Following on from the previous story by request, Stacey goes over the road for more of what John, Tommy & Ste have to offer.
By request, Stacey goes over the road after enjoying the sexual assault that was forced upon her in part one...

After the rampant fucking Stacey had received from her young neighbour and his buddies, she lay on the bed and contemplated what had just happened, their cum still oozing from her cunt and ass. For sure she’d just been raped, but she ended up enjoying it and enjoying it a lot. She’d never been a “tart” when she was young, not enjoying many sexual partners, and her husband “made love” to her rather than fucking her. The way these lads took her was completely different and having all holes filled, even by the cocks of young lads, was a real turn on. In fact, the fact that they were so young was a turn on, here she was at 40 having had a kid, still being found so attractive by young lads that they would make such an effort to shag her as to rape her, after all they hadn’t bothered with the 18 year old hottie who lived next door.

Stacey looked at the time… it was only half eight, she thought to herself should she get showered and go out as arranged? Then she thought she may as well take advantage of the husband and childless night that lay before her. She slid off her cum stained leather mini, took a shower, and returned clean to the bedroom. She wiped the jizz off her halterneck leather top and put it back on (clearly the boys liked it and it was her sluttiest top), put on her black PVC hotpants that shine like latex, and tied them at the front, slipped her stilettos back on, grabbed her box of “toys” and headed over the road to John’s.

She knew his parents were out for the night so tried the back door, yes John hadn’t locked it. Quietly, she walked up the stairs and along the corridor to stop outside the room from which Death Metal could be heard. She stood slightly back and, giving them the same shock they’d given her, kicked open his door, putting a heel sized hole in the flimsy wood.

“What the fuck…” each exclaimed as they looked to the door holding their X Box controllers. “Here are some better toys to play with” announced Tracey as she walked in and threw the box at John. “Oh fuck!” said Tommy, drinking in the vision that stood before him, “you look like a hooker!” “Well there’s no charge tonight, so get your fucking dicks out”. The three young lads couldn’t believe what was happening as Stacey pulled hard on John’s duvet, sending all manner of controllers, games, plates and drinks careering across the floor.

She got onto the bed and kneeled to face them. “Get those cocks out now!” she demanded, each lad dropping their kecks and pointing their hardness toward her. John went forward and she started to suck on his hard member while skiing the other two. She licked up and down John’s shaft, looking up at him longingly before wrapping her tongue around his balls. Next she turned to Tommy and deep throated him, wanking furiously at Ste’s prick. John disappeared and returned with a sharp kitchen knife. Stacey pulled her mouth from Tommy’s shaft and said “you won’t need that John, I’m a willing partner”. “It’s just, it’s just you look so slutty i want you to leave them pants on”. With that he climbed onto the bed behind her, slid his hand into the crotch area and gently sliced two slits, one for anal entry and one to access her already wet pussy.

“Now, let’s see what you have here” he said, rummaging through the box she’d brought. “Fuck man, does ya fella use these on ya? What are these balls on a string?” “No” replied Stacey, “I just use them in private. They’re anal beads, but why not use that double headed dildo on me?” With that John reached in and picked up this huge dildo with two long, fat rubber cocks on it and proceeded to enter it into her ass and pussy. Stacey moaned in pleasure as John fucked her frantically with them, Ste muffling her noise by holding her head as he fucked her mouth. Tommy was nowhere to be seen at this moment, he was in the corridor texting his younger brother who was playing in the street around the corner. “We fukin a MILF get 2 Johns nw U can fuk her 2” was the message that disappeared into the ether.

John could stand no more and withdrew her toy, swapping the rubber cock for his real one. He grabbed her PVC clad hips and drove is hard prick deep inside her, Stacey fucking back at every one of his thrusts. Tommy stood to her side wanking, waiting for his brother to arrive through the door. He wasn’t waiting long, within three minutes he came running up the stairs with two of his mates in tow. “Fuckin’ hell! It’s like a fuckin’ porno!” exclaimed the excited lad as his cock instantly grew in his tracky bottoms, as did those of his mates.

“Watch this…” he said to his younger brother Ash as he pulled Stacey off Ste by her hair and yanked hard on his cock, sending a thick stream of cum firing out and splashing on her leather clad breasts. He fired again, then again, then again, coating her top in his sticky white jizz. Next Ste looked at Ash and winked as his load shot out, hitting Stacey right on her left cheek. He grabbed at her hair and pulled her face to his cock as he blobbed out his thick load onto the rest of her pretty face.

With cum now dripping off her chin she looked at the three shocked lads and licked at the salty load surrounding her lips. John was still
behind her pounding away and Stacey bucked back at his thrashing hips until she started to shake. Ash got out his phone and started filming as she started to moan loudly, John now fucking her for all he’s worth. She came with a loud scream as John tightened his grip on her waist and shot his load deep inside her pussy.

Stacey collapsed onto her front but Ste just climbed onto the bed and raised her ass up by her hips, placing his cock into her anus, her muffled moans disappearing into the mattress. She lifted herself up so Tommy could get underneath, and was soon getting pounded in both holes by the horny lads, only too happy to get second helpings. Stacey thought to herself if only her husband fucked her with such wreckless abandon she wouldn’t be doing this, but she was being so turned on she couldn’t resist.

Looking up, she noticed that Tommy’s younger brother and is two mates had dropped their tracky bottoms and were wanking themselves off to the real life porn show that was going on in front of them. “Wait ‘til you see her fun bags lads” said John as he undid the ties to her top. Tommy yanked it off her to the approval of the masturbating lads as they cheered, watching Stacey’s huge fleshy mounds dance around to the beats from Ste and Tommy’s pumping. “I’m almost done” whispered Ste into her ear. “No, not yet!” exclaimed Stacey, “let’s come together. Fuck me harder Tommy, I’m almost there myself”

Tommy stepped up his game, fucking her harder and faster as her fat tits danced around in front of him. The three young lads all walked closer, being themselves close to the edge and not wanting to waste their loads on John’s carpet. Ste pumped, Stacey bucked and Tommy pounded until she started to convulse once more. “Here it comes!” Tommy shouted, feeling her warmth envelop his mushroom head and her vagina muscles clamp down on his hard cock. As she released, Tommy shot right up inside her and Ste creamed her bowels. The feeling was amazing. Stacey looked at the three lads wanking frantically at her face. She let out a large moan as the first pent up shot left Ash’s prick. Thick and creamy, it landed right inside her mouth. Stacey didn’t close her lips, allowing him to completely empty himself inside her.

The other two climbed on the bed eager to come on her fat tits, Carl standing over Tommy as he held her up by her hair. “Fuckin’ take that you MILF slag” he said, as his load streamed out of his cock. Stacey looked in shock, how could such a small dick produce such a copious load. It seemed never ending, her breasts showered in the young’uns gooey cum. Before he had time to finish Connor was repeating the performance, squirting his first ever juice onto her face, over and over again.

She climbed off Tommy and could barely stand but managed to, and Ash filmed her on his phone as their cum dripped down her body and her own mixed with the others’, down the insides of her thighs. “Well, that was amazing!” she declared. “Can we do it again some other time?” asked Tommy,as she bent down to pick up her top. “What?” said Ash, “where the fuck d’ya think yer goin’?” “Home” replied Stacey. “What about our turn?” he enquired. “Your turn, how old are you three… 12?” “Thirteen actually bitch!” he retorted. “Well I’m not goin’ there” she said and turned to walk out.

“This says you are” said Connor, brandishing the large kitchen knife that had previously lay on the floor. “Fuck off!” screamed Stacey as Ash and Carl grabbed her and pulled her to the bed, kicking and screaming. With Tommy and Ste helping hold her down, Carl and Ash held her legs apart as Connor placed his mushroom head at her wet lips before pushing up inside her. She thrashed around trying to free herself but her attempts were in vain in the young lads’ grasp. Connor’s hands gripped tightly as on her black plastic hips as he rammed his young, virgin cock in and out of her sloppy, wet cunt. Moments earlier he’d just had his first wank, now he was having his first fuck, his partner now somewhat unwillingly lying there taking what he was giving.

“Look at them fun bags bounce lads” he said, thrusting hard into her, the others grabbing at them and twisting her nipples. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out shooting his load right up her belly and onto the PVC hotpants. “Take tha’ ya fuckin’ slut” he shouted, as his load continued making a mess of her once more.

Carl pushed his mate out of the way and ordered for his mates to pull her legs right up, and with her knees at her ears he entered her asshole. He, too, was a virgin who had just shot his first load but he’d heard his peers talk about anal sex so he knew he wanted to try it. Stacey squealed as this gangly lad with short, cropped hair forced himself into her ass. He pounded away in the slimy hole already full of Ste’s cum, but it wasn’t long before he was blowing his load. He pulled out, splashing his jizz onto her PVC ass and the back of her thighs.

All done, he moved to the side and Ash took his position. He wasn’t a virgin and had been fucking girls of his age for a few months. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a MILF, and you are one fuckin’ MILF love”. With that he pulled her to the end of the bed and filled her pussy with a cock that belied his age. “Fuck me”, she thought to herself, “I’m getting quite a filling here. The other two were indeed pipsqueaks thinking they were fucking me good and hard, but this guy… he’s way above their league”. With every thrust of Ash’s cock Stacey fucked back. Ash was astounded and a huge smile spread across his face. He started fucking her harder, picking one keg up and thrusting his huge length deeper and deeper into her.

“Get on all fours bitch!” he commanded. The hands that had previously gripped her let go and she willing assumed the position he requested. Seeing that she was clearly enjoying this final assault, the lads all started wanking again. Stacey looked round the room to see all five cocks being stroked in her direction and, with this huge dick working wonders in her pussy, she was turned on even more than before. Her nipples hardened as Ash reached forward and grabbed at them, ramming his length as deep as he could inside her. She turned round and whispered into his ear “my ass, take my ass”. With that he retracted his cock and turned the two slashed holes in her plastic shorts into one huge slit, ripping them apart. He then rammed his cock deep into her ass and pummelled away as she moaned in pleasure.

Tommy gave her one of her dildos and she was turned back onto her back. She fucked herself with it as Ash pounded her ass, holding her stillettoed heels in the air. “I’m coming, I’m coming” she shouted as she shook before releasing her hot wetness and she ploughed her rubber toy in and out to match Ash’s thrusts. Ash, almost ready to blow himself, climbed on top of her chest to do something he’d only fantasised about… a tit wank. “Girls my age ain’t got none of these” he said, grabbing at her huge mounds and pressing them into his cock as he rubbed in and out of them until suddenly a huge squirt of his semen shot out, hitting her just under the chin. He continued pumping his load out onto her neck and then down to her breasts. “A pearl necklace I believe” he said, laughing. Stacey laughed too, “never been given one before” she said, “so it’s a first for us all tonight”.

As the final drops left Ash’s strained cock his mates surrounded Stacey’s motionless torso, each in turn coming on her tits and belly ‘til each was bone dry. She lay there laughing to herself as she looked down at her sticky white body, so turned on by what had happened. The lads dressed and walked away, leaving John alone with her. His phone beeped and he read the message… “Back in 5 John, the place better be tidy! X” He threw her top at her, landing on her wet belly, and told her she’d better fuck off as his parents would be back. She held her top over her breasts and ran across the road hoping no one was looking, just at the time another gang of lads were going home to watch Match Of The Day…

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