Chapter Two

As I sat in my private washroom stroking my slimy throbbing erection, I couldn’t help but feel unworthy of being a therapist. I should be able to rise above this sort of thing, but there was something very erotic about the way Jenny described her early childhood sexual experiences, and it also reminded me a little of that time with my sister. When I remembered back to that time when I came in my sister’s mouth, my stroking increased in intensity and I shot my ejaculate everywhere.

I wiped off my cock and pulled up my pants, since my next patient was due any minute. Cleaning up my ejaculate in the bathroom would have to wait until later. I just got seated in my office chair when my receptionist came in and said that Mrs. Trotter was here for her appointment. This lady was 35 years old and showing signs of paranoia, and although I had been seeing her for three months, very little progress had been made.

I watched her walk in and saw the same frumpy faced woman that I had been helping, but this time she was wearing a mini skirt and tight blouse. I had never noticed her body before, but it sure caught my attention today. Her breasts must have been 38C, and she had a slender waist and round full hips. The mini skirt really accentuated her ass, and except for her face, I probably would have been seriously aroused. It wasn’t that she was terribly ugly, but she had one of those faces that no amount of makeup could improve.

As she started relating her experiences since our last session, my eyes began to wander to her body, and all of a sudden I was envisioning Jenny’s face attached to it, and soon my cock was back to throbbing in my pants. Soon her voice faded into the background, as my focus shifted to her body. I am embarrassed to say that I heard little of what she was saying, since my erection seemed to be doing my thinking for me.

“Okay let me be totally honest with you about my relations with my husband. He wants sex all the time, and I’m not always in the mood, so I arrange appointments for him to have sex”.

I needed to make a quick recovery from my lack of attentiveness, and I hoped that she would elaborate enough for me to give her an intelligent response.

“Finally we are getting somewhere Mrs. Trotter. If your husband is not getting the personal attention he desires at home, you suspect that he goes elsewhere for it. Am I correct”?

“Yes. Isn’t he supposed to respect me enough that he can wait until one of his appointments with me”?

“It is highly unusual for a husband and wife to have appointments for sex. On average, couples in your age bracket have consensual sex 10 to 15 times monthly. How often are these appointments and what on earth possessed you to force him to make them”?

Looking back, I guess I did come across as judgmental and when she burst into tears and ran into my private washroom, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Surprised though is not the word for my reaction, since my brain flashed back to my ejaculate all over the washroom. I panicked and ran to the door to ask her if she could come out right away, so we could continue our discussion.

She opened the door, and flashed me a very sly grin, and said to me “You have been a very naughty therapist, judging by the splatter all over your bathroom”.

All I could think of doing was to go back and sit down in my chair and hang my head in shame. Mrs. Trotter returned to her seat and asked me if I always masturbated in my office during business hours.

“Look, you have caught me in a very embarrassing situation and I want to apologize for exposing you to such a gross thing. If you want to discontinue our sessions and arrange for a new Therapist, I will totally understand”.

“I think you understand that you really upset me when you judged my sexual relationship with my husband, and there will be a price to pay for that”.

“I do apologize for seeming judgmental, but I don’t understand what you mean about the price”.

In my mind I thought that the price was going to be a disciplinary hearing before the Professional Ethics Commission, but I asked her what she meant because I was hoping that she was referring to something else.

“Okay. You started manipulating our conversation towards my sex life, and I think I should explain the problem to you. My husband won’t participate in any kind of oral sex, and prefers only the typical missionary sex. He usually finishes in under 2 minutes, and leaves me totally unsatisfied. I need to give and receive oral stimulation, and since he won’t do it, I only allow him his missionary sex once a month. If you will lock your door and agree to oral sex with me, I will forget about what I saw in your bathroom”.

My mind was buzzing with all sorts of thoughts on options, consequences and visions of her unattractive face. I was really caught between a rock and a hard place, so I finally blurted out that I would agree to her suggested price. I looked at my watch to see when my next appointment was due, and saw that we had only 15 minutes. I told her how much time there was so she said “strip in a hurry and let’s get started”.

We removed all of our clothes and I positioned myself on my back on the leather sofa. As she walked towards me, I had to concentrate on her body, and avoid looking at her face; otherwise it might be impossible to get erect. I was seriously mistaken about the erection. When she kneeled between my legs, and moved her mouth towards my flaccid cock, she opened her mouth wide and I was shocked at how big her oral cavity was.

I thought that someone had attached a vacuum cleaner to my penis when she began sucking, and in less than 5 seconds I was totally erect. She sucked the entire length into her mouth and throat, and when my balls came to rest on her chin, she began licking my balls with her tongue. This woman had the longest tongue that I had ever seen, and the arousal that came over me as I felt her lick my balls, and bounce them up and down using only her tongue, caused an immediate ejaculation. My semen went straight down her throat, and she didn’t stop sucking or licking my balls, until I had to pull her off of my cock. The head of my cock had become very sensitive from the sucking force she had exerted, and I couldn’t take any more.

We switched positions and as I crawled between her legs, I glanced at my watch to see how much time we had left. We had seven minutes and counting, so I parted her pussy hairs and began lapping at her pussy lips. I rubbed her clitoris with my finger, as I licked her outer pussy lips, hoping to speed up her orgasm, and it worked. She pulled my head into her open pussy and moaned that she was having an orgasm. Her thighs clamped against my head and then a thick white liquid flowed out of her pussy and onto my tongue. I wasn’t sure what this liquid was, so I asked her about it.

“That is the price you have to pay. My last appointment with my husband was a few minutes before I came to this appointment. I don’t expect to be receiving an invoice for this session. Good day”.

To be continued…………………..

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We love that idea: That sex and spirituality are deelpy intertwined, that the enjoyment of intercourse is the worshiping of the divine, and the climax is the closest earth-bound thing to nirvana. (And really, if we could exponentially inspire more people around the world to have meaningful, heavenly orgasms, don't you think there might be a corresponding drop-off in meaningless wars? New tagline for Artful porn: one weapon in bringing about peace on earth.)Getting back to earth, we love pics #5 and 6 for the feeling in Rose's expression as her partner goes down her (because guys, lapping her up is your way to nirvana.)

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