My Mentally Unstable Friend-Chapter Two

“Joanne, the monster is really acting up and I think we should stop, while I can still control him”.

“If you think you have to, then just stop, but I want you to know that I’m not asking you to stop”.

“Isn’t this too painful, considering what you have gone through”?

“No. The difference is that I want to be with you, and you are not forcing me to do anything”.

“Joanne, I can’t help feeling the way I do about you. You are so hot and I want to make love to you”.

“Take me. I want to be totally yours”.

I rolled free from our embrace, and while still kissing Joanne, I got rid of my underwear, and began sliding her panties off of her. We broke our embrace long enough to slip her t-shirt over her head, and as those creamy, round and soft mounds came into view, I became totally hypnotized by their beauty. Her nipples already stood out erect and it was almost as if they were inviting me to suck them. Joanne pulled my face back to her to kiss me, but I knew I had to have those breasts in my mouth, so after a few seconds of sucking her tongue, I moved lower.

As I moved lower to caress her breasts, it suddenly occurred to me that I had to make this more about loving her and her body, than just sex; otherwise it might seem to her that this wasn’t any different than at home. Before devouring those beautiful mounds, I licked my way up her neck to her ear lobes, and I licked and gently sucked each of them. I felt Joanne moving her body around on the bed, and her chest was rising up in anticipation of my arrival. I knew it was now time, so I enveloped her mounds with my hands and then flicked my tongue at her erect nipples. I was past the point of self control and sucked her nipples into my mouth, and moved one hand down her stomach, until I felt her pussy hairs. She raised her hips up and parted her legs, so I continued lower until I felt heat emanating from within her pussy. A musky smell was now permeating the air, and Joanne was moaning that she wanted me, as she reached for my erect cock. It was wet and slimy from the pre-cum, and her hand easily slid up and down the shaft.

I was afraid that I was going to cum from her hand strokes, so I moved down to kneel between her legs, and that pulled my cock from her hand. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight before me, and it was almost too much to take in at one time. As I lowered my mouth, I moved my arms back up her body so my hands could caress her breasts. As I gently rolled those erect nipples between my fingers, my tongue approached her pussy. I flicked my tongue through her pussy hairs, and it seemed to me that she was opening wider for my oral attack. When my tongue made first contact with her outer lips, she heaved upwards and reached for my head with her hands to pull my face in.

My tongue now lapped furiously at her entire pussy as she held my head firmly in place. I licked every imaginable space between those luscious thighs, until I heard Joanne moan that she was cumming, and then I felt her thighs clamp against my face. She writhed and humped against my face, so I removed my hands from her mounds and wrapped them around her ass, until I had a solid grip on both cheeks. I felt her juices running down my chin, as I savored the taste and smell, and as her thighs began to ease pressure from my face, I moved towards her love button. Her clitoris was swollen and wet and was well out of its little sheath waiting for me.

I sucked it between my lips and flicked my tongue at it as she again pulled at my face. This time she held both of my ears to pull me in to her pussy and moaned that she was going to cum. My tongue swirled circles around that little erect love button, as I held it tightly between my lips. Joanne’s hips began face fucking me as she seemed to have totally lost self control. I felt her pussy juices flowing again, and the musky smell was much stronger this time. One final hip thrust and then a gush of pussy juices, as her nails dug into my ears, and then she collapsed lifeless on the bed.

My throbbing cock brushed lightly against her pussy hairs as I moved up to kiss her, and I heard her moan that she never knew sex could be so beautiful with someone you love. My face was covered in her juices, but it didn’t seem to bother her because she sucked my tongue into her mouth and held me tightly. My well lubed cock throbbed against her mound, and I couldn’t help but grind it into her. Joanne asked me to lie down so she could make me feel love the way I had shown her, so I rolled off onto my back.

As she sucked at my neck, I could feel those mounds and erect nipples brushing against my chest, so I closed my eyes and drifted into a state of euphoria. I felt her tongue moving over my nipples and she stopped to suck them gently. I felt like grabbing her head and forcing my cock into her mouth, but I had to keep reminding myself of the abuse she had suffered. When I felt her chin reach my cock head, I knew I was about to experience my first blow job.

Joanne grabbed both of my legs and pushed them up so that my thighs were resting on my chest, and she moved herself lower on the bed. She began licking her way down my thigh and then her mouth and tongue were on my ball sack. First one, then the other ball was sucked into her mouth, as her tongue lapped them. Then I felt her release my balls and her tongue was now licking at my anal opening. First it was just licking, but then I felt her push her tongue into the opening, and move it in and out. I had no idea what she was doing, since I had never heard of that kind of thing, but it felt so good, I just lay back and savored the experience.

When she stopped, there was just a silent few seconds that had me wondering what was next, until I felt her hot breath on my cock head. Whoosh. My cock had been fully engulfed in her mouth and I could feel my balls hanging against her chin. I had just been deep throated, and when the realization hit me, my cum streamed down her throat and into her stomach. I reached down to hold her ears, so she couldn’t move until I finished cumming, and when the streams ebbed, I gently caressed her face. Joanne slowly moved her mouth up my shaft, licking as she savored any remaining cum, and then collapsed her face on my abdomen.

I pulled her up to me and we kissed passionately and held each other close. My sloppy wet and softened cock was squeezed between us, but it was virtually lifeless. She had sucked all of my energy, and I could only cuddle tenderly with her, until I got my second wind. Joanne whispered to me that she really enjoyed making me feel pleasure, and then she grinned as she felt a throb from the slain monster. That first throb led to many more as she described how she wanted to feel me inside her.

Our mouths were locked together and our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, as she parted her legs, and I snuggled my cock head against her outer pussy lips. She was in heat as she grabbed at my back, and our kiss was released so she could encourage me to enter her.

She gasped “Fuck me now. I have to feel you inside me. Give it to me. I want your cock”.

“Joanne, I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather be right now. I‘m going to fuck you, until I feel you cumming on my cock”.

My cock head parted her swollen and moist lips, so I entered very slowly to tease her, as we kissed again and sucked at each other’s tongue. Inch by inch I moved towards the heat source inside her, until I felt my balls rest on her ass cheeks. When Joanne felt me totally inside her, she bucked wildly upwards, and began sucking on my neck. I began taking slow strokes in and out of her pussy, but her body was tugging at me to go faster. Her moaning, combined with the musky smells from her pussy juices, prompted me to begin much faster and more powerful strokes.

The squishing sounds of our juices, as my cock pounded in and out of her pussy, filled the room and made me even more crazed with lust. I felt my balls ache as they banged off of her ass, and then with a final deep thrust, my balls emptied and I filled her womb with wave after wave of my cum. Joanne moaned that she was cumming on my cock, as she continued humping up at me, and I was certain that her nails had drawn blood from my back. Not that I cared, because I was lost in a dream state, and couldn’t seem to stop ejaculating.

I felt my cum leaking from her pussy as my cock began to shrivel, but I didn’t want to withdraw, because I wanted to enjoy the sensations created by her pussy spasms. The walls of her pussy made it feel as if they were sucking me in and didn’t want me to leave. I was so spent and had to lie down soon to catch my breath. I looked at Joanne and saw that she had her eyes closed, but there was such a warm glow on her face and it made me feel that I had erased the memories of abuse, if only for this short time.

Joanne moaned a sigh of disappointment as my cock withdrew from her pussy, but then she pulled me into her embrace and told me that she loved me. We must have lain together a long time professing our love for one another, because my cock was recovering its hardness. Joanne smiled and said that she was happy that she hadn’t slain the monster, and that he still had some life in him.

I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous girl and felt like I wanted to be inside her again, as my cock continued throbbing against her leg. Animal lust was overtaking me again, so I asked her if she minded me fucking her hard again until I came. As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew that I had abandoned the sensitivity that I used earlier, and I stopped myself. Not in time though, as I watched Joanne burst into tears, and move away from me. I knew now in my mind that those words were probably ones like her father and brother used, when they abused her.

“I am so sorry Joanne. I know what I said was insensitive, and I just got caught up in the lust. Please forgive me”.

Joanne sobbed “It’s okay. It’s not your problem. It’s mine”.

“Joanne, I did everything I could this morning to make you feel loved, and to help you forget the painful memories. I wish I could take back what I just said, but I can’t, so please say that you forgive me”.

“I do, and I know that you tried really hard to be sensitive, and I love you for it. I guess that I am just so messed up and I have no idea what it’s going to take to get me out of this state”.

“Getting far away from it is the first step, and we need to get back to planning”.

“I love you and you will see that I truly do forgive you”.

She pulled me on top of her and spread her legs invitingly, so we began kissing as I lowered my body to hers. My cock was fully hardened and ready to enter her again. The heat still emanated from her pussy as she pulled me inside her, and the slickness from my cum and her juices created very little resistance. I wanted to pound her mercilessly until I blew into her insides, but that was no longer an option, so I held her tightly with my cock lodged deep inside her and rolled onto my back. She was still fully impaled on my cock, so I held her breasts in my hands, as she began to rock back and forth. She didn’t move up and down, but she didn’t have to. The rocking motion created suction on my cock, and it felt like I was being sucked off by her pussy. She rocked faster and faster as my hands hungrily groped at her mounds and nipples. Joanne had a pained expression on her face and when I asked her if I was hurting her, she moaned “no silly, I’m cumming on your cock”. I pounded upwards as she began grinding, and my balls tightened and then my cum surged up my shaft and deep into her womb.

“I can feel your pussy still sucking my cock”.

I can still feel your hot cum shooting inside me”.

Joanne collapsed on my chest, and I held her tightly as I said “I will love and protect you forever”.
Even though my cock was tired out and wilted, it throbbed again as I watched Joanne dismount from my cock, and saw my cum running down her legs.

After cuddling for a while, we headed to the shower, since we needed to get the planning started. This was the first time I had ever showered with anyone, and with her being so beautiful and sexy, I was hard the whole time. It was very erotic washing each other, and if I hadn’t been already totally spent, I would have fucked her again in the shower.

To be continued…………………

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