If only I could travel back in time-Chapter two

I woke up at six am Saturday morning and although that was earlier than I normally would get up, the excitement and anticipation had my metabolism in overdrive. My cock was erect and throbbing, and I was undecided if I wanted to masturbate or wait for Sarah. I debated the pros and cons in my head, and decided to masturbate, since I may be able to last longer with Sarah, if I ejaculate now. I came, and still it was only 6:05, so I headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

I was in the middle of eating my breakfast, when I heard someone coming down the stairs, so I turned around and saw Sarah. She said that she couldn’t sleep and came down to eat. She asked why I was up so early, so I told her that the excitement and anticipation about 1PM woke me up. She didn’t seem to be in as good a mood as me, and that got me worrying that maybe she had changed her mind. I knew differently once she sat across from me to eat, and I felt her foot slide up my leg and rub against my cock. It was erect, so she said “you horny bugger; you are hard again and better not shoot all over my foot”. We both laughed about it and finished eating our breakfast.

I sat in my room fiddling and fussing until 9 o’clock, when I heard my parents get up, so I went downstairs. They asked me what I had planned for today, so I said that I was going to work on a school project. Sarah came down and she told them that her friend was coming over this afternoon, and they would probably go shopping together. I started to wonder what time her friend would be arriving this afternoon, because I wanted to have lots of time with Sarah’s gorgeous body. I didn’t want to ask right then, because it might sound suspicious.

I couldn’t believe it, but it was now 1PM, and as I walked enthusiastically towards Sarah’s room, my pecker was sticking straight out and anxious to get started. I walked into Sarah’s room and closed her door, and was totally overcome with lust when I saw her lying naked on her bed. She smiled when she saw my pecker and said “bring that hard thing over here and let’s get your dream fulfilled”.

I lay down beside her and began touching her everywhere. She reached for my cock, but I pulled back and told her not to touch it yet, because I didn’t want to shoot too soon. She said “don’t worry about that, we have lots of time and you can shoot as many times as you want”. I thought to myself “she is sure receptive to all this, and I might even be able to get my cock in her pussy”. As Sarah stroked my cock, I moved my hand over her pussy and started working my fingers between her pussy lips. Her legs started opening to give me access and as I felt the heat and juices from her inner pussy, I shot my first load. The first stream hit her in the breast, but the second one caught her right on the lips. She was wiping it off as the third stream hit the back of her hand. She looked at my cock closely to make sure there were no more streams coming at her, and then she just lay back and relaxed as I continued fingering her. I heard her moan as my finger touched a bump at the top of her pussy, and then she started shaking and her legs clamped together on my fingers.

I figured that she must have cum, but I didn’t want to stop. My hand was still trapped between her clenched thighs, so I used my other hand to play with her boobs. I felt her nipples, and also felt her legs relaxing, so I got a little braver and moved between her legs. I sensed that she was going to tell me to stop, but before she could say anything, my tongue was lapping at her pussy lips. She spread her legs even wider and moaned that she wanted me to keep licking. When my mouth reached that bump again, I sucked at it, and Sarah grabbed my ears and pulled me tightly into her pussy. She was making some strange sounds, and pulling at my head, when I felt her shudder and then scream that she was cumming again. She looked down at me and smiled with a satisfied look on her face, so I moved up to hug her when my cock head brushed against her pussy lips. She yelled “get off me you little bastard. I told you not to pull something like this, so get the hell out of my room”. I couldn’t get a word in to explain that it was an accident, and she kept screaming for me to get out, so I finally gave up and left.

When Sarah came to my room an hour later, she said “You blew it Tim. We were having such a great time, and yet you had to try sticking that thing into me, when I had warned you twice before. Don’t ever ask me for anything like this again, and if you do bring it up, I am going to talk to mom and dad and tell them you tried to rape me”. She turned and walked away, and the next thing I heard a while later was her leaving with her friend to go shopping. This is why my sister Sarah is one of my biggest regrets. If my cock hadn’t brushed against her pussy, we probably could have carried on doing this kind of thing many times, and maybe at some point she would have let me into her pussy. I would never know.

So here I sit, having just turned forty, and reliving that day in my sister’s bedroom over and over, and wishing that I could go back in time to change that cock brush against her pussy. Since that day all those years ago, my relationship with Sarah has been strained, and we haven’t seen one another in ten years. We only lived a mile apart; me with my wife and two kids and her with her husband and three kids. I can’t even count the number of times I picked up the phone, or drove by her house, thinking that I should try and reestablish contact, but I always stopped short, fearing rejection.

Today, I am going to do it, and rejection or not, I’m following through so I can try and get my life together rather than sitting around with regrets. Sarah answered the phone and my silence almost resulted in her hanging up, but I took a deep breath and then said “Hi sis, it’s Tim”. The silence seemed to last for minutes, but was probably only seconds, and then she said “Hi Tim, it’s nice to hear your voice”. I wasn’t expecting to hear something that positive, so I asked her how she was doing and carried on all the usual small talk, until I said “I would really love to see you, so do you think we could get together in town for a coffee”? There was no silence this time, because she said sure and asked when. We agreed to meet tomorrow at 1PM, and as fate would have it, tomorrow was Saturday. I couldn’t help thinking about that coincidence as I drove to the coffee house, and felt my cock getting hard.

I managed to get my erection under control and as I walked in, I saw Sarah, just as beautiful and hot as I remember. We hugged, although it seemed pretty uncomfortable, and began a conversation that gradually warmed up to the point that we could smile and laugh. We got into some great conversations about the old days, our kids, and just life in general. Sarah asked if I wanted to take a walk down to the waterfront, so I agreed and we made our way to a picnic table near the water. She shocked the hell out of me when she said “did you find it ironic that we were meeting after all these years on a Saturday at 1PM”? I knew exactly what it meant but I wasn’t sure where she was coming from, so I said, “Wasn’t that the time you said to meet you”? She laughed and said “so you are going to be coy about this”? I said “I knew very well what the significance of Saturday at 1PM was, but figured it was only important to me and would only be a bad memory for you”.

She looked me in the eye and told me that we are blood relatives and it was totally stupid to be estranged all these years. I told her I agreed and that I had lived all these years with regret. She smiled at me with a devilish grin and said “yes, I’m sure you regret that you hadn’t been faster that day and got into me before I could stop you”. I laughed with her and admitted that I would give anything to turn back the clock, but it just wasn’t possible. Sarah shocked the hell out of when she said “if you could turn back the clock, I would like to hear what you would do differently”. My cock hardened and started to throb, so I began to squirm uncomfortably, shifting my position to try and keep it concealed. “You horny bugger, you are erect, aren’t you”, she said. Then she added “you haven’t changed a bit. I love it”.

The conversation continued into the past and she told me that I had given her the first true orgasm of her life, and she loved everything we did that Saturday, except she wasn’t ready for penetration. She admitted that she overreacted and never gave me a chance to explain, and had been too immature to fix things. I told her that after all these years, I wanted to explain to her what happened that day, so I asked her if she would listen. She said sure, so I told her my version, and that my cock brushing against her pussy had been an accident. I also told her that I was sorry that I frightened her that day, but never had any intention of going beyond touching and kissing.

Sarah walked around to my side of the picnic table and gave me a firm hug, and whispered in my ear “I often thought about that day over the years and remember the intensity of the orgasm when you licked me; If only I had been a little more mature”. I was certain that she must have felt my erection pushing into her as we hugged, so I whispered in her ear “so are you more mature today”? Sarah wiggled her bottom a bit to let me know that she could feel my erection, as she nodded her head yes.

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I was hoping that we were going to relive that Saturday from years ago. We sat down and talked about our marriages, and I could see Sarah glance down every once in a while to see if I was still hard. She grinned each time she noticed the tent in my pants. By now it was almost time to get going home, so I decided that I had lived enough years with regret, and would just blurt it out. I told her “I have spent the last twenty seven years living with regret about you, and today it’s over. I want to touch and kiss and lick you all over until you orgasm and then I want you to suck on me until I spill in your mouth, and then I want to penetrate your pussy”. Sarah grinned at me and said “so what are we waiting for”? I asked her if we could meet next Saturday at 1PM at the hotel on the road outside of town, and she said “I thought you were going to deliver the goods today, you horny bugger, but I can wait until next Saturday”.

That week was as difficult as the one all those years ago, and it dragged very slowly. Sarah and I talked on the phone daily, and that didn’t create any suspicions from our spouses, since we were brother and sister. We agreed that we weren’t going to bring any emotional baggage or feelings of guilt about our spouses, and were simply going to relive that day, but end it differently.

Saturday at 1PM, I was erect the whole way there, and didn’t care who saw the tent in my pants as I walked into the hotel room. I opened the door and saw the same beautiful naked goddess lying on the bed. She motioned with her finger for me to get over there, so I dove onto the bed and took her face in my hands and kissed her. This was not a sisterly kiss; it was passionate, with tongues being sucked as hands groped every part of each other’s body. The difference today, from twenty seven years ago was in my knowledge and experience with the female body. I wanted to treat her today to all the things I didn’t know how to do back then.

I started nibbling at her ears and sucked and licked my way to her breasts. I had sucked her nipples erect and stayed there listening to her moan, as my hands wandered down her abdomen. She was lifting her lower body to give me access, but I was slow and methodical, since I wanted to drive her crazy. As I released her nipples from my mouth, I kissed my way down her abdomen until I felt her pussy hairs on my chin. Sarah had parted her thighs, and my fingers were now tickling at her pussy lips, and moving towards her clitoris. I touched it ever so lightly, and I felt her spasm and could smell her pussy juices, as she felt her first orgasm.

I moved between her legs, and put both hands up to her breasts to tease her nipples. I rolled those nipples between my fingers, as my tongue started parting the pussy hairs. Sarah was moaning that she didn’t know how much more she could take of this, when my tongue found her clitoris, and as I sucked it between my lips, she heaved up off of the bed and came in my mouth. She shook and trembled and I could smell and feel her juices running down my chin. Her breasts were even pushing upwards as I still held her nipples, until she screamed for mercy. She said she had never felt pleasure like this and was being totally overwhelmed by the multiple orgasms. She said that she wanted to do the same for me, and she pulled me up to lie down. Sarah kissed her way down my body, and seemed in a hurry to get to my cock. That was fine with me, since I had been waiting twenty seven years for this and the time was now.

I could feel my balls being sucked into her mouth, and I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to get both of them in, and then began running her tongue along them. I looked down to see both of her cheeks puffed out, as my balls filled her oral cavity, and then plop, they were out. Her mouth now engulfed my cock head, as her tongue swirled in circles around it. When Sarah caressed my balls with one hand, she also started massaging my asshole with the other, and I now felt that all too familiar surge from my balls. I watched Sarah’s cheeks puff out again, but this time it wasn’t from my balls; it was from the biggest load of cum I had ever shot. It sprayed out the corners of her mouth as she tried to swallow, but there was too much and she gagged. She moved back to clear her throat, and then was right back sucking that cock head, like a baby breastfeeding.

My balls had been emptied, so I pulled Sarah up to me, and we just lay quietly trying to enjoy that incredible experience. I wish that my cock could recover as fast as it did when I was fourteen, but Sarah and I would have to be patient for a few minutes. We kissed and nibbled at each other, and when Sarah glanced down at my cock, it sprang back to life, so she parted her legs, and asked me to penetrate her. I got between her legs and mounted her, and as I started moving towards that hot opening, I felt free of regret. The feeling when my cockhead touched her pussy hairs was indescribable, and although it brought back a painful memory, I wouldn’t be denied this time.

My cock eased through the outer lips and was well lubed by her flowing pussy juices, so I easily penetrated her fully until I my balls rested on her ass cheeks. Sarah was humping up at me and pulling at my back so I began thrusting, and soon we had found our rhythm. My inward thrusts were perfectly timed with her upward movements. We kissed and sucked each other’s tongues, as our humping grew faster and more powerful, and as my cock exploded into her pussy, Sarah moaned that she was cumming with me. My cock slopped around in our juices as we continued kissing, but I could feel myself going soft, so I slid out of her pussy and lay down with my head on her chest.

We cuddled for a while and then had a glass of wine and discussed what had just happened. I asked Sarah if she had any regrets about our sex, and she said the only regret she would have is if I didn’t show up next Saturday at 1PM.

Sarah and I did meet at the hotel the following Saturday, and the sex was just as incredible. Our sexual relationship could continue as long as we wanted it to, but since we are both married to someone else, we would have to give up the Saturday dates, and steal away whenever we could. At least my regrets no longer haunt me, and I no longer wish that I could travel back in time.

The End

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2010-11-23 13:51:19
What the hell is it with you pervs that think sex always has to end up with the women getting pregnant? Is that how you think you must prove your masculinity or something. Is that what you believe is the proof that you are a man. Must you make your mark on the world by getting a woman pregnant. Grow up dumb ass, isn't love enough?

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2010-09-02 04:34:12
This is very god for those that get close and for one reason or another don't do it. She is Now 40 Something which can still be very very Hot. So a see a late life baby in this story perhaps twins. One Boy and one girl.

Then 14 years can go by in another story, and they can talk about their aging parents. Or the parents could pass on and they would be living with Uncle Tim and their Aunt.

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2010-08-24 16:54:02
I was sixteen when a muslim family from Pakistan moved in next door. They had eleven daughters and the wife was pregnant. The husband was rarely home and he had me taking care of their yard and swimming pool. Like their mother each of the daughters had impressive breasts and each of them had started growing their breasts by the time they had started second grade. Their 15 year old daughter became my shadow and at times suprised me. I was a good swimmer and their mother had asked me if I would teach her and all of her daughters how to swim. I always had a hard-on when doing this because I would have a hand on a breast, between their legs or on their ass. The only ones that seem to enjoy my hard cock was the mother and my shadow. Their mother let me cum in all the time. One time when her eight year old caught me cumming in her mother she blackmailed her mother into letting me cum in her.

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2010-08-17 04:31:22
This was just as hot as Part 1, with a twist to it as well. When you described Tim going down on her, I tasted pussy in my own mouth. You deserve a standing ovation for this.

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2010-08-15 10:43:56
Great story! Maybe there is hope for me yet! Thank you.

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