A Brothers Yearning-Chapter Three

It wasn’t a dream, because when I awoke, Hannah was curled up spooning me, and her hand lay over my hip and on top of my cock head. I turned over and kissed her on the lips, and almost instantly her arms enveloped me and her hand reached for my cock. As I grew massively hard and thrust my cock into her clasped fingers, my hand searched for her clitoris, between those hot moist pussy lips. When I first touched the little love button, she purred and whispered that she loved me.

Hannah rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her, and as I parted those creamy thighs, she pulled at me to enter her. The feeling as I slowly slid into her pussy, was as intense as the first time, and we both were breathing hard and moaning. Every inch of insertion felt better than the last, and it almost felt like there was a vacuum pulling me deeper. I felt my balls touch her bum, and I was now buried deeply, and just lay there enjoying the sensations and pulses within the walls of her pussy. Suddenly Hannah rolled without any warning, and before I could say anything, she was on top of me, and fully impaled on my cock. She said “I want to make love to you from up here, so tell me how I’m doing”. She moved her hips in a circular grinding motion, and yet she still carried on moving up and down. I said “oh fuck Hannah, that feels amazing. Please don’t stop”. She moved even faster now and the grinding motion made it feel as if her pussy was sucking me off.

I was on a one way mission to a huge orgasm, and there was no turning back. I bucked upwards, holding her breasts and nipples, and started shooting streams of cum up into her pussy. Hannah felt the cum hitting the walls of her pussy and came almost instantly. I could smell her musky pussy juices as they mixed with my cum and squirted past my deflating cock, and down my balls. Hannah was tossing her head around and making unintelligible sounds and finally collapsed on my chest, where she kissed and nibbled at my neck. I was somehow past the point of being rational, so instead of just lying with Hannah to relax and enjoy the aftermath of the orgasm, I rolled her onto her stomach.

I guess it probably confused her when I mounted her backside, but my intention was to make love to her anally, and then my possession of her would be complete; I would have had all of her openings. I humped slowly as I sucked and licked at her neck, and my limp cock soon began hardening, as it stroked over the crack between her ass cheeks. Hannah had become aroused again, and was wriggling around underneath me, so I used my legs to part her thighs, so I could get better access to her anal opening. I reached down and slid my fingers through her pussy lips and then rubbed the cum and pussy juice on her anal opening. She moaned loudly and then asked me if I was going to enter her there. I whispered to her that I wanted to make her completely mine, and then took my cock head and rubbed it in circles on her anus. She raised her lower body off the bed, which I took as her signal that she was ready to be taken anally.

My cock head moved very slowly into the opening and once fully in, I remained still so her anus could adjust to the newly inserted girth. I would wait for her to let me know when she was ready to be fully penetrated. Hannah began squirming underneath me, and I saw her hand go down underneath to her pussy. As she rose up slightly so her fingers could get at her clitoris, I gently started moving inwards. She humped up at me, so I knew it was time, and descended completely to the depths of her rectum. She was squirming from the clitoral stimulations, and this got me even hornier, so I began thrusting in and out of her rectum. She met every thrust with an upward push and soon this rhythm had me on my way to another orgasm. Hannah said “keep pumping me because I’m going to cum. Try and cum with me”. I hammered her ass and felt my balls sending a new load of sperm up my cock shaft and into her bowels. She had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming, and it was all I could do to hold off doing the same.

We lay still for a few more minutes, but we knew that we had to get moving and start our day. We embraced and kissed passionately, and then she was gone. As soon as she left my room, I felt an overwhelming sense of emptiness, and although she was my sister, I knew (and my cock knew) at that moment that I could not live without her.

After school that day I was watching TV and saw Hannah and her best friend Haley come in. They said hi and then went upstairs. It was Friday, so I didn’t know if Hannah had made any plans to go out, but if she did, I would have to find something to occupy my time until she got home. I discovered at the dinner table that Haley was staying for dinner and then sleeping over with Hannah. I was a little miffed, but then realized that I was thinking like a jealous jerk, so I just decided that I would find something to do tonight.

I left the house about eight pm and headed downtown to see who was out and about. I happened to run into Haley’s brother Danny, and although he and I had never been overly friendly, he seemed anxious to hang out with me tonight. As we walked around, checking out some of the stores as well as the girls, Danny asked me if he could talk to me about something very private, because he had nobody else to talk to about this particular thing. Not knowing what to expect I said “sure, fire away, I’m listening”.

We went to the park and sat on a bench where it was private, and he started telling me a story about him and Haley. He said that she had been coaxing him to try sex with her, but he found it really weird, since she was his sister. He said that they had done all the kid stuff like “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” and even touched one another once, but Haley wanted to take it further and do oral as well as intercourse. He admitted that he was as horny as the next guy, but he somehow couldn’t get past the fact that she was his sister. He asked me for my advice about what he should do.

Haley was a year older than Danny and both of them were relatively attractive, but neither of them had dated anyone. This was hitting pretty close to home for me, so I had to be very careful what I said. What I did know was that Hannah had told Haley about her and I, and this was starting to make me feel like I was being set up. I said to Danny “is there a particular reason why you are asking me about this, because the kind of thing you are talking about is pretty private and normally wouldn’t be discussed outside the family”? He replied “Haley told me that you and Hannah had fooled around, and were considering having sex, so I thought that you would be the best person to ask”. I said “Danny, I’m sorry but this is way too personal, and I don’t feel comfortable talking about it, and I need to go”.

As I walked home, I was upset as well as angry that my secret sex life with Hannah had been exposed, and I thought about confronting Hannah when I got home. Obviously she must have felt that Haley would treat their conversation with confidentiality, but she was wrong. I wasn’t thinking all that straight when I got home, so I just went to my room and slammed the door.

An hour went by as I messed around on my computer, and then I heard a light knock at my door. I said to come in and looked to see that it was Hannah and Haley. I guess from the expression on my face they knew I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, so Hannah asked if everything was okay. I kind of blew a fuse and said “no, everything is a hell of a long way from being okay”. She asked me if I wanted to talk about it, so I said “Why don’t you ask Haley and Danny if they want to talk about it”. Hannah looked terribly confused and hurt that I spoke to her that way, but Haley looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Haley ran out of my room with Hannah chasing after her, so I wrote off the night and went to bed.

I woke up at midnight when I heard my door open, and the light shone in my face from the hallway. Both Hannah and Haley closed the door and walked into my room wearing only their panties and t-shirts, and sat down on the edge of my bed. I propped myself up on my elbow and asked them what they wanted. Haley said that she knew why I was upset, because she had called Danny on his cell phone and he told her what had happened. She said “I have already apologized to Hannah and I also want to tell you, how sorry I am that your secret got discussed. I only told Danny, because I thought if he knew about you and Hannah, he might reconsider things between him and me. Hannah has said that in order to maintain our friendship, I must do anything you ask to make things right”. Hannah added “I meant it, so anything you want will be done and she knows that she has to follow through. So if you decide that you want to have sex with her, she will do it. Even if you just want a blowjob, she will do it.” I said Hannah, I already have the woman I want, and I love you, so I’m not going to have sex with anyone else". Hannah said “ what if you had sex with both of us at the same time; would that solve the problem”?

My anger was now turning to lust, and my cock was throbbing under the sheet. The thought of having Hannah and Haley at the same time, and with Hannah’s blessing; well it was too much to pass up. I asked them to strip naked, as I pulled off my underwear, and although I didn’t love Haley, her body was beautiful and caused my cock to seep pre-cum. Maybe I’m the weird one, but judging by the naked body before me, Danny should have reconsidered his problem of Haley being his sister.

A double sized bed is not ideal for three people, but when bodies are intertwined, it works out pretty good. I wanted to start by repairing the mood between Hannah and I so I just lay with her, kissing her on the lips passionately, and I motioned for Haley to go down on my cock. Oh fuck, I’m liking this already. I continued the kissing and held both of her breasts in my hands as I felt Haley’s mouth engulf the head of my cock. Hannah was inserting her tongue into my mouth at the same time I felt Haley’s tongue lick the end of my cock. Haley didn’t suck cock as good as Hannah, so we will have to check out her pussy and see how that compares. I told Hannah that I was going to fuck each of them one after another, and asked her if she wanted to go first or second. Hannah said she would like to go first, because Haley still is a virgin. “Wow, another cherry for me”, I thought to myself.

I lay Hannah down on her back and as I got between her legs, I instructed Haley to get behind me so she could massage my balls and play with my bum. Here I was, entering the pussy of my dreams again, only this time, I was going to have added sensations from another mouth working on me. My entry into Hannah's pussy was relatively easy, and it was obvious that she was creaming in anticipation. I was now in a slow rhythm stroking in and out of Hannah as Haley played with my balls, and as soon as her finger entered my anus, I was ready for blasting off. Just as the cum rushed up from my balls, Haley stuck her tongue deep in my anus and I was finished. Hannah’s pussy convulsed and contracted and was milking every ounce of the cum out of my shaft, as Haley continued licking my anus. I couldn't move or take a breath and was completely captivated by these two goddess like girls.

When I could finally take a breath, I felt that Haley deserved an orgasm of her own, so I told Hannah that we could work on her together. Hannah started licking and sucking starting with Haley’s ear lobes and worked her way down to her breasts, while I went straight forHaley's pussy. I parted the pussy hairs and licked her outer lips, and worked my tongue enough that her pussy opened up like a blooming flower. I now had much easier access to her inner folds and her clitoris, and no sooner had my lips and tongue reached that spot, she came with a loud moan, and shook the entire bed. My ears were completely covered by Haley’s clamped thighs and when she finally released my head from her legs, I looked up and saw Hannah still licking Haley’s nipples. We all laid down for a rest, until it was time for Haley to lose her cherry.

to be continued...................

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