I am writing what I actually remember about the red hot 18 year old daredevil I had sex with 31 years and about 10 months ago!

I was a little drunk the night we met so you will have to excuse the brief discourse on the first night. I remember she was in a tight skirt high heels and a loose plaid blouse tied at the thin waste she looked like a kid trying to be foxxy! She had long red hair and was tanned or freckled as it were from the long summer. We went for a ride in my convertible around Waco for about an hour or so and we laughed and talked mostly about trivial stuff and old cars her dad had in the past. We cut the ride short because it hand gotten a little cold and her nipples were popping I so distracted I had to pull over! I told her it only took a minute to raise the roof and turn on the heat but she insisted I take her back she had to beat her mom home! When we got back to her car I wrote my number and address down for a future date and said if you are interested call me.
I left thinking I would never see her again she seemed like a nice girl just a little simple and inexperienced. She actually stood and waived bye as I drove out of the parking lot. So I was pleasantly surprised when she called and wanted to know if I was up to company one night after her late shift around 9 or 10 o'clock. I said sure you have my address if you can find it stop by I am home working on a project for work.

About 20 minutes later she arrived dressed from work again but she had on a little makeup and her hair was done up in a fresh perm and she smelled really nice.

I gave her the tour and had a coke ready for her and we just chatted about normal teenager interest and I got a bright Idea to ask if she would like to see my old high school album as it was buried under my bed in the bedroom. She said she would love it and I jumped up and meandered into the bedroom. I went to the far side of the room and got down on the floor and began to improvise a long search.

After What seemed like forever I was getting hard thinking about the hot chick coming into my bedroom. And sure enough she peaked in looking at me with a shy grin and said need some help? I just laughed and said I think I almost got it just a second. She walked over and sat on the foot of my bed and I just about came right there!

I grabbed the book and took it over and sat down with it in my lap to cover my now tented pants as I flipped through the pages I kept looking down her blouse at the most perfect tits I had ever seen. I wanted to lay her down and fuck her Right then. I did not want to scare her off so I was patient and as soon as my erection calmed down I let her take over the book.
I just studied not doing what was in my mind namely ripping her clothes off and forcing my throbbing member into her cute little mouth!

I finally worked up the courage to put my arm around her and let it slide to the bed just brushing that perfect ass.

She gulped a deep breath and looked into my eyes with that wild eyed look of a beginner and licked her lips. I leaned in and kissed her for a moment I thought she would bolt but she kissed me back like she had been ready for it. The first Kiss lasted for about 2 minutes.

I was in orbit I reached under her arm with the hand that was on her hip and squeezed her firm breast, she jerked away and said whoa I need some fresh air. I followed her out side where we talked for about ten more minutes while we caught our breath. I said its too cold lets go in and she said I really need to get home anyway in case mom calls. She calls sometimes to make sure I am Ok. I told her to call me or drop by anytime she liked! She drove away with a little wave and what I am sure were wet panties.

The longest three days of my life and when the phone rang I knew it was now or never! So I asked her if she was interested in letting me show her the night of her life? It took a long 15 seconds for her to consider my offer, she said I am ready for some fun I am totally bored!

Well after some haggling she told me her mother went to work at 930 that night and would be on the late shift. If I was interested I could just meet her at her House and we could decide what to do for the evening. But she warned if my mom comes home nearly you will have to leave.

Well I was really not comfortable with the arrangement but thought what the hell if mommy catches me with my hand in the cookie jar I will just feed her a Cookie! Besides I knew she was of age I had seen her drivers permit the first time we met.
So I put on my tight jeans and Denim shirt and favorite Cologne and put the top down and drove to the little house on the prairie. I mean really a little cracker box house with a short gravel drive. She was waiting on the porch when I arrived. She held the door open for me as I went in and took a seat on the old Naugahyde couch.

She was so pretty and seemed to be more relaxed this time she had on a tight jean skirt a blouse open to the navel with a tight shirt under it. No shoes and her hair was loose and flowing I cleared my throat and said hey have you thought much about the kiss at my apartment? She actually blushed and said its all I have thought about for three days. Well come over here and let me refresh your memory. She just giggled, and slid down the couch to me. I kissed her deep and hard. She kissed back like she knew how!

We broke and relaxed for about an hour of talking teasing and a little more kissing. She excused herself to the restroom and I took advantage of the moment and went to her bedroom and sat on the bed. She came out of the restroom and Saw me sitting on her bed. I thought she would faint but instead she came in the room and said what are you doing in here? I got up and said come here and I will show you what I have in mind. She looked like a deer in the head lights and just kind of shuffled into my arms. It only took a little coaxing to get the little adventurer started. My shirt was off and as I unbuttoned her blouse she got interested in my nipples. She said, I did not think guys nipples got hard?

Well it was a struggle to get those two tops off but then it seemed she was decided. Lets just do this with a little huff was her reaction to my fondling her breast through her bra. She reached down and rubbed my jeans where by now seamen had made a little spot. As she rubbed I finished getting her bra off. As she leaned against the bed I gently pushed her back and reached for her boots. I wrestled her zipper till she finally took over the task. I took the opportunity and released my throbbing cock as I removed my pants she stood to lower her skirt. Now only her panties remained and I was naked. I stood there face to face looking into her eyes as they began to tear up. I really don’t think I can do this she said with a grimace. I reached for the back of her head and leaned in for a kiss to calm her as I lowered her to the bed. All I needed to do was get those panties off. I noticed I wasn‘t the only one with wet spots.I reached for a thigh and She pushed me away twice and said I really can't do this. I do not want to get pregnant.

I assured her I knew what to do and she should relax and enjoy the moment it only came once. I laid down beside her and started kissing her as deep I could I thought she would swallow my tongue, After about ten minutes of kissing and petting she finally began to relax. Even asked questions about the process. I was so hot and bothered I remember thinking just shut up and fuck me.

But being the teacher who promised the night of a lifetime I slowed down and got into telling how it worked and what to expect. I said have you ever made yourself orgasm? She blushed deep purple and looked away I took that as a yes. I said look it feels a lot better when some one else does it for you. She reluctantly let me begin to put a finger in her sopping wet snatch.
I started with one and then two finally as she writhed on the bed I slowly removed her panties as I went down to taste her wetness. In just moments she was moaning into her pillow. I began to kiss my way back to her perfect c cup tits. I lay-down beside her and worked my thumb into her now swollen wet pussy. She moaned and groaned as I finally coaxed her onto her back for the final approach. I could tell she had enjoyed the attention but she was scared and starting to tear up. I took my time whispering and assuring it would be ok and a lot of fun just relax.
I remember laying real still as we just seemed to melt together I was sucking on those perfect tits and trying to keep one hand on her hot spot working it getting ready for my big dick. I finally came up to kiss her hot deep and wet and looked into those daredevil eyes. I said its time. She just breathed deep and said be gentle, I always heard it would hurt? I smiled and said if it does it will only hurt for a minute. I entered her slow and it was very tight. I afraid I would come right then fortunately I had masturbated twice that afternoon while thinking about Her.
I went very gently for a few strokes. She put both hands on my chest and pushed up. I thought she was going to try to stop me but she was just getting comfortable. Then her grimaced face broke into a smile and she said is that all?
I actually laughed out loud and said just a little more and went in all the way for the first time and she did not seem to be in any real discomfort. I waited till she breathed again and went for it she was a fast learner and began to adjust to each thrust I told her not to rush it let the moment last. She said go a little faster! So I was glad to pick up the tempo and we were into it pretty hard when I realized I was not gonna last long. As I promised I withdrew and came all over her stomach and pubic hair. We got up and went to the bathroom to cleaned up. I went in behind her. She lifted her leg to wipe a drip off with a rag. I put my hand under her leg and grabbed a handful of ass cheek and lifted her to the counter. I used my fingers to bring her back to a state of arousal.
When she was dripping wet I licked my way down and ate that sweet little clit she made this little squeal as she pressed down with she diaphragm and made the tight v fit my thumb and knuckle perfectly. I think she was shocked by how much she produced. I willingly lapped it up.

I said now for the best part! I took her hand and led her to the bed and laid her down. I crawled in beside her and began to cuddle with her. She laid her head on my chest. After a few minutes she said hey we can not fall asleep my mom will kill me. So I said give me a few more minutes. I promise to be gone before she gets hear. After I heard her breathing relax I got up and checked the door. I slipped back into her room and knelt down by the bed and began to rub those sweet nipples back awake. She said what are you doing? I said, shish I am getting ready to leave but I have a little some thing for you. I crawled in on top of her. She squirmed and pushed me up away from her and said you need to go my mom is coming home. I said this is it just give me a few minutes and I promise to go.
She squirmed some more but when I bit her nipple she just froze. I used my knee to part her legs and forced myself down to her swollen pussy. It took me two tries to enter her. When I was in I began to thrust as hard and fast as I could. I thought the bed was going to break down when. I was ready to cum I pulled out and reached for her hand and she just jerked away. I laughed and said on you or in you. As she searched my face for the answer I could not help myself. I plunged into her wet pussy and came as hard as I ever have. Deep into her hot wetness. I went down to kiss her for a great night when she shoved me out of the bed. She ran to the bathroom. I got dressed and I have only dreamed of her until now! Thanks again for all the excitement. PT

This is the story we received via email and when I asked her if she read it she said yes. I asked is this some more fiction or what happened? She said its believable but I did not ask any questions and I really don’t remember the second time! August 9 1030 pm. J

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