Chapter Three

Now that we were dressed, the ominous task of planning an escape from Joanne’s abusive home became a reality that scared the hell out of me. I couldn’t help but feel that the responsibility for everything fell on me, and I began to feel overwhelmed.

“You look so deep in thought. Is something bothering you”?

“Yes there is Joanne. I feel responsible for getting you away from your abusive home, but I am having trouble coming up with a plan that I think will work”.

“Look, it’s not your responsibility. We can either do this together, or, if we can’t, I’ll go to the police and tell them what they did to me”.

“Do you think you could handle that”?

“It’s not what I want to do, but I may not have a choice. You told me that you don’t want me to stab them, so my options are limited”.

“Let’s stay here for another night. I can hide you from my parents, and that will give us some time to work on a plan”.

Just as I thought that I had successfully procrastinated for another day, I heard a knock at my bedroom door.

“Who are you talking to in there”?

It was my mother. I had forgotten that today was Saturday, and the car we heard leaving earlier must have been my dad going golfing.

“I have a friend over mom”.

“Who is it”?

“I’ll talk to you in a while and explain”.


“Look, let me talk to your mom and explain why I am here. We have done enough hiding”.

Joanne opened my door and said hi to my mom, who was obviously shocked that I had a girl in my room this early in the day.


“Mom, calm down. This isn’t what it seems and you need to let us explain”.

We all went downstairs and sat in the family room, and as I started to explain, Joanne stopped me.
Joanne tried to be very brave as she told her story to my mom, but she broke down several times and finally couldn’t talk anymore. I think she said enough to let my mother know that she needed to stop being mad, and show some compassion. In fact, my mother started sniffling and the two of them hugged and cried together.

“Mom, we can’t let her go back to that house, and continue to be abused”.

“I know son. We are going to have to reach your dad, since he will help us figure out what to do. I’ll call his cell phone and see if he answers”.

My dad usually doesn’t answer his cell phone when he is golfing, but today was different, and his car pulled in about 30 minutes later.

He came in to the house and the first thing he did was give Joanne a hug and he started to cry. Both my parents had known Joanne for the last 6 or 7 years and they often treated her like the daughter they never had. This was the first time I had ever seen my father cry.

When everyone had regained their composure, we brainstormed about the “right thing to do”. I printed out a copy of the letter we had left at Joanne’s house, so my mom and dad could read it. We knew that we had to respect Joanne’s wishes because she was the victim, but we all agreed that we couldn’t let her father and brother away with the crimes they had committed. What my mother and father didn’t know was that Joanne and I had been sexually intimate, so if we went to the police, and they had her checked over at the hospital, my sperm and DNA would be found inside her.

I didn’t have a chance to discuss that issue with Joanne, and I couldn’t bring it up in front of my parents, so I said that we should give Joanne some alone time to think through her options. I took Joanne upstairs and quickly told her about my concerns. I now had made a bad situation even worse, and Joanne broke down again. I held her in my arms wishing that I had some magical solution, but there didn’t seem to be any solutions to this sad situation. I told Joanne that she needed to think this over alone, and I would go back downstairs to see if my parents had any new ideas.

When I got back downstairs, my dad was on the phone, so I asked mom who he was calling. She said he was talking to one of his golfing buddies. When he hung up, he said “Gill is coming over and he’ll have some ideas for us”. Gill was dad’s friend who just happened to be a detective in the State Police.

“Don’t worry, he won’t force us to do anything we don’t want to, but he may be able to offer us some alternatives. It will be strictly off the record”.

When Gill arrived we filled him in on everything, and it was obvious that the story really shook him up. He had a daughter Joanne’s age so he took the news particularly hard. He wanted to talk to Joanne, so I went upstairs and explained to Joanne what was going on and asked her to come down.

I was afraid that Joanne would be totally intimidated, but when I sat her down, I held her tightly and assured her that we only wanted to do what was right for her. Gill said he felt that if Joanne could handle it, she should be taken to the hospital to get checked out, and then the local police should be brought in to begin an investigation. Gill looked at the letter that I had delivered to Joanne’s father and brother, and his eyes lit up. He said that it would be a great interrogation prop for the police when they talked to Joanne’s father and brother. He explained that the police could walk into the interrogation room with a blank DVD, and throw it down on the table along with a copy of the letter. Hopefully that would intimidate them into confessing what they had done.

I had already accepted that I was likely going to come up in the DNA tests, but hoped that if they confessed, the DNA results may not matter. Joanne looked to me for guidance, so I said “We should listen to Gill, because his plan is the only one that makes sense, so let’s go to the hospital and get the process started. We will all be there for you so don’t worry about facing this alone”.

The hospital procedures were very difficult for Joanne and she broke down several times. It was even worse when the police arrived to take her statement, since their questions upset her even more.

The police arrested Joanne’s father and brother and during the interrogation, they threw down a copy of the letter as well as a blank DVD. They also said that they had recovered sperm DNA from both of them, off of Joanne’s bedding. When the police came back to the hospital, they told us that they had signed confessions and Joanne wouldn’t have to see either of them for 30 to 40 years. A Child Services Protection agent showed up and asked Joanne if she had any family she could stay with until they had assessed her situation. She didn’t have any other family so my parents agreed to provide foster care until a final decision was made.

With the worst behind us, we took Joanne home with us and settled her into her new bedroom. I was really happy, not just because the nightmare was over for Joanne, but also because her new bedroom was directly across the hall from mine. With our doors open, we could see each other in bed, and I began envisioning our loving travels back and forth across the hall. I could almost taste that sweet juicy pussy being sucked into my mouth, and my cock throbbed as I thought of her tongue swirling around my cock head. Our first night home, we waited until we were sure my parents were asleep, and then I motioned for her to come to my room. When she closed the door, she had this peaceful but very loving expression on her face. She stopped just short of my bed, and began slowly and seductively removing her pajamas. The moonlight coming in my window showed her silhouette, and as her beautiful mounds came into view, I felt my cock throb in anticipation. I quickly kicked off my underwear, and I could feel my cock leaking as her pussy was now visible in the moonlight.

It seemed to take an eternity for her to walk the three feet to my bed, and I could tell how badly she wanted me, since I could smell that all too familiar musky smell emanating from within her pussy. When I pulled back the blanket for her to get in, my throbbing cock came into view and Joanne’s expression changed to lustful and hungry. She lay on top of me and as our bodies came into contact, I felt this warm and sensual feeling come over me. We embraced and kissed and rubbed our bodies together, and although I was just happy to have her back in my arms, she had other ideas. Joanne was grinding her pussy mound on my hard and slick erection, as she began to suck and lick at my neck.

She was awakening lust in me, so I reached for her heaving mounds and held them gently as I began sucking and licking at her nipples. I found myself sucking on her erect nipples as if I was giving a blowjob. I worked them in and out between my lips, never losing suction, and Joanne began mashing her mounds into my face. Suddenly, she pulled her nipples out of my mouth and began her descent down my chest. She stopped to lick my nipples as she slipped her hands down to caress my cock head. It felt like an electrical impulse when her hand first made contact with the head of my cock, and I lost control. I ejaculated in waves of sperm, hitting her breasts and her chin, and this sent her into an even more intense frenzy. She moved her face to lap up as much of the sperm as she could, removing my cum from her mounds with her fingers and then licking it off of them. I had blown long before I wanted to, but being caught up in this euphoric state, my cock never softened, and was prepared for whatever else we wanted to do.

When she finished licking up all of my cum, she looked at me with a loving sensual expression and then she said “get ready for a blowjob you will remember the rest of your life”. She immediately went straight to my cock head, gave it one juicy lick, and then she slowly worked the shaft into her mouth until I felt my balls on her chin. She had deep throated me and I didn’t know whether I should thrust in and out of her mouth, or wait for her signal. I didn’t wait long, because she came back up to the cock head, looked up at me and said “fuck my throat”. Even with just the moonlight I could clearly see her mouth moving the entire length of my shaft, and when I was deep in her throat, that view was so erotic, I became crazed. I reached down to hold her face as I thrusted in and out of her throat, and although I wanted to be holding her mounds as she sucked, my back wouldn’t flex enough for me to reach.

I was glad that I had blown earlier, because I could make this incredible experience last longer, so I continued humping at her face. I was so captivated by the sight of Joanne’s mouth taking the full length of my cock; I hadn’t noticed that she was flicking her tongue on my balls when they rested on her chin. When I did see it, I humped harder and faster, and then as she worked one of her fingers into my bum, I felt my balls tighten and then streams of cum shot into her throat. Now I could feel her tongue on my balls as I stayed deep in her throat, and as I emptied the remains of my cum, my cock spasms eventually subsided.

I waited to see if Joanne was going to withdraw my cock from her throat, but she didn’t seem to want to let go. I reached down and pulled her up to me so I could tell her how special I felt, and as our lips locked again and our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths; I knew that I had finally realized that she was the love of my life. I rolled her onto her back and held her tightly as I told her how special she was, and how much I loved her. She lay there so patiently and it was now my turn to make her feel special.

I kissed and licked my way from her ear lobes to her neck, as my hands played with her mounds. When she pushed her breasts upwards, it was time to suck those nipples into my mouth. I rolled them between my lips and sucked hard, as she began to heave and moan, so I slowly moved my hands lightly over her abdomen, as I sucked. Joanne’s hips were now rising off the bed, so I gently parted her legs and began working a finger between her pussy lips. When my finger made contact with her clitoris, she bucked wildly and clamped her thighs on my hand. She moaned into my ear that she was cumming, so I pushed her thighs apart and inserted two of my fingers deep into her pussy, just in time to feel her contractions and spasms. Her pussy was oozing juices and was emanating heat, and I knew it was time to enter her with my revitalized cock.

I was hard and throbbing and ready to bury myself deeply in her pussy, but Joanne stopped me and asked if I could wait for her to catch her breath. I used that time to slip down and begin kissing and nibbling at her pussy lips. I swirled my tongue around her love button, as my finger gently caressed and probed her anal opening. In a few seconds, we both smelled her musky juices, as the aroma filled my room, and then she pulled me up and said “Fuck me now. I want to cum on your cock”.

My cock head flirted with her pussy opening, since I didn’t want to get over zealous and turn this into sex, rather than making love. I slid my erection up and down her outer pussy lips, and when it touched her clitoris, she moaned loudly and asked me to take her completely. I eased my shaft slowly into her opening, as she dug her nails into my back, and when my balls rested on her ass cheeks, she locked her legs around my back and began thrusting upwards. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and as my balls bounced off of her ass, I felt her begin to shudder and shake. Her heels dug into me and I could feel my back stinging from her nails, but I was now totally crazed, and didn’t care. I Jack hammered my cock in and out of her until I felt her pussy begin to spasm. I took one last deep thrust and blew whatever cum I had left, deep into her womb. Joanne’s pussy contracted on my cock head and sucked out all of my cum, until I was totally drained.

As I looked down at Joanne, I saw a loving and glowing expression on her face, and as she professed her love for me, I moved down to kiss her. I rolled off so she could catch her breath, and we just laid there for a long time cuddling and kissing, until she asked me if I would always be there for her. I said “Joanne, you will never have to worry about that, because I am totally yours forever”.

At that age, nothing is forever, but Joanne and I vowed that we would always love one another and see each other through whatever comes our way. I pray that it’s true.

The End

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