My Sister’s Confusion-Final Chapter

When Kristin came in to my room later, I was already naked under my blankets and my cock was soaked with pre-cum, in anticipation of getting back inside her luscious pussy. She threw off her top and panties and lifted the blanket to enter my sexual sanctuary. The animalistic feelings being generated by my lust for Kristin made me feel like pouncing on her and ravishing her pussy, but I decided to cuddle for a while so she could get in the mood. I was so mistaken. Kristin had a look of hunger in her eyes as she pushed me back and climbed on top of me, and whispered in my ear that she had watched the clock all night waiting for her opportunity to get my cock back inside her.

She was mashing her pussy into my cock and groaning almost as if she was in pain, and when she reached down to take my cock and place it at the entrance to her steamy hole, I threw my hips upwards and entered her. She bucked and squirmed and gyrated until my balls started aching, and the pain seemed to spur me on. I sucked at her neck, probably leaving huge hickies, and my hands groped at her tits and I felt her wince, when I squeezed her nipples hard. The milking sensation from her pussy contractions let me know that she was cumming, so I flipped her over, reinserted my cock and banged her so hard my bed shook and squeaked. I blasted cum streams into her womb and sucked her tongue into my mouth so far, I almost choked. We were two sexual predators, who had found their prey, and now were savoring the spoils.

We looked into each other’s eyes and professed our love for one another over and over. Hannah moaned softly, whispering that she just had the fuck of her life, and wanted us to be together forever. When she said that, I flexed my cock muscle, which was still inside her, and when she felt the throb, she looked at me and said “If you can fuck me again, I‘m ready to take all you can give”. My cock stretched itself out into a full erection, so I started slowly moving in and out of her pussy. The squishing sounds from my last cum load made me even hornier, so I increased the speed and intensity of my strokes, until I felt Kristin shudder and then felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. I don’t know how much cum I had left to give, but whatever there was shot out into her pussy as we lay perfectly still except to kiss. Kristin began sobbing and said she was overcome by emotion and didn’t think she could take anymore. She reassured me that these were tears of joy, and not sadness or disappointment.

It must have been after midnight when my bedroom door opened and closed, and my first reaction was that it must have been Kristin going back to her room. When I felt beside me for Kristin and touched her body next to me, panic overcame me. My mother’s eyes may not have adjusted to the darkness yet, so I jumped up and took her by the hand and led her out into the hallway. When I asked her what she was doing, she said that she hasn’t been able to get our sex lesson off her mind, and she just felt that she needed me. She said to me “you know that your father pays me no attention, and when you touched me and made love to me, I felt like a real woman again. I need you to make me feel that way again”. I started to realize the gravity of this situation as I stood naked in the hallway, with my mother wanting me to make love to her, and my sister lying in my bed filled up with my cum. Also my father slept twenty feet away and who knew if he would wake up and discover what was going on with his wife and daughter. I begged mom to go back to bed and reconsider what she was asking me to do. She turned away from me and started walking towards her room, so I breathed a huge sigh of relief and went back to bed.

I tried to slip quietly back into bed without waking Kristin up, but she rose up on one elbow and asked me what that was all about. It’s incredible how life changes in an instant. A few hours ago, my relationship had been repaired with my parents and my relationship with my sister turned into the most beautiful sexual experience of my life, and now everything may come crashing down. What was I going to tell Kristin? I can’t lie to her, because her love means more to me than anything else. If I tell her the truth, she may not be able to forgive me or her mother, and it would surely be the end of our relationship. I just couldn’t grasp losing all this again. I looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her and asked if she would let me explain everything tomorrow. She kissed me and said goodnight.

When I awoke the following morning, Kristin was already gone, so she must have made it back to her room without waking me up. My mother was knocking at my door and asking if I was up and getting dressed. I told her to come in and then out of the blue I said “I’m not feeling all that well, so I think I’m going to stay home today to catch up on some sleep”. She said that she agreed it would be a good idea, and then she headed downstairs. I wanted to explain to Kristin what I was doing but she had already gone downstairs. This time to myself today would give me the opportunity to think through some way of explaining things to Kristin.

I had managed to go back to sleep and woke up when mom opened my bedroom door and asked me if I wanted her to make me something to eat. I looked at the clock and it was 11:30, so I guess I really did need to catch up on some sleep. I told mom I wasn’t hungry, and would wait until later to have some lunch. She came over and sat on the edge of my bed, and put her hand on my shoulder and said “I hope you aren’t upset with me about last night, but I was feeling lonely and ignored, and wanted some comfort”. Her eyes teared up and I could see that she was having a very difficult time, so I hugged her and asked her what was bothering her. There is no way I could have been prepared for what she was about to say.

“I know about you and Kristin” she said. My heart raced, and I felt like finding a hole to crawl into, but all I could do was stare into her eyes, with no answers to give her. I couldn’t move or speak so my mother said “I’m not going to cause the two of you any grief, because I envy what you have and I only wish I had that too”. Her sobbing increased as she laid her head on my chest, so I pulled her into my arms, to give her some comfort. Between sobs, she explained that her and dad had no love or affection in their relationship, and she felt hopelessly lost. As my arms held her tightly, I could feel her body shifting and now she was lying beside me with an arm over my chest and her leg over my thigh. I felt her kissing my neck, and her hand slid down off my chest onto my abdomen. I said “mom, what are you doing”, as I felt her hand land on my cock. She was now sucking on my neck and had moved her hand under my blanket and wrapped it around my cock. I really didn’t feel like I wanted to be erect, but I was losing control and could feel my cock swelling in her hand.

Maybe I was in shock, or maybe my cock brain took over, but when my mother peeled off her clothing and pulled the blanket back, I just lay there unable to react. She moved herself between my legs, and soon I felt her hot breath on my cock. My mother’s tongue flicked at my cock head as her hands rubbed and massaged my abdomen. Soon she moved her hands to my balls as she enveloped my cock head in her mouth and began sucking. It was hopeless, and with resistance futile, I grabbed her head and pushed it further down the shaft of my cock. She started bobbing her head up and down and I lost complete control, and came in her mouth. I felt like my insides were being sucked out, since she hungrily took every drop of my sperm.

When she moved up to lie with me, she said “don’t be upset with me. I needed this so bad, and there was nowhere else to turn”. I told her that I was stunned more than anything else, and asked her to explain what she knew about Kristin and me. She said that she knew Kristin and I were having sex, and she did everything she could to help hide it from my father. I was also shocked to discover that mom had talked to Kristin early this morning and told her that she knew about us. I was at a total loss for words, and yet, I wasn’t panicking since I somehow felt comforted by mom. She told me that she is going to divorce my father and ask him to leave, so she could stay in the house with Kristin and me, and she kept reassuring me that everything would work out.

Trying to absorb all of this, while worrying about how Kristin must be feeling, overwhelmed me, so I got up out of bed and sat on my computer chair, with my head in my hands. Mom had rolled onto her back and was still lying in bed, when she said to me that I needed to make love to her, and that would help clear our heads. I looked over at her and saw that her legs were spread, and her tits and pussy started to look more inviting. My cock enlarged, and that brought a smile to mom’s face. I walked back to the bed with my erection waving to and fro, and got between her legs so I could mount her. She pulled my face into her breasts and I hungrily licked at them and sucked on the nipples, as I brought my cock head to the entrance of her pussy.

Her legs rose into the air, and her hands pulled at my back, so I started pushing through the pussy hairs and outer lips, while feeling heat emanating from her depths. With the smell of her juices spurring me on, I pushed all the way into her, and listened as she moaned and mumbled. She was not making any intelligible sounds and was obviously preparing for her first orgasm. I felt her lips lock on my neck and suck hard, while her fingers dug into my back, so I began thrusting faster and harder. She screamed “Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming so hard. Hammer me until you blow inside me”. I jack hammered into her, and shot my load as I felt spasms in the walls of her pussy. They milked me for what seemed like a long time, but I’m sure I was totally drained of sperm in just a few seconds.

I was totally spent, so I started to roll off of her, and heard her sigh with disappointment, as my cum slicked cock made a slurping sound as it withdrew from her pussy. She told me that she felt so empty when I withdrew from her, but she also said that I had made her feel like a whole woman again, and she was very happy. We didn’t speak for a long time, so my mind wandered back to Kristin and how she must be feeling.

“You are thinking about your sister, aren’t you”?

“Yes mom I am, because I love her more than anything, and if she knew what we were doing, I would probably lose her forever”.

“You will not lose her sweetheart. She knows about us, and is okay with it”.

“Are you kidding me? How could she be okay with me cheating on her, and with my mother no less”?

“Trust me. We had a long talk early this morning, and she was shocked at first, but after hearing my explanation, she came to accept our situation”.

A feeling of relief and calm came over me, so I held mom tightly and kissed her with passion, that I had only shown to Kristen. When she kissed me back, she felt for my cock, and it responded to her touch by throbbing. It wasn’t getting all that hard, since I had cum twice already, but mom wanted to try some resuscitation and slid down between my legs. She sucked me back to life, and then climbed up to straddle my hips. I could feel my cum and her juices dripping on to my cock head as it neared her gaping pussy, so I thrust my hips upwards, as she impaled herself fully on my cock. I looked up at her and said “I don’t think I have much left in the tank, but you are welcome to anything I’ve got”.

That set her off, so she began riding and mashing me, and although I was getting pretty sore, I wanted her to have another orgasm, so I fucked through the discomfort, and hoped I could make her cum. I played with her mounds and nipples, and she was responding with hard thrusts onto my cock. I raised my hips to meet her, and her moans and facial expression gave me the signal that she was ready to cum. I threw every ounce of energy I had into those upward bucks and thrusts, and when I felt her juices flowing down my cock, I knew my job was done. She collapsed on my chest and moaned that I had given her what she craved, but she was sorry that I hadn’t cum, so I told her that I didn’t need to, and it was perfectly okay.

That afternoon, I waited in the living room watching TV, to make sure that I didn’t miss Kristin when she came in from school. I didn’t hear her come in, but I felt her brush my face with her hands from behind me, and then she flopped down beside me and kissed me on the lips. When she whispered in my ear that she was okay sharing me with mom, I finally relaxed and told her that I loved her.

When Dad got home from work, my mother told him that she wanted a divorce and she also wanted him out of the house. There was no violence, but before he left, he did a lot of yelling, and called her a lot of foul names, that even I had not heard before.

As the three of us sat together on the sofa, we all tried to accept the uncertainties that lay ahead of us, and agreed that our relationships were more important than anything else.

Over the next few weeks, we reorganized the house, and bought a new queen sized bed for me and Kristin, and everything was working out great. My sex life with mom ended after two months, when she began dating a man she met, but resumed a month later, when Mom discovered she was pregnant with my baby and broke up with the new guy. My sex with Kristin remained magical and frequent, and fortunately she didn’t get pregnant, so mom got her on the pill, and we didn’t have to worry about it anymore. We still had plenty of challenges ahead, but our love for one another would give us the strength and determination we would need.

The End


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