chapter 6 our firt morning together
The Way To Wake Up
Chapter 6

J and I moved her stuff to the new apartment and set up the bed last. We knew if we set up the bed first the rest of the apartment would still be unfinished in the morning.

So we laughed and enjoyed the evening getting into a few squabbles along the way over what was then big decisions. Of course 30 years removed we would be hard pressed to remember what any of them were.

So at around midnight we fell into the bed and decided that it would not be complete unless we tried it out. We romped around in a silly tug of war with a pillow until she caved and let me have the left side of the bed. She will be certain to say I gave her the right side and of course I will say I did so we could get down to business!

It didn’t take long we were both tired and we just had what we now call a quickie. Simple old fashioned put in and make us both cum. LOL.

I was young and could get hard thinking about her much less romping in the same bed. We parted reluctantly as I was still sleeping at my parents till after the wedding in 9 days.

Friday morning I was up early.

As my parents home was a bustling dwelling of a 5th grader and two adults up early to work. I had breakfast and was ready for work by 8 am and had two hours to kill.

As I sat meditating on waking up in the same bed with my beautiful lover, a idea began to turn to a plan. I had the key to the apartment so I went to the donut shop. Got her favorite donut’s and some juice. Drove to the apartment and stealthily entered the room where she lay sleeping.

Right where I had left her that night. I get back into bed and kiss her feet on the way up to kiss her eyes and then her cheeks and finally her mouth. I move down, kissing her neck and she giggles because it tickles.

I run my hands through her hair and she looks up at me and kisses me back. She rolls over and gets on top of me, leaning down and kissing me and running her hands down my bare chest. She leaned back and lightly touch the waistband of my shorts, but then decided to move up again and kiss me some more.

I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it, running my tongue around it. She moaned as I grab the other in my hand and touch it with feather-like touches from the tips of my fingers. And then I switch to that nipple and do the same to the other breast. I roll her over onto her back and slide down and pull the covers back.

She spreads Her legs wider as an invitation to continue. I kiss up from her ankles, lightly kissing and licking and occasionally nibbling.

I get to the backs of Her knees and lick them and rub both knees with my hands, continuing this journey up her legs.

I come to the inner thighs and slow down even more, adding the gentle pressure of my hands to them. I get teasingly close to her soaking wet pussy but never touch it in anyway. She moans and whimpers, arching Her hips, trying to encourage me to make contact.

Finally I do, only after she had grabbed my hair with both hands and tried to direct me. I kiss down her mound and then pass her sensitive clit and I hear a groan in frustration until she feels my tongue go all the way from the entrance of her pussy up to the clit. A moan and A sigh, loving the feeling after all my teasing.

I take one finger and slowly slide it into her wetness and she gasps. The licking and sucking on her clit continues as I push my finger in and out of her.

I add a second finger and curl them upwards, causing her to shiver and buck her hips against them as I push into the G spot.

I feel her squeeze down hard on my fingers as she orgasms all over me in a rush.

I continue to suck and lick on her clit until she pushes my head away, it being too sensitive to take any more of that treatment.

I come back up and kiss her gently we taste our morning bliss on my lips. I smile and pull my shorts down and off, watching my cock spring out and seeing the tip shiny with pre cum. I smile up at you as I hear you say, “for me.”

She sticks her tongue out and licks and then swirls her tongue around the head. She slowly works me into her mouth, bobbing her head and running one hand up and down my thigh.

The other hand has the part of my cock not covered with her mouth stroking it up and down in rhythm to the sucking. The hand on my thighs moves up and gently plays with my balls.

She moves down and sucks each ball into her mouth while her hand continues to massage my cock. I am throbbing in her hand,

I can feel my manhood start to swell and hear the blood rushing in my ears.

As I start to cum in her mouth, I stop her and pull my cock out of her hot mouth. I want this load where it belongs deep in that hot wet spot between those gorgas legs.

I pull her to me and roll us over and in one swift motion lower my hard manhood into the velvety wetness I have come to enjoy.

It seems the switch gave me a reprieve as I began to slowly thrust deep into her heat. The kiss is first tender then wet then urgent we are ready for a mutual explosion of erotic pleasure!

As she bites my shoulder and pushes up with her hips I make one last groan a I fill her with my cock and hold on for the best orgasm I have ever had. As we untangle ourselves and look at each other she says,

“Good Morning now what’s for breakfast!”

Chapter Seven coming! Our Big Day!

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