My Sister’s Confusion-Chapter three

I could hear dad’s voice talking to someone, but couldn’t tell who it was. As footsteps became louder on the stairs, I realized that he was talking to Kristin, and it sounded like she had to help him up the stairs, so he must have been pretty drunk. I heard my mother take over for Kristin and she must have got him into bed, because everything went quiet. I wasn’t sure if Kristin would even be coming in tonight, so I just drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of my door opening, so I jumped up, not knowing if it was my drunken father, but I saw that it was Kristin. She shushed me and then came over to my bed and crawled in. I got instantly aroused even though she was wearing pajamas, so I hugged her, making sure that my erection was held tight against her. She pulled back a bit away from my erection, and said that we needed to talk. Apparently the episode with dad and mom had really upset her, and I guess she was having second thoughts about our sexual relationship. As she explained how confused she had become, an overwhelming sense of foreboding came over me. I started trembling and couldn’t stop the tears. I mumbled the first thing that came to mind “shit Kristin, my life is so screwed up, and now I’m not even sure that you want to be with me, so I might as well run off and get away from everything”.

Kristin wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in to her, and asked me to try and calm down, because it wasn’t her intention to upset me. She asked me to give her time to be able to come to grips with the family’s turmoil, but she didn’t feel that we should take any chances with sex right now. In my brain, I knew she was right, but in my cock brain, this was upsetting me even more, and I wanted into her so badly. I wanted her more than anything I had ever yearned for, and I had to do something, even if it appeared desperate and needy. I said to her “I don’t know if we will get many opportunities like this again, so why don’t we use this time to be totally together, and make passionate love”. Once again my cock brain had proven to be my undoing, since Kristin started crying and left my bed and was gone.

How much maturity and ability to think rationally does a fourteen year old possess? Obviously not a lot, I thought to myself, as I dressed, gathered my stuff and put it into a duffel bag. All I knew was that A. my relationship with my parents was totally screwed up, B. I had fucked my mother, and C. the most important relationship in my life was now ruined. There was probably a D.and maybe even an E. but it didn’t come to mind right then.

I crept quietly down the stairs and out the front door, and as I started to walk away from the house, I felt alone, lonely and miserable. Where was I going to go? Where would I sleep? How would I get money to buy food? So many questions and yet I didn’t have any answers, but felt that I couldn’t go back home. I had 20 dollars from my last grass cutting job, but that wasn’t going to get me very far. For now I needed to find a place to lay my head down, gather my thoughts, and make some long term plans.

As Kristin moved slowly down my body licking and nibbling everywhere, I shuddered at the emotions stirring in me, and all I could think of was the moment when my cock would be buried balls deep in her burning hot and wet pussy. First her tongue circled the head of my cock, and then she licked up and down my shaft, as she caressed my balls with her hands. I called to her and asked that we now become one, and she smiled and moved to straddle my hips. We locked our lips together and intertwined tongues, and the passion became so great, it sucked the breath out of me. She looked at me and whispered that we were now going to join as one, and nothing would ever separate us. She raised her hips to allow my erection to find her hot fleshy opening, and when the heat from her pussy told me that she was set to impale herself on me, I prepared myself for the ultimate ecstasy.

“Get the hell off of my bench asshole”, was all I heard as I rolled into the grass. I must have fallen asleep and ended up on a park bench that belonged to a local homeless person. I got up and moved on, but was still overwhelmed by the dream that I just had about Kristin. “That asshole”, I thought to myself; if he hadn’t come along when he did, at least I would have dreamed about finally getting into Kristin’s pussy.

Walking from the park and looking at most of the benches filled by homeless persons, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about ending it all, because everything seemed so hopeless. Just then I remembered an abandoned fishing camp just outside of town that I used to hang around when I was stressed and wanted to get away from everything. Now my brain was working, so I started formulating the plan. I would wait until a grocery store opened and then buy whatever I could for my 20 dollars, and then hike to the fishing camp.

By the time I had lugged my duffel bag and the groceries to the camp, I was totally exhausted. I hadn’t slept much and needed to crash for a few hours. There were three buildings on the land, so I looked for one that had a cot or something that I could sleep on. I found it and was down and out in no time. When I woke up, I looked at my watch and saw that I had slept eight hours and it was now 6pm. I was hungry and a little stiff from the uncomfortable cot, so I went to the outhouse and then made something to eat. My plan was falling apart already; there was no refrigerator, no microwave, no stove, no shower, no toilet paper, and the list went on. I seriously started thinking again about ending things, so I went down to the river to sit and contemplate. Drowning really didn’t appeal to me. Actually none of the suicidal methods appealed to me, so I just sat flustered watching the water.

As I walked back towards the camp, I could see someone approaching, but because I was looking into the sun, I couldn’t see who it was. Then I heard “Thank God Bryan, what the hell are you doing here”? It was Kristin, and I guess she remembered coming here with me when we were younger, so she decided to look here for me. She said that mom and dad had been frantic, and reported me missing to the police. I asked her if she told them about this place and she said “no, but I took a chance that you might have come here out of desperation”.

We hugged, as she scolded me for scaring her. It felt so good to feel her hugging me tightly, but even better when I heard her whisper that she loved me. We sat by the river and talked for a long time, and I think it was then that she realized how much desperation I had felt. I explained to her that I didn’t feel like I could go home, but she pleaded with me to find a way. One thing that she did say that gave me hope, was that she regretted pushing me away last night, and wished that we had made love.

I asked her to come back to the camp and lie down with me, so we made our way to the uncomfortable cot and squeezed together. We held each other very tightly and kissed for a very long time. I pulled back slightly, looked into her eyes and said “I want to make love to you”. Kristin pulled me to her and whispered that she was totally mine, and she wanted to make love with me right now.

This was not the place that I had envisioned for making love to Kristin for the first time, but I didn’t care; all I knew was that I wanted to be inside her and make her mine. I went really slow, removing each piece of her clothing, as we still had our lips locked together and sucked on each other’s tongues. Each area of her body that became naked before me, needed to be caressed and savored, so I tortured her with light touches and gentle massages, until I had her moaning and writhing around on that little cot. Kristin’s breathing was getting labored and her moaning was getting louder, so I broke our kiss and moved my mouth to her breasts. Each nipple was licked and sucked to full erection, as both of my hands caressed her mounds, and I could sense that she was having her first orgasm. I could now smell that musky scent permeating from her pussy, so I moved down to taste her. I licked up and down from her anal opening to her clitoris, when she reached down and pulled at my head and said she wanted me inside of her.

With Kristin opening her legs wide to receive me, I mounted her, as my cock dripped pre-cum down my shaft. I leaned in to kiss her and gently inched my cock towards that waiting mound of hot flesh. I first felt the hairs of her pussy, and then the folds of her outer lips, and then the heat increased as I finally entered those inner folds. My cock moved into her with ease since she was totally moist from her own juices, as well as my saliva from when I licked her. My cock came to rest at her hymen, so I stopped and looked into her eyes and asked if she was ready for me to fully enter her. She answered by pulling at me with her arms and digging her feet into the back of my legs, and thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

Our tongues were still swirling in each other’s mouths when I broke through, and in an instant she was totally mine. My balls came to rest on her ass cheeks, and they stayed there until I was sure that she was ready to continue. She broke our kiss and said that this was so beautiful, and she wanted me thrusting in and out of her. I began slow and gentle thrusts, and when I felt she was ready to orgasm again, I increased the tempo and slammed against her. She screamed and dug her nails into my back and moaned incoherently. She was humping upwards to meet my downward thrusts, when she suddenly stopped and held her breath. She said that the orgasm was taking her breath away, but she didn’t want me to stop.

I now jack hammered her pussy with all my strength, and when she said she was cumming again, my balls sent my cum up my shaft and into her womb. I remained deeply entrenched in her pussy as each cum stream shot into her. She moaned that she could feel the hot cum hitting her insides, and I told her that I could feel her pussy walls milking the cum right out of my cock. Both of us were overcome by the passion and it seemed that we couldn’t stop kissing and hugging each other.

My cock was now deflating a bit, so we could feel the juices and the cum seeping out of her pussy. That feeling got both of us aroused again, so I began slow gentle thrusts. The sounds of those juices slopping around as my hardening cock moved in and out, made us both crazed, so we became like animals and fucked furiously until we came again and finally collapsed. I didn’t want all my weight on Kristin, so I rolled to the side, still keeping my cock fully inserted into her pussy. We kissed, and moaned unintelligible sounds and just savored the moment.

As we lay together coming down from the high, Kristin asked me if we could go home together, and I said “If you are totally mine forever, we can go home”. Kristin whispered to me that this experience would remain vividly in her mind, for the rest of her life, and she couldn’t imagine living any part of it without me. She said “yes, I am totally yours, and we have to promise to remain faithful to each other, and never let our parents or anyone else separate us again”.

I couldn’t help but think about the sex I had with my mother, when Kristin mentioned remaining faithful to one another. I could only hope that mom would keep our secret, because I was never going to tell anyone, especially Kristin. We weren’t sure if we smelled like sex, but we dressed and headed home, and hoped for the best.

At first sight, my parents hugged me and said that they were so relieved that I was okay, and they said they were sorry for causing me to feel like I had to escape. I really didn’t have to say much, and it worked out better than I could have hoped. Later as I sat in my room reflecting back on the first time with Kristin, she walked by my door, and whispered “don’t wear any undies tonight; I’ll be in at ten”.

The End

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2010-09-01 04:11:22
I am Not sure how this works out in real life, but in this World of Fiction this worked out well. I see from the story that Quigly deals with a lot of different topics.

He keeps his storys to 3 or 4 Postings. I see some Mental Stuff in his work that I am going to read nest.

This was a great series leave it where it is at.

When a kid clams up you just have to let it go, no matter how hard it is. I have never hit my kids. Tempted but never did it. I have nice kids and their Mom and I raised them Not to be Victims.

The girl is working and the boy is in college. They still live at home but where I live that is very common, accepted and even desired. As long as there is No Smoking, Drinking or Drugs, Mom and I are cool.

His parent reacted well, maybe realized that him having his sisters pantties was Not Such A Big Deal. Deffiently Not worth him running away. If they realized that he could Not Explain that because there was No explaiining it. Nothing wrong with letting it go

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2010-08-15 17:02:12
you'r a graet wrighter more plz

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2010-08-15 17:02:00
you'r a graet wrighter more plz

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2010-08-15 13:44:09
u did real good and i would love a chapter 4 and to the other guy explain yourself what do u mean he needs to work on his dirty talk

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2010-08-15 12:46:53
sounds as if your writing a novel.. more details with out being to deep

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