Sometimes it’s hard being a therapist

I grew up in a large family of three brothers and two sisters, and discovered that the loudest or toughest usually got the most at home. Whether it was just for attention or the last piece of chicken at the dinner table, you had to be fast or tough or loud. I wasn’t any of those things. I usually listened and observed, and tried to use reasoning to survive. I can recall a lot of teasing and verbal abuse that I suffered because of my laid back approach, but I couldn’t change who I was, so I learned how to ignore or diffuse situations.

I recall one of those situations that I tried to diffuse, that involved my older brother and younger sister. I made the mistake of walking into her room without knocking, and discovered that her and my older brother were experimenting with sex. My brother was standing and had his erect cock in my sister’s mouth, and he was humping her face pretty hard. I was twelve, so I knew what was going on, but never knew that brothers and sisters did this kind of thing. My sister didn’t see me because she was kneeling down on the floor facing away from me, but my brother was looking right at me. I was a little ashamed that I was aroused at the sight of his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, and I couldn’t control the throbbing erection in my pants. My brother smiled at me with a devilish grin, and told me to watch if I wanted to learn something cool. When my sister heard him talking to me, she tried to turn and take his cock out of her mouth, but he held her ears tightly and kept her in position.

When I saw him start to hump her face faster and harder, his facial expression became contorted and he groaned that he was going to shoot into her mouth. It seemed to me that my sister desperately wanted to get away from the facial assault, so I moved over to him and pushed him back onto the bed. His cum splattered everywhere and even hit the ceiling fan. That only served to spread his cum even further, including in my hair. When I looked at my 11 year old sister’s face and saw cum dribbling out of her mouth, my cock throbbed and began leaking in my pants. My brother was 14 and could have kicked the shit out of me, but fortunately he thought it was funny that his cum was spread all over her room and in my hair. He also thought that the tent in my pants was hilarious, since my cock appeared to be so much smaller than his. I have to admit that his cock was pretty impressive, and had to be at least seven inches long.

As I stood frozen and unable to move, I awaited what I thought would be a terrible beating, but he simply said to me “that little cock you were born with is punishment enough, so I’m going to give you a break this time little brother”. He got up and left, shoving me out of his way and I still couldn’t take my eyes off of my sister’s cum covered face. She wasn’t crying or upset, and she didn’t seem all that anxious to get up and clean herself off.

She said to me “stop staring at me you pervert. I can see the tent in your pants”. I told her I was sorry, and asked if she was okay.

She said “why wouldn’t I be okay”?

“It looked to me like you were trying to get away from him, and that is why I pushed him”.

“I was trying to get him to stop pumping deep in my throat, because I might gag. I don’t mind his cum in my mouth, but you interrupted us”.

“Sorry sis, I was trying to help”
“I know you were and it’s okay. If you promise to keep quiet about what you saw us doing, I will make you feel good too. Why don’t you take your pecker out and I’ll suck it for you”.

“It doesn’t seem right to me. Are you sure that you want to do that”?

The next thing I heard was my zipper, and then my pants and underwear were down at my ankles. My four inch erection was now pointing straight at my sister’s face, and without any hesitation, she engulfed it in her mouth and began sucking. I was mesmerized, watching as she bobbed her head up and down my cock shaft. It must have been gut instinct, or maybe from watching my older brother, but my hips began humping backwards and forwards timed perfectly with her head bobs. I felt a tingling sensation in my balls and I knew I was going to shoot, so I grabbed her ears and pushed deep into her mouth to blow. I have to admit that the sensation of feeling my balls crushed into her chin while my cum streamed down her throat, was pretty amazing. My sister was running her tongue back and forth on the underside of my cock, as she continued sucking, and I thought that I would never stop cumming. I did though, and felt like I had just run a marathon, so as I withdrew my cock from her mouth, I collapsed on her bed.

“AAAHHH, that was tasty. You have the perfect sized cock for sucking, and I didn’t gag once”.

“I never knew that could feel so good. Have you been doing this for a while”?

“A few months ago, we started experimenting, after watching a really sexy movie on TV. Now you make certain that you never tell anyone, and maybe I will do it again for you sometime”.

I never did tell anyone, and I never asked her for another blowjob. Thinking back, I probably should have been more opportunistic, since masturbation couldn’t compare to her blowjobs. I suppose I had become a bit of a “do gooder”, and would have to settle for that one memory, and some regrets.

As a Licensed Therapist, I have heard many similar stories of incest, and because they usually result in mental problems years later, I am satisfied that I did the right thing in not asking my sister for more blowjobs. Just this past week I began treating a 22 year old girl named Jenny, who had participated in an incestuous relationship with her brother when she was 12 years old. Her brother was a year older than her, and apparently he forced her to do things in the beginning, but then she became a willing participant. She described to me in our initial session, how the incest had started.

“My brother came into my room late one night and woke me up, when he crawled into my bed. He said that he wasn’t feeling well and asked if it would be okay to lay with me for a while. I didn’t notice that he was naked until I felt something hard pressing into my leg. When I reached over to see what was prodding me, I felt this long hard fleshy thing throbbing. I went to pull my hand back, but he stopped me and held my hand there. He told me that was the spot where he wasn’t feeling good, and he needed my help to be able to feel better. I was very na? and knew nothing about sex, and had never even seen a boy’s naked body. He told me that he wanted me to touch his cock, because it would make him feel better and then he could return to his own bed. I was frightened, but also curious, so I let him wrap my fingers around his cock, and then he began to move my hand up and down. He asked me if I had ever watched mom talking to her plants, and I said that I had. He told me that she did that because her breath as well as some of her spit would get on the plants and make them grow and be very healthy. He told me that he needed me to do the same thing with his cock and that would make him well. He had me kneel between his legs to start talking to his cock, so I did. When I opened my mouth to start talking to his cock, he grabbed my ears and pushed his cock into my mouth. It tasted slimy and salty, and after a few minutes, it pumped a bunch of sticky thick liquid into my mouth. He forced me to swallow it, because he was holding my ears and I couldn’t move my mouth to get away. Although this upset me, my curiosity kept me from preventing him from getting into bed with me after that time. Eventually, he progressed to putting his cock in my bum and in my pussy, and it went on for four years”.

I twisted around uncomfortably in my chair, as I listened to Jenny’s story, and I felt guilty, since my cock was erect and throbbing. Fortunately Jenny couldn’t see my erection, since it would not only be unprofessional; it would be unethical and could cost me my license.

I wanted to keep Jenny talking about her experiences, so I asked her to describe the next few times her brother got into bed with her. When she questioned why she had to describe them, I told her that she needed to tell her story completely, before she could start to heal emotionally.

“Well, the next time he came into my bed, I asked him what he was doing, and he said that I had made him feel so much better last time, and he wanted to feel better again. Since I was still curious, I let him under the covers, but I told him that I was not going to talk to his cock this time. He said that was okay because his cock wanted to do something different to feel better. When I asked what his cock needed, he told me that I would have to remove my pajamas so he could show me. Even though I knew this was wrong, there was something inside me that made it feel exciting, so I slipped off my pajamas and panties, and then lay back down. He turned me over on my stomach, and then crawled on top of me and started rubbing his erect cock on my bum crack. I could tell that he was stroking his cock against my bum, and then all of a sudden I felt like a dam had burst and I was soaked. The liquid was warm and sticky and must have been the same stuff that had squirted into my mouth last time. Instead of getting off of me, he began rubbing the end of his cock in the liquid and then rubbed my bum hole with it. It was a curious feeling as his cock head circled my hole, but it felt kind of good. Then I was startled as he worked that cock head right into my bum hole, and I thought he must have split me open. I squirmed to get away from him, but he continued pressing his cock head into me, and because he was heavy, I couldn’t escape. He grunted and pushed, and when I began to cry loudly, he put his hand over my mouth, and continued pushing his cock inside me. I thought I must have passed out, since the next thing I remember was him totally inside me and bouncing on my bum, with his cock going in and out of me. Then he grunted again and I felt spasms in his cock, and then felt hot liquid shooting inside me. When the liquid stopped shooting, he pulled his cock out of my bum, and then got up to leave. I hate to admit it, but there was something exciting about having his big cock totally inside my bum. Even the liquid squirting inside me made me feel sensations that I had not experienced before”.

I asked her if she had any injuries as a result of the anal rape, and she said that she didn’t consider it rape, because she had enjoyed some of it. She also said that her bum was sore for a couple of days, but there weren’t any injuries.

“Okay Jenny, tell me what happened the next time”.

“The next time he came to my bed, he wanted to put his cock in my mouth again, so I let him, but made him promise not to shoot that liquid stuff in my mouth. He had me lay with my head hanging over the side of the bed, and he stood there pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. This time it felt better for me, since I didn’t gag when he pumped deeply into my throat. When he started pumping faster, I thought that he was going to shoot, so I tried moving my head, but he held my face in his hands and stroked deep into my throat. I could feel spasms in his cock and I also could feel the liquid going right down my throat into my stomach. I didn’t gag and I really couldn’t taste anything, so I let him continue stroking into my mouth, even after he was done squirting”.

I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum into my boxers, and I looked down to discover that I had a wet spot on the front of my beige pants. In my mind I was thinking that I needed to somehow distract myself, but my cock had a mind of its own and wouldn’t stop throbbing.

“Jenny, I want you to close your eyes and think back to the instant that your brother asked if he could put his cock into your mouth again. Once you are focused on that, I want you to tell me what you were thinking before you agreed to do it”.

“I was thinking that what we were doing was wrong but it excited me and made me feel all tingly between my legs”.

“Describe the tingly feelings”.

“At the time, I didn’t really understand my body all that well, but there was a little bump at the top of my slit, and it got hotter and throbbed a little bit, when I thought about my brother’s cock in my mouth. When I closed my legs and squeezed my thighs together, that little bump tingled like when your hand goes to sleep”.

“You are referring to your clitoris and the sensations that you were experiencing, were the early development stages of a female orgasm”.

“Were you angry when your brother ejaculated down your throat”?

“A little, but it also made me tingle even more and when I felt wetness between my legs, I was more curious and excited than angry”.

“Did it bother you that your brother just got up and left after doing these things to you”?

“Yes it did, so the next time he came in, I told him it was rude. He said to me that he would show me rude, and then he flipped me over and ripped down my pajamas and panties. He climbed on top of my bum and started pushing his cock head into my opening. There was no liquid this time, so it was dry and really hurt”.

“Jenny, can I ask you why you continue to use words that you knew at the time, rather than words that you now know”?

“What do you mean”?

“For example, you continue to refer to his ejaculate as liquid, and you refer to your vagina as slit, etc. Is there a reason why you are talking that way”?

“I guess I am still thinking like a 12 year old, because this discussion is taking me right back to that time”.

“I would like you to use terms that are more adult, so we can get you out of that 12 year old mindset”.

“Okay. When my brother kept pushing his cock into my anal opening, it hurt like hell, since there was no lubricant and I let out a scream. I told him I would yell for my parents if he didn’t stop, but he just put his hand over my mouth and kept pumping at me. Eventually he got all the way inside me, and as much as it hurt, he did something that made me feel much better. He reached underneath me and fingered my clitoris, as he continued to pump in and out of my anus. I got that tingly feeling again, and then I felt like I was getting all wet. My brother reached for the wetness and then used it to coat his cock. He began to slide easier in and out of my anus, and within a minute he ejaculated his semen into my bowels. Rather than leaving right away, he lay on top of me for a few minutes until his cock had shriveled up, and then he pulled it out of me and left”.

“You mentioned earlier that he put his cock in your pussy, so I want you to describe that experience”.

“Actually that happened the next time he came into my bed. Things had progressed beyond pretending like we were playing games, and this time, he just said that he was going to fuck my pussy. I didn’t know what that meant, but I assumed it would make me tingly between my legs, so I got undressed. He spread my legs, and when he crawled between them, he raised my legs up so that my thighs were resting on my chest, and he held them there with his arms. I felt totally exposed and kind of weird, but when I felt his cock head part my pussy hairs and come into contact with my clitoris, I got wet and tingly. He rubbed the head of his cock in my pussy juices and then began sliding his cock up and down my pussy lips. Without any warning, he thrust his cock into my pussy and it lodged against my hymen. I felt filled up, but he was just getting started. He pulled back away from my body and then threw his weight down on me and I felt a stabbing pain inside my pussy. His cock was all the way inside me, and I can remember feeling like I was going to burst open. The pain from my broken hymen started to ease up, but when he started thrusting his cock in and out of me, I got pretty tender. He was like an animal as he grunted and groaned and pounded that big cock into my pussy. The tingling in my clitoris had returned and now I was feeling wetter inside. His cock was sliding easier now, and I was starting to enjoy it. I moved my ass up off the bed to meet his thrusts, and then I felt a wave of emotion come over me, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I had my first full orgasm. Both of us could smell this strong musky odor coming from inside me, and it made us both hump more wildly than before. My brother began grunting even more loudly and then took a final deep thrust inside me, and then I could feel his hot semen shooting deep into my womb. My face felt hot and flushed and I gasped for breath, so my brother rolled off of me to let me catch my breath. He left and then I had to throw a towel down to cover the blood and semen, so I could go to sleep”.

“Jenny, our time for today is up, but I want to see you again in three days. I have to finish my notes, so you can let yourself out, if you don’t mind”.

I couldn’t have stood up to show her out, because my pants were tented out, and there was a large cum stain, which was pretty obvious. I finished my notes on this session and then went into the bathroom to masturbate, before my next patient arrived.

To be continued……………………………

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2014-01-07 02:59:43
typical unrealistic trash as usual for this site. no way the guy would ever want anything to do with either his brother or sister after he found out she was enjoying it. he would have either told on them or avoided and ignored them forever. keep it believable please and outof the twilight zone.

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2011-06-04 22:27:42
How the eff did I get here. I am officially scarred...

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2011-02-02 22:23:18
good story man, don't pay any mind to these assholes with negative comments, they're just immature morons.

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2011-02-02 22:23:07
good story man, don't pay any mind to these assholes with negative comments, they're just immature morons.

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You need to see a therapist

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