Girl gets raped by 3 big black men
This story is fully of my imagination. None of the events actually happened. Its just my fantasy.

My girlfriend Jane moved to Seoul, Korea after she accepted a one year contract to teach working professionals English. She was born there and was extremely excited to spend time in her home country. Jane is 28 years old, 5’1”, about 100lbs with a set of perky DD tits to die for, and a small little. She loved the way her tits looked and was always ready to flash me anytime I asked. Every time I touched her nipples she would tell me how wet she was getting and would want to have sex.
Since she was going to be gone for a year, she told me that she was going to webcam me every night and let me tell her exactly what to do on camera. I was very excited at the thought of Jane playing with herself on camera for me since she had never let me before.
The 1st time I saw her over the webcam was such a turn on. I would masturbate watching her play with her big tits and tight little Korean pussy. She would squirm with a screaming orgasm everytime just like when we were having sex.
Her job wasn’t going that great… she felt uncomfortable teaching English to mostly 40 year old Korean men who would look her up and down, dropping stuff on the floor just so she would bend over and pick it up. I cant blame those old men, my girlfriend would always wear tight blouses and ultra mini-skirts with no panties. It really turned me on hearing about my girlfriend being sexually harassed at her job. I’ve secretly always had a fantasy of watching her having sex with another man.
One of her co-workers who was a 6’4” black man was also from the US and they’d go out dancing and drinking together in nightclubs around Seoul. One night she called me crying. She told me that the night before she had gotten really drunk with him, they shared a cab and she passed out on the cab ride home. When she woke up still half drunk in the middle of the night, she was in his bed with him on top of her. She said she was so petrified and just pretended to be sleeping as he kept pumping his big cock inside her, she said she could barely handle his huge cock and would moan from the pain even as she kept trying to pretend to be sleeping. She said he left biggest load shes ever felt inside of her and kept his cock inside of her as he slept so that nothing would leak out. She told me how guilty she felt having quietly orgasmed during her rape because he was doing such a good job sucking on her tits. She felt so stretched out in the morning that she had to waddle to work the next day where she was dripping cum out of her pussy all day. She begged me to forgive her and that she would do anything to make it right with me. I told her that I wasn’t mad, and that it had really turned me on listening to her describe how she got pounded by a big black man. Shocked, she no longer wanted to talk about it anymore.
A few weeks later, I went to visit her in Seoul. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her getting fucked by a big black man man. She took me out to a bar where we had a few drinks. All of a sudden I see Jane’s face turn white. She points to this group of 3 big black men that had just walked into the bar. Its him! I told her not to worry and that we should just keep drinking to help her forget that night. When Jane went to the bathroom, I approached the guy and told him that I had heard about what had happened and that I wasn’t mad and that I was actually really turned on by it. I wanted to see it in person that night!
He handed me a pill to slip in her drink and told me that tonight, the whole group was going to have some fun with my girlfriend. He said that she wont remember a thing tomorrow morning except feel a raw pussy, but I could take the credit for that. I left the guys before my girlfriend came back and was so excited that I could barely contain myself. I slipped the pill in her drink and waited for the effects to kick in. After 30 minutes the guys walked over and she didn’t seem to have a care in the world. She acted normal except that she just didn’t care what was happening to her. The guys asked me one more time to make sure I still wanted to go through with it. I quickly nodded with excitement. The guy with dread locks pulled a remote vibrator out of his pocket and said that we were going to have a show first. He reached up her skirt and inserted the vibrator. She closed her eyes and left out a soft moan, probably not even realizing what was happening to her. Dread locks gave me the remote and told me to sit and watch as they took her to the bar’s dance floor. As I watched the guys taking turns grinding on her, I worked the buttons on the remote to hopefully make her orgasm on the dance floor. I could hear her moaning as they pull her top so low that her tits were just there for everyone to see. The guys passed her around, playing with her pussy and sucking on her tits right on the dance floor! As a small crowd started to gather, they pulled her off the dance floor and said that it was time to go back to the hotel and finish what we started.
My heart was pounding and my dick was uncontrollably hard. As we carried her into the room and threw her on the bed the guys wasted no time in stripping all of her clothes off. The guy that originally raped Jane looked at me and asked if I wanted to watch a train or if I wanted to see her get all 3 holes filled. I chose the ladder. They pulled out the dripping wet vibrator and took off their pants. My girlfriend was right. The guy that raped her had the biggest cock I'd every seen. It was 10" long and probably 8" around! Dread locks and the other guy pulled out 8" cocks themselves and told me that this will be a night to remember. They wasted no time in fondling Jane and finger her tight pussy and taking turns sticking their hard cocks in her mouth. For someone who had to be carried into the hotel room, she was sure doing a pretty good job sucking on their cocks. 10" got under her and the other 2 layed Jane on top of him face down. He rubbed his dick on her clit for a few seconds before he slid it in. Jane belts out a loud moan and started breathing very heavily. She wasnt going to get a break, dread locks spits on his cock and slowly starts putting it in her ass. Jane was squirming, obviously struggling with the size of the cock in her virgin ass. I cant believe he got to fuck her ass before I did, but I didnt complain. Before she could even moan the last guy put his dick in her mouth. They pumped her so hard that I was afraid she was going to have internal bleeding. 3 cocks of 8 or more inches all pounding this little 5'1" 100lb girl was a crazy sight that I'll never forget in my life. They all fucked the same hole until they simultaneously shot their loads inside of her. Thank God shes on birth control! They told me that we'll have to do this again before I leave. They quickly got dressed and left. I was so turned watching my girlfriend get used as a cum dumpster that I started to put my dick inside her. She was so stretched out that I couldnt feel anything. I went out to get some ice so I can tighten her pussy up. The ice machines werent working in the hotel and I had to go down the street. When I got back, Jane was awake. She looked at me with her squinty eyes and said OMG, Bob... you must have really missed me. You totally took advantage of me when I was asleep. She had no idea how much I took advantage of her I thought. I told her that I was still horny and that we needed to fuck again since it had been so long since I got to fuck her. She willingly obliged but told me to take it slow this this because she was really sore. I told her I would but I couldnt help it and hate fucked the shit out of her after I convinced her to let me slip some ice into her stretched out pussy. She walked funny for the next 3 days. She wished she could remember how I fucked her before she woke up and told me she couldnt wait to see me when she came back to the USA. The guys called me before I left and said that they'll have a surprise for me on webcam when I got home... I wonder what they're up to... guess I'll have to wait until I get home...

... To be continued...

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