My Sister’s Sleepwalking Friend-Chapter two

I reluctantly started towards the door, when it occurred to me that we had the house to ourselves, and since Sue had been receptive to my touching, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I turned around and asked Sue if she thought Kim was asleep yet. Sue said that she could tell by her breathing that Kim was sleeping, so I held out my arm to take her hand and said “please come with me, so we can finish what we started earlier”. She hesitated but then she quietly got out of bed and stopped to make sure Kim was still sleeping. When she was sure that Kim was still asleep, she took my hand and I led her back to my room. As I slowly undressed her, she said “I hope that you know that you can’t have my virginity”, and I replied “I know that. I just want us to make each other feel good”.

We slipped into my bed and cuddled up close, and as I kissed her lips, our hands began exploring each other’s bodies. Her first touch of my cock with her fingers sent shivers up my spine, and I felt her tremble, as my lips caressed her breasts, and when I sucked her nipples into my mouth, she began to moan. I wanted this to be different from what she witnessed earlier, so I repositioned myself into a 69, and pulled her on top of me. I held both breasts as my mouth worked its way through her pussy hairs, and the instant my tongue made contact with her inner folds, I felt her lips close around the head of my cock.

We devoured each other and our hands were like tree branches waving in the wind. They were everywhere they could reach, touching, caressing and massaging. My hands were now wrapped around Sue’s ass cheeks and Sue did the same to me. I wondered if she was following my lead due to her inexperience. I moved my tongue down to her anal opening, and swirled it in circles. I could feel Sue releasing my cock from her mouth, and licking her way down my sack to my anal opening. Tongues swirled in unison, and then were totally thrust into the opening. Both of us shuddered at the sensation, and then we both returned our attention to the main attraction. Sue’s head bobbed up and down on my erection, as my tongue sucked her clitoris out of its sheath. When I sucked and licked it at the same time, she let go of my cock, and said she was going to come.

I rubbed my finger around her anal opening and then thrust it in and out during her orgasm. She squirmed and mashed her hips all over my face and I could smell the sweetest aroma emanating from her pussy, and I could taste her juices on my tongue. As Sue came down from the high of her orgasm, she returned her lips to my cock. She only took the head into her mouth, and as she swirled her tongue in circles, I told her I was going to explode. Just as my balls prepared to send a massive cum blast up my shaft, Sue rubbed a finger in circles around my anus, and then fully inserted it. She stroked her finger in and out of my anal opening, as she hungrily tried to swallow the streams of cum that were blasting into her mouth.

We lay down side by side, kissing and hugging, and because I wanted all I could get tonight, I asked her for a favor. She said “if you want my virginity, I can’t give it to you tonight, but I promise to think about it, because what we just did was very beautiful”. I told her that I didn’t want to take her virginity, and that I only wanted to let my cock and her pussy rub together, without any penetration. She said okay, and my cock returned to a full blown erection. As I parted her legs and got between them, I could tell that she was apprehensive, but when I kissed her passionately and started sliding my cock over her outer pussy lips, she relaxed. The head of my cock found her clitoris, and she groaned as she grabbed at my back. She whispered that it felt amazing and asked me to keep rubbing her that way.

I was pretty excited at her enthusiasm, so I began thrusting over her clitoris a little faster, and a little harder. Sue’s breathing became shallow as she humped her hips at me and moaned that she was cumming. Trying to make sure I stayed in contact with her clitoris, I shortened my strokes, but accidentally slid in to her opening and stopped just as I hit her hymen. She was still trembling from her orgasm and didn’t ask me to stop, so I asked her if it was okay to keep thrusting, as long as I didn’t break her hymen and she whispered “yes, definitely”. I was about to begin stroking very carefully, when I felt someone move beside Sue.

“Fuck, its Kim. What the hell do I do now”, I thought to myself. Sue was really startled and wriggled away from my cock, and got out of my bed. Kim said “Daddy I want you inside me again”. I stood up and hugged Sue and begged her not to leave. Sue said to me that our moment was ruined, and we would have to wait for another time. I watched her leave, and then I turned towards Kim, feeling extremely angry. I got into bed and said “Daddy is very angry and is going to fuck you hard until you can’t take anymore”. Kim responded by pulling me into her and kissing and sucking my neck.

I reared back and hammered her pussy with all my strength and tried to make her feel pain, the way I had when she interrupted me and Sue. It seemed to me that she was enjoying this pounding more than I wanted her to, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her anal opening. It was dry and tight, but my cock was soaked from her pussy, so I began the assault. I inched in and thrust just a bit, to transfer some of the moisture, then I rammed it in right up to my balls. At first she flinched, but then she pulled me into her as deep as I could go. I now pounded away at her ass, and the slapping sounds from her getting hammered were very loud, and it just seemed to excite her even more. She went into spasms as she came, and whispered “Daddy I’m cumming so hard. Never stop fucking me”. As I blew my load deep in her rectum, she whispered to me “this is so good Daddy and I’m going to bring Sue to you when we have our next sleepover here, so you can make her feel this good too”.

I pulled my cock out of her and sat up on the bed trying to come to grips with what I had just heard. Before I could think, she got up and returned to Sue’s room and went back to sleep. I should have gone to Sue’s room and told her what I had heard Kim saying, but decided that it could wait until morning, so I flopped down on my bed. As I lay there thinking about the bum fucking I had just given to Kim, I wondered if I could do that to Sue, but not in an angry way. My cock had enough for one day, so I rolled over and went to sleep.

The following morning Kim and Sue were already at the breakfast table, so my talk with Sue would have to wait. It wasn’t until the afternoon that I could get Sue alone to talk privately. Kim was reading in Sue’s room, so we sat on my bed to talk. When I told her what Kim had said in her sleep, she was shocked, and said she would never agree to something like that. She then whispered to me “now you brother-that is a different story, and soon you are going to have all of me, because I want you to take my virginity. I was going to let you do it last night, but we got interrupted. Your cock felt so good even just inserted a little bit, so I can’t wait to have all of you inside me”.

My cock tented out the front of my shorts, and when Sue noticed, she glanced around, to see if anyone could see us and then gave me a little rub. She whispered “I would suck you dry if we were all alone”. I now had a wet spot showing and couldn’t believe she caused me to cum with a light rub, and some dirty sex talk. Sue felt the wet spot and gave me a devilish grin, and then led me into my walk-in closet. She dropped my shorts and hurriedly dropped to her knees. She sucked me in as deep as she could, and then licked up any remaining cum from my sack and my shaft. She then bobbed her head furiously up and down my shaft. I wasn’t sure if I could cum again, but when she suddenly stopped and whispered “Fuck my face. I want to swallow your cum”, I erupted. I had suddenly discovered the effect of dirty sex talk from a girl, and I was hooked. Looking down at Sue as she swallowed and savored every drop of my cum, was a very special experience. I would learn years later that it doesn’t happen very often, so enjoy it whenever you can get it. Cum dodgers were the norm, especially with married women.

Sue told me that she wasn’t sure if she was going to talk to Kim about all of the sleepwalking sex, but she was going to make excuses, so she didn’t have sleepovers at Kim’s house. Even if they were to have a sleepover at our house, Sue would be very vigilant and would ensure that she kept Kim on a short leash.

It was another week, before Sue and I had the house to ourselves, but we didn’t waste any time stripping naked, as soon as we heard our parent’s car leave the driveway. I was over anxious and felt like I needed to be inside Sue in a hurry, but I remembered that the memory of her first time would remain with her the rest of her life, so I slowed myself down and was determined to make this special for her.

Sue tried to get at my cock, but I asked her to let me focus my attention on her, so I could make her first time special. She looked at me with such a loving expression and then lay back on my bed, and said “take me, I’m yours”. I knelt over her and stared at her loving face and began licking her ear lobes and then sucking them into my mouth. My hands caressed her breasts and teased her nipples, as I kissed my way over her face and lips and then to her neck. I sucked hard in a couple of discreet spots on her lower neck, because I wanted her to think of this when she looked in the mirror at the hickies.

Sue was now writhing around under my kisses and caresses, and I was certain that I could smell her juices flowing in her pussy. She purred like a kitten when my lips reached her nipples, and as I sucked them to full erection, she lifted her breasts up into my face. My hands had now traced their way down her abdomen, and as I came into contact with her pussy hairs, she raised her hips up off of the bed and moaned loudly. I knew she was ready for some attention to her pussy because the sweet aroma of her juices was much more noticeable. I moved between her legs and kept both of my arms outstretched so my hands were on her breasts, tracing circles around her nipples. Her hips were still raised up, so I started moving my face slowly towards her moist opening. The first flick of my tongue through her pussy hairs caused her to reach out and grab my hair, as she tried to pull my face into her opening. I continued teasing her, and when my next tongue flick hit her clitoris, I felt what seemed like a heat wave coming from within her opening, and she screamed that she was cumming.

Sue pulled my head into her pussy with so much force, I was having trouble catching my breath, but she gradually released her grip, and I gasped for air. She looked at me and whispered that she was sorry, so I said “don’t be sorry-be ready, because I’m just getting started”.

I mounted her and leaned in for a passionate kiss, as I let my cock head drag lightly through her pussy hairs. Our tongues flicked into one another’s mouths, as my cock stopped just short of her opening. I could feel her pussy heat on my cock, and I could feel her gripping my waist with her arms, trying to pull me inside her. I felt that the time was now, so I slid the head just over her outer lips and into her pussy, stopping right at her hymen. Sue was panting and digging at me to get inside her, so I said “get ready because I’m going to push through your hymen now”. As my cock head put pressure on the membrane guarding her treasure, she continued pulling me into her, until I felt it give way. There was a slight flinch from Sue, and then she began to hump me. My cock was now all the way in so I started making slow methodical strokes in and out, until neither of us could stand it anymore. I whispered to her “do you want it”? She whispered back “fuck me hard. I want to cum with you”.

Listening to my balls slapping off of her ass cheeks was music to my ears and spurred me on to even more intense thrusts. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock, and judging by her strained expression, she was cumming hard. Her nails scratched into my back and her heels dug into the back of my legs, so I gave one last deep thrust, and then began flooding her insides with my sperm. She moaned when she felt the hot streams and she bucked upwards like a crazed animal. I felt her sucking on my neck, and then all I felt was her body totally wilting as she gasped for a breath. I could feel my cum running down my cock and balls, as I started to soften, and as I lay my head on her chest, I could still feel the contractions in her pussy walls sucking on my cock head. I rolled off of Sue, so she could catch her breath, and she immediately grabbed me and hugged me tightly. She whispered “I will never forget my first time with you and how special you made it. I will love you forever”. I whispered back that I felt the same, and would always remember our first time together.

The End

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Buat Bung One of Them,Terimakasih atas masukannya, psetnoi pada individu yang anda sebutkan memang sudah kami awasi sejak lama, namun edisi berikutnya belum bisa terbit mengingat banyak hujatan yang masuk melalui e-mail kami dan terlebih lagi adalah koleksi foto kami belum cukup banyak. Doakan agar kesempatan yang baik muncul sehingga edisi berikutnya bisa tampil dengan lebih memuakkan Kalo anda mau menuntut pembuat wesite ini mari kita lakukan bersama karena gaji saya selama 2 tahun belum dibayarkan (????) saya melakukan ini untuk hobi . :)

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No, he shouldn't have put size/weight/hair color/ shit like that your supposto imagine it yourself its better... good job man... love your stories I only look at ur stories

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Great story loved it all

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what next part, it even says THE END!!!
good story though, but completely unrealistic.


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so obvious you need to have Kim sleep-eat Sue while you enjoy them both...

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