She set it down, and then I pulled her down to me and kissed her.

“That was an incredibly beautiful evening Doc and you are one very special lady”.

“Why thank you Doc. You were pretty special yourself”. Now if you don’t mind, let’s eat before the food gets cold”.

To Be Continued……………………..

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