My Sister’s sleepwalking friend

My sister Sue and her best friend Kim spent a lot of time at our house, and sleepovers were a weekly event. The one unusual thing about Kim was that she sleepwalked, but everyone in our house knew about it, so precautions were always taken. Kim was the same age as my sister, and they shared the same likes and dislikes about most things. I fell into the dislike category, and Kim and Sue made it very clear that if I bugged them, they would “tag team” me and cause me a world of hurt. I pretty much left them alone.

Sue and I were typical siblings, who grew up carrying on as serious rivals, not only for our parent’s attention, but for everything else as well. We fought over the stupidest of things, and most of the time, we ended up in wrestling matches resulting in one or the other’s submission. This continued through puberty, but I began to enjoy the wrestling a little more, since it was quite simple to get a hand on a boob or pussy in the heat of battle. Sue also became very adept at the “Figure four leg lock”, and got the better of me most times. I don’t know if you have ever seen this hold in professional wrestling matches, but when perfected, it virtually separates the knee joints, and if you don’t submit, you end up at the ER. The only thing good about it (at least until the pain hits you), is that you are looking straight up a wide open crotch, as the hold is applied.

Several times these wrestling matches took place in one of our bedrooms, and we were dressed in only our underwear. More than once, I got a glimpse of pussy hair, and one time I actually saw a pussy lip peek outside the leg of her panties. Sue was now 14 and I was 13, so she wasn’t all that interested in rolling around the floor wrestling anymore, and usually resorted to slaps and verbal assaults.

This past Friday night, Kim slept over, and as was customary, their bedroom door was kept locked in case Kim started sleepwalking. My parents were going to be out all night, since they were attending a party at their friend’s house, and would sleep there, so they didn’t have to drink and drive.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but either Kim or Sue must have got up to go to the bathroom or something, and left the door unlocked. It was about 3:30am when I heard my bedroom door open and close, and then I felt the blankets lift with someone sliding in beside me. I could tell from the light emanating from my computer monitor, that it was Kim, who obviously was sleepwalking. As much as Kim disliked me, I thought that she was hot, and started to think that maybe I could take advantage of this opportunity, without waking her up. I had a twin sized bed, so our bodies were very close together, and my cock hardened as I desperately tried to think of some way of at least getting a good feel. But if she woke up, I could be in serious trouble. What a dilemma I faced, as my cock continued to push against my boxers, so I mustered up every bit of courage I could.

First I slid my boxers down and then kicked them off. Next I turned on my side facing Kim, who was lying on her back. She was wearing pajamas with a buttoned front, so I gently started trying to undo the buttons. Somehow I managed to get all the buttons undone, so I peeled her top to the sides, and exposed two beautiful mounds that were slightly larger than those of my sister. There was enough light from my computer monitor to allow a great view of her nipples, so I bravely moved close enough to lick one of them. She didn’t move or react, so my confidence grew, and I took her entire boob in my hand and sucked at the nipple. “Oh Daddy, that feels so good, please don’t stop”, I heard her mumble, as I quickly moved my hand and removed her nipple from my mouth.

I was totally mind fucked at that moment and didn’t have a clue what this meant; what I did know was that my erect cock was throbbing uncontrollably and was leaking my juices down the shaft. What the fuck could she have meant when she said daddy, I thought, and then it hit me. Maybe she had sleepwalked at home and her father had taken advantage of her, since he was a single parent, losing his wife to cancer five years earlier. Whatever the reason, my cock was taking over my brain function, so I decided to resume feeling her up and anything else I could get away with.

I resumed touching her boobs, and licked and sucked at her nipples, as I placed my cock into her sleeping hand. As I rubbed it into the palm of her hand it was slick from my juices, and I felt her fingers wrap around it, and heard her whisper “Daddy, do you want me to suck it for you”? I whispered “not yet Kim; Daddy wants to lick your pussy, so please take off your pajamas”. It was almost impossible for me to accept what was happening and I began to wonder whether I was dreaming.

Nope, I wasn’t dreaming. Kim sat up and removed her top and then slid down her pajama bottoms and panties and kicked them off. She lay back down and started parting her legs, so I moved into position between her thighs. I looked down at this incredible sight and although I felt like I was taking advantage of her, I was overtaken by primal lust, and I buried my mouth in her pussy. My tongue lapped at her pussy lips and clitoris, and soon her legs were clamping against my face, and she was moaning “Oh Daddy, that orgasm was incredible. Are you going to make love to me now”? She sure did have an orgasm, because I could now taste and smell her juices, and it only had me more determined to fuck this incredibly hot and juicy fleshy opening. I moved up to position my cock head at the hairy entrance to her pussy, when I heard a knock at my door.

Before I could answer, or even move, the door opened and Sue walked in gasping and looking like she wanted to kill me. My cock wilted and I sprang off the bed, begging Sue to let me explain how this had happened. The commotion still didn’t wake Kim up, and she was still lying naked with her legs spread and her pussy gaping. Sue shushed me and then dragged me by my hair back to her room. She closed the door, and threw me down on her bed. The light was on and although I sat there naked and trembling, her rage caused her to only focus on my face.

She said to start explaining, so I tried to gather my thoughts, to be able to tell this in such a way, that I didn’t end up ruining the rest of my life. After all, I could be charged with sexual assault, so I asked Sue for a minute to catch my breath before telling her what happened. When I started the explanation making sure that the story slanted in my favor, Sue’s expression of rage seemed to change to disbelief. Sue said “she called you Daddy”? I swore that was the truth, and went on to say that she had woke me up sliding in to my bed naked and was calling me Daddy, and asking me to touch and lick her, and finally to make love to her. Sue put her face in her hands, and said “I find this too unbelievable and I am so overwhelmed right now,I need time to think”.

When Sue finally looked up at me, she said “some of this is starting to make sense, based on stuff Kim has told me about her father. She didn’t tell me a lot, but I got the sense that she had sleepwalked into her father’s bedroom, and stuff started to happen. She claimed that she woke up in her father’s bed naked, and he told her that she sleepwalked and was naked before she got into his bed”. She asked me “why would you do those things to her, when you knew that she was calling you Daddy and was obviously sleepwalking”? I told her that Kim had made me very horny and I just lost control, and couldn’t help myself. I said “after all, I didn’t actually penetrate her”. Sue said, “that’s only because you got caught before you could do it”. Sue was right of course, but now that she was less enraged, and we were discussing words like penetration, my cock started to enlarge. This didn’t go unnoticed by Sue, so she asked me “what the hell are you doing? You just about raped my best friend and now you are sitting in my bedroom with an erection”.

I looked down to see my cock waving around, and realized that I needed to cover it up, so I grabbed her blanket and pulled it over my cock, and told her I was sorry. I thought I had seen her glancing at the tent in the blanket, but I was still frightened about my perilous situation, so I just sat quietly. I was pretty shocked when Sue said to me ‘I’m wondering now if Kim is still a virgin, since her father has been messing with her in her sleep. Maybe he has taken her virginity and she doesn’t even know it”. My cock brain spoke for me when I said “we could always go back to my room and check to see if she is still a virgin”. Sue caught me in the side of the head with a hard slap, and when I jumped away from her, my erection came into view a few inches from her face. She gave it a slap too, and said “that thing has caused enough trouble tonight”. That was the first time my sister ever touched me there, and it felt wonderful, yet painful at the same time.

Sue said “let’s go back to your room and get Kim back here into my bed, before this situation gets any worse”, so we headed for my room, with me trying to cover my erection with my hands. When we went in, I think we were both shocked at what we saw, but I became very aroused as I watched Kim spread eagled and fingering her clitoris and moaning for her Daddy to help her with an orgasm. Sue looked at me totally exasperated and said “you know what; why don’t you just play daddy, because I can’t take any more of this and I’m leaving”.

I grabbed Sue’s arm and asked her not to leave, because if Kim woke up and she wasn’t there, she might start screaming and wake up the neighbors. Sue reluctantly agreed to stay, and yet, she stared intently as I moved between Kim’s legs, and began licking at that gaping hot pussy. As my tongue lapped away and then sucked the clitoris between my lips, Kim heaved her hips up off of the bed and moaned “Daddy I’m cumming; suck my pussy hard”. She held my head in position with both of her hands and didn’t want to let me go. When I was finally able to remove my face from Kim’s pussy, I must have looked like a glazed donut, since I was soaked by her pussy juices, and Sue couldn’t help but gasp. I’m sure that this was the first time she had ever seen something like this, just like it was my first time doing it. The look on Sue’s face was a mix between wonderment, shock, and excitement.

Both of us stared at Kim, who was still on her back moaning, and finally Sue said “so are we going to find out if she is still a virgin or not”? I moved back between Kim’s legs and inserted two fingers through her swollen pussy lips, and into her vaginal canal and when I was inserted right up to the palm of my hand, I knew that her hymen was long gone. I withdrew my fingers, as Kim let out a moan, and I got up and went over to Sue to let her know that Kim’s father must have already taken her virginity, since there was no sign of her hymen.

Just then Kim moaned “please daddy, I want you inside me now. Will you do it”? Sue said “I am so in shock over everything that has happened tonight, I really don’t care if you want to do it or not. If you want to, please get it over with, so we can get her back to my bed”. I hesitated and when Sue looked down at my throbbing cock, she reached out and took it in her hand, and said “obviously this erection wants you to do it”. I looked at her and said “I can’t believe that you are holding my cock, but don’t stop, because it feels amazing”. I reached for her pussy and rubbed her through her panties, and she said “what are you doing? You have Kim’s pussy waiting there for you, and you are rubbing mine”? Sue’s face was flushed so I asked her if touching her pussy was a problem. She said “nothing could surprise me after everything I have seen tonight, so go ahead and enjoy both pussies, if you wish”.

I pulled down Sue’s panties and she willingly kicked them off, and then stood with her legs wider apart, to give me better access. I couldn’t believe that the night was turning into one that was every guy’s wet dream, and it didn’t take long for my fingers to part Sue’s pussy lips and slide them in. She was a little moist, but much tighter than Kim’s pussy and as she moaned that it felt really good, her hand began stroking my erection. She said, “why don’t you finish with Kim while I watch, and then you and I can touch some more”.

When I got back between Kim’s legs, She moaned “Daddy, I am so ready for you; please fuck me now”. I moved my cock head into position at the entrance to her pussy, and I could feel heat emanating from inside her. I could smell her juices, so I began the insertion. I slid easily past her outer pussy lips and when I slid along the inner walls, her arms pulled at my waist and I was now balls deep inside of her. She started writhing underneath me, and was sucking at my shoulder and chest and moaning for me to fuck her hard so she could orgasm again.

Sue had moved closer to us to have a better view, and I could see her fingering herself, so she must have got all worked up watching me fuck Kim. My cock was harder than it had ever been, and my thrusts felt like they were going to burst right up into her womb. I felt like I needed to blow, so I began short stroking her and as I felt my balls ready to explode, the dam burst and filled Kim’s pussy with my sperm. The spasms in her pussy walls, made me feel like I was being milked, and I knew that every drop was being sucked out of my balls.

After a few seconds, Kim went limp and began stirring, so I withdrew my cock as my sperm poured out of her and onto my bed. Kim moved upright in my bed and then got up and started walking, so Sue and I followed her, as she made her way back into Sue’s bed. She pulled the blankets over her and then turned on her side facing the wall. I took Sue’s hand and placed it on my cock, and then tried to lead her back to my bedroom. She pulled back and said that we had better not make the situation any worse, so she suggested that we go to our beds, and then she said goodnight.

To be continued……………


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Great writer love your stories keep them up

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Fake. Obvious troll is obvious. Anyone saying "juices" either is a troll or a 10 year old

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I enjoyed this story but there are others I like better even though I'm 13. Anyway these are some good stories. Have you ever thought about writing a novel.

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First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick qusieton that I'd like to ask if you don't mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Thanks

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Do you like dark meat? I can SHANK you with my black dick!!! Ku klux klan, burn THIS!!!

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