A Brother’s Yearning-Chapter Four

While we rested, Hannah and Haley looked as if they badly needed sleep, so I suggested that they go to bed, because my cock was a little tender anyway. I also asked Haley to give further consideration to saving her cherry for Danny, because he may not want to have sex with her, if she has already given herself to someone else. I also told her “besides, you and I can still have anal sex, and that should satisfy both of us, while leaving your cherry intact”. Haley looked rather disgusted at the mention of anal sex, but then Hannah told her that she had tried it with me, and she loved it. They smiled at one another and then headed off to Hannah’s room to go to bed.

Although my cock was a little tender, it stood erect as I lay in bed alone, thinking about anal sex with Haley. Then I wondered if Hannah would participate while I rammed Haley’s anal opening. I got thinking, “Fuck me, I better stop thinking about this, because my cock is too tender to masturbate”.

Mom and dad were Saturday regulars at the golf course for their 7am tee time, so I knew we had the house to ourselves, at least until eleven o’clock. I woke up when I heard the car pull out, so I went to the bathroom, and then checked on the girls, to see if they were awake. They weren’t up, so I purposely created enough noise to wake them up, but they still seemed pretty groggy. I knelt at the bedside and kissed Hannah and told her that I really missed having her with me when I slept. She grabbed me and hugged me, as she kissed me back. The girls asked me to wait for them in my room, since they needed to freshen up in the bathroom, and get rid of their morning breath.

I started thinking about Haley’s virgin anal opening, so I was hard before I even got back to my room. As I lay naked on my bed, with my cock pointing at the ceiling, the anticipation was driving me crazy. I listened to the bathroom shower, and the toilet flushing, and then finally to the footsteps coming down the hallway. The girls were naked as they came in, and when they saw that I was already erect, they snickered that I must not be too tender anymore. When they got into my bed, we all hugged, groped, and then discussed what we wanted to do next. Haley said she still wasn’t totally sure about anal sex, but she wanted to watch me and Hannah doing it, so she could make up her mind. I pulled my computer chair over for Haley, so that Hannah and I could have more room to maneuver on the bed.

As Haley watched intently, Hannah and I moved into a 69 position, and began devouring each other. I licked Hannah from anus to clitoris, while my finger rubbed in circles around her anal opening to get her wet, and stretched enough for my cock. She shuddered and shook and came so violently, she had to take my balls out of her mouth to avoid biting down on them. One thing that I did not count on was Hannah’s improving oral skills. When she came down from the high of her orgasm, she finished licking my balls and anal opening. She then engulfed my cock head, and started humming as she licked at the sensitive underside of the head. The humming was causing vibrations in her mouth, and it seemed to increase the intensity, the louder she hummed. My cock exploded and blew my cum over her tongue and down her throat, and she didn’t stop humming, until I was completely drained and begging for her to stop. So much for the anal sex demonstration; I was completely spent and unable to do anything right now.

“Holy fuck Hannah that was absolutely incredible”, I said.

She said she was glad I enjoyed it and that she and Haley had read about humming in the latest edition of their monthly women’s magazine. Haley added “I can try it out with you now if you like”. My cock still hadn’t fully recovered from Hannah’s hummer, so I asked her for a reprieve, until after breakfast. Haley said “that’s not fair. You and Hannah have already had your orgasms, and I have been neglected”. Hannah and I looked at one another with a devilish grin and threw Haley down on the bed. As I spread her legs, I told her I would try a hummer of my own on her, while Hannah began working her over with her mouth and tongue, starting with her breasts.

I moved in slowly towards her waiting pussy, and as my tongue separated her pubic hairs, she raised her hips in anticipation. Her clitoris seemed to swell as it felt the first flick of my tongue, but when I sucked it between my lips and started to hum, she went absolutely wild. Her hips bucked wildly and her pussy juices flowed, as she was overwhelmed by the first wave of her orgasm. The smell and taste of those juices had my cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I sucked that clit and continued to hum, as it became more difficult to keep it from popping out of my mouth. Haley’s legs clamped my face and she begged me to stop sucking, because she couldn’t take any more. As her thighs gradually released the pressure on my face, I worked my tongue down into her anal opening, and started humming again. She screamed and said “Oh fuck, please don’t stop what you’re doing”. My tongue darted in and out and swirled as I hummed louder and louder, until Haley came again and gushed with pussy juices. My face was soaked, but I kept humming, until she reached down and pulled my face out from between her legs. She lay lifeless, and said that she was totally spent.

We all had to brush our teeth again, and then went down to get something to eat. At the breakfast table, I asked Haley if she had made a decision yet regarding anal sex. She said that she had still been undecided, until my hummer in her anus, but now she was anxious to give it a try. She agreed with me about her cherry, but she also said, that Danny better make up his mind soon, or else she would let me take her virginity.

After breakfast, we went back to my room, but I was too full from eating to start humping right away, so we just lay around talking until the mood struck us. I asked the girls if they had discovered any other sex tips from their women’s magazine, and they hadn’t, but Hannah went and got her back issues, so we could look through them. I came to one article that discussed anal sex, while using a dildo vibrator inserted in the woman’s vagina. I thought about that, and decided that the vibrations would be great while ramming the anus. I asked the girls if they had vibrators, and then I realized that it was a stupid question, since they both had been virgins.
Hannah said “I wonder if mom has one in her bedroom”.
Haley said “ewwww gross”.
I said “let’s go check”.

We searched everywhere, while trying not to disturb anything, and finally discovered a vibrating dildo, that was very thick and about eight inches long. The girls took the dildo into the bathroom and washed it really well, and then returned to the bedroom. Obviously Haley couldn’t use the dildo, since she still had her cherry, but Hannah and I were anxious to try it, after Haley had her initiation into anal sex.

I asked Haley if she was ready, and when she lay down on her stomach and raised her hips, I had my answer. I looked at Hannah before approaching Haley, and I seemed to be getting her approval, so I straddled Haley’s hips, and then lay down flat on her. I started kissing her neck, as I rubbed my erection on her ass cheeks, and before long my cock was secreting pre-cum. My cock was sliding a lot easier, so I reached down and placed my cock head at her anal opening and prepared for the assault. She was dry, but my pre-cum was having the desired effect, and I felt the head enter her opening. Haley flinched, so I lay still, until I felt her hips slightly elevate, and push back at me. I moved slowly, but inch by inch my cock made its way into her anus until my balls finally touched her ass cheeks.

I waited for a reaction from Haley and when I felt her start humping upwards, I started stroking deep into her rectum. Her breathing changed and she was now moaning, while trying to move her ass around underneath me. Her anal opening was so tight; the stimulation from her movements would make me cum any second, so I reached underneath her and found her clitoris. I rubbed that button, as I stroked hard into her ass, and her humping underneath me grew in intensity. My balls were preparing to send a batch of my cum into Haley’s rectum, so I jack hammered her ass, and blew steady streams of hot cum deep inside her. This set Haley off, and she screamed and humped like an animal, and I could feel her pussy juices all over my hand that was rubbing her clit. When her humping subsided, I withdrew from her anus, and collapsed in exhaustion.

With the exception of Haley’s pussy and cherry, I felt my sexual exploits had run their course, and now I needed to concentrate my efforts strictly on my relationship with Hannah. I had all I needed.

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2010-09-02 04:04:23
I like to leave the Babys out of these storyies for the most part. Leave that for older married Brothers and Sisters and Moms and Sons.

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2010-09-02 04:01:58
This is good, the Chapters are short and to the point. Quigley, is a good writer. He Develops his Charters well. I can almost see them as live people. I like Kristen the best, but Hannah has a lot of game also. Both the Sisters are older then their brothers and I like that.

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2010-08-29 02:11:59
Good story. Get Hanna pregnant and then take Haley's cherry and get her pregnant too. Have thr pregnancies occure the same week so the two babies can grow up together like brother and sister. After you get Haley pregnant have her fuck her brother.

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2010-08-28 00:49:21
Fuckin awsome keep this story line goin man this was frekin awsome

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2010-08-25 01:48:38
This has been a GREAT Story. So keep it up. SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP IT GOING. I think that we would like to hear more. Thanks.

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