Chapter Three

After using almost half of the bottle of mouthwash in my bathroom, I quickly used paper towels and cleaned up any remnants of my ejaculate off the walls and floor. Just as I sat down in my chair, my receptionist came in to tell me that my next appointment had been cancelled, but Jenny was in the waiting room, and insisted on seeing me as soon as I was available. I walked to the waiting room and greeted Jenny and asked her how I could help.

“I can’t wait until my next appointment, so what time could you see me today”.

“You can come in right now. I had a cancellation”.

As I closed my door and Jenny took a seat, I asked her why she was back so soon.

“I’m afraid that I wasn’t totally honest with you in our last session and I need to tell you the entire truth, if I expect you to help me”.

“Talk to me and explain what it is that you haven’t told me”.

“Remember when I told you that my brother and I continued having sex for four years”?

“Yes. Was that not true”?

Jenny started sobbing and couldn’t get any more words out of her mouth, so I got up and put my hand on her shoulder and asked her to wait until she was ready before continuing to talk. It took about five minutes for her to stop sobbing, but she did begin talking and told me what she had been untruthful about.

“The truth is that the relationship with my brother never stopped. It’s still going on today, and I am so messed up, I have no idea what to do. When I got home from my appointment with you earlier today, he called me and told me he was coming over to fuck my ass”.

“What did you say to him”?

“I said the same thing as every other time. I said that I would be waiting for him”.

“Tell me everything that happened when he arrived”.

“He came to my apartment with a six pack of beer, and plopped down on the sofa and turned on the TV. He found something that he wanted to watch and then he told me to come over and suck him off. I did what he asked but when I got on my knees in front of him, he made me get up and strip naked. He took off his pants while I stripped and then he grabbed my ears and forced my face to his cock. He wasn’t erect yet, so he made me talk dirty to his cock”.

“Jenny, how could you talk dirty to his cock”?

“He has done this many times before. He has cue cards made up with things that he wants me to say”.

“Like what”?

“Things like: cum in my mouth you big cock. I want to swallow your big load of cum”.

“And you go along with this”?

“Yah. I just got used to it, and do what he tells me. It’s easier that way”.

“Why is it easier”?

“Because when I do what he asks, he doesn’t slap me”.

‘He hits you”?

“Not anymore, because I do everything he asks”.

“Carry on with what happened”.

“Today he was having difficulty getting erect, so he told me to take a beer can and insert it into my pussy, as I talked dirty to his cock”.

“Hold on Jenny. Are you sure that everything you are telling me is the truth”?

“I swear that it is all true”.

“I have a responsibility to report serious crimes, and the things that your brother is doing to you are not only illegal, but immoral and heinous. Let me call in the police. It’s the only way you will ever get out from under his influence, and begin to get your life back”.

“No, please don’t call the police. I am as much of a pervert as he is, so how can he be arrested”?

“Because he has brainwashed you into thinking that you are enjoying his sex games”.

Jenny sat silently as I brainstormed through all of the things she had told me, but none of this was making any sense, and I couldn’t decide what should be done.

“Look Jenny, if we are to make any progress towards turning your life around, we either have to report your brother and have him arrested, or you have to put a stop to the abuse yourself”.

“I don’t want the police involved, so what do you suggest that I do to stop him”?

“First I want you to finish telling me everything that happened earlier today with your brother”.

“When he asked me to insert the beer can into my pussy, I tried pushing it in but it wouldn’t go, so I asked him what I should do. He told me to bend over in front of him and he would do it himself. I was on all fours facing away from him, so he grabbed my feet and lifted them high in the air, and then told me to pass him the beer can. He spread eagled me and began pouring beer into my pussy and then he slurped some of it out with his tongue until it was wet enough for the can to slide in. Then he jammed the can totally into my pussy and put my feet back on the floor. I have to admit that the beer can started to make my pussy tingle, since it filled me up completely, so I began talking dirty to his cock. He was erect now, so he asked me to lick and slurp at his cock head, in between the dirty talk. After about ten minutes he got bored with this, so he said it was time to fuck my ass. He put me back on all fours with the beer can still fully lodged in my pussy, and knelt behind me. He poured another bit of beer on his cock, and then inserted the head in my anus. It was very tight because of the beer can, so it took him a while to get all the way inside me, but finally when he was all the way in, he told me to start talking dirty again. This time I told him to fuck me in the ass hard and deep, and to cum into my bowels. As soon as I said that, he grunted and then thrusted deep into my ass, and ejaculated into my bowels. He got up, took the rest of his beer and left. I am not sure why, but I couldn’t get the beer can out of my pussy, so it’s still lodged there. I didn’t know what else to do so I came here hoping that you could help. I couldn’t imagine explaining this to the Emergency Room Doctor”.

You can imagine the condition of my cock and the front of my pants. Both from hearing her story as well as envisioning the extraction of the beer can from her pussy. My cock was virtually out of control, and soaked with pre-cum.

“Okay Jenny, I want you to pull off your pants and panties, and then lie back on the sofa, so I can try to get the beer can out”.

As I watched Jenny’s body, she slipped off her pants and then her white lace panties, and then I saw blood stains on her thighs. I asked her to raise her feet in the air and spread her legs, so I could examine her more closely. I told her that I was very sorry about my erection, but it couldn’t be helped, due to the sight in front of me. She just smiled and said that I should just get on with it, since the erection wasn’t bothering her.

My face was about six inches from her pussy, and I noticed that it was both engorged and swollen. The beer can tab must have cut her pussy lips when it was inserted, since there was a little dried blood on her pussy lips as well as her thighs.

“I can’t imagine that what you are looking at is all that erotic, but your pants sure are tented out and your erection seems to be throbbing”.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that you are so beautiful. I can’t control it”.

“Would you like me to suck on it for you while you are working on the beer can”?

“Jenny, that is a very bad idea, but I do appreciate the offer. It would be of no therapeutic value for you, and might even set you back in your progress”.

“What progress? I am still letting my brother do whatever he wants to me, so it’s hard to believe that I could digress”.


Before I could explain that it would be dangerous and unprofessional for me to accept her offer, she reached for my cock and rubbed me through my pants. Things had spiraled out of control for the second time today, and I was certain that I would be looking for a new profession soon. I was stooped over her with my hands holding her pussy lips open, when I felt her unzip my pants and pull them and my underwear down to my ankles. It was going to be very difficult remaining objective about the procedure that I was trying to perform, but I felt that the can had to come out quickly before she became infected.

I managed to get a finger inside the beer can opening, and as I pulled and twisted it, I felt Jenny’s hot breath approaching my cock head. I began to wonder if she would stop what she was doing, if I got the can out, so I worked on the can very slowly. I felt the first tongue flick on the underside of my cock, and then I felt her hot lips engulf the cock head completely. The sucking and licking reminded me of cumming in my sister’s mouth all those years ago, and that did it. My balls sent a surge of semen up my cock shaft, and when I glanced over to her face, she was hungrily swallowing it all down. I continued to stare in amazement as she kept on licking and cleaning my cum off of the entire shaft. I am not sure that there was all that much semen there, since this was the third time I had ejaculated today.

Now that I had cum in her mouth, she was pulling my clothing back up, so I went back to working on the beer can. A few more pulls and twists and I had the can on the way out. It made a squishing sound when the end of the can made its way out, and Jenny flinched as the abrasion from the beer can tab became irritated.

“We are going to have to put some anti-biotic ointment on these abrasions, so you don’t get a nasty infection, so I need you to stay where you are”.

I went into my bathroom and got the ointment, and told her that it might be a little uncomfortable for a few minutes, while I applied it.

“Is it possible that I am also cut way up inside of me”?

“It’s possible, but I won’t be able to reach that far to apply the ointment”.

“What if you applied a bunch of the ointment on your cock, and then thrust it around inside me. Wouldn’t that work”?

“I’m sure that would work, and since I have already crossed the line with you, we might as well try it”.

I dropped my trousers and underwear and kicked them onto the floor. The only problem that I might have is getting hard enough. I had just ejaculated, so I told Jenny that I may not be able to get erect enough for the procedure.

“Get that big cock over here and I will suck it back to life. I want to suck your balls too, before you fuck my pussy with that big cock”.

Jenny’s dirty talk lessons from her brother paid off, since my cock began to grow as soon as the words left her lips. We switched positions, and she got between my legs on the sofa. She went straight for my balls and lapped at them. She sucked one completely into her mouth, licked the hell out of it and then did the same with other one. I was fully hard and throbbing now, so she gave my cock a good tongue lashing, and then sucked it deep into her throat. She began to hum and I could feel the vibrations on that little sensitive spot on the underside of my cock head. I told Jenny to stop or I would cum. She did stop, and then reached for the ointment and applied it all over my shaft. She put a big gob on the end, so it would get way up inside of her.

As I mounted her, I knew that I had to be careful with the abrasions, so they didn’t start bleeding again. She held her pussy lips open for me, so we didn’t lose all of the ointment on the outside, and I slipped down her tunnel, and was soon fully inserted. My balls rested on her ass cheeks, and then I felt her ass start gyrating and humping, as she told me that she wanted to help spread the ointment around inside her. I was now moving my thoughts away from this being a procedure, to it being a very erotic fuck of a beautiful woman. I began stroking in and out of her pussy, but also moving my hips side to side, so my cock was making contact with every part of her insides.

I was beginning to feel that all too familiar tingle in my balls, as Jenny told me that she was cumming. She pulled at me and moaned, and then as I made a final deep thrust to cum inside her, she screamed “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING HARD”. She bucked wildly and dug her heels into the backs of my legs, and moaned unintelligible sounds. I felt her pussy contracting against my cock, as it sucked out any remaining remnants of my semen.

As I lay deep inside Jenny, her pussy walls were still pulsing against my cock head, and I was oblivious to everything around me, until I heard: “OH MY GOD. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE”?

The terror and shame that I felt as I saw my Receptionist staring at us in shock and disbelief, is difficult to describe. I knew at that moment that my professional life was over, and since it couldn’t get any worse, I didn’t even withdraw my cock from Jenny’s pussy. My Receptionist had run out and slammed my door, so I just lay there with a shriveling cock lodged in Jenny’s pussy. Jenny had buried her face in my chest, obviously feeling ashamed as well.

When we finally got up, I sent Jenny home, and then I began the task of cleaning out my office to prepare for an out of town move. It took me almost a week to complete all of the arrangements, and after paying off my receptionist, I had virtually nothing left, either professionally or financially. I was so emotionally desperate that I actually called Jenny and asked her if she wanted to move with me, but she said that she needed time to think about it. I told her that I would contact her from a new town and then she could give me her decision. It’s just as well that I have never owned a gun, because at that place and time, I’m sure I would have used it to shoot myself.

To Be Continued……….

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