Cindy wanted to escape from her small town and start her life fresh in the big city. She never dreamed she would be victimized by vampires. Now a year later Cindy's little sister Jessy comes for a visit.
Raped by Vampires 2 - Cindy's Little Sister
Cindy wanted to escape from her small town and start her life fresh in the big city. She never dreamed she would be victimized by vampires. Now a year later Cindy's little sister Jessy comes for a visit.

When I heard the knock on the door I instantly knew who it was, and what I had done. I forgot about my sister Jessy. I was supposed to pick her up at the bus station but time got away from me. It has done that a lot since I moved here. I'm surprised I was able to get through my first year of college.

I jumped up and ran to the door.  Opening it there she stood, at 5 feet even, my sister Jessy. She was still thin but not the bean pole that I remembered a year ago when I left my home town. Jessy had long dark hair, brown eyes, and the cutest smile. School had just gotten out for the summer and she was here for a two-week stay.

I smiled at her and opened my arms. "You look wonderful."

"You owe me 35 bucks for a cab ride," she said, then laughed and hugged me. "Just kidding. Some guy named Andrew said you sent him over to pick me up."

"Thank God he was on the ball today. I sure wasn't," I confessed. "Oh it is so good to see you. Here, let me take your suitcase. You'll be staying in my room."

As we unpacked her suitcase we caught up a bit on home life. Then out of the blue Jessy asked, "So is Andrew your boyfriend or something?"

"Or something," I replied. "He is not my boyfriend. Just a close friend."

"You look a bit tired," Jessy noticed. "Are you feeling OK?"

"Well with finals this past week it was a tough end of my first year of college," I told her. But the truth was I did feel tired a lot and I knew why. I put a lot of energy into my relationship with my roommate Lenore and her companion Andrew. And now I had to hide it for two whole weeks. I wasn't sure I would be able to do that.

That evening when Lenore came home from work we all had dinner together, including Andrew and a guy friend of his.

"So tell me Jessy, how old are you?" Lenore asked my sister.

"I am almost 15, next month," she said proudly. "I'll be a sophomore in high school." Jessy was about 4 years younger than me so I was out of high school before she started her freshman year.

"You look much older than that," Lenore said. "I would have pegged you for at least 16, maybe 17." Jessy smiled. My eyes went down to her breasts. They had developed this past year to the point that she actually had some. She was a late bloomer but that seemed to have changed. I wondered if her thin body shape would all end over the next year or so.

Andrew's friend, Martin, would whisper something to Andrew every now and then, but especially after Jessy said her age. There was something about Martin that I didn't like. He looked older, more mature than Andrew. But that wasn't it. There was something that just made me feel uneasy about him. I couldn't put my finger on it, just that I knew I didn't like him, which was strange because I really liked Andrew and the friends he had introduced me to over the past year.

We chatted through the rest of dinner and then Lenore told us to all go into the living room as she would take care of cleaning up the table and doing the dishes. I wasn't going to pass on that offer as I usually did that task. Jessy carried her plate to the kitchen anyway as Andrew and Martin went into the living room. When Jessy and I walked in I overheard Martin say something about a fountain.

"Just let me prove it to you?" Martin said and then noticed us walking in and stopped talking.

"I never got the chance to thank you Andrew for picking up Jessy," I told him. "That was really nice of you."

"Well I knew you needed your rest after so many late nights studying for finals," Andrew replied. "Besides, your sister was a regular chatter box on the way over here. She told me all sorts of things about you two growing up."

"Oh God no," I cringed. "I can only imagine the stories she told."

"So what are you two doing tomorrow?" he asked.

"I want to see all the touristy type places first, get them out of the way," Jessy said. "Then I want to see all the places that tourists never get to see."

"I could help with the latter if you want," Andrew said.

"Well, if it's OK with Cindy," Jessy hesitantly replied.

"Let's just take it one day at a time," I interjected. There were some places I didn't want Andrew taking Jessy. She was way too young for that sort of thing.

"I've got to run out for a bit," Lenore yelled. Then she was gone. She did that often, just left without saying where she was going. She might be gone for an hour or all night.
As soon as Lenore had left Martin turned to me and said, "I understand you will be quite the catch." There was something about the way he said it, his voice was thick with seductive. It made my skin come alive.
"What do you mean?" I asked, leaning back away from him, though my body felt like it wanted to do just the opposite.
"I can see it in your eyes," he continued. "You will make someone a wonderful lover one day." There was some sort of power in his words, his voice, that took my breath away, like a young girl when she gets her first kiss. I felt my heart racing. I wasn't particularly attracted to Martin but my body felt like I wanted him to touch me and that's exactly what he did.
Martin slid closer to me on the couch and placed his hand on my leg. Immediately I felt warmth and comfort. If I hadn't been wearing jeans I swear I would have fainted. "You are so beautiful Cindy," he said as he brushed my hair away from my neck.
I couldn't pull my eyes away from him, not even when Andrew spoke. "Martin," is all he said.
"Trust me," Martin replied. "You trust me, don't you Cindy?"
I felt like I could trust him completely, like I wanted to trust him, wanted to do whatever he asked of me. "Of course I trust you Martin."
"See Andrew," he said. "She trusts me." And then he kissed me on the lips, gently at first. I felt a warmth move from my lips through my cheeks, my neck, my chest, throughout my body. His kiss became more urgent. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and I felt the tiniest of pricks. He continued to kiss me and suck on my tongue and I didn't want him to stop, ever.
"Martin, we agreed," I heard Andrew say. Martin stopped kissing me and placed me gently back onto the couch. He still held my gaze as he undid my jeans and pulled them off of me. For some reason I turned to Jessy and saw that Andrew was sitting right next to her on the love seat, stroking her inner thigh. Jessy was leaning back with her head just staring at the ceiling, her mouth open.
I was about to say something to Andrew, to tell him to stop touching my 14-year-old sister when Martin stuffed my panties into my mouth. I didn't even know he had removed them. He didn't waste any time after that. With me laying back on the couch, Martin knelt between my legs and thrust into me, sinking deep. But I had no idea how big he was. In two more thrust he was bottomed out and was pounding so deep he was hitting my cervix.
It hurt but that's not what had my attention. I couldn't pull my eyes away from what Andrew was doing to my sister. Andrew removed Jessy's jeans and panties and knelt on the floor in front of her. He spread her legs and began licking. I knew what Andrew could do with that tongue of his and for a moment was jealous until I remembered who he was doing it to, my little sister. He shouldn't have been doing that and I wanted him to stop.
Jessy wasn't putting up any kind of fight or struggle. I wondered if it was like my first time. My mind was screaming rape but her body did whatever Andrew wanted it to, even welcomed it. Now I was watching Andrew bring my only sister closer and closer to a climax, watching her writhe on the love seat.
"Well?" Martin asked Andrew, never stopping his thrusting into me. It reminded me that I couldn't do anything to help my sister. I couldn't because it would mean stopping what was happening to me and I didn't want that. My body didn't want that. I could feel myself getting close, that orgasm just out or reach but almost there. The pain of Martin's shaft hitting my cervix was gone. Each impact now sent jolts of electricity into me that just brought me that much closer to my climax.
Suddenly Jessy yelled out and lifted her hips up off the love seat. Andrew slipped his hands between her legs and helped hold her ass in the air as he appeared to drink from her pussy, lapping up her juices.
Andrew pulled away and said, "You were right. She is one hell of a fountain."
"Do it," Martin ordered to Andrew. Then turning to me he gave me three quick thrusts and climaxed. His seed was hot as it shot out into the end of my tube. The force of it sent me over the edge and I climaxed.
"Oh Martin, it's so hot," I yelled. But what an orgasm he gave me.
In the midst of it he pulled out of me, looked at me and walked over towards Andrew. Martin turned back and pointing his arm at me said, "Freeze." There I was on my back on the couch staring at those two men with my sister, unable to look away, still in the midst of my orgasm that didn't seem to want to quit. Whatever Martin did to me, it froze me body and what was happening to it. He froze me in the midst of an orgasm that wouldn't end.
"You had better be able to control this Martin because once I enter her I won't be able to stop." Then Andrew dropped his pants and rammed his cock into Jessy.
"Yes, oh yes," she screamed as he began fucking her hard and fast. But the strangest thing was Martin. He walked over to Andrew and leaning over him bit down into his neck. Martin was feeding on Andrew while Andrew fucked Jessy. It wasn't the first time I had seen a vamp feed on someone. But I had never seen it this close before, and never in this kind of triad configuration.
This went on for several minutes, both Andrew and Jessy moaning, until Jessy screamed out again, "Oh Christ I'm cumming, oh God, yes." And then she thrust her body up again. Here I was watching my sister being raped while I was climaxing. This image and my feelings would forever be married. When I think of this day, this picture of my sister being raped I would remember my wonderful endless orgasm. It's not the right emotion to have but I couldn't change what was happening. And quite frankly my body didn't want my own orgasm to ever end.
This went on for half an hour. Jessy had at least a half dozen orgasms. I was just as immobile though my orgasm seemed to be slightly less powerful, or maybe I was just getting immune to the feelings. I could even move my head some, almost as if Martin's power over me was weakening.
Suddenly the door opened and in walked Lenore. She took one look at the scene and ran to a nearby end table. She grabbed a large knitting needle and prepared to use it as a pointed stake. She raised it high into the air and drove it hard into Martin's back. He lifted his head off of Andrew's neck and screamed. I was instantly released, my orgasm ended, my body able to move.
Martin fell back onto the floor, apparently dead. His body didn't turn to dust like in the vampire movies. But the stuff about them having powers to control your body and mind must have been true. I guess I already knew that but just didn't realize how powerful they could be. And I was about to see more of that in the next few moments.
Lenore had already helped Andrew pull out of Jessy, something he was not able to do on his own, something to do with her being a "fountain" whatever that was. Lenore was now holding Jessy. It almost sounded like Jessy was crying. Lenore was stroking the back of her head and whispering, "forget Jessy, forget." A moment later Jessy was quiet like she had fallen asleep.
Lenore turned to me and said, "Carry your sister to your room, put her to bed. Let her sleep. Don't wake her up and she will be fine in the morning. She won't remember a thing. We'll talk later."
I didn't ask any questions, just did as I was told. In no time Jessy and I were both in bed together. I didn't bother getting night clothes on either of us. Jessy was on her left side facing the wall. I was spooned in behind her, feeling the warmth of her body, the scent of sex strong on both of us.
Even with the door shut I could hear Lenore yelling at Andrew. "What the fuck were you thinking?"
Andrew tried to respond. "Martin said he could control it and he would stop after a couple of minutes. I just wanted to see what it was like with a fountain."
"We can't control it. We can never control it with a fountain. That's why we have to be tied down and you always have a third person to pull the fountain off," she yelled. "When did you start with her?"
"Right after you left," he replied.
"I was gone for over an hour. You fucked her for over one hour? You god damned idiot. You could have killed her and yourself," she screamed. "I should have killed you with Martin. Now we have to get rid of his body. Help me get him to the car."
A few minutes later there was total silence. I thought about what Lenore did to Jessy. Would Jessy actually have no memory of the rape? Did Lenore have that kind of power? I found myself gently stroking my sister with my right hand, her hip, her upper leg. I let my hand travel down to her matted pussy hair, felt the wetness still there, the combined cum from the two of them, Andrew and my sister. Raising my finger I tasted it, sweet and almost a scent of honey. I wanted more.
Ever so gently so as not to wake Jessy up, I let my finger tip roam around her pussy until it found the opening, still slick with cum. I slid it inside, just a little ways to coat my middle finger. Then I pulled it out and brought it back to my mouth, sucking in the taste and the fragrance. I wasn't sure what a fountain was, but it was clear that Lenore and Andrew thought she was one.
The cum mixture was intoxicating. I wanted more. Repeating the process a couple more times with my finger just made things difficult for me. I had to have more, much more.
Sliding back slightly I gently rolled Jessy from her left side onto her back. Then I carefully moved the sheet and covers off of us onto the floor. Moving down the bed I gently separated her legs exposing an area where I could lie between them, giving me clear access to her pussy.
Trying to not touch her anywhere else, as I didn't want to wake her, I moved my mouth down her her pussy lips. That first lick was like tasting heaven. I soon found myself separating her pussy lips with my fingers so that I could get my tongue in deeper. I sucked and licked, becoming more bold, more forceful the longer I did it. I could taste Andrew but definitely the sweet taste was all Jessy.
I released my finger hold on her and slipped my hands under her thighs. Holding her legs I pushed my face firmly into her pussy and sucked. Jessy began to move, not that she was awake, but that her body was responding all on its own. Small movements on her part just spurred me on more. But her movements became a writhing as I pushed her closer to a climax. I wanted her to climax, wanted to taste fresh cum from my sister.
I didn't have to wait long as she soon added moaning and then suddenly a cry of pleasure as an orgasm swept through her. I found out what they meant by fountain. Jessy expressed a large amount of cum, almost like what a guy does when he climaxes. I stayed clamped on her, sucking in all that I could.
"Cindy, Cindy, is that you?" Jessy cried. "Oh Cindy, what's happening. Oh…oh…it feels so…so good."

I stayed glued to Jessy until her climaxed stopped. "Oh Jessy, you taste so…wonderful," I told her, crawling back up her body and then laying down next to her.

"Cindy, I never knew it could feel that good, it was…" Jessy suddenly stoop speaking, her jaw dropped. She looked at me and asked, "Did Andrew, did he?"

"Yes, Jessy," I confirmed. "I am so sorry, I couldn't protect you." I hugged my sister and started crying.

But Jessy wasn't crying. "No, it's OK, don't cry," she told me. "I wanted him to do it. Cindy, he was wonderful. You aren't mad are you? You said he wasn't your boyfriend."

"No, Jessy, I'm not mad. I thought you would be upset that he did that, you know, took your virginity, raped you like that."

"I think I would if it had been anyone else, but with Andrew it just felt right, like it was meant to be. And when I came, it was like I never wanted to stop. It was so wonderful. Do you think he loves me Cindy?"

"Oh honey, you are only 14," I began.

"Almost 15," she reminded me.

"OK, almost 15. Andrew is your first lover and will always be special. But you will have many more over the years," I counseled her.

"Lovers like you?" she asked.

I smiled. "Yes, like me." I reached down and pulled up the sheet and covers. We fell asleep then, in each others arms, two sisters who loved each other, two sister who would have many nights making love to each other. Now I knew what a fountain was, it was Jessy.

The End

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