hot 50 year old I banged 32 years ago
I am a 55 year old buisnessman and I have never seen any one as dtermined as this gal she blew me away! our story.

Weekend in Long Beach
Pat Treat

The weekend was going slow and looked like a total bust except for the fun I was having on the internet.

I had been tracking and emailing an old girl friend and her husband for several weeks and things were heating up as we were just 25 miles apart.

I was in our company Hotel the Hyatt on Pine street in Long Beach. I was trying to lure J away for a few hours of fun.

I had been sending pictures and making up stories to cause P to become Jealous and J to be horny!

One email return would make me think she hated me and the next would give me hope.

I had actually tired of the game and thought it was a waste of time.

Then she emailed me and said she had changed her phone number and would have a small window of opportunity the next day.

Her phone was not being tracked by P yet and he would be very busy all day.

I gave her the address and assured her I would be glad to accomidate her schedule.

We had played cat and mouse so long, me the cat, her the mouse.

Now she let me know she had been the pussy cat all along.

Her husband was watchful and she had to do everything perfect for her life to continue uninterrupted.

But she wanted to try it just once “Her Words.”

The morning was hectic I had to pack to get ready for my flight. I wanted to be ready to wait till the last minute for this meet.

Around 10:20 she emailed me she would be available at around 1- 1:30 but would be in a rush so be ready big boy!

Ready is what I do! At 1:50 she knocked at my door and I was quick to answer.

She was breathless and sweating in a tight brown jean skirt and pink top. A nice hair-do piled high on her head with soft brown glasses very sporty for an older gal.

I had not seen her since she was 18-19 in her home 32 years ago. But she still had the cute smile and conflicted little grimace that is a sign of a life of feeling guilty for being a bad girl in secret.
When all the family and friends think she is an angle.

I said well what a surprise you look hot? LOL. Hot for 50 but quite literally hot sweating from the rush and excitement.

I said, have a seat get comfortable I will get you something cold to drink.

She said, what I need is the restroom. She disappeared into the bathroom and was in there for a few minutes!

When she came back she had her bra, panties, and shoes in her hand and a grin on her face. She said, “I only have a hour so lets get down to business.”

You have been driving me crazy for weeks now its time to put up or shut up.

Well my old cock jumped to attention and I was stripped in seconds. I approached her on the bed and lifted the pink top to take a look at those aged tits. They were sagging a little but large and full nipples that would make a dead man rise.

How did you make this happen? I am as ready as she is to fuck, but hey, I am confused as hell. She has been sending mixed messages all along.

Well listen I had to keep P thinking I was just curious about everything?

If he thinks we had some kind of romantic relationship and not date rape like I been claiming all this time. He is the kind of guy that will be suspicious for life.

I have had a few close encounters with guys along the way but I have been smart and told him all along when someone came on to me.

So he would believe his fears of me cheating were totally unfounded. Never lie just tell as much as you can without causing concern.

So I acted really pissed yesterday when he knew you were emailing me and changed my email accounts and phone number. You can’t track me but neither is he.

He will be home around 4 so we don’t have much time with traffic it took me 30 minutes to get here.

With this declaration she reaches in her purse and pulls out a vibrator. I want to put this in so I will feel tight like I did the first time.

Now get up here and kiss me.

We kissed for several minutes while I rubbed all the right places to make her scream with exstacy as she reached for my throbbing cock.

I was ready for the pounding that I remembered her wanting the first time we fucked. She parted her pussy with one hand while she pushed at the vibrator in her ass with the other.

As I entered her is was different than any thing I had ever experienced the vibration was nice. But the position of the tool pushing my penis head against the top of her vagina was very erotic.

She immediately began to come again as my large hot member squeezed into her old pussy. I took my time settling into the rythim as she continued to have little trimmers as she push against me.

Those tities were bound by the hot pink top but they were bouncing like crazy and the nipples were so swollen and hard I thought they would punch wholes in the fabric.

I lasted all of about ten minutes as I started coming I pushed deep onto her hot pocket of Joy and deposited my hot load deep into her womb.

I lay down on her for a moment and she said whew sorry but it’s too hot for that.

She disappeared into the bathroom and returned dressed and in a rush said thanks.

Her phoned beeped and she said oh crap that’s my husband he finished early I must go.
She was punching buttons franticly as went out the way she came a gal on a mission.

I just caught my plane. I write this from my home computer staring at the email I received Saturday from her husband telling how glad he is I lost her and can’t track her any more J LMAO PT

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2010-08-30 15:35:23
Good for you!! I'd love to find my first boyfriend and fuck him......

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